Saturday, September 30, 2006

All About Me

Being a sheep this week, just following the silly little quizzes I found. This one I just filled in the answers to the words that they gave, and hopefully it's not too revealing-but I guess that's what blogs are for... but here are my answers (questions in underline):

I Am a talented individual. I Want to invent a real time machine and go back to all the good times for a visit, whenever I feel like it. I Have a lot to be thankful for even if I don't always remember that. I Wish upon a star that I could be independently wealthy, and never worry about money again. I Hate every other driver on the road, and people that try to make others feel small. I Fear Wasps, Spiders and losing my loved ones. I Hear the crickets and birds chirping when I turn off everything electric and just listen. I Search for the magic wand buried in the back yard that I was convinced was there as a child. I knew it would solve everything!
I Wonder what might have been. I Regret not having gone to Memphis College of Art. I Love Animals, my family, my husband and closest friends, and try to love myself. I Ache for the past, and sometimes inside my heart when things hurt me. I Always try to make everyone around me laugh or smile. I Usually get around to it eventually, whatever "It" is... i'm such a procrastinator! I Am Not perfect, don't claim to be perfect and will never be perfect. But I am perfect enough! I Dance Silly, and sometimes seriously, and sometimes in the elevator when I think nobody is watching. I Sing-along to all of my favorite songs on the radio, even the dumb ones. I Never seem to be at a loss for words. I Rarely get enough time to do everything that I want to do, and spend time with those I love. I Cry often enough to keep in touch with my inner creativity, and soothe my soul. I Am Not Always at fault, but I feel like I always do or say the wrong thing. I Lose myself in a steaming hot bubble bath every chance I get. I’m Confused about 'the big picture', and I'm o.k. with that. I Need to know that I am important, intelligent and loved. I Should really learn to keep my mouth shut more often.
Take This Survey at

(I crammed all that together in a paragraph-when you take the quiz, it puts it in an annoying table, I just wanted it to flow together)

Friday, September 29, 2006

My Daddy Was A Pistol and I'm a Son of a Gun!

Title taken from the title of a book by Lewis Grizzard, Southern Humorist

Actually, I guess i'd be the daughter of a gun, but that doesn't sound as 'catchy'. The story you're about to read is one of a true survivor, a man who lived through four daughters, and was happy with that, always helping us and letting us know we could do anything we set our minds to. I'm sure at times, he wondered what it would've been like to have a son but he was never dissappointed, and never complained... just patiently watched us all grow up.

What can be said in such a small space to sum up such a great man? Our Dad. It certainly can't all fit. So I'm forced to choose a few things that will best show his personality, and let you get to know him. First, I was chatting a bit with my sister, Vickie (Nana) and we were thinking on all of the funny episodes that he had. He was always trying to do something "cool". If he couldn't buy something, he would at least try to make us contraptions that he thought we'd get a thrill out of-such as some stilts that he fashioned for my sisters, which when he tested, promptly sunk into the ground (I wasn't around then). Seemed like whatever he did always resulted in extremely funny episodes. Such as the time my sister says that he was showing them how he could snap a bull whip, and while illustrating this talent, he quickly struck a Hornets' nest up in a tree and it fell straight down on him, swelling his neck and head up to twice its size. There were plenty of episodes too that continued even after my arrival and throughout my youth. Once I remember that he was outside mowing the yard and the well had leaked in the corner of the yard, so it was extremely wet there. He used the weed eater in that spot, and plowed right into a pile of dog shit, resulting in it covering him tead to toe. Of course we laughed, at this and all of the funny things that he did. He rolled out of carports in his chair, fell off of many chairs and other objects and posed for more silly pictures than I can count. Yes there are just too many to list, and we really wish we had video footage of all these-It would probably make one fantastic movie-we'd at least cherish that anyway.

As for me, growing up he was always working on projects, building things showing me how to do things like drive cars, change spark plugs, count change back to a customer in the proper way (because he believed that you should be able to as you couldn't rely on computers--guess he's probably got a point there). He and Mom both taught me about how to shoot guns, and also about the dangers. They kept them out of reach, for safety, but they also taught about the proper ways. I agree with that too.

Our father was a truck driver, and has seen many places in his time. Even now, he is always ready for a road trip. It's not as easy traveling with him now that he's older, as he gets impatient and can make the trip seem a bit hellish at times. But we still like to take him places, because after all-He's done more for us than he probably realizes and we're so thankful to have him and Mom too. They made a very happy home for us all, and although some of us may not share exactly the same great memories, they did absolutely the best two people could ever do at bringing a family together and making a happy home. Oh we had our share ins and outs, of course, as all kids grow up thinking they know it all, but you come to realize as you get grown yourself that you don't know half what you thought you did back then.

