Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Animal In Me

I just love animals, they are so sweet, so cute... I am big into cats and birds in particular, but love em all big and small. If you remember, I found a dancing bird called "Snowball", and he was really cool dancing to the likes of "Another One Bites The Dust" and lots more... but I ran across this bird named "Frostie" who gave me a giggle also. He likes "Ray Charles" evidently... lol

This weekend I've seen some really good ones. I met one older couple who had a gargantuan "Rhodesian Ridgeback" dog, boy was he horse-like. He nearly dragged everyone that tried to lead him. But he was a sweet, big huge baby!

Then today, I saw baby kittens over at Big Tracy's house. They were so sweet and adorable. Being spring, there have been lots of baby animals everywhere, baby cows, baby horses, kittens, birdies. Then of course, I get to see my own two magnificent animals (Rodney and Sal). They make my day. Animals just love you no matter what... just unconditional, true and wonderful. How anyone could ever lay a hurtful finger on an animal I will never know, and for those who participate in animal cruelty, I wish upon them a painful, excruciating death equal to the agony that they inflict upon any animal x10!! Heartless Sickos... with no regard for any life and concerned for only their greedy worthless selves.

Gahd sorry I tried to catch up and seem to have been having trouble this last couple of weeks, once again, but I am hanging in here. Things are clearing up little by little. We just have so much going on at work right now... I'll keep you guys posted and don't worry, I'm trying to keep positive and trying to take care of me... Thanks for those of you who have expressed love and concerns.

June is nearly upon us, and that means birthdays... Mr. J's birthday is June 1st, Mine is June 22nd. So Y'know... I may be bitching about aging, or maybe I'll feel o.k. It's too soon to tell... the numbers always get to me... always have. Anyways, they mentioned on on NaBloPoMo that the June daily blogging topic would be "Heroes", so I am thinking I might participate in the "post a day" thing. It will give me incentive to try and stay on my posting, and also an opportunity to really shine a light on people I do and have considered heroes throughout my life... or any other way I decide to illustrate the topic.

Seems like it could be a good one.

Also, I have a couple of silly and fun "Ask AJ's" to get to, but I am sleepy and need to answer those when I am on top of my game. So look back tomorrow for the answers to your Ask AJ's, and don't forget to keep submitting, silly or serious, I don't care... it's just for fun!! You know I know lots of stuff, so ask away.

I'm about to doze off, so I think I'll go hit the hay... we'll chat more tomorrow lovely friends.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Please Excuse Jackie

Dear Tink and WWC Family,

Please excuse AJ for being absent for the Weekly Words Challenge this week. She had a terrible case of loose vowels.

She will be back in next week and will make up this week's assignment as well.

AJ's Higher Self

Yes I missed yesterday, and of course I could do the 'late but Wednesday' version like I did last week, but I had higher hopes of my photos being more worthy. I only have 2 possible submissions and I really don't like either one of them for the keywords. So you guys will have to sit tight until next Tuesday, and not only do I promise not to be late, I am going to begin doing my WWC entries (like Jay does I think) on Monday nights and having them all shiny and ready for Tuesday.

I really must pick myself up and get my @$$ in gear. This has been unacceptable.

I know, I know... I have been through a great deal in the last year (years), but still I gotta keep moving and living and trying to make ends meet. Everyone is busy, everyone gets tired, but I simply must make the time to do the things that I love doing the most. Those things are, writing, music, spending time with people I care about. Then I have to also find time to take care of business too without letting it get to me and stress me out. I'll find a way.

Not much use in going into every little emotion that I have been bombarded with lately, just long story short: Stress, finance woes, too much work to do and worrying over people I care about... lastly, neglecting myself (my soul, my mind and my body). I am a mere faint shadow of the woman I used to be, I feel like crap about it, and that is nobody's fault but my own.

That about docks this boat I guess. Hope you sail through your week via calm waters too.

It's all small stuff, right?? (gotta keep reminding myself).

