Friday, August 31, 2007

Friday Pole

Well, I have nothing to show today really--I'm out of ideas at the moment, and have lots of things to get done for my Dad's birthday 'shindig' tonight. Therefore, today's Full Frontal Friday is canceled. I could use the time anyway to think up more inventive ideas for FFF, so if you have any suggestions, feel free to pass them along.

In keeping with my slightly debaucherous Fridays, however, I'll share with you a bit of pole dancing. Hope you enjoy!!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

No Butts About It

I have been contemplating posting up a picture of my ass. So I found this one, which is actually a photo of my ass as well as my sister, Vickie's. If you take a moment to compare our asses, seen in the photograph below, you'll notice that hers is considerably larger and smelly-looking, while mine is way smaller and whiter and has a bit more hair. Mine's cuter, everyone says so... Hahaha!! I got you Vickie! And I showed everyone both our asses!! I hope you all enjoyed seeing it as much as I enjoyed showing it. ;)

And The Winner Is...

Well, I was graciously granted this wonderful "Nice Matters Award" award from a very entertaining and cool new blog pal, Speedycat Hollydale. He's a huge golf fanatic, and his blog is well worth checking out. He's the newest addition over on the sidebar there under "Family" of bloggers. Thanks again Speedy!!! Awards are always nice, and I never won much growing up... x

To keep the love flowing, I hereby award Jinks at "Jinks Writes and Rewrites" with this wonderful award. Why? Because Nice Does Matter, and Nice doesn't mean pushover--she is never without something inspirational to say to me, she's always been a true friend as long as I have been acquainted with her, but will be 'straight up' when she has to be. I'm glad to have her as a blogquaintance as well as a personal acquaintance. Cheers Jinks! You deserve this fine award. Now don't forget to post it up for all to see!

*Pay a visit to my blog pals, you might learn something new!

Happy Thursday everyone! (I've 5 days off so I am definitely happy) :D

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

To Daddy On His 80th Birthday

"My father didn't tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it." ~Clarence B. Kelland (American Writer)

We have had some wonderful times with Daddy, he's made us laugh hysterically, he's hugged us when we had rough times, disciplined us when we did wrong, made us "pull his finger", scared us out of our wits in the dark, supported us and kissed our "boo boos" and made them all better, he's been there for us through it all.

I can't imagine a Dad better than the one we were lucky enough to have in this lifetime. I also cannot believe that he turned 80 years old today... He wears it well, even though he's been through so much and endured it all, he has hung in there and we're so fortunate to have him here to share his "Big 8-0" So here is a tribute to: Jack Cutler...



"#1 Greatest Truck Driver"



"Loving Husband"

One truly Magnificent Man...

Happy Birthday Daddy!!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A Year In The Forrest

Oh-my-gahhd... has it been an entire year already?? I cannot believe that it has so zipped by! Time flies so fast when we're having loads of fun, huh? You've shared some laughs with me, shared some tears, been heated up about some of my steamy stories (and who could blame you), and been there to lift me when I was down. It's that time to wish "Deep In The Forrest"

Happy 1st Anniversary!!!

Anniversary's are usually special, full of romance, flowers and we usually hope for it to end with some earthquaking, ground-shaking good sex, right? Well, although it's not THAT kind of anniversary, I still must show my love and affection the only way I know how, and that is through my love of music.

Some of you like Rock, some are die hard Punks, some love R&B, Rap, Metal, Soul, 80s, or just about anything that gets you dancing, moshing or making a total fool of y'self! I, myself, am quite eclectic, if I haven't said it before, I'll say it now, I love ALL KINDS of music (although I lean towards Metal and Rock as my favorites), I still have had my steamy-ass moments to some hot R&B music.

Therefore, I would like to now take you back in the day, to a classic anniversary song by Tony Toni Tone (remember them?). So sit back, chill, slip on your silk undies and let's slow dance...

Thanks for one fantastic year!!!