Lastly, I remember and still use many of my Dad's silly songs that he would sing (I guess he would make these up, but he did a darn good job of it). Some of his titles are "If you don't give me half the bed, i'm gonna rip the sheets", and "Don't Bend over in the Garden Granny, You Know Them Taters Got Eyes" (that one is a Lewis Grizzard book title too I think), "Love is a Nose and You Better Not Pick It" (parody of 'Love is a Rose'), and many more. I guess Dad is 'what happened' to all of us... He made us the ridiculously silly girls that we remain still today. A part of him will exist as long as we all do. How can you forget that face, or that man for that matter!
There's truly nobody like you Daddy we Love You!!!

Smurf That!!

I wouldn't have posted this except for it named me the ugliest Smurf Name possible! ha-ha. After perusing Ordinary Janet's blog, I ran across it, and thought it might be fun on a lark. Anyway, if you were wondering what my Smurf name truly is, then suffer no more... for I am the "Nastiest Smurf of All"... oh and before I forget, "Happy Friday Y'all!!"

Smurf Name
Your Smurf Name is
Nasty Smurf
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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Still... Everything in Moderation

As good as the Dolmas (and other favorite dishes are), please... don't overdo it. Got to go. Suddenly, I feel like a nice run.

Kiss the Cook, these are delicious!

Last night, I made "Dolmas" (traditional Greek dish of Stuffed Grape Leaves).... Mmmm Mmm good! I've made them twice now, and I must say that i'm getting pretty good at them. Took some to work in a container, and they are even better after chilling overnight in the fridge. In my experience, they serve-up best with a nice greek salad, with olives, onions, feta cheese, peppers, & of course, hummus with warm pita bread. Mr. J liked them too-as I made them at his request. Very good little snack dish if you haven't tried them, that is if you are a fan of greek dishes.

Looks like today was a popular day to be born ; Happy Birthday goes out to:

That list might have been longer, but I made note of the ones that I most recognized... Let's see, to be born on this date, given the approximate gestation of humans, hmmm... That means there is alot of Holiday lovin going on during the X-mas holidays... well somewhere between then and the new year. Who says Mistletoe is harmless!! However, if you get specific with a 266 day average gestation, these guys very well could have been conceived on "Mungday" (the 5th of the month--not sure what Mungday means? Then click Here But, no matter when you were born, have a wonderful day and as Mom always used to say, look both ways before crossing the street and always wear clean underwear. You just never know.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Call Me A Fool

Not too long ago, I saw this show on Satellite tv. I think I may have been out sick, and happened to catch it. I don't remember if it was on Showtime but one of the movie channels anyway. I got caught up in the plot and all, but I totally thought it was real! The biggest thing that got me interested in the plot was the fact that the guy that ordered this 'mail order bride', seemed to sincerely want to meet someone but didn't know how. Then when he got her, he slaved her around and began filming bizzare movies with her in his basement. So, I feel so ignorant for not realizing it was a fake. It really appeared to be a documentary, but in fact I just read about it being a 'comedy' and that it was designed more to be a "mockumentary" or I guess, maybe a "Fake-umentary"... At the least, it was interesting and funny and worth a look.

I wonder how many other people may have seen this, and thought it was real like I did. Just can't be alone in this! ha-ha.

To Live Is To Die

To many of you, today is just another day... "Hump Day" as some call it, just plain Wednesday to others. However, it has another remarkable remembrance. For some, today, September 27th is To Live Is To Die Day, which is an international event remembering the death of Metallicas' Bassist (From 1982 - 1986) Cliff Burton, who died in Sweden in a Tour Bus accident on the 27th September 1986.

This event is remembered by Heavy Rockers and Metallifans all over the world, and is tributed on the 26th September every year, especially milestone years. (All information thanks to Wikipedia)

To Live is to Die

From Wikipedia The Free Encyclopedia

"To Live Is To Die" is an instrumental song found on Metallica's fourth major label release ...And Justice For All.

It is a tribute to their former bassist Cliff Burton who was killed in a bus crash in 1986. Burton actually wrote the riffs for the song a few months before he died. Though the track is considered an instrumental track, it contains a few lyrics near the end of the song written by Burton which are spoken by James Hetfield.

When a man lies he murders some part of the world
These are the pale deaths which men miscall their lives
All this I cannot bear to witness any longer
Cannot the kingdom of salvation take me home

...And Justice for All cover

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

"I'm Not Josie Grossy Anymore!!"

Scenes from Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion...

Guessin my high school reunion is a couple years away. I didn't go to the first one, for some reason, I just couldn't face it. I so wanted to be this "image" that I imagined for myself before showing my face to my classmates once again. For the popular kids, High School may be a time of fond memories and 'prime' stuff that they cherish, and to a certain extent for all of us, there are great memories there. But for those of us who weren't part of the "A Group" (or most-popular, voted cutest or most likely to succeed), it was a nightmare at times. There were people that I went to school with from Kindergarten through 12th grade that were 'aquaintance' friends that I didn't get that close to at all. Because we grew up, grew away from each other and were sectioned off into the "groups". There were geeks, jocks and cheerleaders, A-list rich kids, freaks, loners and just plain outcasts. I always felt like an outcast in school, for one reason or another. Let's not even talk about the Proms; They were depressing and traumatic. But lately, I've been obscessing over the impending dark shadow of the next reunion creeping closer.

