Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Time and Place (WWC)

My Weekly Words Challenge (courtesy of Tink) is coming, but I have been delayed by a heavy work load. Please excuse that of course, and come check back soon. It might be tomorrow before I have it up and running, but I will. Take care, and hope you're enjoying your day more than I! :)

I think I have a good excuse since I haven't had "Time" and I've been in another "Place".


Sorry for the delay, here I am. Still the same today as yesterday meetings but I have found a spare moment to put these up. I gotta hurry though, so here we go.

Fuzzy Time, Downtown Memphis

Time to go to Peabody Place, Downtown!

My Favorite Place, and Two Favorite Faces...

"Jimi" takes me places, and to another time and place in my mind.

Going to Some Place

Orpheum Theatre is a historic place, built in another time altogether.

A Historic, Fun and Music-filled Place

The Pyramid is a Place that at one Time had many big Concerts

Memphis Is The Place
(and the place most of these were taken)

Monday, September 29, 2008

Extra Butter

Today started out with a rather peaceful workout on the Elliptical machine accompanied by an episode of "Malcom In The Middle" on CardioTheatre. I was quite pleasantly surprised that "The Clacker" (TM) didn't show up to make the whole thing miserable until the last 8 minutes of my workout. That's semi-acceptable. I can handle that. Besides, she's been strangely "quieter" since I brought the hammer down on her with my complaint to the management. Contrary to Richie's hopeful scenario, she has still not "come for me in the parking lot". Ha!

Even though she has been on good behavior, for some reason, I still cringe when I see her coming and have a brewing hatred for the very sight of her. Guess she's just one of those people.

After working out, we came back home, and I cooked super-charged "Omega 3-6-9" scrambled eggs (with a little shredded cheddar melted in) and turkey bacon. I made a pot of good strong coffee, and I had my coffee with a little whipping creme, Splenda, and a drop of vanilla flavoring. Then, I finished getting ready, and began my official day.

Hitting the Road

The weekend was pretty nice, I enjoyed my Friday and that evening, we grabbed a quick bite to eat and headed off on our Motorcycles with Richie's friend, who borrowed a older white Harley from his Step-Dad. The bike had a considerably more offensive loud engine than ours, of course, since we're still mostly "factory". But we hit the interstate, and once again found ourselves down in Como, Mississippi at The Windy City Grille just to chill for a while, just for the cruising.

[I just had a funny though looking at the "Gas sign" above, and thinking, what if the "Windy City Grille" served "Chili" or something related as its specialty, and it was known for flatulence? hahaha!!]

I was alot more relaxed this time on the Interstate than that very first time. Still, even though there were three of us, we couldn't manage to ride in unison that well. If we're going to do any traveling, we need to get it together and not get lost from one another. I guess the trouble ensued because I told Richie that he was speeding up and slowing down too slow on the way down, and it was forcing me to have to slow down too much to stay off his tail. And then he suddenly decided to pass, and an idiot in a VW bug jumped between us, so I just waited until all the 'Tards had gotten out of the way before passing and catching up to them. So Richie, not wanting to be the brunt of a "you're so slow" parade, decided to break the speed of light on the way back, and Gary, who's already a speed-demon caught up with Richie, and they left me, Mrs. Cruise-and-Relax behind. It did not phase me, I just kept at comfortable speeds, somewhere between 70 - 75 MPH, and enjoyed the sometimes-frigid air ( yes with Fall coming, the nights are a bit nippy).

Don't despair, though, I made sure to 'pretend' to make a big deal out of them leaving me when we got home... saying such things as, "If I'd flailed off the road never to be heard of again, you'd never have known" and then letting Richie know that I actually didn't care that much. I even got off at a different exit then they did, but saw that I was not that far behind. I have to give them a hard time though, it just wouldn't be right if I didn't.

Then there was Saturday, slept in a little bit late, lazed around for a while and enjoyed peace and quiet. Then, later that evening, we got together with Gary and his wife this time, in their car we headed to Harrah's Casino and overindulged at Paula Deen's Buffet. Gary had his photo taken with Paula Deen (o.k. her cardboard stand-up, not her--lmao!! Sorry this is cell-phone quality too, still I thought it was rather funny).

I don't think the couple coming in behind us
was all that impressed with Gary's pose. Haha!

Bellying up to the buffet, the guys had 2 or 3 plates of Oysters (yuck!), along with some Ribs, other seafood and deserts. Valarie and I started with salad, and ended up eating more 'country type foods' like we kind of grew up with. I didn't pass up the fried Shrimp, however... or the desert! Once full as ticks, we waddled out to the car and took a scenic drive before retiring to their house for a little 'New-Age' Monopoly.