Hope you'll stay with me for another one, I promise more debauchery, tears, laughs and good stuff. SINNNcerely, AJ

Monday, August 27, 2007

Key to Happiness

{breezy sigh} Are you happy?? I pretty much think I am happy in my life, but sometimes things do get hectic or depressing for me and I can't help but stop and wonder briefly if I have made the right decisions... Especially when those closest to us make it very hard to hold on to our self-esteem, and make us feel like we just can't seem to do anything right.

What is happiness anyway, and how does one go about achieving total personal satisfaction? Like with marriage (if you're married or have ever been married): Is your marriage perfect? Is any marriage perfect? Do/Did you fight? If so, is/was it about stupid stuff? Do you think it is normal, maybe even necessary that couples fight sometimes? But where do we draw the line?

Does anyone have a real true-life fairy tale, or do those even really exist?? What is the secret to a good, "lasting" marriage?? Does everyone have a top-notch perfect sex life? What do you consider perfect in that respect? If anyone has any insight about any of those questions, please feel free to share.

I'm not really up to much lately, just getting near the end of one of my 'feeling like hell' spells, emotionally and physically... but coping with it all. This promises to be a pretty nice week I guess.
  1. Took a couple of days off to add to my upcoming Labor Day holiday weekend.

  2. Tomorrow, Tuesday 8/28 is my 1 year blog anniversary. Can't believe it's been a year!!

  3. Wednesday, 8/29 is my Dad's 80th Birthday. 80th?!?!? Wow!!

  4. Friday, 8/31, we'll be having a birthday dinner for Dad, so that should be nice (hopefully).

  5. Weekend looks open at present, looking forward to a long one with the upcoming Labor Day holiday which will be...

  6. Monday, 9/3 Labor Day holiday observed.
So that is a peek into my week ahead. I'm sure there will be some bumps in the road and a surprise or two... I'm just crossing my fingers and hoping I feel much better than I did this last week. That's today's post I guess, take it or leave it. Have a good one yourself.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Full Frontal Friday III

Happy Full Frontal Friday! Hope you guys might participate, if so, let me know!

Tattoos. I love em'; I always have. I got my first one on St. Patrick's Day 1995, which is nothing even worth showing. I hate that one. But I thought for today's FFF, I would show a couple of my others... Not the most revealing FFF, but I hope you will enjoy.

Taking up my lower back, Miss Panther resides there relaxing very peacefully, this was done in 1999 at "Ramesess Shadow" Tattoo in Memphis TN.

Another fine piece that claims most of the middle of my upper back, is my Celtic Tree of Life, which was also done by Ramesses Shadow, October 2005. I have since had it filled in, but it needs a little touch up, so I don't want to present a final photo until I get the touch up.

Other than that, Happy Friday Y'all!!! :)

On a Sidenote...

*Updated throughout the day...
  1. (10:00 a.m.) Do you ever feel like no matter what you do, or say that it's just wrong and you keep screwing things up no matter how hard you try not to? Nothing is ever good enough for anyone else, why?
  2. (1:20 p.m.) Have you ever felt shunned or deliberately avoided by someone who you admire a great deal, and who's work, who's friendship and association you greatly valued (making you feel as though it was something you did or didn't do)? Did you let them know that they made you feel this way?
  3. (137 p.m.) Do you have moments when every little thing (noise, distraction etc) gets on your nerves and makes you want to go find a place to hide from it all?

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Rant and Roll

Today, I was planning a big rant about people using their cellphones in an office environment, and how rude it is when they don't know how to put it on silent, or use an 'inside voice' when they are on the cellphone, or the "speaker phone". Either way, they are oblivious to the fact that there are others around them trying to get some work done, and that they are not, in fact, the only person in the office.

I was also going to say that we, the others not constantly on the phone, who are trying to concentrate, are not interested in hearing the details of your private affairs, we don't want to know about your divorce proceedings, we don't want to hear you yelling at your child to finish her chores or else, and we really don't enjoy your less than amusing choices of ring tones. All this stuff should be 'personal stuff' and kept out of the office. That is, unless you have your own private office with sound proof walls, but that is not the case.

No respect anywhere to be found.

Yes, I was going to rant about that but I have officially run out of mental, emotional and physical energy for the day.