"Prom Nightmare"

Just last night, I dreamt that I was there at some reunion with a bunch of the old classmates, some of them looked the way they did in High School, and some of the others were aged beyond belief. But when I would recognize someone, I would go over to them and try to strike up a conversation, but they would look at me with strange looks upon their faces and politely say "hi" and walk away, or ignore me all together. I don't know what I looked like in this dream, because I never saw a mirror or had any glimpse of myself... just the morose surroundings and the cold distant stares of all of my former classmates.

Even though I do remember the School portions of my teenage years with a slight 'wince', for the most part, I think of them as wonderful years. That may be more related to the fact that I had a couple of very close friends, and had such a wonderful family at home though. School giggled at more of my bad hair days and 'out-of-fashion' disasters than I care to remember... So many movies cover the subject of High School awkwardness, and reunions such as the "Romy and Michelle" clips above, as well as Drew Barrymore's starring role as "Josie Grossie" in the movie Never Been Kissed, in which we see a more mature young lady, now 25 years old, who gets the chance to go back to High School as an undercover reporter but learns more about the world, and high school than she ever did at 17... Good movie (you can see a trailer Here)

Maybe I'll go this time, I just don't know. I mean, who really wants to be reminded of these hairdo's (or hairdon'ts if you will). At any rate... I will be ready mentally and physically this time, if I do go... Class of 88', you'll wish you were me this time, just you wait. Most of you are probably miserable with 10 children and on your 4th marriage by now (you may even have grandchildren ha-ha). How about me, you might ask? Well, i'm just me, same as I've always have been, only better... We all have our demons I guess, the ones that need to be exorcised and sometimes 'exercised'... I like to think that there's a little bit of "Josie Grossie" in all of us. I'll see you soon! Until then, take a look back at Awesome 88.

Monday, September 25, 2006

80s Movies that Move Me

I remember so many great movies that me, my friends and family members have seen together over the years. First off, Edward Scissorhands was such a sweet movie, but then i'm a big Johnny Depp fan (this is just the trailer).

And one of my all-time favorites, Ferris Bueller's Day Off (this is a longer clip) Makes me feel like i'm still in high

Story of My Life

Good Monday to you. Made it through another in-law-touched weekend, and i'm here to tell about it so who says Life isn't magical! (ok, i'll be good, I swear ). Anyway, I felt like Social Distortion summed up my feelings this morning in a great song. I thought maybe it would ring true for some of you... If you like men, insert a "he" into the lyrics (as did I), if you're male (or like women) well then-you're set! :) -Enjoy these words, and better yet, grasp all the today has to offer... Tuesday will be gone before you know it.

Story Of My Life (Social Distortion)

High school seemed like such a blur
I didn't have much interest in sports or school elections
And in class I dreamed all day
About a rock 'n' roll weekend
And the girl in the front of the room
So close yet so far
Y'know she never seemed to notice
That this silly school-boy crush wasn't just pretend

Life goes by so fast
You only want to do what you think is right
Close your eyes and then it's past;
(it's the) story of my life

And I went down to my old neighborhood
The faces have all changed, there's no one left to talk to
And the pool hall I loved as a kid is now a seven eleven

I went downtown to look for a job
I had no training, no experience to speak of
I looked at the holes in my jeans and turned and headed back

Good times come and good times go
I only wish the good times would last a little longer
I think about the good times we had and why they had to end

So I sit at the edge of my bed
I strum my guitar and I sing an outlaw love song
Wonderin' bout what you're doin' now and when you're comin' back

Life goes by so fast
You only want to do what you think is right
Close your eyes and then it's past;
(it's the) story of my life

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Happy Anniversary, Nevermind

Since Cappuccino Kid's post about Nirvana's "Nevermind" album's 15th anniversary, I was reminded of the Nirvana baby, Spencer Elden who's like 15 now. The funny thing is, well I guess it's not that funny really, he's not even a fan of Nirvana. This makes us all feel pretty old. It would be funny if he started dating Cobain's daughter... Just a thought. Here he is then and now.

In honor of the anniversary of the album, here are 33 Things you need to know about Nirvana

Have a great day... Monday looms in front of us...

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Wistful Longing of a Saturday Morning

I was lying in bed, very relaxed in that state where you could almost fall asleep, but you don't... and many things begin to rush through my head-like a brainstorming session-and the following things occurred to me as I was letting my mind flow freely:

[Don't know where this one came from-it's not a memory, but I imagined it as if it were some memory that I experienced, I imagined that maybe it was one of those 'past life things']
An old wooden Staircase (white railing, and specifically the bottom step) the wood-flooring type (remembering the feeling beneath my bare feet of the wood and the texture and feel of the staircase). Although I kept coming back to this each time I got more relaxed, for some odd reason, my mind wandered around and I closed my eyes and envisioned the following things from the past...

