Friday, May 30, 2008

Some Like It Hot

Springs that is, Hot Springs... we're on our way.

Will be back soon with a definite photo slideshow I'm sure!

May or may not have internet access, so if not, see you when I get back.

Happy Weekend!


Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Dirty Blvd

Ain't Life Grand?

"Dirty Blvd - Lou Reed" (Click these links if you can't view video)
>>Live Version (good)
>>Best Version for Audio

Pedro lives out of the Wilshire hotel
He looks out a window without glass
The walls are made of cardboard, newspapers on his feet
His father beats him cause hes too tired to beg

Hes got 9 brothers and sisters
They're brought up on their knees
Its hard to run when a coat hanger beats you on the thighs
Pedro dreams of being older and killing the old man
But thats a slim chance hes going to the boulevard

Hes going to end up, on the dirty boulevard
Hes going out, to the dirty boulevard
Hes going down, to the dirty boulevard

This room cost 2,000 dollars a month
You can believe it man its true
Somewhere a landlords laughing till he wets his pants
No one here dreams of being a doctor or a lawyer or anything
They dream of dealing on the dirty boulevard

Give me your hungry, your tired your poor Ill piss on em
Thats what the statue of bigotry says
Your poor huddled masses, lets club em to death
And get it over with and just dump em on the boulevard

Get to end up, on the dirty boulevard
Going out, to the dirty boulevard
Hes going down, on the dirty boulevard
Going out

Outside its a bright night
Theres an opera at Lincoln center
Movie stars arrive by limousine
The klieg lights shoot up over the skyline of Manhattan
But the lights are out on the mean streets

A small kid stands by the Lincoln tunnel
Hes selling plastic roses for a buck
The traffics backed up to 39th street
The tv whores are calling the cops out for a suck

And back at the Wilshire, Pedro sits there dreaming
Hes found a book on magic in a garbage can
He looks at the pictures and stares at the cracked ceiling
At the count of 3 he says, I hope I can disappear

And fly fly away, from this dirty boulevard
I want to fly, from dirty boulevard
I want to fly, from dirty boulevard
I want to fly-fly-fly-fly, from dirty boulevard

I want to fly away
I want to fly
Fly, fly away
I want to fly
Fly-fly away (fly a-)
Fly-fly-fly (-way, ooohhh...)
Fly-fly away (I want to fly-fly away)
Fly away (I want to fly, wow-woh, no, fly away)

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I Miss Them

"There is a garden in every childhood, an enchanted place where colors are brighter, the air softer, and the morning more fragrant than ever again." -Elizabeth Lawrence

I'm at the point now in the week where there is honestly no point in detailing my weekend really, it wasn't that highly interesting, it was just in-laws, a pub and a strip club. That's the basic summary of it. Was a holiday weekend, Monday being our Memorial Day (wherein Richie and I went golfing), still zoomed by... That's the gist of the whole thing. So I'll just fast-forward from all that into today, Wednesday.

Missing them, my family once again. No, not the them that they all are now, but the "Them" that was, that will never be again, the fresh and happy faces and high spirits. The fun and happy 'they' that carried me through so many laughs and so many tears too. Some times were hard, other times were wonderful, all those times are long gone, except the shrapnel still embedded deep in the walls of my memory.

It all came flooding back to me really, this particular ache, today as I was driving down just another busy street in Memphis, a faint hint of paint fumes hit my nose and I zoomed back to early childhood. There we were, Mom and me, under the carport, in the humid sweet air of the summertime. Birds were chirping (and what's more, you could hear them with no busy city-buzz anywhere in sight). That old huge fan was blowing... and the delicious smell of paint fumes mixed with the warm breezes.

Mom was pouring her Plaster of Paris into various molds, and painting the ones that were already dried. We had molds of many different things, Fruit, Figures, Maps, our little hands. I remember she always let me work them with her.

We'd mix the Plaster of Paris in a bucket of some sort, and then once mixed, you pour the concoction into your preferred mold. It was interesting to me in that it set itself, you had to allow it to dry, then once dry it would go through it's very own "heating" phase, where the 'setting' actually took place. Once they cooled back down, you could paint them anyway you wanted.

That's where the fumes came in, if Mom was spray painting some of the pieces. I always enjoyed the smell of paint fumes... maybe that explains some things huh? ;)

At home, we were always doing things growing up. Mom was letting us all play in the kitchen, or do those plaster pieces, or we were off playing our very own imagination games, like digging for magic wands... Dad would go to any lengths creating things for us, and making us laugh. My parents made sure our childhood was so much better than theirs. They dedicated themselves to caring for their families, putting what was best for the children first [something that is quite absent from so many of today's parents].

It is for that and so much more that I will ever be grateful, and never forget. They transformed the rough spots into silk. Though It sure doesn't make this road through adulthood any easier to bear.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Penultimate Entrance (WWC)

Hello all, been a busy extra-long weekend we've had with the Memorial Day holiday. It's time for the WWC (Weekly Words Challenge) brought to us by Tink! Keywords "Penultimate" and "Entrance".

I have them semi-jumbled, and as always the captions do the talking. :) Enjoy the slideshow.

Click Here If You Are Unable To View Slideshow

I'm a little swamped and tired, so I will probably try to post more about the weekend later on or maybe in Tomorrow's post... So glad you came by! Please leave me a comment, even if you found me by accident. Have a great day! ;)

Friday, May 23, 2008

Wonderful World Of Wally

Hey there, how are you doing?? Wonderful! Glad to hear it. I, for one, am certainly glad the full moon this past week is done with!! Caused me nothing but extra stress and grief.

I have put off further 'teen journal entries' this week, I want to sit down and actually enjoy them and not have any rants to add to the pot. There needs to be a blissful "teen mood" going on for those. Don't despair, I'll post them up sometime very soon.

