Friday, October 31, 2008

Ten Thirty-One

Happy Halloween, Happy Samhain, Happy Diwali, fall, whatever you are celebrating, may you have a beautiful season. Hope you guys have a safe night, and if anyone is taking kids out for Trick-or-Treat, be safe, and above all ENJOY!

I plan on coming back later this evening with more Halloween post, but this will have to do for now, it has been a busy work day. TGIF!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

E-mail Etiquette: Before YOU Forward!

In Lieu of my painful misunderstanding, the latest "Fiasco", please remember not to send me forwards anymore if at all possible. If you simply MUST include me in your next e-mail forward, or anyone else for that matter, then please read this article.

Learn How To Protect Privacy Of Those In Your E-mails.

Mistakes can easily happen. An accidental "Reply All" when attempting to be helpful can land you in hot water with someone very quickly... as it did with me. By hiding the e-mails in the B.C.C. field, nobody else can see them, much less "reply all" and create a bad situation.

It is the responsibility of someone upon forwarding an e-mail to keep their intended recipients private. Being "in the know" helps. So please read the article above, and be informed so you don't get into some real trouble like I did.

Mistakes do happen, and everyone deserves a chance to explain themselves... really. So if you guys happen to read this, please know that I am sorry again for the crazy misunderstanding, and I meant no harm. Even I didn't cuss anybody out, while I got cussed out and called some really bad names over a mistake.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Normal Day

Yesterday, I arrived home and I trusted my husband to actually give me a Vitamin B-12 shot. I'm not afraid of needles, just didn't really trust at first if he was able to do it, but he succeeded. Here I am, still alive.

Let The Music Play
Band practice went o.k. last night. Our bass player has still been having "issues", just various things preventing him from being able to function on a normal basis. So he was out again. Richie, Rob and I went on and worked through some new material, as well as a song that we began a few weeks back. I guess we made some progress, I don't know. I had lost the lyrics to one song, so I had to go and listen to the practice recording of it and try to write the lyrics back down. I made it through most of them, but there were a couple places I couldn't hear the vocal and couldn't get the words. I know, I wrote them, and you'd think they would just "come to me", but sometimes you lose words, and if it's not recorded or you don't have it written for reference, POOF!! They're gone. I still think I'll find my original sheet.

These Dreams
Oh yeah, just briefly I must mention my dreams last night. They weren't terribly outlandish, but odd. I somehow ended up with my best friend doing these jobs, kind of jobs that you bid on, and it was in addition to my regular job. Guess I was moonlighting. Who could blame me in this day and age huh. Well anyway, my friend and I were supposed to go to this job on Saturday, and then we had to spend the night in this place. Everyone was fighting for a "Cot". So I was trying to bribe this el-strangeo to let me have the one bed for the night. One of Richie's friends were there too, and I had accidentally taken the gig he wanted to bid for. Not sure what it all led up to, we never went to the job.

I was then transported then to a weird building, where I can't remember much detail... all of it went fuzzy. The only other thing I remember was a visit from "Z" happened before the night was over. In it, there was a lady sitting with us, it seems like we were all three in some back seat of a car, and we were talking. At one point, we were pouring cinnamon powder into each other's hands, I called myself slyly getting him to pour the cinnamon into the palm of my hand just so we could touch hands. I rubbed the palm of his hand gently, and looked up at him. He was smiling.

It was as if we were having to act a certain way and not get too affectionate with one another. It seemed to be present day, only not the same circumstances of my current life. Not sure how to explain that. At one point he said to me, "You know who my favorite girl is, don't you??" I smiled, and knew he meant me, but instead, I said coyly, "Yes, I know who your favorite girl is, it's J.J." (I meant his daughter, even though that is not his daughter's name, so that was odd). We didn't even kiss in the dream, or do anything romantic really, but I still woke up refreshed from being in his presence.

On a very serious note, I had a horrible misunderstanding and altercation with some people today with some people all over an accidental 'reply all' to a forward that was sent about a CNN Virus Hoax. The whole thing was a misunderstanding, but I was cussed out severely and called a psycho over something that got way out of hand and that I was completely confused about. I don't want to go into any more detail now that I know who it was and actually what happened. But I would like to sincerely apologize to everyone involved because of what happened. I apologize, while still being severely hurt and confused about being so severely cussed out over the entire thing. I didn't do anything on purpose. It was all an accidental reply all just trying to clear up the hoax e-mail.