Articles about annoying cellphone use (guess ya better remember that someone can always hear you, and might wish they could crack you over the skull):

Click to read "Nuisance or Necessity"
Click to read Overheard Cell Phone Conversations
Read "Cellphones In The Workplace Are Driving Us Crazy <-my favorite

I am not sure what to do for tomorrow's "Full Frontal Friday". I would be glad to consider suggestions, if anyone has one. If not, we'll just see I guess... See you guys tomorrow, hopefully.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

It Ain't Fair

August is quickly drawing to a close. We have only a few more short days left and September will breeze in, hopefully with a much-needed 'cool spell' to make up for such a hot month. September of course, is pretty much "Fair Time" around these parts. Remember Last Year's article on "Remembering The Mid-South Fair"? It covered much of what goes on at one of Memphis' biggest traditions. We used to get so excited about the Fair coming to town, and there was something for everybody. The food, of course, top notch! Fiddlesticks, unlimited meats on a stick, frozen bananas, Pronto Pups (corn dogs), and much more! Music, rides, exhibits. I really miss those days. With the close of Memphis' own Libertyland Theme Park, and the decline of most of the surrounding neighborhoods, the Fair lost its fizzle.

However, it has come to my attention we have a new kid in town... it's called the Delta Fair & Music Festival. It looks promising... and possibly hilarious! Food is the same, which is great. There are several musical acts, and events. The event that Most caught my attention, and I am sure you'll get a laugh out of, is the Redneck Olympics (as if we don't already get a bad enough rep down here!!). Redneck Olympics boasts several events, including "Bobbing for Pigs Feet", "Arm Pit Serenade" (my father will be sad to miss this one), the ever-classic "Watermelon Seed Spitting Contest" and "Toilet Seat HorseShoe". Of course, no Redneck contest would ever be complete without crowning one lucky couple "Mr. and Mrs. Redneck".

As with any public event, there are of course Rules... some of which haven't been announced yet, but I'm sure this will be a sight to see! In particular, the "Arm-Pit Serenade" rates contestants on musical skills pumping air through a damp hand beneath their underarm. (And you thought that when your sister taught you how to do this that you'd never have a chance to use it in your life??). It says in fact that the 12-year-old winner from 2000 squeezed out a recognizable rendition of "Dixie"... I am sorry I missed that. The winner of the Arm-Pit serenade will be judged on crowd response and general arm-pit talent.

Needless to say, I simply must make my way to this new fair and catch a glimpse of the true talent and dedication that our town has to offer... Makes it sound alot nicer when we say that Memphis is 'The Pits'! I tell you, thinking about it makes me 'happier than a tick on a fat dog'!!! Yeeee Haaaahh!

Click here to read more Southern Colloquialisms

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Get It On Tuesday

Well, I'd started the week off with a little "Jack Black" and "John Cusak", and I guess the week continues to deserve some of Jack's most tenacious singing. No this isn't "Tenacious D", but it's really a great version of Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get It On". I'd say pretty good for a Tuesday.

Another busy Tuesday at that, so I will let you guys enjoy this little video, and hope to be back tomorrow with a possible story. Have a good one!! -AJ

Monday, August 20, 2007

Whole Lotta Monday

Mmmmmm.... M&Monday--Oops I think that was a typo, still, don't you want some M&M's now?? They're so chocolaty and delicious! Peanut, Plain or Peanut Butter, even with Almonds now right? Just a delicious little melty bite of chocolate. It truly does melt in your mouth, not in your hand! :)

Anyway, chugging through Monday again... the weekend was not too bad. Rockdog didn't have a show this week, but Yas had hers. Unfortunately (and apologetically), I didn't get to listen in... so sorry Yas! Anyways, maybe this next Saturday. Rockdog's cousin, "J-Bone" is going to be testing out drinks, so get over and suggest a recipe, and he might just try it out on the air!! I am unable to think of anything inventive, but I haven't given up hope just yet. So that's Blogtalk radio news, for now.

I've heard it said, if you're feeling irritable and everything is going wrong for you on a Monday that you have a "Case of the Mondays". This originated from a little movie called, Office Space, just about the best movie ever! If you like to laugh at office humor and its politics, and laugh about the 'cubicle' environment, then you'll totally love that movie. Watch it asap if you haven't seen it!