Let's see, what have I of interest this fine Friday?? Oh yes... Made two trips to the ever-fabulous Wally World yesterday (two trips in one day to a store that I cannot stand to shop in, but it was all due to an exchange Mr. J had to make). For those of you who may not be familiar with the term, "Wally World" is Wal*Mart. One store that promises you'll find EVERYTHING you need under one roof. They're not kidding, you can find most stuff you want, and then some... then you'll also find a lot of shite that you don't want, and probably cannot stand. This would include aforementioned crappy customer service people, screaming children, and children running rampant all over the store with no "guardian" in sight, ignorant fighting couples, theives and lunatics. Yes everyone, Wal*Mart's got it all.

First off we were in Walmart #1, Sporting Goods section, we (God Forbid) had to ask the man on duty a question about a product. Once asked, he gave us a vague answer and sent us to the next informational source. Guess he thought he was done for the day. We ended up having to come back to him and ask more specific questions about said product, wherein the man stopped and looked at us as if we had hog tied him and were torturing him with an ice pick... I believe we might have just ruined his day asking for assistance.

He then stated, "Let me call someone over to help you with that." (Guess he's not properly trained on his merchandise, or is simply supposed to stand behind the counter and look pretty). Therefore, while waiting, I strolled down a couple of isles and heard a "deliriously happy family with a small child". The mother had the small child in tow, and they were playing a game. Such a sweet game really, I guess, if you're into that 'sweety pie' tone of voice. The mother would play around like she was trying to "locate" the father and in an almost creepy voice she would call, "Daaadddddddddyyyyyyy!!!" To which the sperm donor would reply, "Whatttttteeeeeeeeeyyyyyy??" {brief pause} "Daaaaaaaadddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!" {pause} "WHAAAAAAATTTTTTTEEYYYYYYYYYY???" {Me getting nauseous}

This went on and on for several annoying minutes. Finally, I guess they located said father, and they were down in the pet isle as I passed by allowing the child to squeak all of the pet toys very loudly and freely. I had to escape this area and fast.

As I wandered through the store trying to locate our items, I was all-too-aware of the screaming children on various isles. As I wheeled frantically to the front of the store, several nice people shot out in front of me with their carts as if I wasn't there. ('Have A Nice Day Bastards!' I muttered sarcastically under my breath with my invisible dagger in hand.)

Not finding what we needed, we had to begin our journey to the other Wally Location. This store was much nicer, and cleaner. The people there were alot nicer too, and we actually found what we needed. Then upon leaving the store, we were crossing the parking lot and got caught in the crossfire of a very interesting conversation. (You rarely front row seat action like this).

An obvious Good Ole Boy was crossing the parking lot towards the store not far from us, and I wouldn't have thought anything of it had he not veered towards a very nervous looking woman. They stopped. She remained within cautious range from him. They looked like two crabs having a 'face off'. As they stood right in the center of the drive-area, the man sternly shouted, "WHY ARE YOU SERVING ME WITH DIVORCE PAPERS???"

The woman, trying to act ignorant replied, "What are you talking about? I'm not serving you with papers."

Angry man: "Well I just got them under my windshield wiper!!"

The conversation faded as we reached the truck, and Richie and I realized what we had just been privy to. Richie said, "Ohhh Man!! Did you just hear that??" And I had to turn around and see what they were doing, being nosy at the moment. We were both pretty amused by it. He continued, "Ahhh She's in TROUBLE!! (snickering)." So we got into Richie's truck and he had to drive over near the guy, seeing as they had retreated back to one of their automobiles. The woman was in her driver's seat, leaned back, body language saying all it needed to say. The guy, was leaned in the passenger side window with his mouth going 70MPH... Guess they were having a bit of a bad day.

Just never know what you might encounter at good ol' Wal*Mart... and you never know what a day might bring.

Other than that, it's been a semi-long and somewhat stressful week in the way of financial worries... Hopefully, I will have all the things I need resolved soon, and maybe we'll be looking towards a brighter time... I sure could use a break. Bills, worries and responsibilities don't make things much worth looking forward to. Makes me wonder sometimes why we want to grow up and do all this stupid shit when we're kids, and why we were in such a hurry. What were we in a hurry for anyways?? Were we just too tired of all that childish innocence and happiness?? What idiots we were.

Then next weekend is Richie's Birthday and we're planning our little weekend family fandango... that should be a thrill. Hopefully, with Richie and his brother together nobody gets arrested or sliced up. Maybe I should pack some mace... Hopefully it will go o.k., As long as I get a little time to myself and get to relax a bit none of the bloodshed will be on MY hands. ;)

TGIF Guys... Glad the weekend is here?? Well, don't forget to mosy on over (if you know how to Mosy), and visit WTF Friday. If you haven't been shocked enough, or laughed enough this week, maybe you'll find what you're lookin for over there! :)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Mama Told Me Not To Come

Sometimes, just sometimes, you run out of cool titles for the posts. When that happens, I have no shame, I like song titles and random generators. I didn't want to name the post something about hump day, but since it is Hump Day, you may or may not have seen the following video, which has been on Ebaumsworld. Seems that a Russian press conference was disturbed by someone flying a remote control dildo. Just the look on everyone's face, and the sudden looks of shock on the faces of the guys standing next to the speaker were enough to make me ROFLMAO. As one person pointed out, what could be the "title" of the guy who had to go and swat the thing down?? Possibilities are endless on that. Anyways, Watch The Video.

Yeah. I like that. Russians have a sense of humor... indeed.

