Sunday, June 29, 2008

Funky Weekend

Well, here I sit at 4:34 in the morning, still awake as Mr. J and I have been out and about with first, our band mates, and then later some old friends of his from 'back in'na day'. Of course, the night ended with Krystal Hamburgers and them coming back to the house to Crash. So I'm on the computer goofing off, and I guess about to hit the sack shortly.

Just wanted to give a quick couple of rough cellphone pictures... I thought you might enjoy one of Richie-the-text-message-whore. Pictured here, was Richie firing up the numbers on the phone pad, texting away with magical fervor.

His drinking and texting has gotten to an all time high as of late, so I had to have a big Margarita my damn self. :)

(Is this one big enough?)
This was made by a Mexican Restaurant, and believe you me. They ARE NOT Stingy with the Tequila. I had a hard time making it through this one... It had to be a blender within itself. :)

Anyways, I have a few pics in the camera from Beale Street from tonight, and I'll share them when I get them ready to post.

So far, the weekend hasn't been a very accomplished one, except for we wrote two more songs at Band practice Saturday (yesterday), and then met up with some promotions people that are going to book us for a few shows. Then as I said, we hung out with Richie's friends at a little hell hole in the wall in Memphis, played some pool (billiards), and they drank beers, and I drove them all home (to my house). And here I sit.

So I am still in great need of getting out soon and doing some girl time. "Tamra I am calling out to you in an **SOS** we gotta go sooooon!!! I'm sick of all this male bullshit!" :)

I think I will sleep all day tomorrow... yeah, that sounds better than anything else I can think of.

Friday, June 27, 2008


Synchronicity, simply defined is what you normally pass off as just a coincidence... as stated by Jung, "Meaningful Coincidence". But, I believe there are no coincidences.

We've all experienced it, that song that 'just came on the radio' that you had been thinking about. Or perhaps you had a call from someone you were just about to pick up the phone to dial their number. Your last unemployment check comes, and you 'just happen to get a great job offer' at just the right time.

As for me, I have these things happen all the time. I agree with partially the bit about the universe taking care of things, but then mostly we move through life 'manifesting' things as needed. We make our own existence, you have control over your own life and it's important to take responsibility for yourself and the experiences that you have put yourself through in your life. Everything we do, and everyone we meet is for a reason, a lesson we need to learn or something that we need in our lives.

For instance, I look at the clock and get the 11:11 message, or it might be 1:11 or 3:11... This happens to me more than I can count. I also get the phone calls, or the song on the radio. I look for messages and signs that I am on the right track, I enjoy this phenomenon of synchronicity. Recently, a friend of mine was trying to plan a trip that was very important to her and she had no idea how she was going to get the money. She actually 'found money' in a very unlikely place as if it were meant to be. Then she had the extra cash for the gas money and her needs were met (Coincidence? The Universe? Or did she manifest this when she really needed it?).

You may or may not buy into the idea, I know that it sounds crazy but hey look at the world around you and tell me these days what ISN'T CRAZY?? Who defines crazy? Just start paying attention... watch the world around you. It can be so magical.

The Police - Synchronicity Video

"Synchronicity" -The Police
With one breath, with one flow
You will know
A sleep trance, a dream dance,
A shared romance

A connecting principle
Linked to the invisible
Almost imperceptible
Something inexpressible
Science insusceptible
Logic so inflexible
Causally connectible
Yet nothing is invincible

If we share this nightmare
Then we can dream
Spiritus mundi
If you act as you think
The missing link

We know you, they know me
A star fall, a phone call
It joins all

Its so deep, its so wide
Youre inside
Effect without a cause
Sub-atomic laws, scientific pause

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Sweet Release

I've got good news to tell. Hopefully, it won't jinx anything (I don't think it will, well it sort of did-the phone rang just as I was trying to post this, so I am going to stop until I have the definite resolved situation. I'm just superstitious like my Mommy). O.k. So until I get through the day, I will just say that I get my car back today. Exclusive on tonight's 10:00 news with your host, AJ!

It's a Wednesday... so I think I will touch on a few of those topics I've been meaning to bitch about.

First of all, the last few days being on the phone with the Service Department at Honda, I have to say they have the worst hold music ever. It's this little 'dingly' piano piece that plays over and over, so it is stuck in my head for hours after I get off the phone. Not only that, but it's a 'repeat advertisement' for Honda and its superior customer service. Don't get me wrong, I'm a big Honda fan and I love my car, but really, could we get some Black Sabbath or Sex Pistols over here?? I'm on hold, I'm already doing business with you, the least you could do is relax and entertain me while you take my money.

With the extra time it has taken to delve into the problem with my automobile ("Auutoomoobilleee??" in a Long Duck Dong From Hong Kong accent you say?) I was tossed into the elaborate world of Rental cars. I am sent over thinking that it will be $25 dollars a day for the rental, which is not so bad I guess. However, I get there, and they need a major credit card or two different bills with my address on them. "What, are you going to pay them for me in exchange for driving one of your cars?" No... that's far from the truth. However, given that I was in no way close to my home, and that my husband had dropped me off, they were sympathetic, and gave me a break because I couldn't go home and get bills, and we elect NOT to buy into all these credit cards... Therefore, I ended up in a 2009 Toyota.

Dude takes me around the car in the "walk around inspection", marks all of the existing damage, which is only one little 'nick' on the front I think, and checks the interior, gas gauge and reads me my rights.

"Let's see, a little less than half a tank of gas. Well when you bring it back it needs to at least be at that level."

"O.k." I say. Thinking about this, I wonder why when you are renting a car from them they can't give you one tank of gas... Am I wrong? Am I forgetting something in the midst of this ever-increasing fuel crisis during the days of inflation? Maybe it was years ago when you're buying a car. Guess we're lucky they didn't drain the tank and make me start from scratch!

So I will be turning that car in and getting my little gem back today... and I am keeping my fingers crossed that everything stays o.k. and no further problems ensue... I'll report later!