Monday, May 25, 2009

For Memorial Day

They are dead; but they live in each Patriot's breast,
And their names are engraven on honor's bright crest.
~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Cover them over with beautiful flowers,
Deck them with garlands, those brothers of ours,
Lying so silent by night and by day
Sleeping the years of their manhood away.
Give them the meed they have won in the past;
Give them the honors their future forcast;
Give them the chaplets they won in the strife;
Give them the laurels they lost with their life.
~Will Carleton



PILE the bodies high at Austerlitz and Waterloo.

Shovel them under and let me work--

I am the grass; I cover all.

And pile them high at Gettysburg

And pile them high at Ypres and Verdun.

Shovel them under and let me work.

Two years, ten years, and passengers ask the conductor:

What place is this?
Where are we now?

I am the grass.
Let me work.

Sandburg, Carl. 1918. Cornhuskers.

Breaker Breaker

Well the busy week just kicked me in the butt, so sure... I took a few days off where I just didn't think of posting, took to a bit of relaxing, and of course had to take care of a few things. Nothing really exciting, just the same old crap, revisited.

Had a pretty cool dream involving John Lennon last night as I slept in my Dad's old recliner. I know there was more to it than I can recall, but I forgot a few pieces. The part I do remember was I felt a huge wave of emotion when I was talking to him, and I said, "John there just aren't any others like us who really "feel", and no one who understands like you do!" [I'm not quite sure what this meant and why I was confessing this to John.]

John replied, "I know. But there are a few." Then he began to name some specific people for me to look up, and I said, "Wait, let me write them down!" and I grabbed a pen and paper, and began to take names that John Lennon told to me.

Of course upon waking, I had a slight inkling of one of them, but just couldn't bring it to the surface. Isn't it weird in a dream when you think that something really has huge significance while you are dreaming it but when you wake up it has just evaporated? lol

Nobody say a ding dang word about how useless dreams are and that it is bullshit. I'm not looking to get into that bag of feces... I was just sharing so SHUSH.

Anyways, this has been Memorial Day (we had the day off). I am really sorry if I haven't made it by your blogs in a few, I still have to come by and catch up on WWC's too. My last post was this past Wednesday, so I have just had a lot going on and I have also been trying to relax and "recharge" this weekend since we had today off.

Of course one day is never enough of a holiday. I'm still needing a nice vacation sometime soon... but still, I hope I can at least get through and put a little bit of the stress that's been going on lately behind me. I try to think positive and all, it is hard sometimes. So bear with me everyone--Not that it seems anyone's been by worried about me, but still I hang on to the tiny hope that maybe I'm there in the back of your mind somewhere, maybe on the bottom shelf next to the forgotten jar of relish behind your favorite beer.

Laterz... AJ

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Playing Ketchup (WWC)

I am struggling, but I am finally bringing my Weekly Words Challenge for this week. This fun lil game is hosted by our wonderful friend Tink (from Pickled Beef). She challenged us this week with the keywords "K" and "Metal". I'll make this short and sweet, enjoy...

Silhouette of "The King"

"K" for the Hearing Impaired

"K" is for Killians (Irish Red)

"K" for Kolbe (back of a big trailer)

Kudzu Runs Rampant in Mississippi

Klassic (sic) Metal!!!

"Melt Your Face" Metal

Bonus Photo: I guess this to caution us on stray See-Saws...?

Ok, anyway-I'll be back later with more in depth stuff. Don't forget, you can submit something for "Ask AJ" at any time and I'll tackle it when I am able, so don't forget to check in and see if I have featured your topic on the blog. Also, give a bit of feedback and let me know if you are liking the "Ask AJ" feature.

Plenty has stressed me this week, so I feel a rant coming on soon... come back for that and More here at "Deep In The Forrest"! hehe.

Excuses Excuses

Hey guys, I have really had a busy and stressful few days. Sorry I haven't even posted on anything or mentioned if I was going to WWC--I am, I am going to be late and do it today but I am, so hang in there.

Sorry for delays, just swamped and tired. :-\



Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday I'm In Love

Love, love, love... simply because it is finally Friday and I have nothing better to say about it.