People-behavior has been getting on my nerves left and right again lately. It's so hard because I try to think good thoughts, do good things, and keep my karmic track record at least semi-acceptable ;) But how can I when everyone I encounter is an idiot, or an asshole? On the road, in the elevator, in the garage, on the phone, in the store... just neverending.

So just note that I don't mean any harm, but I simply must vent. Some of these are old, tired topics that I have ranted on before. But here it is "Jackie's Hump Day Hate List". Join me, won't you?

  1. People who 'assume' your THE ONE to talk to for anything, so that you have to be interrupted and waste an hour of life that you'll never get back again PROVING to them, that they don't know what they're talking about, and that they should've called "so-and-so" in the first place. I'm always 'the one'. Oh, call Jackie for that issue... no, it's a problem with ____, Jackie's the one. Sorry to inform you guys (and I want to say this sooo badly in the heat of the moment), That's not under my job description... I don't know anything about that, I have never heard of ____ and have never worked with it, and I wish you would leave me alone. But no, I slap on a smile, and if I can't help, I direct you to the right person, or help as much as I can (that should be some cool points, right??).

  2. Those who can clearly see that you are busy, and pop up behind you being nosy, or interrupt what you're doing (while waiting for someone else they need who might be on the phone or talking to someone else), or interrupts a conversation you're having with someone. Then totally just overstay their welcome, rambling on about something closer to nothing. When you finally get to turn back around and get to what you were doing, you've lost your place, so you take a break and go eat some candy-lol

  3. Once again, drivers. Drivers who 'snail' their way into the middle of the road "cutting you off" in 60MPH traffic going all of 10. I'm sorry-you deserve to be rear ended, but once again, I'm going to swerve to avoid you, or find a space in the other lane-O-idiots to jump in so I can regain my rightful place far in front of you.

  4. Drivers who THINK you want to go where they are going so they race you when you have no desire to race, and you're not even eyeballing their holy-assed spot in the road. Get a life 'glass packs', take the "Git-R-Dun" stickers out of your window so you can see the road around you. What do you see?? Not me, I'm long gone and don't give a damn how fast your monster truck can go.

  5. Jaywalkers. Maybe the law is not being enforced these days, but you guys are total advantage-taking-assholes. Find the busiest, most dangerous street anywhere in Memphis, and you will find an idiot (or three) casually strolling around in the middle of the lane, paying attention to nobody. There are lights that are designed to allow safe crossing on most streets, and even in neighborhoods, some respect should be due. It's so hard and frustrating to get anywhere in the City because you've got to constantly go out of your way NOT TO hit someone... they're probably just aiming for a lawsuit anyway. This just gets under my skin, wish they would enforce it more.

  6. Customer Service Guys and Gals (more Gals). They act like little pompous asshole bitches. Being shy is one thing. Hey, I was shy when I first got into Customer Service roles, but I still smiled, spoke to my customers and sent them away pleasantly and respectfully. Now, most of the ones I get, can barely speak to you, or even look you in the eye. If you dare have to ask for anything, they look at you like they want to make your head explode and then shove said goods at you like you're a leper. More examples of bad experiences are 'wrong orders', extensive hold times, general rudeness. I must tell you about the experience I had a couple weeks ago.

    It was Saturday, Richie and I had been doing well and low carbing it some for a week or two for a little 'jump start' (no nutrition lectures please, it was a temporary boost). So Saturday was the day we could have a 'cheat meal', so we decided we wanted IHOP for breakfast. Not wanting to go dine in, I decided to place a phone order, and I would then go and pick it up from the restaurant. This process took nearly two hours, and then finally failed. Why? Because the little whores answering the phones didn't want to do any work that day. I called, and finally someone answered the phone. When I told them I needed to make a 'to go' order, she said "Hold On." Then placed the phone on hold. Feeling rather patient, I waited... and waited. I looked at the clock, I had been on hold all of 15 minutes without any pick-up saying, "Ma'am I am sorry for the wait, would you mind continuing to hold?" That would have been o.k., If someone is cordial, I am usually fine. I don't generally "nitpick". So nobody ever picked the phone back up and after 20 minutes or so, I was beginning to feel irritated and hung up.

    When I tried to call right back and catch an open line, the phone was "busy", and remained so for about an hour. That brings me to my second attempt at ordering breakfast from this fine establishment. "IHOP" the girl simply said. Me: "Yes, I'd like to make a 'to go' order?" Girl: "Hoadd ownn uh Minitt" ('Ok' I think, patiently, trying to be positive that something had just happened earlier and they got swamped.)

    This time, the girl didn't put me on "hold", she simply threw the phone down somewhere next to her, and continued taking care of other customers around her register. I didn't think much of it at first, thinking she was going to check out a couple people and then get back to me. No dice. I continued to hold, moreso out of morbid curiosity this time. Several minutes went by, and I could hear the buzz of laughter among the employees, chatting with customers, giggling amongst themselves, Seating people in the background. Nobody ever came back over and even picked up the phone to check on it, to see if anyone was there. "Helloooo" I said loudly. "HELLLOOOOOOO!!!!!" I screamed into the phone. I listened in to their "buzzing" for a good 20 minutes and finally slammed the phone down. This time, when I picked the phone back up and tried to dial in, you guessed it. "Busy Signal". I wonder... wonder. These girls are just totally ignoring the phone customers so they won't have to deal with it. They're leaving people on hold, sitting the phone down so it won't ring, and they won't have to answer it.

    One of the worst examples in customer service I've experienced in a long time. Couldn't call back and ask for a manager, since you couldn't actually 'speak' with anyone there. Their main office, of course, was closed. So, I wrote the company on that one. Got an e-mail back, saying they were going to investigate that and that someone would contact me, and hoped they would be able to regain my trust. They can shove their pancakes up their ass, and top it off with a bottle of blueberry syrup for all I care. Hire some human beings. Then again, maybe that's the problem.