Next I have Mr. 'No Inside Voice, Funky Accent, Constantly on Speakerphone, Handling Divorce Proceedings During Working Hours, Horrible Cellphone Ringer-Having' Pain over here, using about half of the printer paper to print out his gigantic book of divorce papers, while loudly conversing on his cell. Can we take it down a notch? No accent?? Yes... you DO have one, and it gets under my skin like a chigger. So I know every detail of his situation since I have to hear him all day long talking about the details of the long, drawn-out, ultra-painful divorce (Along with constant juicy sneezing).

So usually, I like to get away from the desk here and there, take a break, get some quiet time or something. I definitely don't mind jumping in my car and having a 'mobile lunch', usually with my camera in hand.

A few days ago, I mentioned some subjects I wanted to touch on, which were... let me see if I can find them... Oh yes:

-Wintergreen Lifesavers
My point was 'why are some soft and some hard? and Why can't I stop eating the damn things?'
Well, I haven't been eating them this week-but I did have a bit of a binge on them last week. For some reason, I just kept popping them! One after another, each time 'gambling' on whether I would get one of the soft, melt-in-your-mouth ones, or would I break a tooth? I still have no idea why some are soft and some are hard, but I am very tempted to further investigate and get to the bottom of this issue. The Pepp-O-Mint ones are good, but the Wintergreen flavor is addictive.

-Rude Drivers (An Oldy but goody, still going to save this for another day when I am particularly riled up.)

-Mr J's Texting (He's turning into a phone whore) - Another day still.

-Taco Bell incident (Where do you actually find these goobers that you hire??)
Yes, I will go ahead and enlighten you on this Taco Bell incident before it fades even further from my mind. I should've blogged this right after it happened, but got sidetracked. It happened a few nights ago. We were tired and sweaty from a hard night's rockin at the band practice space, and were going to end the night with a few tacos. This particular location was right on my way, and it wasn't very late at all. (Isn't Taco Bell the famous "Fourth Meal" place boasting late hours and such?)

Well, I wait in the drive-thru line, and after a few awkward seconds a male voice greets me.

"......... How Yew Doin??"

Me: "Ummmm... I'm doing o.k. and yourself?" I'm wondering WTF is going on with this half-wit. 'Yeah, I'm just stopping by to shoot the shit. Are you guys taking orders or what??'

I actually have to initiate the transaction, "You ready for my order?"

Half-Wit: "Yeeeehaa Go ahead." ('Why Thank You!')

So I give the order, I forget exactly what it was, the Tacos and some Nachos Bell Grande was involved. I think Mr. J wanted a Mexican Pizza. I tried to order one of the fruit freezes, but "Witty" informed me that they were out of that. No big deal, we'll just get our stuff and be on our way.

No dice. When we get to the window, I spy the two Dufai (Is that plural for more than one Dufus?) mealing around the kitchen doing nothing, looking like they're just hanging out in their livingroom watching the game. Dufus #1 at the window then informs me that they have enough meat for the bell grande (I think?), but that either they 'Dropped the meat', or 'forgot to drop some meat' (I had a hard time understanding this young professional). He offered no solution to this, just looked at me dumbly as I looked to Mr. J for what he wanted to do.

"I GUESS let's just leave then." Richie says.

"O.k. well thank you." I say to the Dufus, and with that we ride away. Another satisfied car of customers, eh? I know it must be a sign, no matter how late it is, or how tired you are, LEAVE THE FAST FOOD RESTAURANTS ALONE! Nobody with a brain seems to be working there anymore, or at least nobody with any customer skills, so we should know better.

I know, I know... grow your own, do it all yourself. If I had the time, and any sort of green thumb I would try to get the whole "eco farm" going from home, but I can't. I'm not that talented or brave (just yet). Don't worry, I'm working on myself little by little.

Anyway, another Taco Bell boycotted.

-Girl Time
The girl time topic hold up here, I really want to spend some time with my best friend, Tamra soon. But the way our schedules have been and just gas prices and both of us with different dramas, we haven't been able to hang out. We will do it soon though, I promise!! :) Just miss the good ole days with her when we were having fun and not really sweating all these stupid issues.

Those things don't really fall under "bitching" as much as "wishing". Same goes for my lunch today with Jinks (Visit Jinks!). She picked me up and we hauled it over to a little local "organic" place, called "Quetzel". Lunch was good, conversation was fun, and we even had some fun regarding our Waiter... We must blog about it. I might let her tell the story, if she feels like it, or maybe I. We'll see. Once again, though, Thanks Jinks for the belated Birthday lunch! Next time I buy!

That about wraps it up for me today... I do also want to mention another cool post about "Bucket Lists" that I read over at Simple Zack's Blog, and I am going to do some planning for my very own "bucket list"... So let me get back to you on that.

Meanwhile here's the Song stuck in my head today:
Sepultura - Attitude

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Frontin Like I'm Back (WWC)

Well it's true... I'm only "pretending" or "Frontin" like I'm Back. I have been really preoccupied by the issues with my car and with trying to support at work given those problems. I am in a rental car today, and truly hope to have my real car Back soon.

I was going to cop out on the Tink's Weekly Words Challenge (WWC), but I thought 'What the heck?' I may as well try. So I am not promising any greatness this week, and I still haven't gotten back to slide show status, but here are a few entries for this week's words, Front and Back.

The "Front" of the Memphis Pyramid

#1 North "Front" Street

Look, Mom has some design on her "Back"

J.J. The Rooster's "Back"

This ornamental Butterfly has the same "Front" as it does "Back"

Can you tell if this is "Front" or "Back" of the Trolley?


"I Need My Daddy!!!"
So I must further a bit of ranting on all the trouble I have had lately. I know, things happen. It is frustrating and we make it through somehow. It just makes me miss my Daddy. I mean, he's not "gone" but he is not able to step in and take care of his 'baby' the way he used to be able to. There was a time when my father would step in, and let people know how things were going to be, and it was rare that they gave him any trouble. He would come to my rescue, and he was a man to be reckoned with. People were afraid of him at times, although he was gentle as a lamb, and has always had the best sense of humor. His humor tended to spoil when it came to someone doing anything wrong to his family... Salesmen, Mechanics, bad boyfriends, BEWARE.