Too much swirling around in my head right now to really pinpoint any particular story from me... although I would like to put up a story again soon. It's been a while since I have shared a good one, has it not?? What do you think, are you ready for one of those infamous "AJ" stories?? And if so, what kind?? I'm enjoying user input lately... it's just helping me brainstorm.

Speaking of user input, I received three great questions for "Ask AJ". I think I will use today's post to tackle them so you might be well informed to start your weekends... (or finish them, whichever comes first, right? lol).

Here we go... now I must warn you, AJ might have to get a bit graphic on some of the topix and advice that are asked of her, so if you don't want to think of me in a "mature" or dirty way, change the channel. Mainly I mean these types of messages for my family members. They prefer to view me as an innocent being. (Shhhhh, please be discrete... my family still thinks I'm a Virgin and I don't want to break their hearts.) rofl

Our first question comes from a great pal, FuriousBall.

He writes,

Dear Aunt Jackie, Why do doggies drag their heiney on the ground?

Well, Furious... first of all thanks so much for this thought provoking inquiry! I for one, being a country girl, grew up around many animals, most common being of course dogs and cats. So this subject is one that I have contemplated often through the years.

Dogs tend to drag their "heiney" on the ground sometimes because they have "Worms", which causes their ass to itch. If the condition tends to appear serious, be kind and take your pet to the Veterinarian for care... I'm certain he would do the same for you.

As well, we have all witnessed "Ass Scratching" in humans and other species, am I right?? Even when a dog doesn't have worms, they might occasionally drag their ass just because it feels fantastic and life is too short not to just scratch your ass every once in a while.

If you seek pointers on enjoying life, you need only observe the animal world.

Hope this helps!

Our 2nd question comes from the lovely and recently engaged,Blogger Blondie who inquires:

Dear Jackie,

My fiance says seamon is good for my skin, hair and throat.


Well Blondie, first off before you put anything onto your face, be informed. We spell it "Semen" (pronounced 'Sea Men' or 'C min').

This topic is certainly one that has baffled and intrigued women and men throughout the ages. Of course many men will attest to this being 100% true, hands-down (no pun intended).

In fact, don't we all from time-to-time look back at our "foremothers" of long ages past and marvel at their porcelain skin? What beauty secrets have they discovered and perhaps passed on through generations of women to keep us resilient and youthful? Was Semen in the mix?

It may be possible... there are so many products on the market today that one might go a little crazy trying to figure it all out. The long and short of it (no pun intended)... it will not hurt, but is surely no substitute for our Nivea. Of course, the generation and application tends to be much more fun!

Nutritional value:
Scientifically speaking, A tablespoon of semen contains approximately six calories. Semen does contain protein, but it also contains all kinds of chemicals and minerals, including water, sugar, calcium, chlorine, magnesium, nitrogen, vitamin B12, and zinc. But it does not contain enough of any of these things to be considered "nutritious."

Ingredients and Benefits:
Male secretions, a.k.a. semen is made up of about 2–5% spermatozoa and some 60% of the volume is seminal plasma. Seminal plasma of humans contains a complex range of organic and inorganic constituents including metal and salt ions, sugars, lipids, steroid hormones, enzymes, prostaglandin hormones, amino acids and basic amines such as putrescine, spermine, spermidine and cadaverine. Since the seminal plasma provides a nutritive and protective medium for the spermatozoa during their journey through the female reproductive tract, it has been believed for a long time that the same protective properties can help protect skin from the environment. Truth is, there are a lot of alkalis in sperm. The female reproductive tract, if filled with acids, and the alkaline bases in the seminal plasma counteract the acids and protect DNA inside the sperm from acidic denaturation.

As for it's benefit to skin, Well, semen contains proteins, which tightens the skin helping with wrinkles (however this could be temporary). It also contains an abundance of natural lipids, essential amino acids and prostaglandin, natural substances which aid in skin repair and increase blood flow bringing in more nutrients to the to the skin.

So one could deduce from these facts that it's not bad and may possibly have its benefits.

