Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Of Long Ago

Back in the day, way back in the days before television and cool gadgetry, families gathered together after a long, hard day and were transported to the only world of entertainment they had, the radio.

Off and on I find myself indulging in these classics, and imagining what it must have been like when women still took great pride in their appearances, and went to so much trouble to stay lady-like and feminine. They wore pristine suits and gloves and hats, and the men did too. I'm not saying there weren't hard working people in tattered garments and worn jeans and all that, but not in public. Those clothes were for working, and for working in the fields and getting dirty.

If you were showing your face in public you were presentable and elegant. You got 'dressed for dinner', everyone sat down at the table, in the dining room and had dinner as a family. Yes certainly there were exceptions to this, but I think it's the way I romanticize the era when I listen to the songs, and these radio classics.

Why am I drawn to this? I listen in and almost imagine myself there, maybe as a sassy stenographer living in New York City like "My Friend Irma", Walking the city streets in my fancy little dress suit, perfectly styled. Maybe I have on shiny, pointy-toed pumps and can actually walk in them. If I were like Irma, I might have some suave, city-slicker boyfriend who takes me to dinner... Chivalry isn't yet dead. :)

I've often fantasized about running a cool little Italian Pizzeria where the waiters and waitresses would present themselves with style. I fancied maybe playing nothing but the old Italian singers like Perry Como, Dean Martin, Louis Prima, Frank Sinatra... on some beautifully restored jukebox from the past. Those singers are a mix of eras of course, but they still remind me of the mystery of a time gone by that I wasn't a part of.

These things make me feel as though there was once romance, neatness, lower crime rates, ladies, gentlemen and simplicity.

Here's a video link to an episode of "My Friend Irma"

It offers the next segments once you've listened to the first... give it a try, it's cool!

And here is one of my favorite songs from back in the day. One you might hear if you ever come out to "Jaxxx's Pizzeria". Play and Enjoy!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Lordy Lordy, Look Who's 40!

Earth Day Turns 40 Today! Can you believe that? The article mentions that Earth Day, although now global all began with a bunch of 20-somethings working in an office over a diner. At first the name didn't sit well with them, they thought it sounded too much like an event for farmers, but it grew on them, as Earth Day itself has grown on all of us.

I try to think of the Earth every day, and although I am by far not its most talented helper, I try to reduce damage and increase awareness when I can. Sure I know I should do more, we all should think of helping the planet we live on and more than just this one day a year. However, today at least do something wonderful for the planet in honor even if it is to stop littering, or if you can plant something maybe a tree. Every bit counts. Don't ever think you don't make a difference just because you are only one person. It all adds up.

Here are a few Earth Day Links to check out.

Earth Day Network

Ecological Footprint Quiz (what's your impact?)

Earth Day Crafts and Activities

Earth Day Events

Earth Day Quotes:
There are no passengers on Spaceship Earth. We are all crew." ~Marshall McLuhan, 1964

"Thank God men cannot fly, and lay waste the sky as well as the earth." ~Henry David Thoreau <-that one's a little funny eh?

"Take nothing but pictures.
Leave nothing but footprints.
Kill nothing but time.
~Motto of the Baltimore Grotto, a caving society

"There is hope if people will begin to awaken that spiritual part of themselves, that heartfelt knowledge that we are caretakers of this planet." ~Brooke Medicine Eagle

"You can't be suspicious of a tree, or accuse a bird or a squirrel of subversion or challenge the ideology of a violet." ~Hal Borland, Sundial of the Seasons, 1964

"Only when the last tree has died and the last river been poisoned and the last fish been caught will we realize we cannot eat money." ~Cree Indian Proverb

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtfully committed citizens can change the world.
Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." ~Margaret Mead

"I really wonder what gives us the right to wreck this poor planet of ours." ~Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

"What is the use of a house if you haven't got a tolerable planet to put it on?" ~Henry David Thoreau

And finally I know many people are of the opinion that Earth Day is just a humorless event meant to make people feel bad about drinking bottled water and beating up seals, but over the years many late night comedians and sitcom writers have found funny ways to promote green living and make us laugh at the same time. So, Here Is A Video To Make You Laugh!!

