Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Great Starts

You know your morning is getting off to a great start when you get behind the absolute most dilapidated, beat-up work truck (complete with run-down wooden bed on the back), going all of 20 miles per hour and bearing a bumper sticker that boldly states "Nowhere to go and all day to get there". I sighed, and waited patiently, driving along behind him without even a toe on the gas pedal.

Isn't that irony at its best? And just my luck to get behind that guy... It seems like I have a knack for it. If you've ever seen the movie "Office Space" you know that first scene where Peter is trying to get to work and he constantly changes lanes trying to get into the one that is "moving", but just as he does it is that lane that screeches to a halt while the one he just left begins to go? Well that's ME! If there is an idiot on the road, you can rest assured you will find him driving blissfully ignorantly in front of me. Either that or they're behind or beside me and about to do something completely stupid. I'm like a magnet. It's like I have "piss me off" tattooed on my forehead :)

On that note, it's time for a video... don'tcha think?? Gotta enjoy great songs and you guys look like you could use a boost on this fine hump day... Happy Wednesday!!!

First of all, unless you're a die hard Iggy Pop fan,
I bet you haven't heard HIS version of China Girl.

And since it is Hump Day, and nearing the Christmas Season I have to bring back this hilarious video!!


Jay said...

I get really impatient in stop-and-go traffic. I keep thinking I'm gonna flip out and just mash the gas peddle and slam into the car in front of me and push him into the car in front of him and on and on. But I don't, cause then I would have to sit around and wait for the cops and then fill out all that annoying paperwork. So I just sit there and get pissed off.

Ole Blue The Heretic said...

I traded in my old truck so it was not me!

Hey baby I got something for you! LOL

g-man said...

Dick in a box a Christmas Classic to be sure! Sorry that you are a magnet for idiot drivers. You should avoid the Baltimore/DC metro area then, because we have the highest per capita batch of idiot drivers.

Office space rocks!

awa said...

I don't drive since my lil putt putt gave out and went to auto I swear it wasn't me!! :)

captain corky said...

Maybe you'll win the lottery tonight and everything will be much better. ;)

Speedcat Hollydale said...

That was me ahead of you, I drive like a grampa because I AM ONE!! (ohhh dear)
I used to get tickets all the time... once for going 120. Young and foolish, no??
Ok, I don't really drive that slow, and people that can't hold the speed limit or better, should take the old gravel road into town!


Danger Mouse said...

they seem to find you too??!! wow I thought I was the only one on the road. youll have to grab a snap shot next time ;)

Aunt Jackie said...

Jay: Hehe, join the club.

Ole Blue: What'cha got for ME?? Tell me Tell me!!

G-man: I can't imagine a place with more idiot drivers than Memphis. Yes, Office Space is one of my favs!

Awa: COme on and fess up now! LOL

Corky: Thanks alot if you hadn't said that I would be a rich woman today!

Speedy: They've paved all the gravel roads around here, where do YOU live! Haha!

Danger: I think I will... what type of Cam do you use??