Sunday, needless to say, I slept terribly late, and then drove my bike down to Mom and Dad's to check in again because Mom wasn't feeling well, and Dad had an incontinent start to the day, so I went by the store for Mom and made sure she had everything she needed so she wouldn't have to run out to the store while she was crouped up and not feeling well. So then "Jimi" and I cruised back up the highway, riding in on the gorgeous cranberry sunset, and as the sun laid her head down for nightfall, I shivered a little and took in a deep breath, finishing up a pretty nice weekend. Cooked up a low-carb supper for me and the "Old Man", and retired to bed watching this week's episode of "True Blood".

Now let me say something about this show. It is rather cheesy in a way, and I am not sure why I am liking it, but I think I'm hooked. Plus the main Vampire is kind of turning me on for some reason... sexy fangs on that one. I do have to laugh at some of the little goofball ideas they threw in, such as, the "Vampire Bill" that was passed for Vampire's rights, along with the fact that they live intermingled amongst the people that live in the town (although there are alot of "haters"). They have tags on their cars sporting plates such as "FANGS1" (how do they swing this one? The tag office is surely not open at night, and the vampires can't bear the sun and wouldn't be able to go the office during the day?). Plus when they go out to bars, they're asked "What can I get for you?" and the guy ordering might reply, "I'll have a bottle of O Negative." Just cracks me up.

Well, I hope you all enjoyed your weekend as much as I did mine. Tomorrow is Weekly Words Challenge (WWC) day with Tink of Pickled Beef, where our delectable words for the week are, "Time" and "Place". I think that will be a fun one. See you then!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Love and A .45

It's time for a Saturday Matinee! Courtesy of yours truly, AJ! You may or may not have seen the movie "Love & A .45" (1994 I think), but is one of those classics for me and also my "B.F.F." Tamra.

We used to love watching this. Things change, and we sometimes change our tastes but it is still a memory for us. :)) So break out the popcorn and enjoy... really, it's the full-length film.

Saturday's cruising along in a very lazy way... so I'm just kind of chilling right now. However I thought I would show you a photo of my arm bruise. It's really pretty... haha ;) But it hurts. I hate bruises. I'm definitely going to start wearing my longer sleeves and probably get a nice riding jacket soon, and maybe even a full-faced helmet... We'll see. Happy Saturday Y'all! :)

Can I get some sympathy please???
I could use a hug. haha.

Friday, September 26, 2008

The More Things Change

It's all passed faster than the melted butter on Movie popcorn. I was just sitting here thinking about all of the "phases" my friends and I have been through. Seems like only yesterday we were all muddling through High School, and dreaming dreams of the future. What would we do to change the world? What would the world do to change us? But as we all know, the answers to those questions aren't always what we want them to be, or thought they might be... and it really does ring true that the more things change, the more they (or maybe we) stay the same... in some ways at least.

Brian and his family moved down here from Illinois when he was just 18 years old, and we worked for a long time together at Wal*Mart. That's how we met. He never was a "romantic" friend in the least, but he and I still grew close. He was my 'back-up' date if I needed one, and we had our very own "phases" too. He never seemed to be able to settle in or have much success with girls, but he always said he was straight... then it gradually slid into "Bi", then it accelerated right on to openly "gay". This was over the course of some years, and many changes, however.

I've always been the open-minded and accepting one for the most part, and I always told him that no matter what he was, I was still his friend. Now, he and his significant other are moving off to Atlanta soon, and I will have to travel to see him. It is strange how people can live 20 or 30 minutes apart but can never manage to get together and spend quality time. We blame it on our schedules, their schedules, family matters, work, stress, exhaustion, etc. But it's really just sad.

Funny that it is striking me in this way that I'm actually feeling sad that he had to sell the house that he has put so much of himself into and now having to uproot and move to another city altogether. Funny that it seems like just yesterday he walked into Wal*Mart a shiny-faced kid, and we were so care-free, having so much fun, and funny that it's now just one more thing that must change.

He was slightly mad that I didn't make it to his last big "Memphis" party, and I too, in retrospect, wish I had attended... One more thing. (shrug)

He's not the only one... It's life. People grow, change, they come, they go.

Seems I've lost so many friends, or they've moved away, or their lives have changed so much that we don't get to see one another and spend time like we used to. It's the same way with Family members who's lives have changed so much. They all have their own agendas... But when will we see each other?? I mean really see each other again?? Hi and Bye is so cold, and so very melancholy.

Nothing stays the same, and I know it is not natural to think that it should... But I really still miss the old days so much.

I just want to say, to all of my friends and family members (and I know that I say it from time-to-time, but not nearly often enough) that I really do love you and miss you. I wish things were different, that some of the hard times we've all had maybe hadn't happened--except for the fact that it did make us who we are today... And things always turn out just as they're meant to, I'm a pretty firm believer in that. Still, sometimes that is not so comforting.

So anyway, I guess that's enough of my growling about the past and getting all nostalgic on everyone. It's been an odd week, and I'm just glad it's Friday.

So in honor of my sappy mood, I will leave you with a Lynyrd Skynyrd song, called I Need You. Enjoy.