-Smelling or tasting Turnips (raw before mom cooked them)
-Watermelon's fresh juicy taste as you bite into some that has been 'chilling' over the air conditioner vent in the floor in the middle of July... and just the pure 'electric' feeling of youth.

The feeling and scent of the house when my Mom would open up all the windows and let the breeze blow through the house as she 'spring cleaned' (the way it felt when it brushed my skin and moved my hair). Fresh scented, warm spring-summer air, listening to the trees rustling on a breezy day, or alternatively the smell of that classic-type Lysol, the kind that gags you-that potent-supposed-to-kill-all-germs type that they use in the hospital... That she would Mop with in the early morning.

The smell of my Mother's "Windsong" perfume, especially as she would get ready to go to church on a Sunday morning, and I would either be late getting ready or elect not to go.

Waking up on a Saturday morning after sleeping late having been out way past a decent hour-- and hearing my father already outside cutting grass, the sound of his riding lawn mower running or the incessant buzz of the weed eater...

Or the banter we'd share over the breakfast table just upon waking up in the morning, being a grouchy non-morning girl, waking up to Mom's coffee pot and biscuits and Dad's gravy.

Lying out in the middle of a pasture on a sun-drenched day, just to feel close to the earth beneath me, with my dark sunglasses on, looking up and watching the huge cotton-candy clouds rolling over an azure-blue sky... watching the sky just rotate around us and Time literally flying... and then dusk as the sky would be drenched in red, purple and blue as the first star of evening greeted me with the gift of a gorgeous sunset.

The House seemed to be filled with life and energy and good feeling, and promise of a new day... and I worry so much now about it all slipping away... as the House seems to be so lonely and on the decline, a bit darker than it was then, a little weary and sad... filled more now with only the echos of all the laughter and smiles, and sometimes tears that have been spilled there, wondering where all of its children have gone.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Remembering the Mid-South Fair

It's late September here in Memphis, and that always stirs excitement. From the changing weather, and the turning leaves, and just the anticipation of Memphis's Mid-South Fair. I remember when I was in Jr. High School, sometimes my parents would let me take a day off from school so that they could take me to the fair. The rides, the animals, the exhibits, and of course, the food was always something that you looked forward to greatly... it only came 'round once a year, and we had to make it count.

Art was my favorite subject in school, and subsequently my major throughout the rest of my education. Every year, our art class worked extra-hard to prepare our entries into the Mid-South fair's art competition, and we would take a field trip to the fair. One year, they had a Camel ride and I actually rode the camel with my art teacher, Ms. Pegram. She has the photo of that I think-but we laughed and she never forgot that day.

Several of my art works won ribbons, but i'd have to look back and find them to quote placement. So I was always partial to the art exhibit building, which also had many phenomenal crafts and other items. Never missed an exhibit-I would check that out, make sure to go by the agricultural area (being the animal lover I am), and then of course go on the hot pursuit of the fair's delicious food (Fiddlestick's and Pronto Pups were my favorites). We'd play the games, ride as many rides as we could soak in, and I would always be on the hunt for some copper jewelry to buy for my Mother (she'd be mad if I didn't bring her one each year) from some of the jewelry booths around the fairground.

This year may in fact mark the very last year that they will be holding this ever-memorable event. I'm sure there are many others who will give a wistful sigh at the thought of this coming to an end. After all, the Mid-South Fair is celebrating its 150th Anniversary this year.

The Fairgrounds are located right next to "Libertyland", which is an amusement park that has been there for a very long time. Libertyland was the home of Elvis's favorite ride, the "Zippin Pippin", which was one of the oldest rollercoasters around... it was still made of wood and was extremely "rickety", making one feel as if they were taking their life into their own hands if you ventured to ride it... this is, of course as the ride aged... But I remember riding it many times-especially when I was in High School [you know we all felt so invincible in High School, and only wanted any fun we could scoop up].

So as Libertyland closed its doors forever last year (2005), and our City's Fair may be holding it's very last season, it makes me sad. I think of the kids around who won't get to experience a "Fair Day" (some schools even give the kids a day off to go), or people who won't remember "The Zippin Pippin" or "The Revolution" (both great rollercoasters of their day). The boys and girls that won't know what you're talking about if you give a mouth-watering sigh at the thought of a Fiddlestick, or a Pronto Pup. The history that they will miss will be a tragedy.

Blue skies and tall rides, the magnificent aromas that flutter through the air that strike a note of hunger, even in the dead of winter when you pass by some restaurant that is cooking some juicy, bell pepper or onion-smothered dish that takes you instantly back to those little paved streets and smokey alley-ways, where you hear the laughter and see visions of the smiling faces and the wonderful music one might hear from any of the Fair's entertainment stages, and you'll stop and grin wholeheartedly knowing that you were one of the lucky ones that lived and experienced the magical experience of that historic, electric carnival that we call the Mid-South Fair.