In short, however the best things for our skin are, consuming plenty of essential fatty acids (monounsaturated and poly, all those Omega 3-6-9s), drinking enough water, and protecting yourself from the sun, stress and cigarette smoke as well as other free radicals. Healthy diet, exercise and living well are sure-fire, other than that it is hit an miss with the products we can buy (or extract-- ahhem).

Our 3rd and last question comes from the charismatic g-man.

He writes:

Dear AJ: Do you sing in the shower?

The answer to that one is very simple. "YES I DO!" I love to sing, and singing in the shower just seems to make my voice sound so much cooler, as if I am in Carnegie Hall or someplace mystic or historical. There's no limit to my 'bringing down the house' when it's just me and my bar of soap.

Thanks again guys for these great questions... Everyone please feel free to join us with this new venture. Remember, the topic can be like these, just things you want to know more about, or just want to see if I am clever or daring enough to come up with an answer, or items I have posted about before and you want to know more about them.

Hopefully, these are fun and everyone is enjoying them... let me know, love hearing from you guys.

This won't take the place of regular posts, of course not! I'll post stories and regular things whenever I have them. Just occasionally, when I get a cool topic request or query from my lovely readers, I thought this "Ask AJ" thing might be fun.

We could all do with loosening up now and then and having a bit more of that.

So until next time, keep all butts "itch free", your skin bright and shiny and keep a song in your heart (preferably save it for the shower, as I doubt we all wanna hear it! lol j/k).



Thursday, May 14, 2009

Play Him Off Keyboard Cat

Richie sent me this today and I don't know why, but it is really funny and made me LOL hard! :)

Thought I would share. I give you one of Life's big Losers, Having A Meltdown Online and Being Played Off By Keyboard Cat. Watch this shiznit!!!

That Cat is becoming a phenomenon... see more @

Also, I had nothing for "Ask AJ" today, so I need your questions or inquiries. Anything you want to know more about from "The Forrest", etc. E-mail or Comment me. Let's get this segment rollin!!! How about instead of just Thursdays, I will put up an "Ask AJ" within any post when a topic is received?

I need your questions and topix! :)

Another long day down, one to go... Love, AJ

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Skip Daze

Yesterday was a bit of a fog, and I was unable to execute the photos for the Weekly Words Challenge (by Tink). The words were "Arch" and "Purple". Sorry I didn't get to join in the fun this week, doesn't mean you can't Run by and see everyone else's talents!

Speaking of "Skipping", and since it is Springing into Summer pretty much around here, I am reminded of that famous phenomenon, Senior Skip Day (wiki).

Now, in the time leading up to my very own graduation, I have to go ahead and admit that I never did anything very interesting. It's quite sad honestly. I wasn't much of a class 'skipper' really, that is until I reached college. By then the rebel factor was no longer in effect, it was just go to class, don't go to class. There were no ringing bells, no tardy slips. It was a whole different ball game.

Yes well when the time came for our very own Senior Skip Day, I even contemplated whether it would be worth my participation. All of my good friends had already graduated in the last couple of years, and the friends that I hung with now were more just replacement friends. I wasn't "popular", and moreover there was nothing very interesting to do in our small down which was buried right smack in the middle of a dry county for Christ's sake. What was it I should aspire to, finding a floor mat and plopping down for a day in front of Sesame Street?

Alas, in the spirit of Seniority I pushed myself to participate in all of those final events (even went to a few senior parties). On Senior Skip Day, one of my replacement friends, Annette, and I cruised over to Harold's house in my powder-blue Impala and spent the lamest few hours possible doing nothing. For me, all it added up to was watching Harold hit on Annette all day, listening to his lame jokes and desperately watching the clock.

Unfortunately in fact, all of the Senior-events combined consisted of activities far paling in comparison to a movie such as American Pie (1999) although I do admittedly wear a few medals for a "Band Camp" story or two. ;)

Looking back, High School for me was the proverbial End of The Innocence in essence (aside from Band Camp), because of those harmless crushes that went nowhere, lack of real-life troubles, and everything still reeking of childhood fairy-tale bliss. Once all that snowy drift washed away the floodgates were opened for real-life pains and true heartbreaking permanent scars. In short, nothing got that interesting until college.