On Today's Agenda
-Pay Bills
-Take Some Photos hopefully
-More Work
-Grocery Shop for my Quinoa & Grilled Zucchini recipe
-Go to gym and work off weekend overindulgence

That's pretty much it, nothing very exciting today... Hope you all have a good one. If possible, I'm going to try to work up a little story this week to share since I haven't written one in a while. So o.k. then, you guys go out there (safely) and have a great week! Enjoy today's special "Monday Video". All you Jack Black (or John Cusak) Fans will smile.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Cooking Up Some Mischief

Friday night, we threw various meats on the grille, and a few of Richie's buddies came by. All this was very "spur of the moment". Richie sprang it on me in mid-afternoon, and the house wasn't even properly cleaned. But oh well, after my long day at work I still had to spring into action once I got home and perform actions to the ill-fated bird that were so NOT for the faint of heart.

Specialty du jour was "Drunken Chicken" so, my wuss of a husband hands me the full-bodied fowl, and the beer can and asked me to stuff an onion in its neck and a beer can up its ass, and give it a good rub-down with the dry rub.

It was difficult for me, but I always have to do difficult things such as get rid of the cockroaches, touch frogs, clean up unholy hairballs... why?? Because my 'big, strong, fearless hunk-o-man is what?? Scared shitless of it all. It's alright, it is my fate... my cross to bear. ;)

Anyroad, the night kicked off and we cooked up "kosher" hot dogs, Richie's famous Brats, a few burgers, some curry chicken breasts and the above drunken chicken... There was a great deal of beer. One of the guys, who is normally drunk by noon, is mostly 'on his way' even before most parties get started... He's the one who you always know you're going to have to help out before the night is over. Friday night, he had the audacity to pass out before 8:00 p.m. (It wasn't even dark yet). Due to many things he'd done, such as puke in my car once, and attack our olfactory systems numerous times with his wicked-demonic gastro-intestinal problems, including embarrassing my best friend Tamra once in a club by continuously farting at the bar... I felt he deserved a little "Beauty Treatment". The following is what happened next.

We began with a little application of onions to the face.
Even Rodney the cat is embarrassed for him.

Then we added some lovely artwork to the
forehead for much-needed decoration

And finally, the finishing touch,
bright red Wet-n-Wild lipstick.

Cook-Out Tip#873: Never pass out in a drunken stupor before dark,
it's just sad... and dangerous.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Full Frontal Friday

Well, I can think of no better day to do Blondie's Meme for me than on Full Frontal Friday. Especially because she was so excited about this new phenomenon that I put into action. So let me answer the "8 Facts About Me" (although I have done this before), and then I'll get to my very own FFF entry... Ok, here goes (copied Blondie's numbers). Also, I am not going to "Tag" anyone, because I know everyone gets tagged enough. You can do this though, if you like.

One, Uno, 1, Un
I'm an extreme procrastinator. I don't know where I get this from, but I would put off putting things off if I could only find a way. It does not enhance my life at all, but rather build up some stressful moments when I must make a deadline under pressure... luckily, I work well under pressure.

Two, Dos, 2, Deux
I was born with a broken collarbone, and so far I have not broken any other bones. I don't know how amazing this is, but to me it seems kind of lucky.

Three, Tres, 3, Trois
Although I make jokes about comments, it truly hurts my feelings & makes me sad when you don't leave me comments but you've made your rounds, and give everybody else some :) Sure, it's petty, jealous and 'babyish' of me, but I will reciprocate the friendship and support... I never neglect my top blog-pals, so don't neglect me. ;)

Four, Cuatro, 4, Quatre
I have road rage. I drive down the road cussing like a sailor and, like Blondie I try to listen to music that calms me down, but Memphis Drivers are just so crazy, it can't be helped.

Five, Cinco, 5, Cing
I looove the smell of the tattoo parlors, the antiseptic and the ink and tattoo needle, just gives me a buzz! I have four right now, and would have more if I had the money to spare. I must get #5 soon, as I don't like the number 4... (see #8).