My Hero! Always will be.

So Dads... remember this, as you are taking your health and all ever so lightly, it is very difficult for us (daughters and sons) to see you aging, and unable to function. I want so badly for Dad to be able to do the things he used to do, not only for me, but because I grieve for him and his own 'Quality of Life'.

Now, I have a husband who tries to help me as best as he can, but he is not the same 'Take Charge' type of person my Dad was... Instead, he prods me to 'call those people', or hands ME the phone. I just sometimes wish Daddy was still there to protect me or at least help with my battles. However, as we become adults, Life's Difficulties are imminent, and we have to learn to deal with things, and resolve them on our own.

As in a note I got from a friend of mine yesterday, she sent me the following, saying that this helped her... and I guess it could not ring truer given these compounding issues with my car problems. So I hope that it helps someone else too, who might be experiencing some hard times or going through a rough patch right now... Good Read anywho.

In life, the difficult periods are the best periods to gain experience and shore up determination. As a result, my mental status is much improved because of them.
--The Dalai Lama

Life is a process of meeting and solving problems. Solving problems is a way that we test and develop our spiritual muscle. Think of outstanding people such as Abraham Lincoln, Mahatma Gandhi, and Helen Keller. Lincoln faced the problem of a divided country; Gandhi, an oppressed India; Keller, her personal handicaps. In rising to meet their vision, courage, fortitude, and compassion, they became great -- not in spite of, but because of their problems.

Problems often come to us in the form of crisis. The Chinese glyph for the word crisis contains two symbols; one means danger and the other opportunity. When an obstacle is before you, use it to create a beneficial result. As with Lincoln, Gandhi, and Keller, let your problems bring out your greatness.

Rather than pray for a life that is problem-free, ask for one that is solution-full. Instead of requesting that God remove the mountain before you, seek the strength to climb it. Remember that the best students always get the toughest problems. Love the problems you have, and their priceless gifts will be yours.

So that's it for me today, maybe a bit lengthy on post but I need the spiritual boost of being confident that the Universe is going to show me the way to get through my difficulties, and that I will find the strength and confidence within to get the task(s) at hand done. I'll hang in there if you will.

Happy Tuesday. (It's Just Tuesday!?! Damn, I just realized that. Geez, o.k. Onward and Upward)

Monday, June 23, 2008

Funny Isn't It

I don't know why, but this really strikes me funny that George Carlin died on my birthday, yesterday, June 22nd at the age of 71... I saw him at the Casino a few years ago, when Mr. J and I went to one of his shows. I really enjoyed him. What a cool guy...

George Carlin 1937 - 2008

"R.I.P. George--You'll be missed."

Comedian George Carlin Dead At 71

No Snuff!

Man do the birthdays come and go. I never had many 'big' birthday parties... as I have always said, being in the early summer, everyone was usually off on vacations, traveling, otherwise involved with their summer fun, so it was rare for me to have many guests. The above picture was one of those rare occasions, where a few of my school friends were there, and my nieces, of course were there most of the time... That was my 12th birthday party at McDonald's. Didn't we look like dorks?? hehe.

Thing was, we didn't care! We had no worries except how to entertain ourselves, and to have fun... Near bout' the last of the "magic" birthdays this was... But there isn't a good reason for that. I have no excuses for that except to say that it was because my outlook went from magic to dust. Nobody's fault but my own. Life still has an abundance of magic, I just tucked it away somewhere and can't remember how to unlock it.

Well that is going to have to change... Every year, certainly, we get older. But the more we sit and think about how we are yet another year older, we're wasting away and wasting valuable time. Making the most out of all of the time we have left in this increasingly negative world is of the utmost importance... My mom has always preached, "One Day At A Time." She's always been right... I've always known it, but I let the lessons fall to the wayside.

We have only this moment, we've got to make it count.

I have a lot of work to do coming up, work on the 'better every day' me... Don't worry, I will definitely share it. We've got so many obstacles to conquer, so many dreams to make realities, and so many wishes to chase down. Let's get started!!!

Birthday cake is the enemy... it's that flame in each candle we need to keep burning and burning.

**Special thanks to everyone who sent me wonderful birthday wishes, or were in some way responsible for helping make my Birthday as perfect as could be. You Rock!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Warm Yourself By The Cake

My cake... the candles will light your way. I don't want to discuss that any further however. :)
I'm off for celebrations with the family for yet another birthday... Thanks to my mother for giving me the special date of "June 22nd", it's mine.

My birthday isn't until tomorrow, but I'm taking the day off I guess you could say, so I may or may not post anything tomorrow. We'll see.

The birthday weekend did not start off all that great, my car had to be taken to the shop because it wouldn't crank... so that was unexpected expense... I will have to pick it up from the dealership at 3:30. Things happen, I guess that was my 'birthday gift' from the universe, huh... I'm trying to think of things in a positive light, but sometimes it's hard because sometimes you just can't figure out a reason why things always have to happen to 'you'. Yeah, why me?? Why couldn't my weekend go off without a hitch? Why can't everything just sit back and be patient and allow me to have a nice birthday?

I guess I must've used up all of my "Happy Birthday" tokens as a child growing up??

Once again, adulthood bites and there's always something trying to drag us down... Don't worry, I'm still trying and I am not trying to remain negative, I just had to bitch for a moment.

I'll make it a good one... Hope your weekend is nice too.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

It's My Thursday and I'll Cry If I Want To

Geezuz what a night! I'm nearly exhausted again... like I'm doing more work, or more activity in my sleep than I actually am during the day the last few days. On dreams? I dreamt alright... I will get to that in a minute.

Today's "Word of the Day" is:
defenestrate: to throw out of a window.