After all we must find the humor in everything, else it just won't work.

Here's a big hug to the Earth and all of you from Me!! Love, AJ

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Curious Case of Activia

Sometimes you can't help but laugh aloud at certain things. It might be something that isn't a very big deal, or something that the next to come along doesn't see a drop of humor in, but still, there you are giggling. We all have different senses of humor... some dry, some sarcastic, some just silly.

This occurred to me today as I stepped into the Ladies' Restroom at work, and peered over into the waste basket only to see an empty "Activia" Yogurt container. First of all, Activia is well advertised due to its fiber and digestive system regulating functionality. The esteemed spokesperson for this bowel-balancing mojo is none other than Tony Curtis's daughter, Jamie Lee Curtis.

Maybe she had been in there? Ahh I think not.

Still, it wasn't too long ago that I watched the extremely hilarious stand-up by Wanda Sykes. She's just one of the funniest female comediennes out there in my humble opinion. Anyroad, Wanda was on a discussion about getting older, and things that made her feel old. So she mentions how she's watching T.V. and Sally Field, a.k.a. "The Flying Nun" is taking Boniva for brittle bones, and went on to say, "... and you mean to tell me that Jamie Curtis needs a yogurt to shit?!?" The way she put it just had me in stitches.

So all this came flooding back (no pun intended) when I saw that yogurt container in the trash. Besides, why is someone sitting in the toilet eating? That's just gross. Plus, I think it takes at least a couple of weeks for that stuff to get you going, so if you're looking for a quick fix, you're gonna be sitting there for a while, and I for one don't appreciate you tying up the john for that long. Take it home sista.

Ok, so that leads me up to my other topic du jour, a few things that really bug me. I've done this before, and although many things that annoy me stay the same, there's always a new creepy crawly or two sliding up under my skin.

Here we go:
  1. This first one has to do with drivers (yes again). I consider myself fairly cordial to the others, unless they deserve being treated like a shithole. So when I allow someone over, or try to help someone out, I figure I might get returns on my investment, but usually no. Like this morning, I was waiting to get over and the person in the other lane just hovers there slightly beside/behind me. That really pisses me off. They know I am trying to get over, yet they can't speed up enough, or slow down enough for me to make the turn. Go to Hell ye callous bastards.

  2. Next up is the work environment again. In crowded offices where everyone is packaged in their small-sized cubicles, and open to all noise, I feel it is just extremely rude and thoughtless of those who are passing by work areas laughing and chatting loudly as if they are outside or at some sporting event. They get directly behind me when talking on cell phones (just because there's a space there) as if I am invisible or don't exist and can't hear their conversations, and they have conference calls and loud meetings all hours of the day. They really just need to think of the others in the building who are trying to concentrate, and also may be on the phone with clients and such. It's not a private space, and we all have a job to do. Just a little common courtesy and an inside voice is all I am asking for. I would think at least the Managerial staff would be mindful of this, but they are just as bad or worse.

  3. Ok this one is a repeat, so I will make it short. Waiters and Waitresses, again with the unruly devil children!!? I asked to be seated someplace quiet and less crowded. Don't honor that request only to sit a party of 20 (half of that screaming brats) right next to me 10 minutes later. Is this some sadistic joke? Furthermore, why is it that parents always have to take their kids out screaming it up at nice quiet restaurants anyway? Take them to McDonald's and lock them outside on the play equipment. Nobody and I mean NOBODY wants to hear these undisciplined little shits.

  4. Finally, I must complain about "Mr. Nosy", a recent neighbor who has made his existence, presence and nosiness well known in the last few weeks. The man has lived across the street on the other corner from me since we've lived there (he stated that he has lived there 13 years). Still I just met him a few weeks ago. I don't know why, but getting 'thick' with my neighbors or many others than my family and close friends just doesn't appeal to me. I don't like having to get stuck in conversations or situations where you are faced with any sort of invitation for issues, and I just love my privacy. So when Mr. Nosy cranked up, I got a little anxious. I was as nice as I could be, but I have to admit that I find it deeply unsettling that he is always out on his curb, drinking coffee, hanging out, and watching the entire neighborhood. He asks nosy questions, and always catches you on your way here or there. On one hand it might be good to have an upstanding neighbor watching out in case other creeps come around up to no good, but then again, just how upstanding is the guy? I don't know him, and there are a lot of child molesters and weirdos in our little spot on the map. He may just fit that bill.
Ok, that's all for me right now, I have more to do and plenty of catching up with you guys to do too. I'll be around to read up on you shortly. Miss me?? I hope so.