The human race is just getting more and more selfish, cold hearted and rotten. They don't care about anything, the world around them, the environment that they, and their children and grandchildren (will) live in, nor do they have any respect for the planet, and nature that has sustained their worthless lives thus far. They just want to jump in their gas guzzling tanks, with their cellphones glued to their ears, kicking up dust from point A to point B, making sure to piss others off, or endanger their fellow man in the process. They stuff their faces full of trans-fat/high fructose fabulousness, and they spew their unholy excrement on everyone else around them, unstoppable... unfeeling... apathetic.

How's that for a rant?

Mama told me not to come...

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Pure Regret (WWC)

Here I am everyone! Better late than never for this week's "Weekly Words Challenge" brought to us by the extremely Pure and Unregrettful TINK of Pickled Beef Yay!! This week's words of course, are "Pure" and "Regret". I nearly copped out this week too. I'm still sort of hanging on by a thread here, but I want to keep on moving along, so I am trying hard! I don't have a huge amount of pictures this week, and I don't think they're very special, but I still hope you enjoy... Take it away Picassa!!

Click Here if you are unable to view Slideshow

The words for next week are:
Penultimate (Next to last)

The words for the next five weeks will be chosen from the member suggestions on the WWC
Flickr group. If you haven't joined the fun yet, go here for details. Happy snapping!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Singin The Blah's

No need for that APB, I'm alright. I know I've been 'AWOL' since Friday, which is unusual and also breaks my "Post A Day" pledge for May, but I just couldn't make it this time.

Friday night, we had all night company and events that kept me up way too late and for some reason I felt like I had a hang-over Saturday, and I hadn't drank a drop. I blame Mr. J. It was his persistence and antics that caused the whole event as well as the late hour. After the long tiresome week I had, I was in great need of going home Friday night and "defusing" quietly, and having time to myself, but he had already planned the day before I could even speak up, so we had kids, in-laws and so forth... I made it through, although I was not able to record Saturday as planned because of how badly I felt. I had a headache and spent the entire afternoon draped across my keyboard and stool, half asleep, either that or on the floor and eventually in my car for an attempted "nap".

So then after the failed recording sessions, I came home and turned on a movie, and kind of recharged there... Sunday, I was still feeling a bit "blah", but I got up and around and met up with my "BFF" (cool kid lingo for "Best Friend Forever", which you would know if you watched any of the cellphone advertisements on T.V. lol). We went to lunch, bummed around, and went to see Patrick Dempsey's movie, "Made of Honor", which is a total Chick Flick, just in case anyone is asking you to go to this movie. I liked it, although I am not certain if it was worth the high-priced matinee money that they are charging these days. I may as well have waited for it to come to HBO and caught it on a rainy Saturday in a couple of months. I do like Patrick Dempsey movies though, I always have... especially back in the "Can't Buy Me Love" days, or in "Loverboy". He was and still is a cutie (in his odd funky, big-nosed way).

Afterwards, I turned in very early and got a much-needed decent night's sleep. Woke up, hit the gym for a little elliptical action, then started the day with Oatmeal.

So here I am on a Monday afternoon, and must tell you just how much I have thought about taking a week or two off from blogging because I need a total recharge, and a break... But I'm going to play that one by ear. I just don't know yet.

Therefore, apologies for being out of pocket without note, and also apologies to NaBloPoMo's May Participants for copping out of our "Post A Day" agreement. I won't cheat by filling in the gaps, and I am still not going to take the banner down, but I will take my failure and try again as soon as I think I can do another month's worth of worthy posts and content. Also, apologies to my "teen journal" fans, for not having posted the Larry Raines section yet. I still am planning on doing that this week (if I am able), and will actually be writing it instead of straight podcast. If you think you'd like a Podcast of it just to go along with the journal entries, please comment me and let me know... I never know who's reading or enjoying much since I don't get very many comments these days... They do uplift you know.

That's about it for me today, it's all I can muster. Enjoy your week everybody and thanks again for hanging out with me.

PS: "Bizarro" groupies, look for updates soon... cool?? Thanks!

One Better Day

This one goes out to my buddy and Rockin Punk, Manic!. Ta and love yer back! Enjoy a little "Madness"!

Click Here If You Are Unable to View Video

Friday, May 16, 2008

Forgotten Scents

Springtime is the main time I get this way I think. The scents, all around me, whisking by reminding me of all the good ol' days. Those wonderful by gone days. Scents always accompany music for me, of course, so if you get the right tune and the right type of scent then it can be Legendary! :)

Seems like spring brings all the good ones though, that smell of 'freshly cut grass' begins, going into summer. Makes my mind wander... waking up on a Saturday morning, hearing Dad outside running the lawn mower, and Mom inside funking up the house with that horrible "hospital strength" Lysol, so of course I headed outside to smell the fresh grass as soon as I was awake enough to function (always been a late sleeper).

Certain perfumes and colognes are fabulous. My favorites are Clinique's "Happy", Calvin Klein's "Eternity", "Sunflowers"... just to name a few. The smell of a semi-sweating man in the summer with just the right kind of cologne on can be immensely titillating!

Tanning lotions, or sunblock (that beachy, "Cocoa Butter" smell? Those are wonderful. Makes me feel like I'm face down in the sand on my beach towel, burning my overly-white buns in the sun. Ahhh memories.

Honeysuckle Rocks hardcore! That one takes me back to early childhood because we had tons of Honeysuckle bushes around our ten acres. The best part about that was if it was a spot that had not been crop dusted with chemicals, you can actually take the little stem out of the middle of the flower and put it in your mouth and eat the honeysuckle. (That is if you feel like braving the bees). It's delicious!

