Sunday, November 30, 2008

Death To Innocence (A Preamble)

It's very hard to sum-up how I am feeling tonight. It's a strange melancholy. I am mixed up between getting the holiday spirit and thoughts of organizing my house and decorating with festive bells and whistles, and trying to shield myself from cold, hard realities.

I would go into it right now if I could, but I really don't have all of the words to illustrate everything that's in my heart. However, I will forewarn you that the next few days, while I am trying to work it out, there may be some depressing, emotional posts. So if you don't want to get dragged under my painful current, then read with caution.

Innocence is fleeting, I should've had a harder life to prepare me for some of the things that I am going to have to go through in these next years, but up until now, nothing has really 'stepped up' to play the part of the teacher, I guess you could say. For now, I go to gather my thoughts... and to prevent further 'rambling', I am just going to put my feelings into music.

This is Don Henley's "The End Of The Innocence" video.
*I am not a big Don Henley fan or anything, but this song just kind of seemed to express some of my feelings at the moment, so I am sharing.

Now, don't despair. I am still going to throw in some upbeat stuff, and I am still planning on bringing in one of my stories very soon (as soon as I can get it all together). But bear with me and forgive my emotional state, and as always, thanks for kind words when you leave them, thanks for your visits, and of course comments (I always love comments).

Before I go, I wanted to share a few fun photos that I created earlier. I got the idea because of Speedcat Hollydale's page. He found a website called I tried it out and got rather hooked. These are really fun and all you have to do is pick an "effect", and upload a pic and save it... they're so cool. I mean, I know I can photoshop all day long, but these were fast and easy and made me smile. Enjoy.

Welcome To December.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Everyone Gobble

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving all. Ours was spent with family, most everyone showed up and we all enjoyed a nice visit. I am thankful for that and many things. Thankful for lots of good food that Mom cooked and we all contributed a thing or two, and I helped her clean up after, then popped by the In-Laws for Huz's side.

Was a really nice day. I'm sure everyone's stuffed to the gills (or full as a tick), whatever your favorite phrasing is... lol. Now on to the next phase of the holiday season, right?

Since last week's "WWC", I had a pic of a Castle in Memphis, and a couple people expressed an interest in knowing more about that. I'm trying to check a couple of facts about it, and I am going to give you all a bit more of the history behind "The Castle" tomorrow. How does that sound?

Also, I am going to work up one of my all-fire-famous "Stories" for you after that, you know one of my true tales of either geekery, debauchery, or just plain cool or goofy memories, if I can get it together.

There you go, you have a bit to look forward to, and a reason to stroll back through my 'Forrest' really soon... mmm'kay??

Now, go digest all that feast, and come back tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Perfect and Flawed (WWC)

Happy Tuesday Kiddies! Holiday Season is upon us, so a great many of us are preparing ourselves for Thanksgiving this week here in the US of A. It's a Time of giving thanks and being thankful for everything we have, no matter how big or small.

If you stop and look around, then you might realize most times that you have so much more than you thought you did, and there are so many people who have way less than you, but are twice as happy. Something to think about... But nobody is "perfect", we are all flawed so there is plenty of room to grow in our ways of thinking.

Anyways, here is a brief little "Wikipedia" overview of Thanksgiving (USA).

United States Thanksgiving
United States Thanksgiving
The First Thanksgiving, painting by Jean Leon Gerome Ferris (1863–1930)
Observed by United States
Type National
Date fourth Thursday in November
2008 date November 27, 2008
Celebrations parades, spending time with family, football games, eating large meals

Thanksgiving, or Thanksgiving Day, celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November, at the end of the harvest season, is an annual American Federal holiday to express thanks for one's material and spiritual possessions. The period from Thanksgiving Day to New Year's Day often is called the holiday season. Most people celebrate by gathering at home with family or friends for a holiday feast. Though the holiday's origins can be traced to harvest festivals that have been celebrated in many cultures since ancient times[citation needed], the American holiday has religious undertones related to the deliverance of the English settlers by Native Americans after the brutal winter at Plymouth, Massachusetts.[citation needed]

Um yes. The Native Americans, wasn't that nice of them? They 'delivered' the people from a brutal winter with an abundant feast of delicious food. "We The People" were so thankful in fact that we decided to slaughter them and steal their land. Grateful aren't we?

