For those of us who are a slave to the grind, we've almost made it through another work week, that's a great blessing! For those of you who don't have to report to anyone for your paycheck, well it's another beautiful day, so enjoy!

Richie went back to work today after Monday's oral surgery, still felt a bit loopy he said but all-in-all it has been a swift recovery. I'm glad... I did the best I could to take care of him.

So the weekend is in sight, and I'm trying to think of fun things to do. It's so hot weather-wise, and I don't mean to complain but I hate feeling sweaty and smelly. I like being pleasantly fragrant and sassy.

Nothing much to report otherwise, so I will let you go with a few cute graphics about the heat, one of which I stole from BBC's blog again (he always has the funniest cartoons). So there you go. Happy Thursday.



Pallav said…
It's hotter in India, but thankfully it rains every few days. It gets humid, but still it's ok :)

It might rain on sunday, i'm going for a drive :D

Rock on AJ!

Furtheron said…
I love the last one.
Aunt Jackie said…
Do report back Nothingman!!

Glad to see you come by.

Furtheron, yes that one is really funny to me too. :)

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