Walking outside around the house in the spring or summer, and smelling the clothes drying (that smell of "fabric softener"), or if she were line drying clothes, the sheets floating in the air, smelling so fresh... yummy.

After having been outside playing until you're burned and sweating profusely (stinky summer children), coming inside and feeling the air conditioner vent, and the smell of a freshly cut watermelon, pure heaven.

Kids today don't even know about these sorts of things. They will be blogging in 10 or 20 years about their video games and their various electronic gadgets, none of which have any nostalgic sweetness to them... They don't know what they missed out on, the sweet memories of innocent, creative childhood... wasn't it the best?

What summer scents get your Nostalgia flowing?

Here's a little Friday nostalgia, this song was on my mind... enjoy "Space Age Love Song" by Flock of Seagulls. (Yeah I know their hair was F'd up! And I know that this isn't Hardcore, or Punk, or Raw Outlaw country, but I love this song.

Agenda for Later Today:
>>Will get to those Vocal Podcasts on my Teen "Larry R." crush... I promise!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

There's Something About Ronald

My apologies, I've still been really busy and haven't had time to pop in to your blogs in the last few, I will do it soon. Probably tomorrow! This also means no more vocal podcasts have been made, and I am planning to do the "Larry R. Crush" journals soon!

Meanwhile, I was surfing through some YouTube videos yesterday and I ran across like the first McDonald's Commercial... Man I hate clowns! Ronald ranks up there as one of the creepy ones, and from this video they didn't start off too well.

Clowns SUCK!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I was having a little friendly 'comment war' with a MySpace friend of mine. We started off trying to 'out gay' each other with band photos, and then I ended up going back to funny looking 'cock rock' band pics... Such as THIS one!
These guys were a band called "Nitro", which I think was a little less known. It was at this point I won the comment war. lmao! :)

Was this the classic "Hair Band Pose" for all hair bands of the 80s? The two guys on each end always turned and holding their arms up like they're going to kick someone's ass, or as if they are having to "protect" the "pretty" ones in the middle so aren't attacked by the bad man? lol

I just got a kick out of that, and it crossed my mind.

This site listed their idea of the "Top Ten Greatest Hair Metal Bands" as follows:

1. Poison
2. Mötley Crüe
3. Bon Jovi
4. Warrant
5. Whitesnake
6. Twisted Sister
7. Skid Row
8. Cinderella
9. Ratt
10. Dokken

I'm inclined to disagree... I never really liked Dokken at all, so I would rip them off the list. Ratt would move down closer to the bottom, as would Cinderella, and hey, where are the "Bullet Boys" and "Faster Pussycat"? I'm going to have to throw my own list together here. I have to think on it though.

How about you guys, did you get into hair metal? If so, what were your favorite hair bands or songs??

Anyways, I will be putting in a new Audio Podcast tonight, and was thinking about putting in more "Teen Journal". The other day when I was reviewing it, I discovered the section on Larry R. (My First Real Kiss). I thought about giving you a front row seat to that. It was pretty exciting for me being my first real kiss from a guy, as mentioned in my wedding anniversary post, "On Kissing Frogs" from back in December. As I looked back through the journal entries, however, there are more details that I had forgotten.

In retrospect, I always wonder what might have happened if I had actually gone all the way with Larry R. He wasn't good news in the least, he was older, I probably would've ended up getting pregnant or something. However it has to be better than my real first time with Larry B (who was a total dud). (Geez, what was with me and the Larry's??).

My thoughts as you can see are scattered some today as I have combined thoughts of sex with hair bands, which I know always went well together but now, looking back are quite comical.

I think it's time to crank it up, hair band lovers, here is "Smooth Up In Ya" by The Bullet Boys... go on, sing along!! lol Then I'll be back in a bit with a podcast from the Boy Crazy Teen Jackie. [That's pretty good for Hump Day, right?]

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Seven and Earth (WWC)

Ever wonder why in the world morning has to come so friggin early? I do... did this morning. I lay there comfy in my bed as long as I possibly could... and finally just had to peel myself out of the warm comfort into cold, cruel reality. Then I had to make oatmeal (as not to neglect Mr. J's breakfast needs, and my own too of course). Being in such a rush, I ate my oatmeal while soaking in my warm bath water, and it crossed my mind once again... "This, soaking in this warm soapy water, eating my oatmeal, is the MOST comfortable I am going to feel all day!"

Anyone else?? Or is it just me? I know eating my oatmeal in the bathtub sounds way crazy, but I was really trying to save some time being in a rush. In the end, it did not matter, I was actually later than normal. (sigh). Oh well.

Of course it is Tuesday and time for the Weekly Words Challenge (brought to us by the lovely Tink!).

This week's words are "Seven" and "Earth".

However, I am not going to participate this week, I didn't get enough good shots, and didn't feel like half-assing it. :)

So I guess you could say I took The High Road... or did I?

Sorry to inform you that this "high road" everyone tells you that you always need to take is out in the middle of NOWHERE, and most of you will never find it... I am just one of the lucky ones who happens to have stumbled across it. Good day my lovelies!

Monday, May 12, 2008

I Don't Like Mondays

You know the deal. Monday, you can play catch up, lots of content below if you haven't listened to yesterday's Mother's Day podcast, or want to read or search... go for it. Today is just "Monday".