Well nonetheless, we have since then capitalized on yet another tradition of our forefathers (and mothers), and commercialized a huge portion of this time of the year. It's a time of greed, over-spending, getting ourselves into more debt than we can shake a stick at, and overeating like crazy. Something's gotta give right?

I happen to know that the "Day After Thanksgiving", normally the biggest shopping day of the year, has also been deemed "Buy Nothing Day". Those who put this effort together urge us to Buy Less - Live More! I thought I would get on board this year. The date is Friday, November 28th. I am providing my very own 'Poster' below, and a link where you can find out more about this campaign. Join me... what have you got to lose? (Well, besides all of your savings and wasting tons of gas and frustrations).

"Nothing" is perfect, so it's the Perfect Time to Buy Nothing
(that's for the WWC)

Ok that was one of my entries, I put that in for "perfect". I had a whole 'brainstorm' going on there.

Now for the rest of this week's WWC (Weekly Words Challenge) entries, brought to us Thankfully by the lovely Tink of Pickled Beef. As you may have guessed, words for this week are Perfect and Flawed. Some of my entries came from the Archives, and some did not.

A Flawed Angel

Flawed Shot On A Rainy Night

The Perfect Rainy Scene

A Perfect Gesture

Perfect View Of The Pyramid

My Perfect Spot For Relaxing
(overlook my flawed feet)


Perfect Place To Enjoy A Play In Memphis

An Obviously Flawed Desk, Guess Nobody Wanted

The Perfect Parking Spot For Flawed Drivers

That's it for me today... Enjoy the rest of your day and if you don't happen back by before National Gorge Thyself And Sleep All Day... Day, then remember how much you have and be thankful for it all... you never know when you might lose it.

Why not share with someone less fortunate than yourself, give them something to be thankful for too. But wherever you find yourself amongst the madness, do enjoy and have a safe and happy day one and all!

Monday, November 24, 2008

If I Had A Nose Full Of Nickels

Then I'd be Richer than Snot, right? lol or well, at least richer than I was with a nose full of snot. I have improved some, I am still having hard nights, waking up coughing and all, but it is getting a little better. The gig Saturday night was tough. Nobody showed up of course, and the only people that WERE there were Ubee's employees and some college kids at the bar shouting "METALLICA!!!" AND "RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS!!" at us. It was a little disconcerting, but I marched on, vocally speaking.

We don't play Metallica, we don't play the Chili Peppers, We're NOT a cover band. Presently we've nothing but originals in our set (this is exceedingly rare). When you're a band that is not that well known, your originals are basically considered nothing but "art", and nobody really wants to come out and hear them. "Art" does not book shows, or draw much of a crowd. Memphis is a place where people want to hear the familiar, the historic, I guess they rock to what they know. When you're different, or 'Experimental' as we might be called, it's slim pickins' I suppose.

So I droned on through the set, with a scratchy throat and nearly lost my voice near the end of the second set. The place was a ghost town, the guy who booked the show had already flown the coop to catch another event he was due to make an appearance at. We cut a couple songs from the second set, and hauled our asses out of there, I was just relieved it was over.

After that, I spent Sunday recuperating as it seemed to make my voice worse than before, but I've been taking medicine, and hope to shake this by Thanksgiving.

Other than gigging, nothing else interesting came out of the weekend. Last night I caught up on the latest episode of "True Blood", and really have enjoyed that show, more than I thought I would. My husband and I ordered out some sushi rolls and kind of hit the sack early, got up for some Monday morning Cardio and I'm looking forward to this short, 3 day work week to say the least.