Anyone who knows me personally will testify to the fact that I am a silly, cool person to be around and in no way would ever hurt anyone intentionally. I have a big heart... Of course they would also agree that I am quite overly sensitive about some things, yes. But I can only try to improve those things about myself. Everyone who knows me knows that I am a very sweet person and I try hard to keep my friends uplifted and be helpful when I can. "Jinks" for one will attest to that, and many more if needed.

Therefore, I make a very good point about forwarding these annoying 'HOAX' e-mails. If you are in doubt about whether they are a hoax or not, DO NOT SEND THEM. Especially do not send them to me... I'm politely requesting to be removed from lists of "WARNING" forwards, and anything that has some "consequence" attached to it. I will do you the same favor and not forward anything similar to you... I will only send you positive things, or maybe cute jokes that might uplift your day (That is unless YOU POLITELY REQUEST me NOT TO). Do we have an understanding??

Because as you see, a simple forward hoax e-mail someone thought they were sending to be helpful caused a bigger issue, and caused altercations that ended up pissing me off, and getting my feelings crushed. All of it could've been avoided by a QUICK CHECK on SNOPES.COM or something like that. Usually, when an e-mail boasts that THIS IS TRUE AND HAS BEEN CHECKED ON SNOPES, it is even MORE apt to be a fucking hoax. So when in doubt, please just hit the DELETE button. It will save us all a little trouble.

Thank you guys, and have a peaceful day... I sure hope to.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Spooky Now and Then (WWC)

Earlier, I was trying to get around to comment on some blogs, and one of the Captcha's I got was actually "spooky". I thought that was pretty cool so close to Halloween.

Yesterday I honestly did blog. I sat down with my microphone and made it nearly all the way through a podcast (which I haven't done in a long time, so I thought might be cool), and just as I tried to edit the thing, the application froze up and I lost it all. It was a big bummer, as I thought it was going to be pretty good and all. Maybe it was meant to be. I did discuss some emotional things, and things I probably shouldn't have brought up so I guess it's just as well. However, after the fact, I was in no mood to re-record, or attempt a new one, so I ended up not blogging at all. Psshht... what-eva.

I'm also having a greasy-hair day. It makes me mad. I can't even look in the mirror really because the sight of it just makes me sick. As soon as it grows long enough again, I intend to get a Perm and have really curly hair again. It's been a long time, it's about time for me to switch up. This short stuff, it's just not me. I like my hair longer than this. I didn't really intend on it being cut as short as it was this last go, but luckily, it grows fast... so maybe it won't take long. I like long wavy hair. I also refuse to bow down to the idea that at a certain age, we as women should go cutting our hair to an "appropriate length". Who defines appropriate anyway? I don't buy into it.

Today is the Weekly Words Challenge, brought to us by the ever-so-wonderful bride-to-be, Tink of Pickled Beef. Our words are "Now" and "Then", so here goes nothing... haha.

"Central BBQ" is a place we only allow ourselves to go Now and Then... Mmmmm!

Now and Then, I get sinusy and I use my favorite Vick's VapoRub!! Addictive.

I decided maybe I'd chew some gum. O.k. I was desperate for a photo...

So here is the stick of gum THEN...

But look at it NOW... yuck!

And finally, Here I am "Then"... and "Now".
Still the same adorable, evil kitten I ever was, right?

So I was talking to this friend of mine who is going through ten kinds of hell in a divorce, and he's really been put through the ringer. Lots of details in there that I can't divulge, because it's someone's private business, not mine. Basically things get so complicated from both sides in most of these cases... And I told him this, hoping to inspire or maybe put a smile on his face.