If we had realized the jewel of pure innocence in those shiny-faced days, looking back, I think we would have listened more closely when our parents or loved ones told us to really savor and enjoy our youth, and not to be such a hurry to grow up. We probably all giggled and rolled our eyes to those words at the time, but knowing now how fast that time zoomed by I wish we had listened fully with ears wide open.

Graduates (and everyone) I challenge you; seize the day, live with no regrets, and slow down a little... really. There's no need to rush, believe me when I say these moments have fast wings.

In A Hurry And Don't Know Why

So here is today's "Video du Jour" I share with you Alabama singing, In A Hurry And Don't Know Why. Soak it in!

Monday, May 11, 2009


I know this will disappoint some of my Rock and Punk guys and gals, but I am in R&B mode today.

This one makes me wistful... for many reasons. I remember this feeling.

You're Lovely.

Tater Red Monday

Officially, I'll start the "Ask AJ" section this Thursday. So go ahead and submit to me anything you would like more information about, that means stories, places of interest or just things you wanna know, and I will address these on Thursdays as promised. Come on, it'll be fun!

Tater Reds Sign, MemphisJust quickly since I haven't had time to post, I'm giving the Tater Reds info... Tater Reds boasts that they are 'your one stop voodoo shop. "It's a Blues shop . . . with an attitude!" Open 7 days a week 12 pm - till we've had enough'. Tater has had this shop open for about 15 years here in Memphis down on Beale St., and it's a very popular point of interest in the historic Beale district. There you will find novelties, voodoo items, as well as Memphis and blues souvenirs and interesting character to say the least. It's a must see if you are ever here for a visit. The sign, as you have all pointed out of course, is the coolest!

Then of course, I have received a couple of questions, the first of which I will go ahead and address! Yay! This comes from Furiousball. He writes:

"Dear AJ:

How long can you hold your breath under water?"

Well, furious. Funny you should ask ME such a question... I actually do not know how long I can hold my breath under water as I do not swim, although I will wade around in the water cautiously, I have a terrible fear of actually going under water, and can't even submerge my head below the ears. :) I know, it's really horrible of me... but I just can't stand the sensation of the water over my head and/or the possibility of it getting into my facial orifices.

So there you go... wasn't that fun??? I hope you liked it.

In other news, we just had a Mother's Day weekend, and I hope all the Mothers had a very wonderful weekend full of love and most importantly, rest and relaxation. What did you receive for Mother's Day??

Also took a bike ride to Hayti, Missouri, just for fun and to ride to escort a few people back into Memphis. It was rainy in spots but we made it back in one piece!

Now, it's Monday and I must be getting on, but dont' forget tomorrow is Tuesday's Weekly Words Challenge with Tink! Her words for this week are "Arch" and "Purple". So I hope to be able to get through and post for that.

Hang in there and have a great week all!

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Sorry I fell off from the other day, as I know I promised the first official of the "Ask AJ" segments. I still intend to, and as we are just starting the topic, we'll smooth it out.

Once again though, if you have ever read something on the blog that you'd like to know more on, or just have something else you'd like to inquire of me, e-mail it to and I will put them up weekly on thursdays here at the forrest.

Though off schedule, I will try to put up the "Tater Red" shop tomorow. Yeah.

As for excuses on why the posting hiatus from Wed, let's just say it has been very hectic at work, then at home as well. It happens here and there to us all. I always keep dragging along though, even if I am speaking to just one or two readers, at least that's someone. Thank any of you who still come by and hang with me... I know I can be boring sometimes or drone on about overemotional things... I still love to entertain and reach people though.

Think of me and my blog what you will but i am just ME, like it or lump it. I can't help nor do I want to change the person I am inside.

Well that's my rambling for this fine, misty Saturday evening, I'll be back tomorow with fun, facts and a weekend recap. Sweet dreams all!!!