Hope all of you guys are doing well, and I'm sorry for my little hiatus, just haven't felt up to much with my "Unholy Crud" condition. By the way, I am still falling head over heels for this bird, "Snowball the Dancing Cockatoo".

So since it's a rainy Monday here in the River City, I'll share two more Snowball Videos. I give you 1. Snowball Dances To Huey Lewis, and 2. Snowball Rocks With "Another One Bites The Dust"

Don't forget, tomorrow is the Weekly Words Challenge with the fabulous Mrs. Tink Hoop!, wherein we tackle the words "Perfect" and "Flawed". C U DEN!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Fear and Loathing En Mi Nariz y Garganta

I was going to call this post "Fear and Loathing En Las ventanas de la nariz" (meaning "Fear and Loathing In My Nostrils) but wished to shorten it, and Espanol just doesn't make it easy. So I went with "Fear and Loathing In My Nose and Throat". lol I know, too much effort for something that doesn't make a rat's ass really.

To get to the point, I've had the Unholy Crud this week, it started in my throat sometime between Monday and Tuesday, and by Tuesday afternoon my throat was scratchy and sore and I was beginning to feel like crap. Richie had to get in on the sinus problem thing too, so we had to beg off practice and opt to try and make it up on Friday if everything goes well that is. I've been taking medicine and all that jazz, and I sure hope to clear up soon because we gig Saturday night at Ubee's, and I don't want to sound like Brian Johnson (No offense Brian!). I prefer my more ladylike singing voice, and well just hope for my sake as well as The Rest of SAP's sake, that I do get well soon!

In other news, as you may or may not have noticed, I broke down and put the Anonymous option back on because I had a few dear visitors who like to come by and leave a note, but don't have an account, and they always leave their name. So I thought I would try allowing this once again. Just let me ask you the big favor, IF YOU DO POST as 'ANONYMOUS', just at least leave your name so I know who you are. If you post without signing, I will delete it. It takes no trouble, and if you know me, you should be fine with letting me know your identity. Indulge me anyway, please? Ok. Thanks.

Also, my sister sent me the link to a video yesterday, and I was just bolled over. Apparently "The Backstreet Boys" really are for the birds. This bird, "Snowball" dances better than most of the people I know... And also, someone commented on YouTube that the bird in the left-most cage is dancing too. Just really cute :) So Enjoy the Snowball Boogie.

I shall return, hopefully SNOTLESS!!!

* Special note, from the above link there is also a note that Snowball's owners are involved in an organization that is trying to build a Bird Habitat, looks like a good cause if anyone is interested, Find Out More Here:

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Public and Private (WWC)

This week's "Weekly Words Challenge" is brought to us by the manly and excellent Jay of Cynical Bastard. He has done a great job of standing in for Tink as she was off getting married all this last week... His words were "Public" and "Private".

I'm running amuck and confused as usual, so bear with me. I'll get this I hope!

Let's get this party started!

My Pubic... Oh wait, damn wrong word.
See told you I was confused today!!!

Maybe I better let the Slideshow handle this...

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Chainsaw Rock

I haven't had time to conjure up any stories today, I have been thinking about posting a story soon though. Anybody have any suggestions about what you might want to read about?? Like, I dunno, Childhood, Debauchery, Embarrassing Moments, Funny, heck give me a little feedback. :)

Today though, I was thinking about funny Rock songs and videos, and for some reason "Jackyl" popped into my head. This old song, "Lumberjack" was hilarious to me, but I gotta admit, dude was pretty awesome with a Chainsaw... Check It Out, "Lumberjack" by Jackyl.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Full Moon Fever

We had a full moon this week. Sometimes crazy things happen around the full moon, and you're not out of the water until even a couple days after, but this one seemed to go o.k. for me. I'm just a little 'washed out', and ready to relax. It's still been foggy and rainy most of the week, and I've wanted to sip my cocoa and read... that's been my mood basically. Hope you all have a great weekend though... I'm going to try.

If you are a "Bizarro", then pop by I've left you a little present... you know what that means, and you know who you are.