That's a pretty interesting I thought... and you just never really know when it might come in handy at some point!

Next, I enjoyed the "Quote of the Day" on my Google homepage. It is:

"Laughter and tears are both responses to frustration and exhaustion.
I myself prefer to laugh, since there is less cleaning up to do afterward."
-Kurt Vonnegut

I love a good cry though, it is cleansing to the soul, and refreshing to me. Not a bad eye wash either. I try, however, to do my crying in private, if it must be done. Mr. J is too weak to handle female human emotions most of the time, so he must be spared. Laughter, laughter is even better. Nothing can compare to a maniacal belly-laugh among friends who have found themselves locked in common hysteria... no laugh is too big or too small, however. Still, the hysterical laughter, at least for me, only takes me back to the crying if it was severe enough. Then we're just back to square one. That just goes to show you, there's always a fine line.

O.k., so I have been practicing my "Dream Signs" to assist in my Lucid Dreaming. Last night, I am happy to report a couple of times I actually did look at my hands during my dreams. However, everything took a confusing turn actually because it was very vivid and real, but I never had that "Ah-hah!!" moment where I went, "Oh man! This is ultra-cool, I'm dreaming!!!" (Which is the way I usually know that I've become lucid, and can begin to take control).

**If anyone else is interested in the Lucid Dreams: Here is a cool FAQ page.

It wasn't that the dreams were nightmarish, per se, but they did take an awfully strange turn. I don't remember it in straight, highly-detailed clarity, but more so in decently vivid "chunks". The first part I remember all occurred within some very odd building, there were living quarters, something like dorm rooms (perhaps), and there were a lot of people there. It was dark, and kind of gloomy. It was a little dirty and depressing looking. I'm still not quite sure what the place was, or what I was doing there. I do remember, however, a friend of a friend was trying to connect with me and get to know me, and I wasn't sure about her. I was leery of her, but I was willing to try. It never happened, however, as our schedules in the dream were way too different. The details of that place, and what all went on there are a bit fuzzy.

At some point, I left... I was walking at night time, through some strange neighborhood (no neighborhood that I have seen), and I saw something odd in the sky, just one craft and it was circling in the sky at lightening speeds. It "appeared" to notice me, and my first instinct was to run and try to hide. More of the same crafts appeared and descended where I was, and I looked around and I saw two other women (women I have never met before, dressed in nice professional attire), who were also looking very alarmed at this. I don't know what happened to them, I didn't see them anymore.

Just then, a creature (Alien), kind of greenish-gray I guess, and about half my height made his way towards me, and grabbed me by the arm. It wasn't in a forceful way, but more in a "pleading" way. I felt resistant, I shook my head as if to say, "No... I don't want to go with you." But he seemed to be saying to me, "Please, come on. Please!" I didn't feel threatened at all, and I went with this creature of the night.

I don't remember exactly how I got there, I thought we had gone on a craft, but I am not certain that the next place I remember was indeed a craft. I remember there was a large group of people, and we were in some place with equipment, and a big computer. The computer did not work, and I remember one of the aliens went in, and barely touched the thing and it was fixed. (Now that's what I call Tech Support!)

There was no scary stuff, unless it was a part of the dream that I don't remember. There was no anal probe, or drilling into the eye or anything invasive that stands out. However, the last thing that I do remember to the alien 'abduction' portion of my dream was that I seemed to be in some sort of 'ward' where there were a lot of the alien folk, and a bunch of babies. I do remember one of the aliens touching me on the abdomen at one point, but I'm not certain the significance.

There was someone, who it seems motioned to one of the babies, and then handed me this very strange looking, somewhat heavy baby (very light bluish/greenish with an oddly rough complexion). It didn't scare me, or freak me out, or make me emotional or anything like that. I held it, rather stand-offishly for really only a few seconds. I guess I found that strange, because you always hear the women in the really outlandish "actual alien abduction" stories telling how they have an alien baby, and it was taken away from them and they were crying and not wanting it taken away... well I have never been very "maternal", so I guess I could take it or leave it. :-\

So, this quite large and amply heavy "child", didn't seem very comfortable with me, nor I him, I looked at him (or her, or whatever), and it was crying and wiggling around. After those few seconds, I turned and offered the baby back to one of the apparently female beings in the room behind me. Without any emotion or much reaction on her face, she took the baby. Like I said, while all this was going on, it was very vivid to me.

I was still under an extremely heavy sleep state, but I could faintly hear the sound of my alarm. It took several minutes to awaken enough to get up and hit the snooze button, but when I did, I remember it was not my alarm clock, but rather the alarm on Richie's side of the bed going off. I tried to tell him to hit the snooze button, and even Richie was under an unusually heavy sleep. Normally, he hears that alarm and hits snooze faster than that. Finally, he hits the alarm and I, still feeling groggy, attempt to go back to the "alien abduction dream". In fact, I am desperate to get back there. I wanted to see what else would happen, I wanted answers.

In fact, I was hoping for some sort of miracle procedure where I thought I would wake up and see some extreme positive change in me or something, like I wouldn't have problems with body pain, or maybe my metabolism would be extremely revved up by now. I was entirely frustrated that I couldn't return. As the moments went by, I continued to wake up more. Finally, I gave up and went ahead and began to get ready for work.

I found no marks, no evidence of invasive procedures, and there were no signs that I had been away, so I guess I'm good to go?? Unless of course, all of this went on telepathically? hehe.

So in conclusion, no it wasn't my fantasy abduction where the Alien looked like George Clooney, or Enrique Iglesias, but I was still well intrigued and apparently unafraid and wanting to learn about anyone, anything else besides what resides here in our little world. It's a big universe out there... I merely wanted to hang out for a while... until next time I guess.

Other things I've had on my mind lately, which I intend to follow-up on in another blog entry perhaps are:

-Wintergreen Lifesavers (Why are some soft and some hard? and Why can't I stop eating the damn things?)

-Rude Drivers (An Oldy but goody)

-Mr J's Texting (He's turning into a phone whore)

-Taco Bell incident (Where do you actually find these goobers that you hire??)