The Boomtown Rats with "I Don't Like Mondays"

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Two Peas In A Podcast

I am a lot like my Mother in many ways, unfortunately I didn't get her striking beauty and small petite figure, but I mirror her in personality where it counts... This is my official "Mother's Day Post". Hope you all enjoyed your day, have a listen to my Mother's Day Podcast... hope you like!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mother's Day Weekend

Thank the ladies that brought you into the world this weekend, they sacrificed a lot for you. Some of those people who gave birth, however were not cut out to be a Mom, and they might not have given you a good childhood, so some people aren't as close and loving with their parents as I might be. For those people, at least be thankful of the gift of life, and know that whatever you went through growing up made you who you are today... and you should make the best of that because it still in my opinion created some very talented, fabulous individuals. You might have gone on to have children, and gave your children more of a wonderful childhood... You all Rock. :)

No time for a vocal podcast today, I gotta get movin and shakin, but I will probably do it tomorrow later in the afternoon... maybe another Journal entry from my teen years?? I don't know, you can tell me if you want that or not.

Meanwhile, everyone have a fab Saturday and a very Happy Mother's Day to all... Love, AJ

Friday, May 09, 2008

Friday Hiding

Not to deter too far from NaBloPoMo's "Voices" theme, I'll have to say that 'The voices in my head are telling me to lay low'. ;)

That's right, I'm still feeling anti-social today, and have been trying to hide in the shadows... Even though it has been a fabulous day outside. I've been mainly stuck in the building. I did venture out during lunch for a quick escape. Most everyone is either out sick or just gone for the day, and I'm still having to hang in here and cover things. Many places I could dream of being right now, and if I could only "pop out of body" at will, I would do so several times a day and go on quite a few adventures. Maybe one of these days... lol.

Anyway, I might try to post something else later on, but for now I just don't have much energy or much to talk about. Hope all this Lethargic Apathy of mine passes soon. Maybe I will recharge at Mom's during Mother's Day weekend. I plan on finding my little spot in the middle of the pasture, throwing a big quilt out there, and lie out there under the clouds with my music... I am in need of grounding.

Meanwhile, there's a "slew" of stuff to catch up on, including my "voice podcasts", earlier in the week which didn't seem to thrill much of anyone... I know that I had problems with the sound to start out with, but give em a listen if you can. I will be doing another voice podcast over the weekend, so come back for it and give it a listen... pretty please :)

Above all else, have a safe, happy, fun weekend.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Blame It On The Rain

This morning, I could barely drag myself out of bed. It took all I had. Then the rain poured down all the way to work, I just took back roads... I always do. I never need much of an excuse to take the long way.

Now, to top it all off the whole morning has been tough to take. I'm feeling anti-social. Everyone is having "impromptu meetings" in which they have no place else to stand except for behind my desk, and using their conference call option so I have had an endless stream of action and noise going on around and behind me today. I really want to escape. I could've done very well laying at home in my bed listening only to the sounds of rain. Storm on Mother Nature!! Storm on...

I found this relaxing, someone's video to Led Zeppelin's "The Rain Song"

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

You Mock Me

This morning, while giving the elliptical machine a run for its money, I looked out the gym window and watched the birds execute their morning duties. They were catching worms and bugs, all for me to see. It was like my very own nature special. One bird in particular, landed right by the window, and even appeared to look through the window and "stare me down". It is the same bird that has been haunting me for quite some time now, the Mockingbird.

A number of years ago, I agreed to house sit for my Sister, Vickie while they went on vacation for a few days. I was to stay there and take care of their Chocolate Lab, Bosco. If you know anything about Labrador Retrievers, then you will know that they are very sweet dogs, but they act a bit retarded. (Not in a bad way, they're just goofy). So Bosco and I were getting on well throughout my stay, he pretty much did his thing, and I did mine (which was mainly chat with weirdos on my sister's computer and watch t.v.--television at Vickie's house was always the best, or so it seemed).

One tragic day, however the fates were very badly aligned. I was minding my own business, glued to the recliner watching something obviously brilliant on t.v., when I heard a commotion on the screened in back porch. I looked out, and there was a bird trapped inside. Being an avid animal lover, I flew through the door and began rescue operations. For a while, I ran around trying to catch the bird to release him outside, and he wasn't being very cooperative. I ran in circles, until the bird flew up into the Turbine up in the ceiling. When this happened, I was quite panicked thinking about the innocent sweet mockingbird and how he might get beat to a pulp, or just get dizzy and fall to his death. However, it was a windy day, so the turbine was going at a harrowing speed. 'What am I going to do?!?' I thought frantically.

Then, like a message from God himself, it came to me. I looked into the corner, and there stood a very long fishing pole. Like fate, there was a chair very close to me whispering "Stand on meeeeee... grab that handy fishing pole over there, and use it to stop the turbine and save the bird!! If you stop it, he will come... down."

EUREKA!!! That's it! That's what I've got to do... I'll use the chair to stand on, and I will stick the fishing pole up into the turbine, causing it to stop and the bird will be able to fly to safety. Pure genius!!!

So that's exactly what I did. I positioned the chair 'just so' underneath the turbine, and carefully climbed up. Watching my balance, I eased the tip of the fishing rod up into the turbine, catching one of the bars. It worked! Immediately, the turbine ground to a halt. Now, the bird could go free! I am good... yeah babayyy!!!

Just then, as I was looking straight up, trying to save this little precious bird's life, something fell down upon my lip. Something cold and wet and disgusting. "WTF?!? It's bird shit!" F##**Ng ungrateful bird just shit on my lip! When it actually hit me that I had this disease-filled substance on my lip (thank Jesus it didn't go in my mouth), I dropped the fishing rod, flew off the chair and bolted towards the bathroom. I nearly tripped over the lovely and talented Bosco, as he was pacing back and forth acting retarded (as Chocolate Labs will do). I shouted in a demonic voice (as if in a slow-motion scene from a movie), "GET-OUTTA-THAWWWAYYYY!!!"