Don't forget, also check by when you can think over at WTF Friday. I haven't even thought to post or pop by there myself lately--sorry everyone!! Hope you aren't mad at your AJ!

That's basically it for today, I'm going to relax and enjoy hiding in my shell tonight if at all possible. Hope your Full Moon went well or uneventful I guess... it wasn't so for others. Here are a couple Full Moon links for you to enjoy (If ya got nothin else ta do)!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

What The Hell Happened To Me?

We all have our daily routines, we reach a goal, hit a milestone, get comfortable. Sometimes we stay there and bask in that one glow for way too long... Change buzzes all around us, but sometimes it's too scary so we hide right in the center and let it spin right past. There is a price to pay for comfort.

Growing up, I do remember wanting to be a nurse until about fourth grade. It was at that time that my mother enrolled me in a local art class taught by Mrs. Meacham. I never looked back to a medical profession again, but lived a life of a "wannabe artist" from there on. "Art Fever" had taken control of young Jackie.

Early on, the aspirations took on that of a "Film Animator". I wanted to live in California, and work for the likes of Disney, Warner Bros., and really blaze a cartoon trail. Then later, Illustration won my love, and I wanted to design book and magazine covers, albums, Billboards, even package designs. My work would be the deciding factor that drew you in, and made the sale.

I daydream back to those lovely warm days in Commercial Art and Graphic Design class, the delicious scent of inks, markers and paint thinners. Memories of sitting at the drawing tables, using X-acto knives and linoleum cutters, having love affairs with type styles, clip art, comps and images while Rock 103 played on throughout the day on Mrs. Varnadoe's old radio (she dared anyone to change the station).

I pittled my time away, giving in to "fun". A GREAT idea would sometimes fizzle into unfinished projects. I lost my "zing", my motivation waxed and waned. In short, I graduated with the competitive drive of a sloth, but eventually took a small paycut to leave Wal*Mart and go to our local town Newspaper. That was it, I was working "In the Field" at that point.

Eventually, I took a higher-paying job in the Printing industry, where I remained entangled for quite some time. I worked in printing long enough to lose track of the technological advances that had taken place by then, and lacked the confidence probably to ever try to update my portfolio and still go for the big guns of Graphic Design. But, printing is semi-related to 'the field'... right? No, not really. Not at all. But it did help pay the bills.

Later on, of course, I would meet the charismatic and talented "Mr. J" and be inspired to join the ranks of Information Technology and Web Design. My experience and training in Graphic Design wasn't a total loss, it actually sticks with me and is a big part of my life and work today!

Still I wonder, where would I be if I'd worked hard, stayed the course and given my all to my dream of Illustration and Design? One can only reminisce and dream of where that road might have led.

In short, each day of our lives we are presented with decisions. Sometimes these decisions seem small at the time, but they can have more of a significant effect on the big picture than we realize. Every small thing we do is important to the universe, and it makes a difference. Besides, who knows what comes tomorrow? I can only live moment to moment.

It's all food for thought I guess.

I don't regret the things I've done, I regret the
things I didn't do when I had the chance.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

We Desire Diversity (WWC)

Hi there. I am always a day late and a dollar short it seems. These days maybe two or three dollars short, but I digress. I am late for this week's WWC (Weekly Words Challenge), but I am doing my best this week.

This week's words were "Diversity" and "Desire", & still provided by the by NOW Very Married, Tink (of Pickled Beef). We're all very happy for you Tink! Since she is away doing those things that Honeymooners are prone to doing (at least for a while), she has left a very worthy "Grand Poobah" in charge. Our leader for this next week is that suave, debonair, rowdy and raunchy Viking that we all know and love, Jay of Cynical Bastard. He has presented us with NEXT week's words, "Public" and "Private" (which are still apt to cause a stir eh?).

Ok, ok... I'll get to my entries for this week since it sounds like I am beating around the bush... I promise I'm not. Here you go... My Slideshow. Voila!

Let's see, what else? What else?