Motorcycle news: I got hit in the arm by a rock today on my Motorcycle, and that shit hurts! Now I have a bruised up Bicep... it will still kick your butt though. ;)

Gym news: We've worked out alongside "The Clacker" since our reporting her for overly-loud and obnoxious gym behavior, and she didn't try to attack me or anything, guess she's o.k. She worked out slightly less noisy, so who knows... lol Will report later. :)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

O' AJ Where Art Thou?

My sincere apologies this week. Seems I haven't been in to post since Friday. Well, it happens.

I had stuff going on over the weekend and didn't get in to sit down and do any weekend posts, and then this week for the last couple of days I wasn't feeling well at all, so I was off on a sick day if you will. I'm feeling better this morning.

Don't really feel like I have the time to catch up on the Weekly Words Challenge (WWC)... sorry Tink! So I'll pick that up again next week. Hope you lot are not too disappointed... I'm sure you will survive. ;)

**News Update** At our Gym, just FYI "The Clacker" has officially been reported and they asked me details, she's been profiled, and they are going to "take care of the situation" they tell me. So it will be nice to have a less-noisy workout. That is, if she doesn't figure out it was me who ratted her out and she isn't waiting for me in the parking lot. She better hope she doesn't anyway.

With those items out of the way, what do I have to say? Hmmm, well as everyone who watches any television knows, the new seasons of many shows have been coming out this week, and maybe some last week. Among those that I have been paying any attention to are, "True Blood" on H.B.O., Showtime's "Californication", "Sons of Anarchy" on FX, and of course, the long-awaited return of NBC's Heroes.

You may or may not know, but usually you can watch episodes of your favorite shows on their websites. If you don't know the website, you can always GOOGLE it. :) That way, you can catch up on the latest, even when you forgot to record it, or didn't have the time to sit down and watch when it was on. Pretty cool.

I had almost decided to boycott Heroes because of the whole Writer's strike and how long they delayed it, but Richie recorded it, so I fell off the wagon. It is shaping up to look like a pretty good season too.

Of the other shows, most are dramas I guess, but if you want to laugh your nuts off, then you definitely need to check out "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia". Danny DeVito is in that one and I don't know why, but that is one of the funniest shows I've seen in a long time... I have that sick sense of humor though. I think that's essential for liking some of these comedies.

That's just a few to speak of, since they have so many different shows coming out I'm sure there is something for every taste. Then there are those of you who do not lay an eyeball on television because you have too much else to do, or you find television despicable and unwatchable... To each his own I say.

Anyways, I don't have much else to discuss today, and I gotta play some catch up here at work, so Have a great Hump Day and I will leave you with a clip from It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia to wet your whistle. If you like it, go have a look at the whole show. I promise you will laugh.

Sorry, All I Could Find Were Trailers (watch)

Friday, September 19, 2008

Stay Gold

It's Friday(yay!), it looks like rain, and I'm once again reminded of childhood, and all those "Nothing Gold Can Stay" moments.

I always loved Happy Days re-runs so much, and of course as most of my long-time readers might know, "The Fonz" was my first 'hoodlum'. He probably played a big part in my love for Motorcycles too, even though looking back at the one he drove, mine would obliterate his (No offense Fonz). But so many wonderful moments I sat back and enjoyed the show "Happy Days".

Therefore, as part of my Friday Video Chill, I wanna present the first chunk of the Happy Days Pilot, which originally aired in January 1974 (the show ended in September of 1984).

Happy Days Pilot (pt. 1)

Do you remember in Jr. High or High School when the teacher would plan for class to watch a film, and you always looked forward to it? They would have a class volunteer or two go and fetch the T.V./VCR Combo from the library, and we would be so excited that there was no actual lecture that day, it would only be "lights out" and we would watch the show. Now, albeit, sometimes it was a boring old scientific show, but if it were a special treat and an actual "film" it was even better.

For me, the most memorable one was in English class with Mrs. Jubb. We had to read "The Outsiders" by S.E. Hinton (first published in 1967), so subsequently, she let us watch the movie in class. Every day we would see a part of the movie until we finished it. The movie, pretty old now I still found myself having a copy on DVD I think mainly for the memory of it. Still, it was a movie I liked... So I will share it with you for the second part of my Friday Video Chill. Relax if you will, and pretend you're in High School with me, and today the teacher let us watch a video. If anyone hits me with a spitball, you're gonna get it! :)

Here is: The Outsiders Movie (part 1)

"Stay Gold" by Stevie Wonder

Seize upon that moment long ago
One breath away and there you will be
So young and carefree
Again you will see
That place in time...so gold

Steal away into that way back when
You thought that all would last forever
But like the weather
Nothing can ever...and be in time
Stay gold

But can it be
When we can see
So vividly
A memory
And yes you say
So must the day
Too, fade away
And leave a ray of sun
So gold

Life is but a twinkling of an eye
Yet filled with sorrow and compassion
Though not imagined
All things that happen
Will age too old
Though gold

O.k. class, lights back on... and hey YOU, yes you in the back, see me after class!! lol

Yes it is Friday and I'm very glad. I hope you all have a memorable weekend.