-Girl Time (Girl time is essential to us, as well as is guy time to men, and I need girl time severely and soon!)

We'll talk more later on about these and other mind-bending subjects, here at Deep In The Forrest! Please visit again soon.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Waking Up

We can wake up to many things... wake up to a good or bad morning (depending on our attitudes), wake up to a new idea, wake up to change, wake up to the person we have become... it's limitless.

As far as the regular waking up, I have been going through a hard time the last few days. These full moons have been kicking my ass on a regular basis... I don't know why. I have returned to trying to take the Melatonin at night, for decent rest, and more so because I am trying to work on better dream recall and trying harder to have "Lucid Dreams" (you know, when you are dreaming, and you realize you are dreaming and can take control of the dream--very cool!). They happen, but very infrequent for me... Right now, this is my goal in the dream work.

Night before last, this bombed as I dreamt that I was in bed with a very young Tom Cruise... This was very distressing for me because I have never liked Tom Cruise, not even when he was younger and less idiotic with his Scientology... Ikkk. The only thing that has disturbed me worse than the Tom Cruise sexual dream was a dream I had some years ago wherein I was having sex on the couch at my parents' house with none other than Jerry Garcia. (Sorry Jerry, no disrespect to you) This disgusted me greatly... although I do respect the Grateful Dead's music.

Last night's dreams I remembered when I woke up in the middle of the night, but then when I got up for the day I had forgotten them altogether. This might not work out as far as the dream recall. In order to improve lucidity, there are supposed to be several things that you can do to improve the chances of achieving lucid dreams. One is to get really good at dream recall, so the dream journaling helps. Having a pen and paper bedside, and jotting down a quick note about the dream, so that you don't forget... Two, it has been stated some supplements etc. work such as the Melatonin. Also, giving yourself 'signals', or doing something that you might recognize in the dream (dream signals). One person said that they set their watch to beep at different points throughout the day, and that whenever it beeped they would look at their hands and consciously wonder "Is this a dream?" This conditioned the subconscious to pick up on that, so the watch beeps during the night, and they are able even in dreams to look at their hands and ask this--which in turn, sparks the Lucid dream action. It can be different from person-to-person, but I am working on this... hopefully I can improve.

AJ as Picasso's "The Dreamer" (2008 by AJ)

I've always been interested in Lucid dreams and Out of Body Experiences (OBE). We'll see. I just have a hard time getting into a very relaxed state, and clearing my mind. I enjoy sleep sometimes more and more though... especially that sleep that you get RIGHT AT THE TIME that you are having to wake up and begin your day... why does that sleep feel soooo good?? I never want to actually go to bed and go to sleep at night, then in the morning, it's just the opposite.

Sometimes in dreams and in Life, I guess, waking up can be a very wonderful experience, and then sometimes you just want to put your pillow over your head go right back to sleep.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Mystery and Chaos (WWC)

Mystery and Chaos... hmmm, that sounds thrilling! Is it a new story by yours truly?? Or is it a true event happening to me? No, it is the theme of this week's Weekly Words Challenge (WWC) courtsey of the lovely Tink!

Special Note: My Sincere Apologies for the "lateness" of my entries, and that I disguised them with yesterday's date. :)
So here we go.


Chaos in the sky in these next two shots...

Seems as though retrieving freight would be total Chaos
Sign at Club Chaos, Memphis
This car looks as though it has been through ChaosChaos with Blade at "Mee Mee's House"


A Mysterious Tunnel

My sister, Debbie's 1940 Ford (has an air of Mystery)Even MORE Mystery when I gave it an antique photo look

Old building reeks of Mystery
It is a Mystery why we haven't used this service on 90% of Tennesseans! ;)Mysterious Person behind his computer

This one is just pretty... I love sunsets.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Heeding The Message

I wasn't planning to come back today, but sometimes what you plan, and the final outcome of the day/week/year/life don't always make a perfect match.

When your intuition kicks in, you know, 'that gut feeling', or the 'little voice' that gives you the impressions... What you 'ought' to do... what do you do?? Listen?? Take heed and give it a chance? Or do you dismiss it for whatever reason, thinking better of the idea? It happens for a reason... don't fight those gut feelings, urges... If you get one, before dismissing it, give it a fighting chance. It might make all the difference for you. Don't get me wrong, everyone has free will, but the guidance, your intuition is there only to help make getting to your destination a little easier. Who couldn't use that??

Well, that was my message that I was "urged" to share with you today... I hope it reminds you to just chill, and go with the flow and remember that everything always falls into place, you simply have to relax and enjoy the ride, and remember to "notice those sign posts" when they do appear to you. They are everywhere (on the clock, billboards, that song that came on that means something to you), each of us has different 'keys' and meanings for clues... you have to figure these out for yourself.

MY Intuition sent me to read my "Daily OM" for Monday, June 16. Boy, did I need to read this... It actually made a lot of sense to me today the way I happen to be feeling... Go ahead, read mine, and then go and see what interesting things you can find today yourself if you just pay attention to the clues and signs that the universe is trying to send to you.

June 16, 2008
Internal Restoration
Cancer Daily Horoscope

A fog of fatigue may come over you today, leaving you feeling listless and ineffectual. The long hours you may have devoted to the fulfillment of your goals as well as the sleep you have likely forgone in doing so may actually be negatively affecting your forward momentum. Your ability to focus, appreciate small details, and react quickly to changing conditions may be compromised. You can, however, regain not only these aptitudes, but also your sense of drive, by simply getting some rest. A short nap, an hour dedicated to a recreational activity, or a few concurrent good nights of sleep can restore your zest for life as well as your energy levels. If you endeavor not to work through your schedule’s breaks today, you’ll find you truly do have adequate time to relax.

