Thursday, November 29, 2007

That Mob Mentality

Ok, I'm stuck in my "Mobster" mode today... You know I love my Mafia guys, who of course are all straight from Sicily. But you can't love Mobsters and Mob Movies without being attached to the Italian singers who are frequently featured playing in the cafes and restaurants and the soundtracks!!!

One of my favorite Italian Singers (yes I told you I was quite eclectic but you didn't believe me did you?) is "Louis Prima"... My metal and punk friends, please don't shoot me because I love it all, and I am mainly tied to my Punk and Metal favorites, but I cannot help myself, today 'I've got the world on a string' and I'm collecting 'Pennies from Heaven' listening to the fabuloso Mr. Louis Prima!!!

Here he is with a Combination of Songs Mixed in with "Oh Marie" (My Mom's name is Marie, so Here's to Mom!!)


JINKS said...

That was fun...see, even for tough guys like me see....what say you and me go for coffee soon a little "members only" type of joint....I'll have Joey pick you up see....and come alone...cause he might need to take you on a little joy ride..see.
Damn, mob fever is catchy.

Aunt Jackie said...

Hehehe... Right on Jinks!!! I'll meet you at Luigi's!! (Oops I shouldn't have said that out loud!)

Jay said...

I love me some mafia types too. And Louis is awesome!