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

To A Tee and Ask AJ

This day started out with extreme thunderstorms, all through the night. Some reported having trouble sleeping through the noise of the thunder and heavy rain, but not me. I slept like a log.

Further through the day, I have been in the mood to listen to books on audio. There's just something relaxing about listening to someone read a story or a book. Not that I mind reading myself, as there are times and places that I love to revel in the silence and frolic in that land limited only by my own imagination while reading a great written work.

Therefore, at lunchtime, I listened to a bit of my copy of Jack Kerouac's "On The Road", narrated by Matt Dillon (which I will overlook in the interest of enjoying Kerouac's story). lol

As well, I found a website called, which is a site where users can Volunteer to read volumes and contribute these, and of course all of these are offered for listening free. It's worth a look if you like audio books.

Ok on more to my original idea for today's discussion...

Blogging is a busy business, I guess for some it is a "business", and others just a pastime or more akin to keeping a Journal, or just writing for practice or relaxation.

For me, it's a few of those I guess, of course not "business" since I seem to have the money-making and traffic-drawing potential of a tree stump. I actually started this thing on a lark, just to have a log-in name to comment on a Niece's photo blog, and decided to dabble around with it and have become quite sweet on my "Deep In The Forrest". It is my hope that you have too.

At any rate, along the way I have put up a few photos of interesting places, historic and otherwise, such as "The Castle", "Tater Red's", along with other things that we've discussed that a few of you have expressed further interest in.

I thought I might try to address some of these, and pass along a bit of knowledge.

Most recently, and what gave me this idea, Kcinnova asks in regard to my "Procrastination" post, "Thank you for posting this. I no longer feel so alone, because you just described me to a 'T' ...why do we use the letter 'T' anyway? I suspect you just described me to a 'P' -- a giant 'P' for Procrastinator extraordinaire."

I knew about T-squares, having a background in graphic design as I do, but I further ventured to look it up.

What is the origin of "suits to a T"? "suits to a tee"? (Etymology)

TO A T - "We use this expression very commonly in the sense of minute exactness, perfection; as, the coat fits to a T; the meat was done to a T. It is easy to dismiss the origin of the expression as, I am sorry to say, some of our leading dictionaries do, by attributing it to the draftsman's T-square, which is supposed to be an exact instrument, but the evidence indicates that the expression was in common English use before the T-square got its name. 'To a T' dates back to the seventeenth century in literary use and was undoubtedly common in everyday speech long before any writer dared to or thought to use it in print. But it is likely that the name of the instrument, 'T-square,' would have been in print shortly after its invention, yet the first mention is in the eighteenth century. The sense of the expression corresponds, however, with the older one, 'to a tittle,' which appeared almost a century earlier, and meant 'to a dot,' as in 'jot or tittle.' Beaumont used it in 1607, and it is probably that colloquial use long preceded his employment of the phrase..." From "2107 Curious Word Origins, Sayings & Expressions from White Elephants to a Song and Dance" by Charles Earle Funk (Galahad Books, New York, 1993).

These types of phrases would be considered "Idioms". I have in my possession a book called A Hog On Ice (And Other Curious Expressions), which lists quite a number of such interesting idioms and their origins. I believe this book was originally given to me by my sister, Vickie. It's quite good if you like to look up these expressions.

My next post will give further detail about "Tater Red's" voodoo shop... I'll put that up tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I task you, my readers with this request: Send me other topics, things that you have seen or read about on my blog that you would like to know more about. What interests you??

We'll just call this "Ask AJ" time... where I will answer any questions or give more research into something I have put up on the blog... We could even dedicate a certain day to it. How about Thursdays?? Submit to me what you'd like featured and answered and it will go up in each Thursday's "Ask AJ" segment...

What do you think??

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Bokeh Heart (WWC)

I had the hardest time posting today... I swear. Issues at work were on fire, and it was just one task after another. My day even included my mouse freezing followed by the dreaded "blue screen of death".

Yeah, me.