Read another great Article about the Mid-South Fair

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Smoke Stack Mountain

Willie never ceases to amaze us, what with his long line of hits from his very successful music career, to his continuous work to help the environment and Solve Our Fuel Problem, or even his recent venture outside closets everwhere giving musically for the movie Brokeback Mountain. He is really one-of-a-kind.
However, we are SHOCKED (not) at his very latest twist that he has gotten himself into... seems he ran into a bit of trouble with the law recently. Read More about Willie's Run-in with the law here. I jest, they must know that they caught Willie on a 'slow day', but then they only made it a misdemeanor so guess they weren't suprised either. He does keep us entertained though. Here's to you Willie! Your sad songs would 'bring a tear to a glass eye'. Put this one up for my neice, Kristie, who loves Willie Nelson almost as much as she does Johnny Cash.

Birthdays that Rock (and some that don't)

Happy Birthday today to Nuno Bettencourt (formerly of Extreme), but quite a guitarist nonetheless. He graced us with his presence on September 20, 1966.

However, things took an unlikely painful turn on this same day in 1967 when we were given the gift of these well-known twins. Gee thanks 'Dad'!

Happy Birthday to you as well if you were dropped forth on this day. Make every second count.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Fe-Line6 Friend (One Cool Cat)

Just to give a quick update, we got our air conditioner problem resolved, so that will save some of my sanity (such as it is). Everything is business as usual around the place, and although it had nothing to do with my strangeness, I feel alot more like myself... Caught this snapshot of my cat, Rodney relaxing atop my husband's Line 6 Amp-I thought it spoke well for the product as both my husband and the cat seem to favor Line 6. Meow, and Rock On.

Explicitly Speaking

Just cruising through the past events of this date in history, and I was reminded of 1985, when Frank Zappa, Ozzy I think, among other musicians testified at the
Congressional hearings on obscenity in rock music.
That certainly stirred some controversy, and has been a growing issue for some time. Freedom of speech is supposed to be what we're all about, but more often than not, we are silenced. We're told more and more every day what we're supposed to think and say. I'm sure we've all gotten very familiar with the 'parental advisory' symbol. I bet they didn't count on the resulting boost in sales, rather than preventing kids from listening to the music that it marked. Come on you guys, it's well known that whatever we're not allowed becomes much more desirable, and even more sought after.

Yes, I remember when all of that happened, not because I am good at keeping up on current events (because i'm not really) I was pretty young then. I knew about it because I was such a huge Saturday Night Live fantatic. If anyone remembers, SNL did a skit wherein John Lovitz played Satan, and he was in court for these 'hearings'. They had people playing the parts for Ozzy and Zappa as well. Kevin Nealand, Jan Hooks among others played the Senate committee and John Lovitz (as Satan), uses Zappa as his pawn, forcing him to dance and testify for him. Satan (Lovitz) also mezmerizes the entire Senate staff into 'Following him and Sacraficing their life', as he plays them a cut off his latest album. Very hilarious skit! I can't find a video though, because NBC is very strict with their rights on the video clips of those old SNL favorites--but I think you can get it on John Lovitz's greatest hits DVD. They don't make them like that anymore. Saturday Night Live's skits may not have solved the world's problems, or changed anything about the state of the world and its leaders, but they sure have given us some great excuses to laugh at them!

Monday, September 18, 2006

Only 97 Shopping Days Left...

Here we are, on the 261st day of the year, with just 104 remaining in 2006... what are you going to do with them? Well, for one if this finds you in time you can still get to the stores to stock up for National Play-doh Day. I remember Play-Doh, it was fun... If you're not a fan of it, then don't lose hope, tomorrow, September 19, is International Talk like A Pirate Day... imagine the possibilities... Yes, more unasked-for useless trivia, of which I always have ample supply. You can count on me!

Although I payed tribute to my favorite guitarist of all time just the other day (with the exception of my husband of course), I have to mention him again. Today in 1970 marks the death of Jimi Hendrix, American musician (b. 1942). I can't get enough of Hendrix's music, for me he was timeless and one-of-a-kind... guess I would say my favorites are probably "Angel", and "Little Wing" (which holds a very special place in my heart). This one's for you Jimi, I know you're out there somewhere, listening in. I just can't help but wonder... Do you like what you hear?

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Captain's Blog Stardate 917.06

(cheesy I know)...
In an attempt to get some relief from this insane humidity, I went on an expedition to the gas station to fill up my tank (something you will rarely catch me doing ahead of time), and I went to the car wash so I could listen to some music and soak up some of my car's arctic air. The clouds have been collecting today, and the sky keeps promising to rain, I saw a few droplets here and there. The darkened sky and the breeze outside today, hinting between summer and fall (but unable to make up its mind) are severely reminding me of home.

