Monday, June 15, 2009

When Potato Salad Goes Bad

I have always loved Far Side cartoons... this one about Potato Salad going bad was one of my favorites. Just the mental image of spoiled food pulling a gun gives me a giggle. Larson rules.

However, bad food in the fridge is sometimes no laughing matter. I recently let some broccoli sprouts go beggin' and they tried to take the entire household hostage, guests and all. Funny thing about broccoli sprouts, they are against guns and drugs, and totally for Animal Rights but they carry tazers. It's really confusing, and a lesson hard learned. :)

So anyway, yeah another make up post I did for yesterday. So sue me... not that it makes a big impact. We've had internet connection problems, which are still ongoing. The technician arrived in decent time and said our equipment was o.k., and that there had been an issue going on in our area, here and there... they were working on it. Maybe it will be resolved soon. I sure hope so, it's just agitating and it goes down at the worst times... that's natural though, right?

So I visited Mom and rode my bike down (despite a little wolf spider who staged a sit-in to prevent me from getting on... and now looking back I think he was a little messenger trying to prevent me from riding, but I flung him off and didn't listen lol) because at the time, it was nice outside and showed that storms would not be coming until around noon today (and not even but like 40 or 50%, so I thought I was safe. Lo and behold when I woke up this morning it was coming down like nobody's business, dark, misty and thundering. I had to wait the storm out there, so I just chilled and hat some oatmeal, coffee and visited a bit more. Needless to say when I finally did leave, the gravel driveway was no pleasure to ride down, and I wasn't about to veer over into the grassy pasture, I would probably have gotten stuck or layed the bike down... So i just balanced it out on the messy gravel. The ride home was met with sunshine and quite nice.

So I have just been kind of low-key for the rest of my Sunday. I watched the first episode in the new season of HBO's "True Blood" which I got addicted to last season and have been anxiously awaiting its return. It wasn't too bad... there are some interesting turns and I hope they do not screw it up and lose my interest, but so far I enjoyed what I saw. I am glad Lafayette is not dead... and I still can't stand Jason Stackhouse... he's just a gullible, stupid suckass... and a sheep nonetheless, like most humans. We will see how the season shapes up anyways, but if you like strange kind of cheesy vampire stories, you might like to give that show a peek.

That about wraps up my weekend I guess, nothing that big and bad to speak of... nothing new and exciting, and I can't really complain too badly, or well it wouldn't do me much good to do so. Therefore I won't right now. Hope your weekends were cool too and that everyone's doing just fine. If not, and if you are going through anything bad just hang in there and know it could always be worse, and that it will get better... just hold out for a lighter day. The storm will subside.

Love, AJ


Jay said...

I loved The Far Side.

True Blood is pretty cool. Just watched the season 2 premiere. It was pretty good. There's nothing else on Sunday nights anyway. ;-)

Furtheron said...

you should be a Brit the amount you go on about the weather... ;-)

You just reminded me of Far Side I've not look that up for a while

g-man said...

The Far Side is/was awesome.

I have started watching two new series on hulu. One is "The seeker" and the other is "The Dresden files" I guess technically they are old series, but I have never watched them, so they are new to me :)

Riding in the rain has to suck!

Ole Blue The Heretic said...

I miss the far side. I have lived on the far side. Vegetables are bad for you on the far side.

Aunt Jackie said...

@Jay - Yeah I always have loved Far Side. My sister gave me several of the books, I still have them.

@Furtheron - Ah is that so?? lol I love rain, but love great weather, guess I obsess more these days cuz of my bike! :)

@g-man - I haven't seen either of those... but if you haven't seen them then of course they're still "new". Cool!

Riding in the rain can be alright actually...

@Ole Blue - I'm right there with ya brother... ;)

Tink said...

There was a "Big Love" marathon on at Hoop's Mom's the other day and I totally got sucked in. I think I'm going to watch "True Blood" next. I just wish I had some girlfriends to enjoy a marathon with. Hoop isn't quite into the vampire romances I'm afraid. :)