Thursday, November 08, 2007

Hello Mr. November!

Remember, last month I started a new segment, the Monthly Blog Crush. Last month's saucy squeeze was none other than everyone's favorite trekmeister, Captain Corky. Now, don't go getting the wrong idea. The monthly blog crush is not some 'psycho-stalking-me' after someone for their sex appeal (although a lot of times they do have appeal, and can't help themselves, like Corky and also like this month's target). So, I'm not being some weirdo and trying to "hit on" anyone. And I'm also not being an attention whore. I'm simply expressing my admiration for the blogger for their wit, talent and charisma and letting them know I like them as well as appreciate their patronage to my blog too. It may be a guy or a girl, but happens to be a guy this month too.

So, as promised I am revealing my November blog crush. It's the most cynical, cool, saucy, suave bastard that we all know and love... that's right, it's Jay of Cynical Bastard! Why? Because not only does he always come by my blog and chill quite often, and leave me fun and witty commentary (this is a good example to follow).

"Mr. Naughty November"

As well, he constantly entertains, and shows his multi-faceted, and funtastic approach to life with his devil-may-care smile, and his sexy-southern accent on his weekly "Vlogs" (video blogs) that he has added each Friday (If you haven't checked those out, you should do so). He also helps me to remember not to care what people think, and that we're here to express ourselves... and that's cool by me!!

Thanks so much Jay for being you, and bringing us so much fun and entertainment. Nobody else can take your place in my book. So everyone go and check out Jay if you don't already know him, whether you're looking for football picks, humor, sexy girls (because he does post his share of scantily clad chicks) or just great writing, Jay has something for everyone. Don't go in with a soft skin, or easily shocked... Gotta be tough to hang with Jay.

In Other News:
We started our Running training again, beginning slowly with the run/walk alternating as such, warmed up for about 10 minutes, did about 30 minutes worth of reps, and cooled down for about 10 minutes. It already had a great-feeling effect. We'll get back in gear, and exercise even in the cold months is really a good mood booster... and immune system booster. We've been working towards getting back on a healthy regimen for some time, so wish us luck. Sometimes it's just hard... but as I always say if you don't use it, you can lose it.

You don't have to jump on the bandwagon and do all these bullshit "Fads", just find some solution that works for you, is easy and helps get you as healthy as possible. That's a little different for everybody... Making the most out of life, and getting the quality and happiness you feel you deserve. It's a personal thing I guess. Not always easy, but rewarding.

Have a great Thursday everyone, and just think... the weekend is almost here. We have Monday off for "Veteran's Day", so I'm looking forward to a nice 3 day weekend. Any day off is a good day... \m/ Rock on \m/


Cynnie said...

I've been stalking him for months now!
he's mine!

captain corky said...

Jay has a great blog and I look forward to reading him daily. Finally the women have their revenge and post a pic of Jay. LOL!

Aunt Jackie said...

Ahhh!! :O Cynnie! I'm sorry :( Can we share, just this once?? hehe

Corky!! LOL! You silly former-reigning blog crush you.

her indoors said...

cant fault you on this one AJ he sure has a great blog and a great outlokk on life

Joel said...

I love jogging! Miss those days when I was in the school soccer team(sniff!)

Aunt Jackie said...

Indoors! Yes, he does. Keeps us all laughing and entertained!

Joel! Jogging always makes us feel good, we're trying to keep it up!

Jay said...

Well I have to say that I am totally deserving of this. LOL

I feel all warm and tingly inside now.


R.E.H. said...

Yup, I'd have a crush on Jay too if he weren't a guy :)

Excellent blogger he is.

And good comments about the working out. Gotta remind myself to get to the gym tomorrow.

Aunt Jackie said...

Jay! Of course!! Now what in the world could get the naughty parts engorged and tingling?? hehe Could it be, um.... I don't know... SATAN!?!?! j/k (remember the Church Lady?) haha

R.E.H! Now you know it's all about the blog... you can have blog crushes on any great bloggers! And yeah, getting good exercise is a natural high!!!

Blublood said...

You should be ashamed of yourself....

Jay Cam said...

lol you should create a calendar with all your crushes.... mr naught november, mr oboe? october.. yea!

Aunt Jackie said...

Blu! Oh Come on now! As I said the blog crush is not about a "personal" crush, it's all about the blogging... and can be male or female. Just what should I be ashamed of myself for?

Jay Cam! I like that idea! I will think on this.