So I said, "When I was a little kid, I used to have this idea that I was going to dig and find this 'magic wand' in the back yard... I of course, never found one, but I still even as an adult am convinced I need to get hold of this thing and solve all problems. I always strive to remain as 'childlike' as possible in my adult life, because if you think about it, Children really have everything figured out. Everything that matters anyway. All else is just self-inflicted drama that we could eliminate. Kind of a good thing for everyone to remember time and again... getting back to the basics, and trying to make things as simple as possible. Everyone needs to "K.I.S.S" (not the rock band), = 'Keep It Simple Stupid'."

And I think that's pretty good philosophy, don't you?

Monday, October 27, 2008

Foggy Weekend

Been a semi-busy weekend, I just got caught up and didn't really find the time or inspiration to post I guess. Nothing really struck me.

We went to my niece's party Friday night, it was really fun, I'll recap that more tomorrow, along with the rest of the weekend such as it was.

I want to apologize for being lax on visiting this last week or so, just have had a hard time with scheduling and I've been a bit foggy and unable to get around to doing everything I need to do. I'm hoping this week I can remedy that.

I assure you, I haven't forgotten about any of you. I will be by very soon, and play catch up. Hope you're not disappointed in your ol' Aunt Jackie.

Hope you all had a nice weekend as well.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hardcore Is Relative

What defines "Hardcore"? It depends on what you're talking about. There are hardcore criminals, and hardcore bodybuilders. There is "hardcore gay", there is Hardcore Pornography, and then there is a hardcore that you couldn't compete with if you tried.

Take for instance what I am about to show you... Perhaps put on your corpse paint, and spiked leather outfits if you want to even get into the same league. Better yet, tease your hair to dangerous heights, and throw on your best parachute pants... because there is no way you're going to "Top" THIS...

I don't know how he dragged it up, but Richie showed me This Painfully Ridiculous Video this morning, and I thought I was going to get a stomach cramp from laughter.


What would you do if you saw 3 guys on the street doing that?? I personally would kick their asses, and then feed them to my vicious cat. I mean, really... That is just sad. What was with Dude's "Sidekicks"? Were they lame or what? They didn't even have his back.

Plus, the girl, I thought she "liked" the guy? After all, she DID SAY, she'd be embarrassed to talk to him because "Look How Funky He Is!!!" So if she was that into him, she wouldn't want to SHAME him in a RAP BATTLE. Evidently she was under the spell of her friend's 'mystical' pendant. The girl cast a "shitty rap" spell, and they all fell prey. Tooo funny!

Anywho-I'm enjoying a quite delicious, rainy day again here in the Mid-South. Could only be better if I was at home, bundled up on my couch with a fluffy blanket, a good movie and some hot cocoa. Because, as Jack Black once sang, "You're not hardcore... unless you live hardcore..."

And that seems perfectly hardcore enough for me, at least for today.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Stuck In The Middle With You

Alright so I never got to finish up my WWC for this week, o.k. I feel bad about it, but I'm way behind and I am just going to have to try for next week. At least I did offer up my husband as some comic relief. :)

This is Wednesday. It's the day that I thought was yesterday when yesterday was the day before, making yesterday's yesterday only Monday when I thought it was the day after... Make sense?? Well nothing else does today, so glad you could join me. Since it is "Hump Day", maybe a little good clean fun is in order. Watch The Video, it is the Sticky Note Experiments. It is fun-looking, and the colors are cool, but honestly (hate to be a stick in the mud, but...) what about all of this paper?? is it just being wasted? Did they use the sticky notes and then maybe even recycle rather than waste or discard them? O.k., I know I should be enjoying the display only, so go ahead and enjoy... Here's The Link Again. Enjoy!

In other news, last night was Band Practice. We worked on a new song, my husband wrote the music for this, and I got working on some lyrics for it. The lyrics are actually kind of written with my best friend in mind. I still have alot of work to do, and have to write in a second verse yet. So nobody gets a look at the song just yet. I don't know if she would like the song or not, but at least I know she would be honored that I thought of her, basically writing a song for her... I will reveal it sometime, in due time that is. It's still very delicate right now... and unfinished.