Six, Seis, 6, Six
I still watch cartoons. I can't help myself, I am still a kid inside. Any given day that I have spare time, you can find me eyeballing The Flintstones, The Jetsons, The Pink Panther, Bugs Bunny--these are among my favorite cartoon classics.

Seven, Siete, 7, Sept
My Biggest fears are spiders, drowning, old age and flying. So I guess flying over an ocean kind of doubles it up, especially if the plane were full of spiders and I was turning 90.

Eight, Ocho, 8, Huit
Good time to mention that I lightly enjoy numerology, in which case by my birth number, "4", I am told to avoid the number 8 as well as the number 4... so that makes me feel quite awkward leaving a list of 8, so I must add a number 9.

Nine, Nueve, 9, Neuf
While I do not consider myself an exhibitionist, and I am quite shy by nature, I have done some things that contradict this idea. Such as, once when I worked at a local radio station, I posed naked for photos for one of my coworkers who was attending art school, to assist him in his project.

Ok, well on that note, today's FFF-Foto is entitled:
"Detroit Rock Kitty"...

This week's idea, thanks to Barnze, as he requested "Knickers". So there you go. 'Kiss-es' to you all, and have a Cold Gin Weekend!! :) Rock On! -AJ

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Roads and Highways

Yogi Berra once said, "When you arrive at a fork in the road, take it." Looking back, I think I did a pretty good job of that. I never worried much over decisions, I always tended to follow my big giant heart. Sometimes it got me into trouble, or didn't end well, but for the most part, things always turned out alright. I'm still kicking, and I haven't gone off the deep end... not yet.

Remember those books where you could choose 'what happens next' and it determined the way the story would end? I believe in destiny, and I believe that everything happens for a reason. However, I still think each decision we make is a part of the lessons we learn in the big scheme of things, and we shape these destiny's by the choices we make... Just like our very own book... We choose our circumstances, and we control how we deal with life; we write the ending.

Thinking on some of these 'forks' I've encountered on my own personal highway, I pondered some of the decisions I made and how they may have affected me and my life.


My parents planted us in a small town. We never moved from my childhood home, so unlike many people, I was able to find stability in attending the same school from K-12th grade. I knew most of my classmates since kindergarten, except those who moved in and out along the way. This was my parents' decision, but It probably shaped the way I view the world and my ideas on stability and security.

After graduating high school, I had choices of course. I wanted to attend Memphis College of Art. I had designs (no pun intended) on becoming either an illustrator or film animator, then probably moving off to New York or California where the competition ran high. I was sure if I attended MCA, then I would be on my way. Of course, I would've had to do lots of things for myself financially, such as scholarships, student loans, work... but I thought it was worth it. This was what I wanted.

Mom had different intentions. I was the baby of the family, which is sometimes the reason I think she held onto me so tightly. She encouraged me to take a couple of years first at the local community college, and then If I wanted I could proceed to the next level... MCA. I fought her words hard, but in the end, I made the decision to listen to her. I started school at our local community college. It was the best time of my life as I did more goofing off and having fun than studying and trying to move towards my dreams. My motivation waxed and waned... and eventually 2 years turned into 5 and I had changed majors and eventually gotten my degree in Commercial Art/Graphic Design. But I was in no shape to beat the competition. I was still going nowhere. I continued to stay in my hometown and work in somewhat related fields, but I never made it to the Art School of my dreams.

Growing Up

I would've married my marine boyfriend, Lee at 20 years of age, but that decision was basically made for me when he left me to go back to his pregnant girlfriend. Still, I stayed in the small town making more choices, good and bad.

Remember my affair with "Z" (Noted in Butterflies, Zebras and Moonbeams)? It was one of my most cherished times of life, but it was totally wrong. Once that ended my self-esteem was at an all-time-low. I made some terrible decisions after that and entered into what I now remember back on as the dark ages of my life. I started dating a total low-life, "Chris".

The story of Chris is one that I may not ever write in detail. Such precious time wasted... scary moments and cold, hard life... I put myself through a lot, for someone who wasn't even worth the bacteria underneath my fingernails. Key phrase: "I put myself through". I take total responsibility for it. Nobody made me do any of that stuff, I chose it... I payed the price.