When I got to the bathroom, holding my lip very steady and motionless, I filtered through the cabinet to find any substance I could to scour my lip... Windex, Listerine, Comet. I didn't stop to think about the potential dangers of any cleaners, I just scrubbed, and disinfected, and scrubbed even more. All thoughts about the bird and his safety had completely escaped my mind by this time. He could've been spinning in circles until he was scrambled, and I wasn't concerned. The whole bird shit incident took so much out of me that I can't remember anything else past the cleaning part... and I never saw that particular bird again.

However, nearly ever mockingbird that's passed me by since then has stopped and taken a long, pensive stare into my eyes, mockingly. He knows! They all know... and they're never going to let me forget.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

More Than Words

If a picture's worth a thousand words, then the Weekly Words Challenge (WWC) must be worth MILLIONS! With so many words accounted for, who needs "voices" today... So we're giving it a rest. I should have the "technical issues" worked out with my Podcasting junk that I was using for the Month of May for my NaBloPoMo theme of "voices". Maybe I will do more of the "teen journal entries" then. Are you guys enjoying these?? Or would you rather see/hear some other content? I'll be glad to consider suggestions.

So we'll get on with the WWC, which is brought to us as always by our Triple-Incendiary Host, Tink. The words for this week are "Three" and "Fire". Now, I kind of had a hard time, so these are not all on target, but I hope you can squeeze some enjoyment out of them nonetheless...

But since I am usually a rambler, and a fan of "words", I must continue to bore you with my ponderings! I was reading my horoscope for the day... It felt quite on target!

I hope this "shift" really is coming, and I hope it is a very positive shift. Definitely could use that... And it's right about trying to speed up your productivity when you're going through one of these spells of "running out of steam", because the sloppiness does tend to increase when you think you're 'hurrying to get a job done'. So I'll take the good advice and try to chill, knowing that no matter what's going on, or what we're going through, "This too will pass"! That's good advice any day, even if horoscopes ain't yo thang!

As it goes on to say, "The truth is that you have more time than you realize." it hits the nail on the head, doesn't it? I mean, Time is our illusion, and if we sit around wasting it, stewing about how we are so busy we don't' have time for this or that, then sure we're going to run out of steam. We throw this "time" phenomenon around and use it as a scape goat.

Think about it, when you really enjoy something, or want to do something, you generally "make the time" to do it... so what's stopping us from getting everything we want or need done in this life? The answer is in one simple word... "Ourselves". We are the only ones impeding our progress. Time is limitless, if we let it-it will speed by us like a death train, but if we utilize every moment we are gifted, then we can accomplish some magnificent feats. It's up to us.

We have all the time we need... we just have to use it... Am I right?

So, my thoughts for the day are these:

There's nothing like a good nap, so if you feel like resting, rest. But don't sleep all you want to because there'll be plenty of time for that 'later'...

Use our time wisely and do your best to experience and accomplish everything that you really want to do, after all... you're supposed to be following my "no regrets" policy.

Even when you don't think you have enough time to relax and unwind, do it anyway. Just 15 minutes of stepping out for some fresh air, listening to your favorite tune and 'getting away from it all' (even if it's just in your mind for a few) can make all the difference to your daily stress levels.

Above all else, stop worrying, and don't let anything stress you. It doesn't help matters, and it only ages you.

Have a great week everybody!

Monday, May 05, 2008

Para todo mal, mezcal, para toda bien, tambien!

¡Hola! If you do or don't know Spanish (I don't really, well maybe a few choice words), I will let you know what the page I snatched the above title off of says that this means... Literally: "For every ill, drink Mezcal (type of liquor), For everything good, as well". LOL! I'll drink to that (well, I don't drink much, but if I did it would more likely be a good Tequilla. I can handle Tequilla... not sure why.

That is quite fitting, since today is Cinco de Mayo... the Fifth of May. Celebrate, or don't... But I still wish all of my blog pals and Spanish (as well as non-Spanish speaking buddies), a very Happy Cinco de Mayo. If you are expecting half-naked Mexican women, then this is the wrong blog... however since I do enjoy helping my fellow men (or women if that be the case), I'll direct you over to Cynical Bastard (Jay's Blog). Now, he is the one to go to for the hot gals. I can't really think of any sexy male Mexican actors really so... here's a funny cat dressed in a poncho and sombrero!
Livin La Vida Meowo!

Ok, so on to the podcast portion of our blog!

Feedback is welcome, do you enjoy my podcasts or do you wish I would just STFU?? lol Yes, I kind of enjoy doing them. Who knows what it could lead to. But still, it's only an option. You don't have to press play... if you like them though, I'm glad. :)

Today's podcast addresses Cinco de Mayo, and then of course includes a bit of rambling by Yours Truly, and I have included for your listening insanity, two (count em' 2) of my Teen Journal Entries. I didn't include the text versions this time, they should be a bit better quality. The sound is much better on these, although that might not make ME sound any more inviting, but whatever. Go nuts! (UNDALE UNDALE ARRIBA ARRIBA!!!)

((o.k. damnit!! Special note about the podcast, I checked after-the-fact and the beginning of my stupid file has some skipping going on, so my apologies, looks like I still haven't worked out all audio bugs-bear with it for a few seconds then it smooths out. Oh well... ))

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Sunday or Something Like It

(photo on left taken Halloween 1996 I think--haha!)

I hope that this post finds you nearing the end or having had an extreme, hardcore fantastic weekend. Once again, as for me it was NOT NEARLY LONG ENOUGH!!! ARRRGH!

As promised, I have decided to try out the voice post for you today, and I have included below, my Podcast for Sunday, May 4, 2008. Just a note, however, the set-up I used to begin with doesn't sound so great, it has a lot of noise, you can hear the microphone noises... so I will fix all that hopefully next time. Maybe it will be at least bearable... But my apologies beforehand, as the whole recording probably sounds stupid.