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*Upcoming--October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month,
Support Breast Cancer Research:
Checks For The Cure

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Rage Against The Machine(s)

It all started yesterday morning, I just didn't have a chance to stop and rant. We decided to get into the gym extra-early to avoid having to deal with "The Clacker" (the little dooky-ball haired, hog-faced girl who makes too much noise on the machines). Normally, she piles in around 6:30, so we dragged ourselves out of bed at 5:15 or so, and ended up at the gym on the Elliptical machines at 5:30 a.m. It was still dark outside, she was nowhere in sight, I was enjoying my work-out for once.

Since we'd been so comfortable, we decided to make our workout a hour instead of 30 or 45 minutes (plus the 5 minute cool-down). I forget what I was watching, as there's usually not that much on that early in the morning... maybe it was "Sister, Sister".

Like clockwork, and 30 minutes early herself, IN WALKS THE MUTHAFLIPPIN CLACKER!!! My heart sinks. I looked at Richie in disbelief. How on earth did this happen? It was so carefully planned! Was she psychic maybe? She showed up just to ruin my day? That's how I felt. She retreated to the locker room, put away her Clacky-belongings, came back, and found herself a machine like 2 down from me. I was seething, and bracing myself for what I knew was inevitable.

She perched her potato-shaped self on top of the machine, and her little legs went to town. Flipping and flopping, increasing her speed, and then there it was, "CLACK CLACK CLACK CLACK CLACK CLACK!!!!" I glanced at her evilly out the corner of my eye, acting like I wondered who's horse had gotten loose in the gym. The clacking seemed to subside for a few seconds, then again... "CLACK CLACK CLACK CLACK CLACKIDY CLACK CLACK!!!!". Oh god the agony. I reach up to my ears, and shove my headphone pieces in deeper, hoping to shut out some of the noise. But I know she's there, and I can still hear her clacking.

Finally, our workout came to a close,and relieved, we exited the gym. It is just so rude in my opinion to go out of your way to be the noisiest person possible where multiple people work out, even if the gym is not that busy, and there are only 2 or three others in your vicinity, paying mind to the fact that you are annoying the others working out wouldn't be a bad idea. I feel like she knows she's annoying. Could she really be that dense?

So this morning, of course, we awake to fight the same battle. I didn't even try to get there early again, because I figured she would just screw it up. So we showed up at about 6:30ish ourselves, bound for a 30-minute workout. I didn't see her little asshole-corolla in the parking lot so a smile creeped across my face. We swiped our card to gain access to the door, and looked inside, and she was indeed there. Already hoofing it on her treadmill. "Boom, boom, boom boom boom... stomp, clomp, BOOM!!!" I roll my eyes. I'm guessing she has another frikkin car or something. At any rate, my hopes for a clacker-free workout were dashed.

With evil intent, I grab an elliptical machine directly behind her so I can shoot poisonous looks at the back of her head. We begin our workout. I put my headphones in and end up on the News channel for lack of better programming. I almost became numb to her treadmill stomping, which is loud and annoying, but not nearly as annoying as her Elliptical Clacking.

As I am nearly relaxed and have pretty much decided to ignore The Clacker, she takes it a step further... as if to reel me back in to the circle of hate. I hear a bubbling, non-stop whiny voice. I look at the TV Screen, they're still playing a video... it's not that. I peer around the edge of my machine, and look at Clacky... She has a CELLPHONE of all things shoved in her ear, and she's bitching so some unknown person about someone and how they just don't get it and "tough love" or something, blah blah blah. She yacks and yacks and yacks loudly, not knowing of an "Inside Voice" or the fact that it's HORRIBLE ETTIQUETTE to ANNOY people with your CELLPHONE IN THE GYM!!! I sigh loudly. My face turns hot with rage, and my pulse goes up.

I begin to fantasize about jumping on the back of her treadmill and scaring the shit out of her, or walking by, and grabbing her by her little shit-ball ponytail and ripping her off her treadmill and stomping her into the carpet. I think of possibly confronting her and asking her "Do you think you are the only person trying to work out here?? Please put your cellphone away. Is it not enough that you are the loudest person on any machine in the gym, but you have to have a party on your cellphone before sunrise??"

Our workout ceased after the cool-down, and I knew I would be passing by her machine on the way to wash my hands. I looked up at her sideways slightly, and loudly mouthed under my breath, "Biottchh!!" Then washed my hands, and then Richie decided to dig in deeper, "You got a special treat today!!" (laughing under his breath). I said, "Don't you think that is just RUDE?!!?!" I doubt she heard me though, she was in her own little clacking world where she could hear the sound of her voice, and her stomping, and whatever poor soul was on the other end of the line.