Rest and relaxation are key elements in the successful pursuit of one’s goals. Even minute amounts of fatigue can prevent you from fulfilling your full potential by deadening your concentration and interfering with your resolve. When you regularly enjoy periods of both sleep and peaceable repose, you emerge from each state refreshed and with a renewed cache of energy. Your stress levels subside as your inner calm is restored by the rejuvenating effects of rest. Leisure time is not a luxury—rather, it is necessary for maintaining the well-being of your physical and mental selves. When you’re well-rested, the world seems to be a much more manageable place. Your sense of purpose and your strength of will return today when you have recovered from your exhaustion.

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Don't Answer The Phone, It Might Be Monday Calling!

Come back tomorrow, it will be WWC (Weekly Words Challenge) time again. This week's words will be "Chaos" and "Mystery". Come back and see me. x

Fathers and Birthdays

Today is Z's 47th Birthday... Can't help but remember it, and can't help but silently wish him a very happy birthday. Funny his birthday is totally on Father's Day this year... I bet his Family threw a humongous gala event... at any rate, Z, "Butterflies, Zebras and Moonbeams to you... even though I doubt you'll ever read this... so the world is always in Divine order.

Also, Hope all of you Dad's had a wonderful Father's Day. This is ONLY for those people who have stepped up to the plate and taken care of their children, sacrificing and teaching by example, just what it means to be a Dad... because as the saying goes, "ANYBODY can be a Father, but it takes a special man to be a Dad." Fortunately, mine is both.

To the rest of the deadbeat "FATHERS" who don't amount to shit and don't care about anything but themselves, may you get everything that you truly deserve... and you all know you will one day.

Life is tough, you make your decisions, you live your life and you take responsibility for your actions... it's not always about JUST YOU. Sometimes, you have to look beyond that, and know what is important... those of you who do, you will be rewarded... I think you rock.

The gig went "o.k." I guess, the guitars were mixed way too loud in my ear and I could barely hear myself, so I was straining to sing, and nervous. But I made it through. Not many people showed up, but my friend Kim, Meggy Moon, Richie's friends Matt, and Kenneth and Jash all came out... we really appreciate that. As well, we appreciated the other bands hanging out and staying. We stepped OFF stage around 2:30 a.m.! I was sweaty, exhausted and ready to go home for certain. Went to bed more like 5:00 a.m.

Then I had to get up and go down for Father's Day stuff at Mom and Dad's, which was all good... we had a nice time, and I got to visit with my two sisters, Debbie and Vickie, and my Niece and her husband and baby... Mom and I had coffee, she had a delicious dinner cooked (Roast, Potatoes, Carrots, peas, beans, corn bread and Caramel-Chocolate cake... YUMx100)!!

It was a good day, all-around good weekend... Here comes Monday.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

For Those About To Rock

It's my band, SAP, as I have said before, we're getting ready to hit up Memphis' "The Stage Stop" (Raleigh). We'll be going on last of 3 bands... the other bands are "Virginia Grant" and "Who Framed Sam?" Wish me luck, and I hope I don't fall on my face after months of no gigging.

(This could be me!! How embarrassing!!)

LOL!! Watching people fall is so friggin funny... That's right. Oh well stage fright all over again. But I'm just going get over it and to try to be as comfortable as I can and just do it... it is what it is, and all... I won't worry.

Show starts around 9 or 10... you know how that goes, so it will probably be pretty late when we go on. I don't care, that's cool with me... we'll finish up last, and then be able to pack up and leave after. Probably try to get there about 9 I guess, and make sure we have all our stuff ready to go.

Will update and POSSIBLY post photos of something if there are any decent ones to show... I usually look like total shit in photos other people take of me, so I am not likely to be posting too many with me in them. We'll see... If not, oh well.

As far as the music goes, we've been so busy trying to finish recording the CD and we had to stop to prepare for these couple of gigs. Tonight's gig, and then we "Stage Stop" it again on July 5th.

Guess I better get crackin on the preparations to disguise myself as a "Rock Star" hehe. ;)

Have a great night everybody, and "Wish you were here!"

Friday, June 13, 2008

Fallen Angels and Summer Children

Well, I have been trying to find a moment to come over and hang out with you guys for a few but It is Friday and I have been busy this week.

Wednesday night, my Mother-In-Law had a severe allergic reaction to like her Blood Pressure medication, and her mouth and tongue was so swollen that her teeth were bleeding... She was taken to ER, and they had to do some sort of surgery, ending with a breathing tube until they could get the swelling down. She spent the night in I.C.U. and came home late Thursday afternoon.

Thursday, after all that, Richie and I rode our Mountain bikes for a while, and went for Sushi... that was tasty. Then we tried to hit the sack early to get up and work out a bit this morning.

If anyone here is a Black Sabbath fan, then you know the stories, and you know the players. Yes, other than Ozzy, none other than Ronnie James Dio at one time was the vocalist. So many of these dudes have been around vocally, more than you realize. I was shocked and awed to accidentally 'dig up' Dio in this very old and very "angelic" 60s tune... Actually, this should be a good one for WTF Friday as well since I actually saw it and went, "WTF?!?!" Get a load of Young Dio!!!

Click Here If You Cannot See The Video

Whew!! That was funny to me. He actually had the makings of a teen heart throb for a moment. WTF happened to him, I cannot explain. Guess his grandmother gave him one too many of those "Evil Eyes".

DIO!! What went wrong buddy?? LOL!

In other nostalgic memories, I was just thinking about my Sister, Vickie this morning, and how during the summer we would spend all day outside (whether we were at her house, or her kids came to my house). The fondest things I remember from Vickie's house were:
  • Always something great on T.V. b/c she had Cable

  • We always watched the coolest movies together

  • She always had Tang, Peanut Butter and Jelly, Frozen Ice Pops, and Little Debbie Cakes

  • We always got to go somewhere cool (as I remember it)

  • Oscar de la Renta perfume and Mint Dental Floss* (She knows what I mean)

  • Anytime they cooked Chili, Spaghetti, Tacos or Al made his "Beer Battered" Chicken/Shrimp

  • Just being there because it was "Second Home" to me
I never seem to stop reminiscing I guess because there were so many great memories growing up in my family... what happened?? :) Why did everybody leave me?