How bout a few fun links for today? I just googled around, so don't judge the site they came from, I just copied the interesting ones I saw. Have fun with:

Are You Rude? (quiz) (Oprah's article on Rudness)

Do You Have A Work Spouse?

Politics (which I was gonna avoid, but this is interesting):
Palin says she'd be honored to help Obama Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin told CNN today that she would be honored to help President-elect Barack Obama in his new administration if asked, even if he did once hang around with an "unrepentant domestic terrorist." >full story

And finally, my husband e-mailed me earlier today with a funny little blurb. However, you should know a little about "World of Warcraft", you can click on the link if you'd like. WoW is an online video game similar to "Everquest", in which some players get quit addicted (so-they-say). You don't necessarily have to play these games to get a giggle out of it, but it probably helps... just understand that in games such as WoW, you play an online character who can take on various skills and careers, and you have to train them to increase their talents, etc... that being said, here's the blurb sent to me by my husband.

"On there was a woman pleading for help because her husband was addicted to WOW. One of the first comments was "Obviously she needs to stop talking and max out her cooking skill". My face is hurting right now."

It was funny, I couldn't help but laugh too. Sometimes when surfing around the web, looking at videos, blogs or so forth, the comments can be the funniest part.

Hope you all have a great Hump Day...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Anonymous Anonymore

Anonymous commenting has been disabled. I'm sorry about that, I appreciate those of you who comment, even if you were anonymous but left a name and all, I know this will probably keep you guys from leaving me a comment, but I just got tired of the "anonymous" anonymouses. I appreciate everyone's visits, but it does you no harm to leave a nickname, or blog identity, if you have something to say, say it. I prefer to know who leaves the comments, that's all.

So it will let you sign into your Google/Blogger account, or Open ID, which I think includes Wordpress, Typepad, LiveJournal or even AIM accounts. That should cover most everybody.

Today is WWC day, but the Veteran's Day holiday threw me off... I'm going to do my best to get my entry up tomorrow.

In other news, I'm reading "Hearts In Atlantis" by Stephen King, and am really liking it so far. I have watched the movie before, so I tend to have those characters in my head when reading the story. I don't think that hurts any, at least I have a face to the names, and then I get to read way more detail and find out in depth what happens in the book. I'll let you guys know how I like it once finished. Just started yesterday and have only read about 120 pages, so it will take me a few days, dependent on how busy I am.

Other than that, I really don't have much to report. It's raining, and you know I love that. I just wish today wasn't band practice day... I would rather hide in my bed and watch a movie or something. Check you later! ;)

Sunday, November 09, 2008

What's Up With That Steeple?

Weekend has been buzzing by, there were things I had planned on doing that I didn't get to take care of such as picking up some things from my Sister's house (sorry Vick! If you are inclined to give me another chance then perhaps this Friday or Saturday? Don't look at me like that, I'll make good I swear!)

With the time change, and the days being shorter, I think this last week has really thrown me for a loop... Not to mention the low-energy bit. But I am feeling a bit more perky today. Perhaps it is because I did a good deed. I went to church with my Mother and performed a song for her, basically I wanted to give her a lift because she's seemed so down the last few days. She won't admit it, but I could hear it in her voice. So since she'd been begging me to come play piano and do a special song for so long, I thought it might lift her spirits. It seemed to help.

Most everyone realizes that I am not a fan of organized religions, or the way things seem to go in most churches. I have a spirituality, and I live my life according to the things that I feel are right, or try to for the most part. I am who I am, and you are who you are, so let's leave it at that, and no tattling on me either, mm'kay?

But I wondered to myself as I sat there on the bench alongside Mom, if Hell was warming up its broilers just for me as I sat there and slapped myself for envisioning phallic symbols in a particularly 'interesting looking' set of crosses they had hanging on the wall. I snickered to myself, as I wondered just how demented that made me in the world of "normal" or righteous people... It doesn't really bother me, but of course I do not want Mom to know (winks).