I didn't snatch her hair out of her head, or trip her off the treadmill, but I did send a complaint in to the gym. But, as people often do these days, I'm sure they will handle it with the utmost Apathy. Who knows... tomorrow's another day.

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Male and Female (WWC)

Tuesday's not quite gone, and what is a Tuesday without our Weekly Words Challenge (WWC) hosted by the fabulous female, Tink of Pickled Beef?

This week's words are "Male" and "Female".

I had a difficult time making this one interesting... so well, I didn't go overboard. It's a short one for me, but at least I struggled and tried to participate. Thanks to everyone who liked my assortment in last week's slide show presentation, I appreciate that. It's not as elaborate this week, but I still hope you'll enjoy one or two.

Here we go.

Is this a Male or Female type cable?
(bonus if you can tell me what it is anyways)

Power cords and power strips are made up of male / female components.

Not all couples are Male-Female, however we are.
Mr. J's male, and I'm female. ;)

Specially drawn by me, a horrible rendition of Male and Female
stick figures... hah! May I present "Mr. & Mrs. WWC"?

AJ's low-carb chocolate/cheesecake-swirl brownies

Now wasn't that fun? It took so much energy, everyone feel free to take a brownie... lol When you make brownies like that, with protein-powder, and still cheesecake, they come out with a slight bread-looking consistency, and I know that they are not exactly like the real thing, but believe you me!! I am a hard-core carbaholic, and little things like that really have been getting me through this last couple weeks on the Anabolic Diet. Whatever we gotta do to keep rollin on I say. They were not un-yummy!

Just thought I would share a snapshot of those... maybe I will have more interesting recipes for you throughout the process of the diet. However, this weekend (and it can't come soon enough), Mr. J and I get to go have carbs. We'll probably go eat pancakes or something. LOL! One guy from one of the lifting forums online stated that after the first two weeks, he went and ate like crazy at a chinese buffet and STILL lost weight... everyone's different, but I am definitely looking forward to a little bread finally. (Or at least a cracker).

Happy Tuesday. -AJ

The words for next week are:

Wanna join in the WWC fun??

If you haven't joined the fun yet, go
here for details. Don't forget, we also have a Flickr
group now for easy shareability. Plus, you get to find out the new words at least an hour earlier. Happy snapping!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Illustration Through Words

O.k. I'm back... just felt the need to put a few thoughts down. Cool?

Basically, I'm going to put this here to hold it, even though I have it saved at home too... A new poem I wrote the other day. I don't know if it will become a song, or just stay a poem. One never knows those types of things until they just "happen".

Well, anyway, here it is.

Your sex is like magick
a dream within a dream
but nothing is as it seems
and youth long gone
but just around the corner
stalks us from behind.

And the smell of youth
is smoke and burning leaves
and honeysuckle
first snowflakes
and afterbirth

What is it all worth?

What's real and
what's surreal?

Why have we created this place?

What is going to take its place?

Weapons of mass destruction
A load of brain reduction

Where do I begin?
Where does it all end?
Seems I'm right back where I started.

Yeah I write in a weird way, I just take little 'notions' that come to me and let them have their way. I give credit to my 'muses'. They know who they are... good or bad, I love to write.


I did go out for a while... and as I jaunted out for that drive on my bike, I inhaled my surroundings with sleepy yet hungry eyes. I took in the aromas of the late afternoon, and I could smell summer drifting away, and fall devouring its remains. The corn stalks had been chopped down, and a 'goldness' seemed to be adorning the sky and trees. This is partly because of the cloudy skies, and the nearing sunsets, but still somewhat due to the time of year. The bugs were still out a bit, and the kudzu smelled sweet, really sweet.

You've never seen a sunset like the kind that peers out at you on the back of your motorcycle, it's so much more clear and vivid. It looks a thousand miles wide when you're out in the open air. Tonight's was a mix of blueish sky, with purple and crimson clouds. I almost decided to take out my cellphone's camera and try to capture it, but couldn't find a good place to pull over, and plus I doubted seriously that little cellphone would capture what I wanted to paint for you, it's best left to the imagination... but believe me, it dripped its paint into my eyes and I drank its colors in to wash down the evening.

I am not an "Eagles" fan, per se, but there is a song of theirs called "Seven Bridges Road" (actually was Steve Young's tune), which always gives me a similar feeling, or at least reminds me of my love of the long lost back road, and how it feels to look at the sky and fall in love with the stars, just kind of illustrates the beauty that I felt growing up in the south, even if it's not what most people would consider the "place to be"... It is home to me.

Here goes...

There are stars
In the southern sky
Southward as you go
There is moonlight
And moss in the trees
Down the seven bridges road

Now I have loved you like a baby
Like some lonesome child
And I have loved you in a tame way
And I have loved you wild

Sometimes there’s a part of me
Has to turn form here and go
Running like a child from these warm stars
Down the seven bridges road

There are stars in the southern sky
And if ever you decide
You should go
There is a taste of time sweetened honey
Down the seven bridges road

Video of "Seven Bridges Road" Live by The Eagles

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Say It Isn't So

My weekend is almost over, and I haven't really done much of anything. I feel slightly unaccomplished, but not so bad. Sometimes it feels good to goof off and just watch some movies and chill.