I included a reading of the below journal entry from December 3, 1986 (I did more skipping ahead). Here is the written journal entry (read if you like), or if you would rather, then skip to the podcast and go back and try the text if you are unable to understand something.

Jackie's Private Journal - Entry #36 - December 3, 1986

You know, you can tell how much I've changed since I first started writing this thing (close to 2 yrs). So many things happen and I go back and read about stuff and my moods. Like at first I would write about feelings + moods and crushes, then I turned to writing problems and what I wanted and dreamed of and did! Because of Chance! I decided to take certain turns in the maze of life and there's just no end; I have so many different sides to me and certain music brings them out and I write about getting cheated on or having no friends (which, for me is true at that particular time) and I get over it and keep my world slowly, but
quickly turning and I look back on sweet times I've had and when I shared special moments and feelings with someone, and I'll get depressed because I think that one day I'll not have these people and those particular moments will never occur again.

I'm so scared to lose those people, the only ones who love me, because nobody else
really cares about you. I'm scared and I won't even find a mate to truly love me as much as my parents do. Yet I know one day I will have to face life head on without Mom & Dad and I don't think I can! I want to but I can't bare the thought. I'm independent and so forth in lots of ways but THEY are all I have and all I will ever have! (I know this) [I need to cry].

I want a full satisfying life but I'm sure I won't have one. I need love so badly that 'he' won't let me have it because (I think) I'm so prone to lust & giving in. But I wish god would give me my chance so I could get some outside happiness. Besides, both my parents smoke and if I don't find someone to be with soon, I may be left all alone and they don't understand.
What'll become of me? I'm afraid that I might kill myself because I couldn't make it without them and I'll never have a partner, so I would have nothing! And that is why I get so depressed sometimes so please hear me!

Love, Jackie

**Note: You see?? I was such a weird mess as a teenager!! Kill myself?!? I've never been suicidal, I don't know where that came from. And I was constantly worrying that I was going to be left alone (o.k., I still do that sometimes), but I mean... GEEZZZ!! Call Sigmund Freud somebody! I was such a ball of emotions and misunderstanding of life. 16 years old, and worried that your parents are going to die and you will be left all alone so you needed to find a mate?? WTF?!? Lord have mercy... hahahaha. O.k., end of note... Enjoy the podcast (for what it is worth).

Once again, please excuse the quality of the sound on the podcast...

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Devil Made Me Do It

As you can see, I had a hard time Saturday and was very late putting up a post. My apologies I had intended to do a vocal post with a podcast. I'll do it before Sunday is over with! I promise... It's those darn "Voices" in my head... they had so much else for me to to on Saturday... But my oh my you should hear what they are saying about you! lol j/k... Oh come on that was a little bit funny.

Besides, 9/10 of the voices in my head have confirmed that I'm sane, so THERE!!! :O

Ok, well this was a short nutty rant to make up for Saturday, it's a 'fill-in'. I'll be back later... For Sunday I am going to post more of my "Teenage Journal" so if you've been waiting for that, check back!! :)

Love, AJ

Friday, May 02, 2008

I'd Like To Thank All The Little People!

Well, I happened by one of my alternate blogs that I participate in, WTF Friday, which you all should've read by now if not, go check it out... it's a cool blog. It seems that everyone's favorite Mod, Cappy, from "The Tranquility of Solitude" (among others) has given me an Award Certificate for "Best Post Yet" for a post I did last week entitled "Killer Biscuits Running Loose". I'm quite proud of this achievement, and would like to thank, as I stated above, all the little people... as well as everyone who thought that was a funny article. And it was! :)

So thanks a bunch Cappy! The award was totally unexpected, and greatly appreciated. -AJ

Here's my award! (Click To Enlarge).

Voices Carry Me Home

Making it through this week deserves some sort of celebration. I feel as though I have been in constant motion since about 5:00 a.m. on Monday Morning. I know I'm not the only one. But I'm just really tired... exhausted actually. Hoping to get home to spend some time with my family this weekend, I'm homesick.

At any rate, since it has been so busy for me this week, I still haven't had the time to devote to recording myself on a fresh podcast, but I will do that this weekend. Maybe my first spoken word podcast will be Saturday... that is, if anyone is even tuned in :)

Meanwhile, in keeping in the vein of May's NaBloPoMo theme of "Voices", I have decided to share two videos that I enjoyed very much. The first one is Jimi Hendrix's appearance on Dick Cavett, in which he has a pretty good interview. I put that first because, well it is JIMI... and you all know I love Jimi. I just adore hearing him talk.

Hendrix Interview on Dick Cavett

The Second is a video of a live performance by Amy Mann and Til' Tuesday singing, "Voices Carry"... Enjoy.

Oh yeah... Happy Friday.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

A Graceful Entrance

May is blooming all around us. Memphis is abuzz with chaotic tourism, and confused residents as Memphis In May festivities prepare to crank up. I could well see it this morning as my usual route was silly with frantic, rage-filled, rude, insensitive drivers. It's definitely going to be a busy month.

However, this is my first post using a Podcast. I am not experienced at this, but I am doing it to further juice up the ole blog… shake things up a bit. NaBloPoMo is featuring a theme of “Voices” this month for their May 2008 challenge ("31 Posts in 31 Days"), so here I go!

Hope everyone enjoys the lovely Month of May… it’s spring, so enjoy yourself, find your inner child and go frolicking! I am soon going to do some podcasts of me reading from my teen journal (that’ll be a new slant on it). Yes, we’ve gone VOCAL ladies and gentlemen!!! But to kick off May, I am going to put up one of my band's songs, (by request), so you can hear my very own voice. Some of you have heard this one, some have not. Here’s SAP with “Graceful Exit”.