I miss home sometimes very badly, and by home I guess I mean the whole package... Youth, Mom and Dad, my family, the good ole' days when we were all 'little' (you know-the way we were then), or even just 'younger'... riding around aimlessly without thoughts of wasting gas, college-staying out all night, thunderstorms, snow, the music of my childhood, and just that general feeling that was in the air I guess (maybe it's different for everybody), everything was just different then, and the days seemed longer... It was cool, it was innocent and sweet (yet sometimes not so innocent) and there was always just this 'magic' in everything that we did. What happens to it all? Where does everyone go? Where does the magic go? You see snippets of it sometimes when you hear a certain song, or a certain scent trickles through the sweet breeze that flies by for a quick second, through your hair, whispering in your ear... and you get the feeling...once again. For just that moment, you're not quite certain, but you might still be there, maybe you fell back in time, or maybe you were there all the time but just dreamed about the future last night and you're waking up now... either way, it's welcome here any time.

[And air conditioner guy, hear me loud and clear... you do not want me to come over there!]

Some Like It Hot

This is my brain...
This is my brain without air conditioning...

Any questions??

Totally Burned Out

Wishing for cold crisp fall now more than ever. Something has yet again happened to our air conditioner, and once again, the air conditioner guy is taking his sweet time to get here. It is times like this when I second, maybe third and fourth guess owning a home. Pros and cons. Has been so sticky and hot in here, I took a bath in cold, yes cold water, and came out still feeling like I had sunburn. This is misery... Couldn't happen on one of those days where it actually did feel cool outside... no, today when it is sticky and 90+ degrees. Feels like a complete sauna! I can't think of anything interesting to say because my brain is totally consumed by the humidity.

Gonna go outside and see if it is any cooler there... Please God let it snow.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Fridays are The Bomb!

Ok, it's later in the day, and i'm feeling a bit better... However, I am a girl of few words today. Sometimes it's great to pay attention, though, even when something is short and sweet. Have a great weekend folks... see you in the funny papers.

TGIF I Guess...

"Feeling like a Cubed Animal".

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Tattoos Simply For the Pleasure

Maybe you can tell me the meaning of this Latin phrase? (see answer below).

"Neque porro quisquam est qui dolorem ipsum quia dolor sit amet, consectetur, adipisci velit..."

May I offer my latest tattoo as an example-or possibly, a hint. (This tat has now been filled in, but he did nice line work). I do so love the smell of a tattoo parlor.

And if you're ever in Memphis, and you want to know who to go to for ink... the good stuff, I recommend my guys highly. They are Kevin & Shannon - Ramesses Shadow Memphis.
Update: The translation of the above latin phrase is "There is no one who loves pain itself, who seeks after it and wants to have it, simply because it is pain..."

Celebrate Our Diversity

Happy Holiday Barnze!

Barnze, with the recent discussion about Punk Music and your great story about the Derby 1978, I had to give you a little pre-holiday fanfare-I hope you get to view it before you leave. Thanks for the great story, and have a safe and fun holiday!! Rock on for those of us who will still be working.
The Clash (vintage 1978)

This one's for you-Long Live Punk!
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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Robots Anonymous

We certainly have some interesting discussions in my group here at work. Yesterday, one of the team proposed the subject of Robots. All my life I can recall the movies and the t.v. shows that were fixated on Robots and the possibilities therein. They can improve our lives and take over the housework load like "Rosy" from the Jetsons. Or they can (try to) take over the world and destroy as in Terminator or I, Robot. Maybe they can get so highly advanced that they begin to have human feelings and emotions, and a desire to live life as portrayed in A.I., or Simone. Clearly, humans are obscessed with Robots, their development, and what this might mean for the future.

The way this subject came about was in the form of a question, designed to make you think (or at least spur quite the interesting discussion!). He asked us first, "If you could have a robot for a partner (i.e., spouse, significant other, etc.) and it was lifelike in every way and only you would know your partner was this robot... would you do it?" Now, conditions: You could choose any model that you wanted of this robot-it could have any looks that you desired. It is also guaranteed not to malfunction, or have issues (remember this is all hypothetical). The only thing is, it would not have any human emotion, or be able to feel like you and I. Would you do it? What if there was a very 'slight' characteristic that would allow people to know he/she was a robot? There are limitless pros and cons, one can only imagine.

Some people's thoughts or responses to this question can suprise you, there were actually a couple people who said emphatically "Sure! In a Minute if she could look like Beyonce!". So do you think? Would you or your friends and coworkers do this if they were assured nobody would know? Or would they care? The future holds infinite possibilities, so who knows what tomorrow might bring? Think of how many things seemed impossible just a couple of decades ago that are now a routine part of our daily lives. Just look how far we have come already. (Click photo for detail) or see the following video->

"The real problem is not whether machines think but whether men do." ~B.F. Skinner, Contingencies of Reinforcement, 1969

"It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity." ~Albert Einstein

"Once upon a time we were just plain people. But that was before we began having relationships with mechanical systems. Get involved with a machine and sooner or later you are reduced to a factor." ~Ellen Goodman, "The Human Factor," The Washington Post, January 1987

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Sting Operation or mere Coincidence?