However, if I hadn't traveled each road that I have taken, I might have moved many miles away from my family, and missed out on many precious memories. I would never have met Mr. J, never have gone back to school to get a degree in technology, and made a career change, or known the headaches and joys of having a home of my own. There wouldn't have been times with these loved ones to share the good or bad, the fall, the spring, winter and YES, these HELLISH Memphis summers.

Sure, I could have gone anywhere, done anything and who knows what might have been, or who I would've become in those unseen alternate universes. But I'm here, now... this is me. It isn't perfect, but nothing is perfect. I've been pretty lucky and survived some pretty tough stuff... and to think there are still so many miles yet untraveled.

I can't wait to read the next page.

"It ain't over till it's over."
Yogi Berra

**Don't forget, tomorrow is Full Frontal Friday. What will you reveal? What will be revealed?

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Some Like It Hot

There are people that revel in the summer heat... I am not one of them. This Memphis helter-swelter has been dragging me down. Our air conditioner has just not been able to cope, even when I walk into the house I'm not getting any relief. Last night, I took a cold bath. That's right, as much as I like a hot-boiling bubble bath soak, I reclined back, basking in the chilly water until I felt like my body temperature had significantly reduced.

Also, I don't know if it is partially the heat, but I have just been drained of all energy. I've been Dog Tired... I don't feel like moving. I wake up and just want to lay there, not moving a muscle. But I force myself out of bed and drag my 'zombified' ass through the house, searching for clothes to wear, and knowing I'm going to sweat to death and smell like a swamp by the time I get home. I can't take it anymore. I am so ready for fall.

Mr. J says I have been "extra-cranky" and irritable the last few days. He thinks I'm a lazy whiner. I don't mean to be, but I'm just miserable and tired, and hoping that it isn't a symptom of something worse... So you guys help me out here, is it hot in here or is it just me??

Shiny Happy People

Shiny Happy People is a song by R.E.M.. It takes me back to the early 1990s, and some very cool memories. Not my favorite song in the world, but the sentimentality of the feelings I guess, although I do like R.E.M. pretty well. I never did like the "Man on the Moon" stuff though, I don't like the movie, and I don't like Jim Carey's work much anymore. He's gotten far too morose. Not that I mind "morose", I just don't think Jim Carey should be doing those roles. He's never been one of my favorite actors anyway. At any rate, just sharing... have a great evening.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Sunday, Monday, Happy Days,
Tuesday, Wednesday, Happy Days,
Thursday, Friday, Happy Days,
Saturday, what a day,
Rockin all week with you.

This day is ours
Won't you be mine. (Oh Happy Days)
This day is ours (Oh Happy Days)
Oh please be mine.

Hello sunshine, goodbye rain,
She's wearing my high school ring on her chain.
She's my steady, I'm her man,
I'm gonna love her all I can.
Gonna cruise her round the town,
Show everybody what I've found
Rock'n'roll with all my friends
Hopin' the music never ends.

These Happy Days are yours and mine (oh Happy Days)
These Happy Days are yours and mine (oh Happy Days)
These Happy Days are yours and mine, Happy Days

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Livin La Vida Mediocre!

Ahhh it's Sunday night now. I am about to throw together something for supper--been to the gym, been good, been to see my parents today, took some more photos with my Nikon... Life feels good. It's not too above the line, not below average, I guess I can't complain.

Sometimes I feel like everything is just middle of the road and I really want to bust out and just go crazy. I've never been one to feel cooped up and normal, I like mischief, I like a little wild side... I get bored and restless, it's only natural.

I'm glad everyone seemed to enjoy "Full Frontal Friday"... maybe I'll take the challenge and find a respectful way to do the Knickers thing for Barnze next time :) We'll see. Guess you guys will have to visit again to find out. You never know what Jackie might do next eh??

I'm unpredictable, I'm silly, I'm childish, I refuse to conform...

It's the way it is, and the way it always has been.

Life is Ebb and Flow; Change is imminent; Time is an Illusion.