I've felt so extremely bored and hum-drum lately. I'm tired of feeling this way, it's like my productivity is low, my daydreaming is a little too high. I can't seem to clear my head, I feel restless, and kind of down in the dumps about literally "nothing". Nothing really worth mentioning anyway. I hope it lifts soon, but I don't know what to do about it really. Therefore, I can't come up with anything I deem very interesting to blog about. I'd love to put up a story or something, but I can't scrape up the energy. Feel free to send me some energetic vibes, and some positive reinforcement all ye healers and energy workers.

Have A Nice Day!

anybody else basically hate Gary Busey?

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Plainly Adorned (WWC)

Today is WWC Day, yes... I am still working up the photos I want to use. I haven't had much time to think on the keywords for this week, "Plain" and "Adorned". I hate lagging behind, but I will have mine up, hopefully soon. That is, if I can find decent subject matter. It may be later in the evening, or possibly tomorrow before I get them up... My apologies.

Meanwhile, enjoy this hilarious composite I made of my husband... I laughed so hard when I created this... I give you, the fabuloso Guitar Player, "Mr. Awesome!"

If you haven't joined the fun yet, go here (Tink's Blog) for details. Don't forget, we also have a Flickr group for easy shareability. Plus, you get to find out the new words at least an hour earlier. Happy snapping!

The words for next week are: Then and Now.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Lunes es cagada!!!

Lawd-have-mercy it sho is Monday! :) As we all know, there just aren't any good Mondays. Unless, of course, you always have Monday off, or you don't buy into the farce of 'the existence of time', and don't worry with it. I would do that, but I bind myself to a job because I have some things and am unable to let go of the imprisonment of my earthly greed and obsession with material things... I'm not the worst in the world mind you, but I do have some things I don't want to part with, my home (even though it's humble), my motorcycle, and some electronic gadgets.

Anyroad, I had an overall o.k. weekend, Friday night we went to the Young Avenue Deli to chill with Rob and Meg. There was NOT a band playing that night, so there was no cover charge. We just snacked and visited for a while. Saturday was not a productive day at all, mostly lazy I guess. I rather enjoyed sleeping in, I slept wayyy late, and then just vegetated a lot it seems. Yesterday (Sunday, Domingo en Espanol?), Got a good bit of motorcycle riding in. We went to the Walmart of another town to look for a George Foreman grill (a smaller one), and then to Lowe's in search of some "tie downs" suitable for Richie's bike. I took the liberty of riding more after we got Richie back home... seemed he was in need of a nap. He thinks maybe it was the flu shot that he got on Friday, making him overly sleepy and lifeless. He didn't get "ill" or anything, so I guess he's alright now. I did monitor him just in case he was having some sort of reaction to the shot.

Speaking of which, I wonder if I should get a flu shot myself... I need to make my appointment for a bunch of junk anyway, I have been putting that off. It's irritating, I don't like doctors... But as a woman there are things we just have to do.

So tune in tomorrow for the Weekly Words Challenge with the Lovely Tink!!!, where the words "Plain" and "Adorned" will be illustrated by all WWC participants through their creative and enigmatic photography skills. Looking forward to ATTEMPTING that, I'm not sure how well I'll do this week.

See you in the funnies... AJ

Friday, October 17, 2008

It's That Kind Of Day

The weather is cool, the sky is clear, and I find myself without anything to really say. Therefore, I will just wish you all a fantastic weekend. If I have an epiphany, I will be back.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Is it ridiculous that I occasionally check to see if I have made Blogs of Note? Has anyone else been guilty of this pointless search, or has anyone actually been "cool enough" to make it? Just curious.

I wanted to post today, something, just because I don't like to go so many days without putting at least a few thoughts in. I know it's not crucial, not everyone blogs on a daily basis, or should feel they have to, but I enjoy it and don't want it to slide. I can still say that after two (2) years, I still blog on a pretty regular basis. Sometimes daily, sometimes I skip a day, or two... But I still love putting my thoughts down, or just sharing some rants, or joys. I have made some very cool connections here.

Today has been a rainy one, which is actually kind of refreshing since it hasn't rained much in a few days. The air is cooler, it's kind of "Cozy" actually.

Now, I've been trying to work at this post a little off and on today as I had a chance, so It might seem scattered, but let's just roll with it I guess. My idea was to share a few of the bullets from my current "hate list". Here goes:

#1: People who make one audibly-louder "stomp together" of their feet when they have stopped walking.