I have worked up some pretty cool recipes along with the low carb stuff.

First of all, to change up a bit from the cheesecake, I concocted a low-carb type of brownie. That turned out pretty good. And then today, I cooked Chicken and Shrimp Alfredo, using Spaghetti squash as the noodles. That was quite good too.

This will be my second week without sugar and bad carbs, so wish me luck!

We were supposed to go a friend's party to kick off The Cooper-Young festival this past Friday night, but everything got too hectic and I simply wasn't able to make it. I'm sure he's mad at us for not showing, because it was the last time that he will really have a party there, since they have sold their house and are moving to Atlanta, but hopefully he'll forgive me.

I'm feeling a bit of cabin fever, and the keyboard on this stupid laptop keeps screwing around with me, so I think if it's not raining, I need to go out and ride my bike for a little while to relax.

Sorry I haven't been very interesting lately, it's just that there's not much going on, and nothing worth really talking about. Maybe i've just not felt like writing. I dunno... either way, hopefully I'll get more energy this week.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Is It Friday Yet?

It is actually Friday, but that has not relieved me much at all. The day seems to be dragging on, so I thought I would go and look at a few YouTube videos, just for a laugh. I ran across this one, "The Opening Scene from The Wedding Crashers". It's not very long, but it's pretty funny in my opinion. I love Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson, they crack me up. Great scene and probably a good message in there about marriages somewhere--lol If you've never seen the movie "The Wedding Crashers" I recommend it. It is a silly, laugh-out-loud comedy.

Anything else you ask? Well, not really. I can't say that anything has grabbed my attention today, or this week except for work. Just this and that, issues that aren't worth blogging about.

On the Anabolic Diet front, I am still doing well. I have not eaten a morsel of sugary goodness all week long, it's been about grilled chicken, salads, broccoli, cauliflower (which creams up to make some delicious "Mashed Potatoes" by the way), protein shakes, and just whatever I can live with really... The odd thing is, it hasn't made me a raging bitch or anything. I have actually felt pretty decent, except for the adjustment to not having those "quick sugar-fix energy boosts", I think I'm gonna make it. Made another one of those cheesecakes with the almond crust.

I think I might make some protein-pancakes tomorrow (a low carb recipe I found online using the Metabolic Drive protein powder in Banana flavor), I'm telling you some of this stuff tastes great... don't knock it til' ya try it.

Have a safe, happy, love and light filled Friday my friends and family.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

For Sale: Michael Jackson's Undies

I saw this on the news yesterday morning, and I just thought it was bizarre! Who the hell would want... oh nevermind, asking "why" in this day and age just doesn't seem to do any good. Let's just "LOL". ;)

Michael Jackson's Underwear Going Up For Auction On Ebay | AHN | September 11, 2008

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Say Cheesecake!

With my history of addiction (to carbs), and the recent "march on fitness" that we have once again joined, along with the diabetes that runs in my family, Richie decided to lay down the law and have me join him on The Anabolic Diet. As hard as it is for me to cut those delicious, mouth-watering carbs, I agreed.

Now before you go and lecture me on the perils of fad diets, and how "low carb" is a temporary fix, let me just say that:

#1. I know all that stuff... I've been through nearly every fitness craze in my youth you can think of probably. And I know that there is no 'quick fix' or easy way to get or stay thin. You have to stay active, and try to maintain well balanced nutrition, you can't go "eating all that meat" and be healthy. Ok, so that's the thing, you don't have to eat tons of meat to watch your carb intake, and you can still get all of the essential fats, and vitamins and fiber that it takes to be healthy. Anything can be excessive. The plain and simple fact is, I need to watch my carbs and sugar... yes, that's that.

#2. Not everybody's body works the same. Outside labor, or sweat-of-the-brow business along with "just pushing away from the table" might work for you. I know what problems exist for me, and how I need to overcome them. I have to do what I can stick to, and I have to be able to make it a long-term, lifetime habit. I have to work out, and I prefer gym equipment and like to go outside when It is possible, so a good mix for me.

My husband, he reads... alot! For the muscle-building, and fitness, he reads alot on www.t-nation.com. They have great sections for women too. Estrogen is a double-edged blade, we as women have to have it, but at the same time it is the hormone that causes us so much grief. So it's o.k. to get rid of a little bit of it, and we will still be every bit as sexy and womanly in doing so. So there are alot of great sections and articles in there.