Have a great night!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Full Frontal Friday

I guess somehow I "promised" something in a notation about doing things for comments. Oh well... what the heck, it's the weekend. However, now I need a shot of tequilla. What do you have to say now, Rockdog?

Winds of Change

Life is made of many roads, each with their own set of twists and turns. It is amazing sometimes to think on just how many changes we've been through. I'm certain that each of us has our very own private collection of laughter and joy, tears, sorrows, even naughty times, and of course dreams and hopes for the future.

Sometimes, however, it is inevitable not to think about moments from our past, remember certain people and events rather fondly. Every one of them is a little part of who we have become, you know... who we are today.

Do you ever wonder how those from your past remember you, or remember the 'good ole days'? Wouldn't it be cool to know what they thought about it all too?

I am lucky to have so many good memories.
Allow me to share a recent e-mail...


Just 4 you! :)

I have a memory... it started right here at this location in the photo (do you recall?).

I met this guy named 'Manny' down on Beale St. who was stationed at Memphis Navy Base... We all walked around, and ended up back at this place he and the rest of the guys were staying. The soundtrack of that evening is set to "Winds of Change" by The Scorpions, which he and all the guys were singing along to. Manny got me addicted to wearing "Eternity" cologne by spraying the Men's version all over me, and I've used the ladies' version ever since.

Isn't it funny how things are etched in our memories and how we each see these things individually...?

Just thought you would get a smile out of it... I snapped it today on my lunch break.

Have a great weekend!


The Reply


Thank you so much for the trip down memory lane. I too remember the night and will not forget it!!! Wasn't that the night that I went to a Megadeth Concert at the Daisy? I wonder if you might recall what else was going on that night. We had fun didn't we ;) Was it good for you too?

Am I out of line to ask you such things?

I have to run for now.


PS: I saved the pic to my pictures

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Have A Heart

News and such:

My Friend Dinners is in the hospital, seems he's had a minor heart attack. Still, I'm concerned and I know he's been through the mill lately and also has been at it full-speed. 4D! You better recover, I'm thinking of you and your family... Don't you dare get ill on us!! We love our 'Dinners!! (More information is available on Cappy's Blog). Thanks Cappy for the update!

Everyone please say a prayer and send him your positive thoughts. Thanks for reading, as I always appreciate my blog visitors... new and old!

If #1 doesn't work, then I must resort to #2... (no poop jokes please! Ok, go ahead!).

Fist of Death

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Garage Daze

It is mid-week finally (or in a way you could say, "Already!?!?"). Because it seems to have passed off rather quickly, yet I can't wait for the weekend. I'm still having fun with my new camera, but haven't had the opportunity to take anymore really good photos. When I do, I will share.

Parking Garages have always unnerved me a little, I've never liked them much at all. The garage that we park in for my office happens to be one of the worst I've ever seen. Worse in more ways than one in that not only does it look terrible, but it is a very badly planned garage. Originally, it was supposed to be office spaces I think, and then someone turned it into a parking garage--so the lay-out is all wrong, there are huge pillars and enclosed in walls that would strike fear in the engine of any Hummer or other large vehicle. I've seen drivers of vans scrape the sides of their vehicles and many car exteriors have been claimed by its pure evil.

As well, the confusing nature of "how to" drive through this garage, for a first-timer can leave one "Awe Struck" if not a bit bumfuzzled. I guess even I remember my first few days reporting to work for one of the lawyers in the building, which was back a few years ago when I worked as a temp. So I know it takes a bit of getting used to. However, if you can 'follow arrows' and have a little common sense, you can quickly figure out to keep to the right, and where and where not to park.

The problem is that these newbies come into the garage, usually when I'm running late and they simply can't seem to figure out the equation to this building. They drive at a painfully slow speed, sometimes coming to a complete halt, trying to figure out what's happening to them and where to go. So of course it is ALWAYS ME who gets right behind them.

Just this morning I thought to myself "Is it not possible that I get here just 10 seconds before this guy? No. I'm always trapped behind these idiots." And how is it that nobody is ever in front of them? Instead they head up a 10 car traffic jam of people (sweating, cursing people) trying desperately to get to their jobs who only hope and pray to advance far enough to secure a parking spot before lunchtime.