#2: When people sneak up behind me when I have my earphones in and my music blaring.

#3: When another driver breaks their neck to screech out in front of you in the road, and then wave politely in the rear view mirror like, "Oops! I'm so sorry!"

#4: The PRICE of like, EVERYTHING! (I know this one's a given)

#5: The fact that I make more money now than when I was younger, but HAVE LESS money.

#6: KNOWING that the reason we never have money is from our overspending (well, mainly my husband's, even though I try to keep him under control. I'm pretty frugal by myself, but he always guilt trips me when he wants to buy something).

#7: ME falling for his stupid guilt trips just so I can get some peace of mind.

#8: The little 'fits' HE throws for stupid things like if I don't have time to make his bacon and eggs in the morning. What a spoiled little brat. You have two hands and I work a full-time job just like you, so meet me half way Baby Huey.

(Ok I'm off the rants about him and his fits and guilt trips. I think men just like to make us crazy sometimes, just for their own entertainment).

#9: I can't stand it when too many things pile up on me at one time, then I can't think straight and I get totally behind.

#10: Ice Cream. O.k., I lied. I absolutely LOVE Ice Cream. Especially Ben and Jerry's (heart attack waiting to happen) or any Rocky Road or Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.

#11: I hate that I Love Ice Cream.

#12: My being an extreme procrastinator. It makes my life an unorganized living hell.

(o.k., that's pretty good, I actually ranted about myself there for once more than others. But hey, nothing gold can stay... I digress!)

#13: People's faces. Sometimes I look around me at everyone's faces and I just wanna reach out and give them all a black eye and a fat lip... that's right, I said it. All you annoying "other" people on the street, in the store, sitting in the damn booth next to me with your unruly kid, I got two fists with your name on them... along with some feet for your ass. HAHAHA!!! That felt great.

Thirteen is a good number to end my hate list. I want to make note of a couple things I don't hate.

#1: I really love the fact that I harbor such evil and heartless thoughts sometimes towards the human race... it's fun.

Wait, gotta finish more work before I leave. I'll work on this love list later.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Me and Them (WWC)

It's Weekly Words Challenge (WWC) time again, thanks to our favorite host, TINK!!! :)

This week's words are "Me" and "Them". Enjoy...

"ME" behind the Mic...
(photo by Marguerite Hibbets)

"ME" getting ready for Saturday night's Gig.

Richie and Gary, a.k.a. "Them" from one of our bike rides
Goofing around at the Windy City Grille, Como MS

Finally, "Me" with "Them" on a special occasion
Have a great day, and if you've not been by in a while, please do catch up on your reading, below is the story of my fateful meeting with a Cow! Thanks for being here. -AJ

Monday, October 13, 2008

Grounded For Life

"All the world's a cage." -Jeanne Phillips

It is Monday (cubed again). My body is tired, my mind is tired, but I've got to keep moving. Old age cannot creep up on me. The years may pass, but I will stay here, just ten years old, running barefoot in the wet grass and daydreaming in the fields. I am grounded for life.

Just to prove that I occasionally peek my head into the real world, I'll make brief mention that while preparing breakfast this morning I heard some of a newscast stating that Bush's approval rating has actually fallen below that of President Nixon's during the time of Watergate. No wait, let that sink in for a moment... WATERGATE!! That's powerfully shameful... The net actually states, "A Gallup Poll taken Friday through Sunday finds only 25% of Americans approve of the way Bush is handling the job of president; 70% disapprove." That gives us 25% idiots, and leaves 5 percent who just don't give a damn. It's not that I don't give a damn, I just don't like to argue politics, and I don't really feel like saying "I told you so." And so the state of the world continues to teeter nervously in such unbearably shaky hands.

Click To See Bush's approval rating through the years

Stress and I don't get along well, so that's why I prefer to concentrate on other things. Things I can actually do something about I guess... I do care about the current crises, and I do think about the things that are currently affecting our nation, but I just agree to disagree with alot of the people who are from my area of the country, and leave it at that. I also leave the "debating" about it to the experts like the lovely and charismatic "Palin", that is if she can stop cruelly stalking helpless animals long enough to memorize what they done tole her to say! Now go and tell everyone you know what Jackie said, and how horrific my opinion is on that! Then come see me again in 4 years for another "I told you so" when your next vote (based on all the wrong information, and political propaganda) goes horribly awry.