So I managed to get my photos in order FINALLY... I just hope they were worth waiting for.
I'll be around to everyone shortly, I promise!

As you should know by now, the Weekly Words Challenge is brought to us by the little girl with the big heart, Tink of Pickled Beef.

The words for this week are:
Bokeh (Definition

Let's get started, shall we??

Slightly Bokeh (barely, maybe not)

Pretty Cool for Accidental Bokeh!

This Bokeh makes a great desktop background
(that is if it qualifies for Bokeh)

I Heart Gumbo... Ribs? Not so much.

Handy Heart

Creamy, Cool, Delicious Heart

My Heart

If you haven't joined the fun yet, go here for details. We also have a Flickr group for easy shareability. Not only do you get to add "Lowly Foon" to your resume, but you get to find out the new words at least an hour earlier. Happy snapping!

The words for next week are:

Monday, May 04, 2009


You've seen those "demotivational posters"... I found one that described me pretty well.

When you see something it takes me too long to do, a post, or something I say I am going to do and haven't done yet, just know that I honestly do mean what I say, my intentions are good. Things get hectic, I am unorganized, I am struggling to get to it all. Eventually, I do what I say I am going to do... 99.9 percent of the time. It just takes me a while with all the things that I have piled up in my procrastination.

Makes me feel like shit honestly... I hate this about myself.

The important thing to remember is I truly mean well... I just have a hard time. I try. :-\

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Rain Down On Me

My weekend in just a few words...


Soothing Rain.

Riding My Motorcycle In Rain.

Home. A Visit With Mom

Made Soup.

Felt stressed lately and maybe haven't had the pleasure of a rainstorm?? Close your eyes and spend 10 minutes here.

Friday, May 01, 2009

Drown and Smother

Since I was a child, I have had the occasional fever blister. Most recently, I had one like two weeks ago, and then this week (after this past Friday's extremely stressful and emotionally wearing day), I popped up with another one. This greatly distressed me, as I feel really bad on a daily basis about how I look to start with, and then to appear even more diseased with these mouth blisters makes me really go off the deep end.

So I was thinking about what causes these hellish plagues. I know first off that it is already in the Herp family y'know and lies dormant in the nerve cells until it is triggered by some type of stress, or trauma to the affected area anyways... I know that sounds bad... It's NOT THE GENITAL type, of course, but it still makes one feel disgusting. Even though it is NOT, it could turn into something like that if one doesn't exercise the proper cautionary measures and cleanliness in order to prevent passing it on or having it spread.

So yeah, stress and bad eating habits... I feel like that probably has slightly affected my immune system enough lately to allow a double dose of this cursed asshole of a fever blister to occur. Also I have just been moody and feeling like crap as a whole, so that doesn't help.

This weekend is the last straw... Whether Mr. J gets back on board and helps me stay on track or not, I am getting my life in order. I'm sick and tired of being unorganized, lazy, having a less-than-nutritional diet and just this horrible melancholy that comes along with total disorder and stressful day-to-day situations. Something has to give, I have got to kick things into high gear myself I guess.

Tonight I am starting by going home and cleaning as much of the house as I have energy for. I can't stand having company over when the house looks like ground zero. Pisses me off when it's like that, and Mr. J invites his clan or crew over unexpectedly and it's trashed like that. That adds further stress to my already anti-social, wanting to hide in my shell, uni-bomber inner AJ. Then I get feeling worse.

So anyone near me reading that, take heed and maybe wait until tomorrow to "pop by unexpectedly" eh?? Fair enough? I'm asking nicely.

Only I can change these things... But just occasionally I wish I had more help or encouragement from those I love... Life just seems to lose a little more gloss every day.

Therefore, change is a'comin... Gotta get these things in order, get my habits under control, and get back to feeling better. Pump up the immune system, get my energy and self-esteem back into normal range and stop popping up with these stress and depression-induced fever blisters.

That's about all I feel like going on over right now... Here's a very relaxing song that I enjoy from the good ol' days. It's called "Drown" by the Smashing Pumpkins.

Enjoy the day... cease the moment... no regrets!

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