Sweet Jesus... where's Tony Todd when you need him??

In other news, I watched "Memoirs of a Geisha" last night for the Umpteenth time!! I love it for some reason. Now, no offense to anyone but I have never found very many oriental men attractive. It's nothing against them, and it's not a racial thing by any means. I just have never found one that attractive other than Jackie Chan (I can't help it, Jackie Chan is just so cute to me). Until the leading man in that movie. This guy, Ken Watanabe is hot!! Every time I watch the movie, I just love the ending when she finally gets to be with him... Oops-Haven't seen it?? Oh kick me in the ass I am so sorry if I ruined it. hee hee.


Monday, August 06, 2007

Musical Monday

Hey guys, I'll be pretty busy today... I'm going to try and concentrate and get a good bit done. I thought instead of "Mute Monday", that Mondays would be a hell of a lot better when set to music. Even better when it's set to the tune of Joan Jett and the Blackhearts' "Cherry Bomb".

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend... do tell! Meanwhile, turn it up and Rock it!!

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Photo Safari

Haven't been around the computer much this weekend, and I was once again without internet connection to listen in to my favorite blog talk radio hosts. I guess they hate me by now. :(

However, I have been taking some photos with my new camera, a present from Mr. J, and I thought I'd share a few with you. Enjoy these and come back again later for a more wordy post. Guess I just haven't felt much like writing and have been otherwise involved.

Hope you like these. These the first one is my Mother's little bird nest exactly 1 week later (there are two in there-my first photo didn't come out well). Wow they grow fast!

Friday, August 03, 2007

America The Sexy

Here's my very own weapon of mass destruction, Richie (Mr. J). It's a great country when you consider the pride and gonads a man must have to stand in front of a poster featuring our stars, stripes and the Statue of Liberty looking extremely fierce and wearing a shirt covered in Roses. Would YOU give him a hard time about his shirt??

America... F*&% YEAH!!! lol ;)

Happy Friday Y'all!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

You Can Take Me Anywhere

Ahhh Romance is in the air, what with all the talk lately of vegetables and such. One might think it were spring around here. But it is not. Right now it is "smack dab" in the middle of a hot summer in Memphis, and we all know that means. If the humidity doesn't kill you, the mosquitoes will pick you up and carry you off!

Yesterday, I was browsing around a few blogs and found the following few words just really made me stop for a moment and ponder.

(Read the original post here, really I recommend it for you romantics!) Quoted from a Blog called "Over Coffee," The perfect weekend destination, "What matters is not the destination, the places we go to, but the person who can take us anywhere, to any destination, when we actually remain in the same place!"

How true is that?? Not everyone is lucky enough to experience that one person who can truly take you anywhere in the world, just by being with them. You don't have to do anything special, or go anywhere in particular. The right person, that magical 'significant other' can take you to the far reaches of the earth with just a touch or a sweet gesture... or something as simple as dancing together (as she talks about in the post above).

If you are involved with someone, do you feel that this is that person who can show you the universe from where you stand right then?? Your wife, your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, lover...? Do they have that mojo that sends you reeling? It's the stuff songs are made of isn't it?? It's such a wonderful feeling and a gift.

Small things, tiny moments really make a difference. We just have to take a moment to open up our eyes and truly see it.

I wish you all true love.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

When Flowers Just Won't Cut It

So my morning started off kind of interesting. Nothing unusual about my 'road battle', or the struggle to get through the traffic or the irritation of the Memphis Drivers, no it was none of that. In fact, the same frustrating entry into the treacherous parking garage, you know the way that I always get behind "first timers" who have no idea how to drive through it, so they creep at 2 miles per hour so it takes me 15 minutes to park... that's nearly an every day occurrence.

The strange part was once I got to my desk, I had a surprise gift from an unknown contributor... It was this beautiful, green zucchini squash. That's right, they knew that flowers were way too trite to present to someone as individual and off-the-wall a person as me, so flowers would never do. Instead, they decided to give the gift of vegetables... Who's ready for lunch?? :)