Hold your feet up to the sky
to help you remember "why"
while watching the clouds
just don't let it all pass you by

As I was saying, occasionally when I have time, I try to escape the putrid human condition, and meditate on more positive things, and so I set out to do just that yesterday.

My destination? The middle of the pasture at the home where I grew up, yes... Mom & Dad's. So I grabbed one of Mom's homemade quilts, a pen and pad, my camera, and headed to a spot that seemed to be calling my name. I layed the quilt down, kicked off my shoes, and made myself comfy. Yes, I was sitting in Mother Nature's lap, listening to her song. I closed my eyes, opening them just briefly to stare at the clouds overhead, or to watch the leaves blowing in the breeze. Breathing in the essence of aging grass, and fall, I flipped over and began to write a few lines.

"Grounded For Life"

Dying grass,
a cloudy day...
The sounds of birds and airplanes distant.
One of Mom's old quilts
makes my place a most comfortable one,
lying belly to belly with Earth
listening to her breath
feeling the blood coursing through her veins
I hugged a tree, yes 'hugged a tree'
I can smell the rain, not far away
So far here, from City Life
That fake daily grind,
that somehow became mine...
I pause and watch as the
last two butterflies of summer
struggle to extract
just a few more flutters
from their lovely worn little wings
hanging on, making the best they can
from what they have been given...
It's follow the leader
All of it dies,
Trees die, grass dies,
birds die, and so do we
for just a moment anyhow-
But we are all reborn
In each, our proper season...
I inhale, slowly
the air is stale.
There is nothing better than this.

And as I lay there frolicking with sadistic Nature, I heard quite a racket up the hill, even past the house. Mom's guinea fowl were chattering as if World War III had disrupted their afternoon bug-feeding-frenzy. Shortly after they began their protest, I heard Mom's voice yelling my name with a sound of panicked desperation. I wanted to feel annoyed that I must be beckoned out of my state of meditation, but something told me to listen... to respond. I couldn't understand any of Mom's words, except for "COW!!!" So, I quickly stood up, put my shoes back on, and gathered my things. I grabbed the quilt, and headed back up the pasture only to meet up with a lost, scared Hereford cow.

She was headed straight for me, and had I not ceased my little session, probably would've trampled right over me in her effort to cross the road to get back to her own field. I had no idea what to do, I could only stare as confused heffer and I locked eyes for what seemed about 5 minutes. I tried to "talk" to her, but I have forgotten the language of cows. The city has dulled my senses, and I wasn't sure if the old stand-by "Cow Call" was Politically correct anymore. I tried speaking to her in Human, but she wouldn't stoop so low as to converse with me on such a level. So I slowly just stepped, and turned as she shifted her pace to a trot, and spanned the field, crossed the road and with a big 'Bon Voyage' style "MOOOOooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!" she was gone.

As my little party was cut short, I continued on back to the house to help Mom with a few things. We unclogged the drainage pipe outside where the water-waste flows, which was quite a job, and made me feel like I had a major workout (once again, I've gone soft from the City life). I drove her to the store to pick up a few things, and I sat on the front porch and we talked for a while. We talked about her guinea fowl, and the chickens, and Marty the Cat and his eagerness to draw blood with his sharp little claws. We laughed about the Cow incident, and joked with my Father, we snacked and delighted in one another's company. There was no discussion of politics.

It's Monday again, I'm back in this City. The drivers seem to have grown even uglier over the weekend. Their approval rating continues to decline with me greatly.

So at least in my mind, I think I might go back to my little spot there in the field, and continue with what I started. Have yourself a dreamy Monday too.

Today's Points To Ponder

"I am not one of those who in expressing opinions confine themselves to facts." -Mark Twain

"Duct tape is like the force. It has a light side, a dark side, and it holds the universe together..." -Carl Zwanzig

"In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is stoned to death." -Joan D. Vinge

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Are We Ready?