Well tomorrow night is my gig, and I'm trying to get amped up and ready, but still nervous since we haven't done a gig in a few months. It'll be fine though. Wish me luck. I hope (doubtfully) that at least some of my friends and family could possibly make it out to see me. I know my Mom would come if she was able to get away from the house long enough, and with Dad in the condition he is in it is extra hard for her... I really wish she could be there. I should've done the Rock Star thing in my 20s like everyone is supposed to and we wouldn't have this problem. :-\

Also, it is Friday the 13th if you didn't realize it??
Oh well... anyways guys, have a kick-ass Friday anyways, and stay safe! Much Love to you and yours.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Crazy Beautiful Planet

This is a very strange planet, and awfully odd universe we have created for ourselves, am I right? But we may as well appreciate all of the crazy things that make it home while we're here... That includes, for me, never growing up (as I've mentioned before).

I told you that this past Friday, Mr. J and I took our tent down to Mom-n-Dad's house to "test" it out. This means fixing up a test campground, which we ended up making right behind the house, not far from the extension cord, and not too far from civilization. We're silly, pansy idiots, I know. But even so, we still had fun, sweated to death and I made it through the whole night without even one mosquito bite. That in itself is a miracle!

I thought I would entertain you with one of my infamous captioned slide shows. These are a few shots I captured on the way. To start, I really overdid it with the sunsets, but I just couldn't keep my eyes off the gorgeous sky. Hope you get a kick out of them. No matter where you go, or what you do... the important thing is to appreciate the "small moments" that make sweet memories, and never take for granted precious time spent with those you love who love you back.

Click Here If You Are Unable To View Slideshow

Now A few Hot Springs Photos I finally had time to share.

View of the Lake from our Deck

Nice Sunset on the Lake

Richie Looks Over Deck At Lake

My Niece/Nephews: Lil' Joe, Kristie, and Tony

Koi fish checking out the flower "Does Dis Has A Flavor??"

One of Garvin Woodland Gardens' Waterfalls

Me: "Say Cheese!!!" Koi Fish: "Mmmm--NO."

This is my favorite Bridge in the Gardens.

This One Is A Close Second Though.

The Place Has Some Gorgeous Flowers.

Kids Got Tired of Walking, Tony Hitches a Ride...

Miniature Train and Display, Trains are Cool!

A Duck Takes a Rest on The Pier

That's it everyone... Hope you enjoyed. I sure enjoyed taking them. Have a great Wednesday all!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Oh My Aching Back (WWC)

Wow. I think it must've been something over the weekend that I did, but I slightly twisted and pulled out my lower back. I've been in pain, worked from home yesterday but I'm trying... really trying today. :)

I haven't really been able to conjure up any cool new photos for this week's WWC theme of "Peekaboo" and "Dirty". (The Weekly Words Challenge being brought to us by our naughty little Tink of Pickled Beef. Therefore, I will do a lazy, bad thing, and revisit this photo I posted just a while back of my lower back "tramp stamp" tattoo... It's a Peekaboo because I am showing a bit of skin, and it is "Dirty" since it is right in the spot that our society considers a "Tramp Stamp". So there you go, and here it is. Some of you will remember it, some might not have seen it. It is one of my current four tats, but I always have room for more... ;)

So there you go. I know it's been a long while since I posted ONLY ONE photo, but I'm pressed this week, and also still bent over like the Hunchback of Notre Dame. I hope to be sans back pain, however, since we have a gig to play this coming Saturday, I would hate to be hunched over the mic.

Wish me luck, or come and give me deep tissue massage... I'll take either at present!

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Ebb and Flow

Why? Why does it take so long to recover after a trip? We got back in gear Monday and still I feel behind. However, I'm working on it. I am trying to make it around to visit each of you slowly but surely.

Last night, we went Camping in my Mom's backyard. We were supposed to camp and cook out around the 'fire ring' in the back near the pond, but it didn't pan out that way. So I did not get to 'roast weenies' or make 'smores like I wanted. It's cool, since it is summer we still have plenty of time to sweat and have fun.

I took pictures of the tent and where we had it in the back yard, I guess Mr. J and I are not so good at 'roughing it'. We took an extension cord and plugged in the laptop to watch movies... yeah we're pansies... lol! Anyway, it was still fun hearing the crickets and listening to the sounds of the beautiful night.

I was totally SLATHERED with Avon's "Skin So Soft", which is extremely effective in keeping you from getting chiggers and mosquito bites etc... I know it sounds cooky, but it WORKS! Try it next time. Although I was oily and sweaty, I have no extra bites today. However, there is absolutely nothing like coming home from sweating profusely, taking a hot shower or bubble bath and feeling totally clean, even for a few minutes before going back outside into Satan's sweatbox (a.k.a. Memphis TN). :)

Now, it is time for me to get ready for band practice because we're getting ready for a June 14th gig at The Stage Stop, so gotta get cranking on the set list and all. I'm hoping it will turn out well... I've got stage fright again since it has been some time since our last gig. Will do the best I can though.

I will get you guys some great photos ready soon, I swear... and I'm still working on finding time to go through teen journals... I haven't given it up, just put it on hold until I can relax.

Jaxxx OUT!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Blister In The Sun

Yes it is another hot one today boys and girls. The steam is rising from the streets, the road rage is running high and the mosquitoes are lining up for those juicy buffets.

Speaking of pests, whatever bit me in Arkansas (I suspect it happened at the botanic gardens), really yumped me up. I have 3 bites. The two on the front of my shin are better, but the one on the back is still quite ugly. I thought they were ant bites, but they're really strange. Maybe they'll go away soon. Along with ugly bites, I have been plagued with outbreaks of random acne lately... guess it's the teenager in me trying to break out (literally). I had a big fat pimple right between my eyes about a week ago, and now I have a nice plump one on the bridge of my nose. It sucks.