In reading the forums, he corresponded with a guy who had been on this Anabolic diet for some time, and most of these guys are really into this stuff, some of them medically, and have great knowledge of it too. They were discussing ME, and my love of sweets because Richie was concerned about the history of diabetes in my family. So the guy sends him some info, tells him that the Anabolic diet would be great for both of us and that he should get me on it with him. I usually sneeze at this because I have such a hard time sticking to the strictness of the first two (2) weeks. But if I can make it through 2 weeks, I should have it made for sure. In this beginning period, we restrict our carb intake to approximately 30 carbs per day. This pretty much leaves us to unlimited salads, nuts, chicken breast, etc, eggs/bacon (I prefer turkey bacon), and those delicious Iced Protein Shakes that I have perfected at home. This is totally doable, and I don't have to leave out any nutrition.

The guy then gives him the idea for this fantastic low-carb cheesecake that you don't have to feel even an ounce of guilt over. I jumped at the chance to whip it up.

I used 3 packages of the 1/3 less fat Philly cream cheese (because mainly it had <1 carb per serving), 2 eggs, 1 1/3 cup Splenda, and a couple tsp. of French Vanilla imitation extract (nothing really in that). For the crust, believe me this is delicious too, I used Horizon Organic Real butter and ground Almonds (low in carb and high in Vitamin E!). It made a great crust. Baked the sucker in the oven as normal at around 375 degrees for between 45 min to an hour (you know when it's done), chilled and it is Fan-Frikkin-Tastic!!!

If I can find such delectable alternatives for my sweet tooth, and enjoy pretty delicious foods that make me forget that I am not eating that many carbs at all, then I can smile even cheesier for the camera. Happy Snacking My Sweeties!!!

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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Safe and Danger (WWC)

Jaxxx is back with Slideshow City for this week's WWC... (brought to us as always by the lovely and mucho talented, as well as sometimes dangerous Tink of Pickled Beef.)

I must make a quick notation that the first two photos are not mine, I swiped them from images, but I thought they were cute and wanted to use them to illustrate this week's words, which are "Safe" and "Dangerous".

Here we go! Enjoy.

Oh yes darlings, if you can't view the slideshow for any reason, Click Here To View.

Tuesday's gone with the Wind (and more rain I guess), so I will see you all tomorrow!

Taking Care of Numero Uno

1. Me, me, me, me meee.

2. I just haven't felt in much of a writing mood over the weekend.

3. I did get alot of riding time in on "Jimi" the last couple days, which totally relaxes me.

4. There are new "things that irritate me" added to the list. (to follow)

5. I can't stand people who are watching something funny on cardio-theatre while they're on the machines, who "Cackle Out Loud" when they could simply giggle quietly to themselves.

6. I can't stand the employees (this can be other places besides the gym) who simply feel compelled to 'dust' and sweep every machine around you while you are working out. It makes me sneeze, and also makes me feel on edge.

7. I honestly have nothing more entertaining to talk about.

8. The bed is calling me, I'm tired and I am about to go to sleep.

9. Nine is all she (I) wrote.

Friday, September 05, 2008


For anyone who has ever been lucky enough to feel this kind of Love, but knowing how it feels to lose it. Never quite being able to get it out of your soul. No regrets, but loving that dangerously... loving the curse. This is for all of us... TGIF.

Vivian Green - "Cursed"

It's R&B, so if you don't like R&B (or rather if you're gonna bitch about it) don't listen. I love music of all kinds. The words are on the screen for this btw.

Oh yes, and don't forget about WTF Friday.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Sometimes You're The Pidgeon

... but then sometimes, you're the head.

It's hard not to get discouraged these days, because of fluctuating prices, constant inflations of some sort, crime rates, political 3-ring-circuses, and yadda-yadda-yadda. But when it gets to be too much, that's why you come by and see your favorite Aunt Jackie, because she keeps you protected, far away from any sort of reality! Makes ya feel good, that's right.

(Or at least forget what you were thinking about so hard before...)

Well you know I would love to talk about something funny that happened today but nothing really notable happened, so I am at a loss there. It was a totally boring and long day at the office.

I notice I get mixed thoughts when I detail my dreams, like dreams don't really make a shit? Well, maybe they mean something, or maybe they don't. I don't really care. But I would much rather sleep and dream and enjoy than swim along in the SSDD (same-shit-different-day) river... it's just boring. I mean, my dreams are so much more interesting, and exciting than anything that has really been going on lately. So I will continue to nap, and snooze, and enjoy my dreams.

I do agree, though, that the Alien dreams are disturbing, and not my favorite subject. The only way that I am going to enjoy an Alien dream is if aliens perpetrating as George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Paul Teutul, Sr., Enrique Iglesias (not his music just him, for the record), and Terrence Howard come and abduct me. Now we're talkin!!! They can do whatever probing and testing they want... Wait, this scenario is getting a little saucy though I probably better stop here.

Like I said, I (AJ) can keep you far from reality. But if you don't like that, then why not get back to more important matters like when The Front Fell Off. That's unusual for sure, but what's the big whoop about, right?? [Watch it, trust me you will laugh your ass off].