Sometimes I need to feel free to blog about something (get stuff off my chest) without knowing it's gonna get me busted or lectured. :) Yeah, I know, go back to private journaling, right? Well, I like blogging, so I like to write freely. Yeah I still have to hold back sometimes on here, and I also have a private blog if I really feel like venting. Not that I don't trust my (blog) family, but sometimes things can slip out, when someone would prefer them not to. I'm sure that there are things that you would rather not have discussed as well, so let's just agree to respect one another's needs here... how does that sound?

I like it myself...

So I did a good deed today, and even though I really don't enjoy traditional southern baptist music, and not many of them can carry much of a tune, I got a good feeling from doing something nice, so I am pleased in that regard.

In local weather, we experienced quite a chill this weekend, Richie and I decided to play camping again, and pitched our tent, too close within earshot mind you of Mom's rooster, so he began his morning wake-up ritual before the sun even came up... and we had quite a frost, so the tent was a 'chilling' experience to say the least.

It's always to the extreme with us, either frying like bacon in the heat of summer when I mistakenly point our open tent window to the east (like an idiot), or waking up to frozen eyebrows and zealous roosters before dawn.

Where's the middle?

Have a great week Chicks and Cocks!

Friday, November 07, 2008

Something Smells Fishy

I've been trying to post for a couple days now, but keep getting distracted and sidetracked. Aside from that I just have felt "ZERO" energy this week. I do not know what is up. I had my B12 shot over a week ago, more near 2 weeks ago. I never really felt a substantial boost from that, and have not had a very good week as far as my exercise regimen is concerned. I feel a little like crap.

To top that off, Richie's mood has been in the shitter this week because he had to adjust some of the crap that he is taking to become "Superman", and went through a couple of days of being an edgy asshole. That really pisses me off when someone is all edgy and jumps at the drop of a hat, tries to be all prickly and salty with me when I didn't do a damn thing. I don't feel like putting up with that shit. I would rather have a soggy, lazy, slacker of a human being than a "ripped" asshole (lol).

Today, he does the usual... "springs" a Barbecue on me. The house is in a mess, I generally don't like much company on Friday nights because I am tired, and ready to just chill out, but now we have to have people over, probably kids included, and 'fire up the grill'. Who's gonna clean up the extra-added mess? Of course, ME. Everyone else can fill their gut, smoke their cigarettes, eat their food, wear on my nerves, and then leave me with the mess... Sounds like heaven does it not?

The irritation doesn't end there, since he has a mission to throw a bunch of fish and seafood on the grill, he has to call me up while I'm still at work, and he's out driving around aimlessly, and ask me to look up the address to the fish market. I just happened to be in the elevator when he called because I was about to fall asleep and I had to go downstairs and get something to drink, and walk around for a moment. So he gets all pissy because I can barely hear him in the elevator (not my fault), so I have to scream "can I call you right back, when I get back to my desk?" YEAHH. ---CLICK---

So I get back to my desk, and I search google for any nearest fish markets, and call him back. I have trouble trying to explain where he needs to go, and he gets pissy and tries to throw one of his "Nevermind" fits. So, I say "hey wait... " and try to patiently instruct him, telling him where a fish market is, and he is telling me that he's probably JUST going to go to SAM'S or something. I say "fine", and we hang up. My mood is getting edgier by the minute.

Five minutes later, he calls me back angry because he went to look for the place that he didn't even PLAN on going to, the one that I didn't even bother trying to tell him about because of his 'just going to SAMS fit', and is mad because he turned on the wrong road and STILL didn't see any fish market... I'm ready to punch him in the eye at this point.

I try once again to instruct him which road to turn on and that he should go NORTH on that road (Richie angrily, "Which way is north, left or right?" Jackie patiently, "Left"). So he says "OK". I remind him that if that place falls through, that he should try to check out the one I was trying to instruct him about in the first place, and I get a half-hearted agreement out of him.