Yeah, looks like I got lazy and took another break, but it truly was still quite a busy work week for me, there have been so many issues and deadlines I've been worrying over. Not that many people are missing me, I only have a handful of regulars sometimes, and not nearly as many comments as the rest it seems, or as I would like. But I guess I have to religiously get around to comment on alot more blogs to gain them myself... Sometimes it's just hard, so I will try not to beg or complain. My blog's not that ground breaking, and it's honestly not for everyone, so I have learned from past experiences.

Tonight we gig... opening up for a band called "Virginia Grant", they know how to rock out. We will probably play for about an hour. I'm honestly not really that pumped up about the gig, and otherwise, I would feel like staying in the house and vegging out in front of some movies or something.

It's not the band, Virginia Grant dudes are cool, and they actually extended the invitation personally asking us to open up for them, so that rocks. I just am not feeling very vibrant or high energy... Honestly hope not too many show up--lol Isn't that horrible?? I don't know what's with me. Guess it's just time for a road trip to Hot Springs or something, I need a break from this City's face.

Sorry for being "pretty vacant" lately, but that's kinda how I've been so let's just deal with it and maybe send me some good vibes or some positive energy will ya?? :)

Well, I better finish up getting ready, gotta try my damndest do "doll up" for tonight, after all... the Sweaty Ballsack of Rock beckons... and when that happens, you just gotta heed the call.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008


I meant to do this at the beginning of the month, but with so much going on, and my fragile scatterbrained condition, I let it slip my mind. October is "Breast Cancer Awareness Month". So squeeze boobs and save lives. Ladies, DO THIS SELF-EXAM, and if you have someone who cares, have them do it. I'm sure they won't mind. Make it fun AND life-saving... why not.

So In remembrance of all those lives and families who have been touched by this terrible disease, I want to offer my condolences, and also Hope and Love at this time. I've had family members with various types of cancer, so not just breast cancer, but everyone affected by this altogether... There is always hope, and people to be there for you when the going gets rough.

Today has been another busy day of course, but I just had a moment to stop and ponder, and update you all. This week's Fitness hit a snag just because I had some back problems earlier in the week. I gave my back a rest although I still got in cardio when I was able to, but I plan on just keeping on and moving forward.

No matter what, we have got to always remember to Take Life One Day At A Time, and forgive ourselves every once in a while. Also, while I know it is hard not to go completely "Gung Ho" and overdo ourselves sometimes, we could do ourselves a favor, and just listen to our bodies, and give it a much-deserved treat here and there. After all, what's life without occasional (or more than occasional hehe) Decadence?

Peace everyone... and Happy Mid-week.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Clearly Distorted (WWC)

Seems that work just never lets up lately, so this is short and sweet... It's a 6-slide slideshow (had to take the quick route), with captions. I hope it does the job. :)

If you cannot view the slideshow, Click Here.

Thanks again, to Tink of Pickled Beef for her continued excellence in hosting the Weekly Words Challenge (WWC). Check Her Blog for details if you wanna play along!!!

Have. Nice. Day.

Monday, October 06, 2008

What's In A Name?

Do you remember the last time you just sat around thinking up perverse names? You know, like "Peter Hertz", and "Mike Hunt", and "Anita Dick", etc?? Well I was innocently surfing the web for something altogether different, and found one that I hadn't really noticed before.

It was (wait for it)...

{{Drum Roll Please}}

"Dick Tucker"

Bwwwahahahahah!!! Dick Tucker! What else is HE hiding?? ;)

I mean, just think about how much some of these names might have scarred, or screwed up people so attached to them... The possibilities are infinite! So anyway, this got me curious about other Funky names, and I ran across a site that really listed tons of them, and invited other people to share some of the ones they had run across. The website is: Funny Names. Just in case you get bored or something, or feel curious.

I will share a few favorites here... First off, my sister and I laugh about the Doctor's names, as she once went to a proctologist called "Dr. Gettlefinger", on her birthday nonetheless!