Last night, Richie and I took our mountain bikes out and went to a local lake area. We found a nice little spot that was non-human-infested, and rode around and enjoyed ourselves for a couple hours, then went by the grocery store and picked up a few veggies for a delicious salad. Overnight, I slept quite heavily and had an extra-hard time prying myself out of bed this morning... this doesn't seem to be improving.

So, today I braved the walk down Main Street once again, and my lil' group went to The Majestic Grille, where I ordered the Grilled Salmon Nicoise salad. It was pretty good. Then we sweated on back to work for a yummy fulfilling afternoon.

Nothing much else to report really, it's been a relatively quiet day. I think I'm going to go ahead and post some "teen journal" tonight, which will be part of the Larry R. Saga... Even though I am not getting much feedback, I will do it anyway. Be back in a few... AJ

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

What's Eating Me?

The heat, for one thing... this Memphis heat is eating away at my soul. It's too hot to move.

In fact, most of the time I don't want to move a muscle.

Oh and first off, since I went through a bit of a "blogging hiatus" through the weekend's events, I would like to rewind really quick and state that partly, the reason for our trip to Hot Springs was that June 1st was Mr. J's Birthday... He was a big 3-2. YEAH!!! Rock On Richie! He's my nerdy bad ass... and I'm privileged to be on his inside track. ;) [Love You Bear].

I peeled myself out of bed this morning, took a nice hot bath in "green tea" bath salts. Threw myself together and trudged down the road to begin the day. At lunchtime, we walked down Main Street, they were doing karaoke by the park, which drew quite a crowd. I spied a couple of Council members performing a rendition of "My Girl". They didn't sound half bad. However, upon returning from the heat, I had to shed my over shirt and enjoy the breeze of my desk fan.

O.k, maybe you've been waiting for the recap of Hot Springs, or maybe for more photos? I'll start with the weekend. I didn't quite know what to expect, but had hoped for the best. Richie worked a half day so we could try to leave pretty early. His brother, on the other hand, neglected to tell his employer he was going out of town so they ended up arriving around 10:30 PM.

Earlier that day I ran my errands, got the car serviced, tires checked, etc. Went home and continued packing up, Richie assisted in last details, making sure we didn't leave anything important behind. We stocked the animals up on their foods, got them set and we hit the road.

When we got there, I snapped a couple photos where we were staying, and a couple of shots of my good old pal "Lake Hamilton" (quite photogenic).

Since his brother and family were not arriving until way late due to his neglecting to tell the boss about the trip, Richie and I headed to town to check out the German restaurant he'd been wanting to visit since the last trip we made. It is called Brau Haus. They had alot of German beer (bier ?), and Richie had some Kielbasa with Kraut and Potatoes. Not one for that sort of thing, I opted for a nice Chef Salad, which fit the bill fine.

Saturday, we started the day with a little of "Chuck's Southern Barbecue" (Highly recommended by AJ and Mr. J), then we proceeded to sweat to death taking in the Garvin Woodland Gardens, which was lovely but humid. The kids got quite restless during all the extensive walking, but it was a good walk. Then Saturday night Marie (my Sister-In-Law by way of Richie's brother), and I went to partake of the Thermal Mineral Bath and a Massage (first one I have ever had!). It was pretty cool, but at first a bit embarrassing.

First they ask you to go into the changing room and get totally naked, then put all of your belongings into a locker, take the key and put it around your wrist. Then you meet your "Bath attendant".

My Bath attendant looked exactly like Stephanie Weir from Mad T.V. (Weird!) Yes, and it was even weirder when I came out with a towel that barely covered my ass, and she escorted me to the bath room, and told me to drop the towel!

Now, let me just say that this entire spa area looked vaguely reminiscent of a mental hospital to me for some reason, and it was very old looking. So "Stephanie" gets me to the tub, says turn around and just drop the towel and step into the water-make sure it's not too hot. I cringed for a moment, and then thought "What the hell, these people don't know me and my fat ass." So I jumped in, and she turned on this very large motorized 'bubbler' that actually made the water swirl. So I was literally in this old looking big tub with an electric "swirler". She then said, "here drink this warm water, it will regulate your temperature, and I'll be back in 15 minutes to scrub your legs, arms and back."

[Insert Look of shock]

I was expecting to soak, not be bathed by another human being... So I never felt quite relaxed, but I did my time in the thermal bath. But in 15 minutes exactly, said attendant came back with a big Loofah sponge and actually scrubbed my legs, arms and my back... I felt like a big naked retard. :)

After the thermal bath, it was on to the steam room, where I thought I was going to suffocate (and they gave us Ice Water here, to cool off). I ended up blowing breath into the small Dixie cup full of ice, just to get a breath of cold air. This lasted about 5-10 minutes. Afterwards, they transferred me to this bench where I lay back and get my whole body wrapped in hot towels for about 10 minutes except the cold towel they put on your face.

Once that was over, it was up to the Massage room, where you once again have to bare all for the attendant. I was numb by this time, and got a very talented young lady who delivered a quiet, peaceful 20 minute massage. Marie's masseuse was a holy roller who had been there all of 4 months and talked to her about Jesus the entire time, so her massage was not as relaxing. lol! (I don't think they're supposed to preach while they massage!)

After our mini-retreat, we went back and the guys had cooked out on the grill so we had some food, and turned in for the night to our respective abodes. Richie and I watched a movie until we crashed out. I was going to check out the Alligator farm I heard about to make sure all was "pet friendly" there, and that no animal abuse was happening, but couldn't get in touch with anyone, no answer. I wasn't quite sure how to get there either. I will try to go infiltrate that next time I can get up there.

All in all, the weekend was short lived, but it turned out alright. I think I prefer the Fall season though, I am just a cold weather girl.

I hope to have the rest of my Hot Springs photos ready for viewing tomorrow, and will share some select ones with you then. Meanwhile, are you guys still interested in reading more from my Teen journal?? Or hearing via voice cast?? Input appreciated.