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Close Encounters Of The Dream Kind

The alarm went off around 5:00 a.m., which is actually about 4:45 since my clock is set 15 minutes fast. The snooze allows me 30 minutes (which is probably too long for a snooze, but seems very short indeed). I read a long time ago that if you position your alarm clock away from the bed so that you have to get out of bed to turn it off, you will be able to wake up easier... So mine is on top of the t.v. Therefore, I slide out of bed, eyes still semi-closed as not to let too much light in, ease up to the clock and slap it on the snooze button. Thirty more minutes of bliss ahead. Contrary to the advice, I fall back to sleep with no problems. This happens at least 2 more times because I am addicted to hitting the snooze button.

This morning, during one of my 'snooze' sessions, I slipped into a very strange dream. It took place near my childhood home (Mom and Dad's house). My husband and I were walking down the road, and it was my impression that this was early morning... as if we were walking on our way to somewhere, but I don't know where. I looked around me and everything was brilliant golden orange. It was fall, but intensified 5 times and like fall happened in an instant.

I said, "Richie look at the trees, it's like everything turned overnight, how red and gold the leaves are." I could see the colors so clearly. Very bronze/red if that makes sense.

So we continued walking, and I was in awe of the surroundings. As we got down the road a piece, I looked over to the sun, which was not in the east as it should've been but rather in the North... but a very crimson red color, and beautiful for a moment... as I was about to tell him to look, I noticed an appearance of a face in the sun, I looked away and looked back and it appeared there were three (3) suns! I then told him to look at the face in the sun, and when he did, he told me that one of them had small 'dots' on the bottom and that he had to look away because if you look at it and see those dots that your life would be shortened (by how much is unclear, I can't really remember, seemed like he mentioned something about 15 minutes but I can't say for sure).

That's when I looked back up to see what he was talking about. There were faces in all three of the "suns" at this point, and one of them had a big opening in the bottom, where I saw the 'dots' he was talking about. Yet, when I looked straight at it, it flew away like a rocket... and was gone that fast. We felt a slight panic at this point, and then I looked to the south, where I saw another space craft about to land. This one had alot of blueish-white light, before it even reached the ground, I looked back toward the west down the road, and saw very light greyish-white tall, lanky figures making their way across the road, and they looked like they were about to be heading our way. In sheer panic, I scream to Richie, "Oh my god there they are!!! Let's Get out of here!!!" and I urge him by the arm, and we take off running back towards my parents' home, we're running down the road as fast as we can to get away.

Just then, the alarm goes off. This time I didn't snooze and go back to my bed.


In other news, at band rehearsal last night, our drummer informed me that Jerry Reid and Don LaFontaine (That Announcer Guy) have passed away. Jerry was in "Smokey and The Bandit", and a very well known and award winning country artist.

Don LaFontaine did over 5000 movie trailers in his lifetime. He was in high demand. Most recently notable was Don's humorous Geico spot.

I love that guy!!!

But both he and Jerry are pretty big shocks in the entertainment world too... Good many celeb deaths it seems lately. R.I.P. Don and Jerry... you'll be missed.

Ok, to uplift I'll leave us with a little humor for hump day... Have a great one everyone.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Moody Bright (WWC)

You know the score, it's Tuesday and that's the Weekly Words Challenge (courtesy Tink!). Sorry I am late. It has been a day... had a hard time getting finished up with the post.

This week's words however, are "Moody" and "Bright"... let's see if I can do this... mmm'kay?

I think the tint gives this picture a sort of "moody" quality.

"Roll On Moody River, Roll On!!!"

The sky seemed quite moody to me in this shot.

I was moody, so I took a drive, and happened to pass by this shack, which was the temporary place Bob (Motorcycle Madness) was staying at when I put him on my scorecard.

The Pyramid is usually alot brighter than this.

What a bright yellow train.

This photo seems quite moody, with the rain while the buildings are quite bright!

I like the yellow reflection from this bright Jeep on the street.

If I'm feeling moody, where two roads diverge, there's no telling what direction I might take. Such is Life. :)

Have a great evening everyone... more from me tomorrow.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Day One

Well, Happy Labor Day everybody... I'm not going to make a big theme out of it or anything. It's the first day of the new month... September. If you're reading this then I gather you made it too. Also, a big Thank You to everyone who joined me in wishing Daddy a Happy Birthday! He is doing alright, and says he enjoyed his weekend.

I'm just bored to death so I am going to take my camera out and see what I can see, maybe I'll catch a good shot or two.

Irritation is taking over me as I have had one thing after the other in the last few minutes, just small irritations, but still they build. Not the least of which is the amount of times a cashier has conveniently "forgotten" to take the 55c Off Now coupon off my particular items, and cheated me out of another dime. I found 3 items this weekend alone with the coupon sitting there untouched. (Yes, I should notice them too, but they should definitely help us).

I am certain it is a conspiracy.

Have a good one folks...