Here are a few of the doctors:
Dr. Harry C. Beaver (real OB/GYN, retired now)
Dr. Bender (Chiropracter)
Dr. Butcher
Dr. DeKay, DDS
Dr. & Dr. Doctor (real married doctors from Norwalk, CT)
Dr. E. Ville
Dr. Gass (allegedly a real anesthesiologist)
Dr. Gutstein
Dr. Hanus
Dr. Hurt (real pediatrician in Saginaw, MI)
Dr. Hymen
Dr. I. Ball (optometrist)
Dr. Kauff
Dr. Look (real opthalmologist in Hawaii)
Dr. Looney - a psychiatrist of course!
Dr. Payne (plastic surgeon in Sandusky, OH)
Dr. Pullham
Dr. Slaughter
Dr. Surgeon (another real doctor from Stamford, CT)

All in all there are so many names out there that are just plain "WRONG"... it's living proof that a huge percentage of parents are either naive, stupid or just THAT SADISTIC. ;)

Tune in tomorrow, which is once again Tuesday, and time for Weekly Words Challenge (with Tink!) This week's words are "Distorted" and "Clear".

Don't miss a minute of the thrills around here!! :)

OMFG!!! The Ice Cream Man is driving past my house to the tune of "It's A Small World"... Be strong Jackie, be strong!!!

Friday, October 03, 2008

Sure Is Friday

I'm starting this Friday post. I'm not sure where it is going to take me. I've been really edgy today, so ready for the work week to be over. I have no real plans for the weekend, but I just wanted to get started enjoying I suppose.

I watched the debate last night, it was quite painful. If I heard the word "Maverick" (pronounced Meeyaaverik) one more time, I think I might have gone all "Elvis" on their ass and shot the t.v. What is with her?? Geez. I just googled the word "Maverick", and as I guessed, a news article about her pulled up first. The next thing I saw was that the definition of Maverick from Wikipedia: "A maverick is an unbranded range animal, especially a motherless calf; it can also mean a person who thinks independently; a lone dissenter; a non-conformist or rebel. The word first arose in mid-19th century America from Samuel Augustus Maverick, a Texas politician with a large ranch full of unbranded cattle.[1]"

I like the first one. hehe

I'm sorry, I know my Mother loves Palin, but I can't stand that woman. She's about original as Microsoft, and from what it appears to me, she must have been coached into over-time about this week's debate. After the Couric fiasco, they probably took her in and had her memorize paragraphs of topics, and told her to stick to the agenda. That maybe a reason that she NEVER answers a question directly, but frequently diverts off into no-man's land stepping around the issue, and resorting back to attacks on the opponent's ticket. In my opinion, it seemed that Biden was holding back, and probably with good reason. He couldn't just full-force attack the woman, that would've looked bad. I think he did a pretty good job, considering, and Palin seemed to start off a little stronger, and fizz out more towards the end, while Biden seemed a bit more "up" as he went along. I don't usually watch political things, but I've been trying to get myself as informed as possible, so I could decide which way my 'useless' vote was going to go. Does it ever really matter?

I'll be back later to rant and rave some more... Stay tuned, or come back if you feel bored enough to hang with me.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Tickle Fights

I'm just running out of titles again, but it brings about a good topic I guess... "Tickle Fights". Do you have them? Do you like them?? Does anybody really win in a tickle fight? Ok, talk amongst yourselves and discuss. :)

Today the weather is lovely here along the muddy Mississippi. It was quite cool this morning, and the temps have been mild enough all day. After lunch, I dearly wanted a nap somewhere out in a big field on one of my mom's quilts maybe, out with my notepad by my side where I could jot any ideas down I had while relaxing under the vast blue sky... I used to do that a lot. Gonna have to on my next visit to Mom's.

This morning, I slept late so I haven't gone for my cardio yet today, I feel bad when I don't go, I mean, it's funny not like I feel "guilty", I just don't feel as good physically when I don't start my day with some cardio. Can we say I might be actually enjoying it?? Hmmm, shudder to think.

Well I found this video of a funny African Grey Parrot who apparently has just as bad a language problem as yours truly... Hope you like it. It was entitled X-rated Ruby!

More to the continuing excellent adventures of AJ tomorrow 'spose... If I don't die of boredom.