I know there has been alot of words swarming the internet about Steve Irwin since his uncanny death. My intentions were not to over-do that in any way, but I have to mention this.

10 stingrays killed since Irwin's death

Now, I realize that alot of people really liked the guy-and they enjoyed his show and his antics, but I seriously hope that people aren't going out and killing an innocent creature of the sea--just because of Steve Irwin's death! Please! I mean, The Crocodile Hunter was a nutcase, you have to admit that (even you fans), who would do anything when it came to animals, but he was not an animal killer. If he knew that someone was killing these stingrays in retribution for his death, he would go off the deep end. The stingray was only acting naturally, and did not intentionally kill this man... as Irwin was swimming over the top of the Stingray, the stingray's automatic reaction in nervousness, is to swish its tail. This is a defense mechanism that is instinctual, and their only way of defending themselves.

The Croc Hunter took risks every day doing what he loved, making those shows and dealing with wildlife. He knew he would eventually buy the entire farm. Animals only react for survival's sake, and cannot speak for themselves or otherwise defend themselves. It's humans you have to watch out for!

Cashing Out

It was three years ago today that the infamous Johnny Cash passed away. Most recently, I guess, the movie about his life, Walk The Line has brought some extra popularity to his music. That song in particular, I have heard recently used in some commercial, which of course I can't remember what the advertisement was about, but I remember a female voice singing the song. As a fan of Rock, I appreciate him for his personality and certainly his attitude, but since I don't like much country music, I would say that the lyrics at best interest me. However, as a fan of Punk Music as well, I do like a version of "Ring of Fire" which was recorded by Suicidal Tendencies, (CORRECTION! I meant to say Social Distortion (how could I confuse the two), but both bands I really enjoy. Their version of that song was quite good. However, I never really got comfortable with Johnny Cash recording Trent Reznor's "Hurt". But you gotta give him props for going out on a limb.

I appreciate Johnny Cash, but it's my neice, Kristie who is the bigger fan of his. She really enjoys the folk and older country music, and I guess we really grew up hearing it alot because of our parents. So for that, I will always appreciate it. Here's to you Johnny!

Walk The Line
I keep a close watch on this heart of mine
I keep my eyes wide open all the time.
I keep the ends out for the tie that binds
Because you're mine,
I walk the line

I find it very, very easy to be true
I find myself alone when each day is through
Yes, I'll admit I'm a fool for you
Because you're mine,
I walk the line

As sure as night is dark and day is light
I keep you on my mind both day and night
And happiness I've known proves that it's right
Because you're mine,
I walk the line

You've got a way to keep me on your side
You give me cause for love that I can't hide
For you I know I'd even try to turn the tide
Because you're mine,
I walk the line

Monday, September 11, 2006

Aunt Jackie - The Early Years

Once upon a time, a wonderful happy baby girl was born, to a father and mother who were very happy to get one more girl in the family. Mind you, I was supposed to be a boy. The doctor told my parents I was going to be almost until the moment of birth. So to my father's (slight) dissappointment, another daughter. But he quickly realized that this was a great blessing. In the beginning, it was rolling along really well. I was the one and only baby of the family and that suited me just fine. But it wasn't long until the arrival of Stacey, my eldest Sister's very first baby. This is the first grandchild of our family, so it was an exciting event for everyone. Incidentally, it also made me an "Aunt" before my time. I was reportedly attempting to force Stacey to walk at a very early age, urging her to "Mon, Walk!!!"

However, I adjusted to 'Aunthood' relatively well, and barely just a few months later, since my sister was getting quite good at this, Kristie came along. Kristie made us a "trio", and once I finally accomplished the great feat of teaching them both to walk in my footsteps, we three found great mischief and adventure.

Our Birthdays were always the greatest. Mom and Vickie were always creative with our cakes and tried hard to give us good birthday parties. As you can see in the photo below, I enjoyed more than my share of cake, and looked quite excited over Stacey's Cookie Monster (I believe I remember eating at least one of his eyes).

Holidays were really something special as well. On Easter, we always looked forward to the "Easter Bunny" leaving us great baskets filled with candy and decorated eggs. I must have had some morbid fixation, because I also remember the first thing that got eaten of the chocolate bunny was his ears and little candy eye (if he had one). Honestly I am an animal lover--I don't know what that was all about.

Here is a somewhat early photo of the family before it grew to the great proportion it is now. Pictured above, are My sisters (the tall ones): Jeanne, Debbie and Vickie, and then Me (the chubby brown haired child) along with my two neices, Stacey and Kristie (the adorable toe-heads).

