Thursday, October 21, 2010

Circle Of Friends

So it seems that every day people new and people old weave themselves in and out of my life, leaving me wrapped up in the web that they have weaved about me and dulling my senses. I can only walk moment to moment and search the shadows, in which I have always hidden so that I may find myself and take me home.


Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Joyful as the thought may be of having all of the answers to everything, how much fun would that truly be? As painful as some of our lessons in life are, if you knew the end result of any given experience the odds are that you would avoid many endeavors that otherwise gave you a lot of joy, love and pleasure. You'd really miss a lot of those 'in between gifts'. So all's well that ends, well, even not-so-well.

Forty-two is just about as good an answer to the question of life as any I can think of, so you will just have to accept that and continue licking your wounds, and continue experiencing things that are not always joyful, magical or fairy tale endings. You'll thank me as well as yourself later for allowing yourself to live life.

Move forward, unafraid, knowing that in times of trouble you're equipped with an armor far tougher than you realized and bear a strength that has saved itself for this very moment.

Remember, "Change is neither good nor bad. It just is." That's right, it just IS and it is inevitable. What you do with the change (what you spend all of that spare change on is up to the individual. You can make it positive or negative)!

So I am waking up each day, sometimes not knowing just what's going to happen next, but I embrace the challenges that may come to pass, and know that I am going to emerge a stronger, more confident and radiant being on this sometimes-not-so-shining planet.

Each of us has different paths, although we may be traveling the same streets and highways with kindred spirits from time-to-time, and oftentimes many of us take separate exits. So, all those questions you have about your life? Only YOU can answer!

Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe and Everything (42)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Spanish Castle Magic

Dragonflies are something very magical... This must be true since they're one of the few enormous insects that I am enamored of and I do not run screaming from. Yes, I think they hold many ancient secrets of the universe ;) Read Dragonfly Symbolism.

It just seems like a good day to take flight on the back of one of these mysterious creatures. What say you!?? Let's go!

It's very far away
It takes about a half and a day to get there
If we travel by my uh, dragon-fly
No it's not in Spain
But all the same you know, it's a groovy name
And the wind's just right.
Hey !

Hang on my darling
Hang on if you wanna go
Here it's a really groovy place
It's uh, just a little bit of uh, said uh, Spanish Castle Magic.

The clouds are really low
And they overflow with cotton candy
And battle grounds red and brown
But it's all in your mind
Don't think your time on bad things
Just float your little mind around
Look out ! Ow !

Hang on my darling, yeah
Hang on if you wanna go
Get on top, really let me groove baby with uh Just a little bit of Spanish Castle Magic. Yeah baby,
here's some
Yeah, ok babe, ok
It's still all in your mind babe
Oww !
Yeah !

Ah !

Hang on my darling, hey
Hang on, hang on if you wanna go
And it's happening, oh no, damn hey ! That's right baby, listen
A little bit of Spanish Castle Magic
Hey !
Little bit of Spanish Castle Magic
Hey hey !
I can't uh, sing this song, no
Yeah, ok baby
Get on baby
It's all in your mind baby
Little bit of daydream here and there
Oh !
Yeah !
Ooh ! yeah !
Ow !
Ev'rything's gonna be alright!

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Gettin Back In The Saddle

All I seem to be able to say whenever I come by to leave a post these last couple of months is "Things have been crazy and I haven't had time to think/post etc". As much as I would like to stop saying that, it's been crazy for sure in all areas of life.

Still, my longing to write, and to write something more than status messages for my blog is strong and I want to resume writing things that I enjoy here.

My attempt to try getting back into the swing of things, and get back to "Jackie", even more than ever before is in progress. I am here, I have been digging deep down inside myself to keep 'her' from drowning. Nothing I could say here would merit just a blog, just rest assured that everything that I have gone through lately and in the past too will become part of my book.

I've decided as soon as my feet are back on the ground enough to move forward, and I get some other projects done that I have promised to people, and that I have been trying to get done, then I am going to begin my own book. I don't know what direction it will go, but it will be time to start.

Oftentimes I think my life has been boring and without any interesting stories, but when I was with a friend of mine recently, and exchanging titillating tales (as girls often do), I realized that I have a great deal of material to entertain!

My concern never lies with creativity, or finding the words to start this, my only wonder is 'just exactly how is this insane little tale going to end?'. It's destined to be a crazy work, that's for sure.