Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Am I Old and Blue? (WWC)

Feeling ill, I am WWC'ing you guys from my bed. I'm working from home today, and still feeling under the weather... But that doesn't make me OLD! Just BLUE! I detest sinus infections, but this week, they seem to love me... I've prevailed though, I am bringing you few words today, so the pictures are going to have to tell it all... Welcome to this week's Weekly Word's Challenge (courtesy of the ever-popular, youthful and always terrific Tink (from Pickled Beef). This week's words, as we've said before are "Old" and "Blue".

First of all, this carousel at the Zoo is pretty Old, and has alot of character... it has a bit of blue in it, so that doesn't hurt... I can only think of children and their germ carrying hands grasping the pole as they sneeze and laugh and exchange germs for years on this wonderful horsy.

One of the grandmothers at the birthday party is Old and wearing Blue (Party on, and on!)

The same grandmother pictured here behind Nate, who might be wearing blue, but is definitely not 'feeling' Blue!

But look here, the Birthday boy himself sure looks Blue! Hey smile Jack Jack! Four is sooo not Old!!!

Have you ever seen eyes so Blue?!?

Go ahead, make a wish... toss in another Old coin into this very Blue fountain... hope all of your wishes come true!!!

Oh, and I already should have good spork points for Halloween since my profile pic is still in devil-form, and I posted this pic just the other day. (I was the only one in the office who was devilish enough to do it!) That's not Blue, that's Reddd Hottt! ;)


Jay said...

I love those old carousels like that. They just finished refurbishing the one at the Little Rock zoo that is like 100 years old or something. Maybe not quite that old, but pretty old.

Wonderful pictures. Hope you get better soon!

Anonymous said...

The baby looks cute!

Wishing you a speedy recovery :)

Tink said...

No wonder everyone wants to dance with the Devil. You look smokin'!

I love love love the Grandma at the party picture! Great job this week gurl. :)

R.E.H. said...

Great use of putting the OLD and BLUE together on some of these shots.

Love the carousel one, and why was the birthday boy feeling so blue? :)

Aunt Jackie said...

Jay, totally! Carousels are cool! I've never been to the Little Rock zoo, perhaps I'll have to make a special trip one of these days. Thanks!

Joel, that's my "newest" nephew... he's a cutie for sure.

Tink, Ahahah! Well, what can I say? ;) Grandma photos are cool. She's not my grandmother though, I am fresh out. But she worked out well for this week's WWC.

R.E.H., Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed... and as far as the birthday boy goes, I don't think he was blue he had a good time. He just always has that little "pitiful look" on his face until he's in the middle of something. He was smiling from ear-to-ear on the rides. :)

Freakazojd said...

I laughed at the germ bit - I have a dear friend who would only be able to think of the germs too.
I loved the expression on the grandma's face - she looked like she was totally disgusted with whatever she was eating in both pics, haha!
Great pics all around! Your costume IS red hot! :)

Biddie said...

I had to laugh at your comments about the germs, too. I tend to think the same way whenever I am on the bus. I should start bringing those paper toilet seat covers with me, just for that...
Great photos. Nate looks SO happy, it made me smile.

captain corky said...

Great pics Jackie! I hope you're feeling better. I've had a pretty annoying cold lately too.