Life moves pretty swiftly, however, and Aunt Jackie grew up and started Kindergarten. I was living life in the fast lane now, and didn't have as much time for leading my two younger co-horts. I had things to do, places to go and boys to enchant, as you can see below. This is a photo of my first boyfriend, "Little Larry" (who never really got very tall), and me on a big date to the Memphis Zoo. Larry's height caused me alot of grief, and by first grade, I was way too tall for him, so I had to break it off. We managed to remain friends though, there were no hard feelings and Little Larry turned out just fine. More adventures will be posted soon. ;)

Pyromaniacs, It's Your Lucky Day

My intentions were to make today's blog entry about anything except for 9/11. Not because I don't feel for those who lost their lives or their families, because I do. But because my entry, I felt, would get lost anyway in the sea of posts commemorating and discussing the attacks of September 11. However, divine intervention successfully intervened, and here I am getting to work closer to 10:00 a.m. instead of my usual 'delayed 8:00'.

Monday mornings are usually hectic around the Downtown Memphis area, but this morning was different-and I don't know why none of us really anticipated this. We work in Memphis's (mainly) tallest building, close to the river, and right across from the Fire Museum. The fire department commemorates many things, and have ceremonies alot, so I guess I was a fool not to arrive at 6:00 a.m. in order to secure a parking spot.

Now, this was quite a long ceremony, and I guess all fire personnel were in attendance, so if anyone wanted to be a fire-crazy pyromaniac, I guess that would have been their chance. I did not get to see the Actual Ceremony, but I did catch some great radio 're-broadcasts' of the originally aired programming on the date of 9/11/01, all the while wasting infinite gas during my incessant circling, trying to figure out where I could park because of the activities being held.

The day must go on I guessed, so I parked a couple of blocks over and walked to my building. The extra steps didn't hurt me anyway, but I really wish I had planned to take a vacation day today, or worked from home-Nothing would've made my day much brighter, except the glare from the work of those mischevious pyros. :)

Have a pleasant 9/11 everyone, and don't forget to remember those who lost their lives and their families. Guess we never really know what could happen, or when... so make every moment count with those closest to you. I'll leave you with a couple of nice quotes to assist you in your day's journey. (You can compensate me by sending donations to make up my gas spent this morning... haha--j/k)

I know for certain that we never lose the people we love, even to death. They continue to participate in every act, thought and decision we make. Their love leaves an indelible imprint in our memories. We find comfort in knowing that our lives have been enriched by having shared their love.
-Leo Buscaglia

To live is to suffer, to survive is to find some meaning in the suffering. -Roberta Flack

Glued To The Game

Been very occupied otherwise this weekend, trying to get a few things accomplished. Was going to think of something really good to post, but it looks like the weekend is over and my time has run out. Yes, i'm a victim of video game mania. I was knee-deep in enemies on World of Warcraft with my level 60 Pally, and we were fighting a big boss, so you must excuse my absence from the blog... my guild needed me. For those of you who are big video game geeks like me, you'll know exactly what I am talking about--the rest of you, please just excuse the outburst! :)

Level 60 Paladin
'Crusader of the Light' <--ha! it is to laugh...

Friday, September 08, 2006

Real Goddess's Smoke Corn Cob Pipes

Maybe you wonder what the definition of a true Goddess is? Well, I don't have to go into any lengthy explanations, I need only show you a picture of my Mom. "Mom", "Mee Mee", "Mrs. Rie" (or just Rie) as she was called by those closest to her, lacked just a tiny, hairline 'smidgeon' of being a certified angel. So I made her an honorary Goddess. So many things she has gone through in her life, along with the things that we, her family, have put her through, and she still always managed to come out on top, smiling, praying for each one of us and with keeping the faith that tomorrow would bring us all the sunshine that we had been holding out for.

Now, I have already mentioned her allowing us to make the kitchen our personal laboratory as she was not one to discourage or stifle a creative mind. Rather, she would try to instill us all with the belief and conviction that we could do anything we set our minds to. So play and create, I tried-One particular moment I remember was when I raided the refrigerator, and somehow concocted the strangest pizza ever known to man, my secret ingredient? "Wishbone Green Goddess Salad Dressing". Oh it must have looked terrible. But she allowed it to be baked. Once it was finished, she assisted me in pulling it out of the oven and slicing it. Being the good sport she was, she even 'pretended' to eat a slice and proclaim it's deliciousness. I knew the truth, that she was only pretending to try it, but appreciated her just the same.

A music lover of the highest, she couldn't carry a tune but still boasted of how blessed she was that all her children were so very talented. Her dream was that I would grow up and be the next "Connie Smith" (a popular country singer turned gospel from the 70s, which incidentally didn't quite happen, rather I turned into a 'rock nightmare'). She houses a radio in every room of the house, and when I was an infant, even placed on at my crib, hoping I would take the bait. I'm sure that we could have better met her lofty expectations of us, but you would never hear a complaint about how we turned out.

So next time you think about angels and goddesses, remember that they are not just mythological creatures. I know this one personally, and visit her every chance I get. The only thing that she asks is to be allowed the luxury of having a pot of "Foldgers" coffee made all day long, and the occasional treat of smoking some cherry-vanilla tobacco in one of her old 'corn cob style' pipes that she enjoys so much (even for just the novelty of it)... and that's alright by me.