I haven't heard anything back from him yet, so either he found fish or he probably went and ran his truck over a gaggle of fisherman in a rage... In either case, I hope he cools off soon because I can't take much more of his attitude this week, he's driving me up the wall... Getting mad and irritated with me, when it was all HIS damn fault about something in the first place doth not a happy AJ Make.

Film at 11. Maybe not.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

A Time To Chill

The election is over, we had a winner by both popular and electoral vote. People have spoken, not all of them one particular "race", and for many different reasons and personal beliefs. The months ahead for our new president and our country will be very tedious and trying times, and he will have a huge job ahead of him, trying to bring about the changes he has spoken about, as well as gaining further approval of the American people. We all know this.

Although the election itself is over, I wanted to share this article. I think it makes a lot of good points about the behavior of the American people regarding whether they do or don't like certain leaders, and how we react and treat one another in regard to this.

The truth is, we have a new president who will take office in January, and we need to pull together as a nation, and support each other, our leaders, our country and its military. It doesn't mean we have to agree on everything, and it doesn't mean that we can't still fight for our beliefs and issues, that's freedom and we still have that, contrary to the freak-outs of everyone in the 'apocalyptic zone'.

We need to move forward with a positive, fresh outlook. We need to help make the changes needed, support our country and let everyone know that we are still, and will always be "The United States Of America".

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Hands and Feet (WWC)

All kinds of stuff going on this week, and it has been a founky (sp) start for me, so my "WWC" is very bare bones this week. The Weekly Words Challenge (WWC) is brought to us by the ALMOST MARRIED Tink of Pickled Beef! Congrats Tink as your day is drawing very close!!! :)

Tink gives us "Hands" and "Feet" for this week's words, and I believe while she is away, she's handing the reigns over to our favorite sexy Cynical Bastard (Jay). Can't wait to see what havoc he will reek with us!

Should be Wicked Fun.

Since I am in a bit of a creative kink, I can only offer to re post my feet, which should still thrill everyone I think. The shot is from when I was relaxing in Mom's pasture, and met with the fateful Karma Cow (as Tink called her).

AJ's feet pointed towards the sky, while grounding herself...

Well I do hope you enjoyed that, even if it was a repeat. Some things bear repeating, especially my bare feet. Sorry I don't have anything creative in the way of hands today, all out. I'll be around to see everyone as soon as I can to check up on your hands and feet.

Also, I know we just finished up Halloween, and I probably should've posted this then, but I just ran across it. My Sister, Vickie's favorite line from the Stephen King movie "It", I give you, KISS ME FAT BOY!!!. Clown haters, like me--might hate that, as we agree that clowns are always evil fuckers.

Now I know I'm exiting Halloween, we haven't even made it through Thanksgiving yet, and I'm going into something more related to Christmas. I guess I've spent too much time in Walgreen's. Those stores get their Christmas duds out before kids can wash off their Halloween make-up. But just as a laugh, I had to put this up too (much funnier and grosser than the clown), but dude's slightly nude (although you can't see anything). Just go ahead, gross yourself out at your own risk.

Jingle Bell Fart Video

That about does it for me today, I'm hoping by the end of the week I'll be over Monday. But then it's time to start all over again, right? Oh well... I'll feel a little better and maybe wordier tomorrow.


Monday, November 03, 2008

Human Touch

Hold On To Your Adidas, Here's A Blast From The Past.

The embedding was disabled on this, so you will have to Go To YouTube's Site and Watch It

Thought we could use a little video on this Monday. I'm lagging a bit, and as you can see I took the weekend away from blogging, just an end of the month rest of sorts. Now we are smack-up-in November as it seems. I can't believe that this year is nearly coming to a close. Every single year speeds up, we're running in Fast-Forward aren't we?

I'm going to do a little reading, watch "Heroes", and probably head off to my alternate reality (a.k.a. "dreamworld") kinda early tonight. See what interesting souls I can encounter there.

Hope your week shapes up to be a good one. How was everyone's Halloween??

More mental-mung from me along with the "WWC" tomorrow. C-U-Den.