Love, AJ

Monday, April 19, 2010

Everything Dies

Or does it?

As usual, I am a little late discussing the latest news. By the time you get to me, you've read it over and over again.

Pete Steele, lead singer of "Type O Negative" died on 4-14. This depressed me a bit since that band and their music bring back a lot of memories for me. My best friend, Tamra and I did so many things while listening to them, we saw them in concert a few times as well. It's like the end of an era. Anyway, a lot of the thoughts I had about this at the time have kind of faded because I waited too long to post more than just that. At any rate, better late than never to say "Peter Steele, you will be missed in the world of music and our memories will always honor you."

We had a little going on in Memphis last week too when we paused to remember Dr. Benjamin Hooks, well known, historic Civil Rights Leader, father and native Memphian. He accomplished many things in his time, and had a long life too.

The fact is, there is a time and place for every one of the human beings here on earth to shed their skin (so-to-speak), and transform into their true form, their souls go on to ascend to something so much more profound. It's sad that we are bound by such linear thought and gagged by grief. Grief is a natural human emotion, and one that is understandable and also honored. Everyone does this in their own way. We can't help but miss those who have passed on who were loved or important to us.

It's just a part of life much as quoted by "Forrest Gump", and is something we don't fully understand, not in the way we understand the reality we are swimming in this go-round. :)

Truth is that everyone we love and have 'lost' simply changed, they didn't leave us forever... they're right here with us, all around us, and they're a part of us for eternity.

Sometimes we just have to lift the veil of grief, ignorance or confusion and realize that there's a much bigger picture that we can be a part of if we just open our eyes and our hearts.

Have a wonderful week...

Love, AJ

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest

Allow me to bend your eyes, bend your mind for a few. Stop what you're doing and take this opportunity for a little mental "getaway" courtesy of me, AJ.

Getting away for a few rare moments of solitude is an almost daily "must" for me. I know some days you feel as though you are too busy to put down what you are doing and step away; but I promise you that if you can just manage 10, 15 minutes as a gift to yourself you will come back with renewed energy and focus.

When kicking back in search of Nirvana, I always take my shoes off. Being barefoot in the grass (as long as you mind where you step), is one of the most soul-refreshing things you can do.

Get back to Earth too. One of my favorite things to do on a beautiful day, is grab a quilt and lay out in the middle of the pasture. Just being caressed by the sun and breeze, hearing the sounds of nature and feeling the strength of the Earth underneath you can ground you and leave you with peace.

Even if you don't have a pasture, there's always a park or even your own bed or other quiet spot. You can turn off all of the electronics, gadgets and noise and just "be". There are CDs of nature too, so try it.

Today, as a reward for meeting some deadlines, I am sitting at the park in my car with the windows rolled down, radio off and taking in the sounds of the birds, leaves rustling in the slight breeze and imagining I am some place away from it all.

Aside from the crazy kids screaming and playing nearby on the jungle gym, and the psycho ice cream man trolling through playing his psychotic bell version of "It's a Small World", I am proud to say that I have relaxed enough to bring my potential body count down to at least 50 today. (I jest)

So you see, this relaxation thing really benefits us all.

Wishing you the utmost in serenity, or at least the tools and the cool calculation you need to deal with all the rest. ;-).


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Absence and Gassy Girl

So I have been away from blogging for a few days. The weather's been nice, but that's not what kept me away. It's really just the hectic few days I've had. Quite a few things I've had to finish up, and work deadlines, so there haven't been that many moments of solitude in which I could reflect and find anything nice to post.

I do miss blogging when I am away, or when I don't get a chance to write. Not that I have many who miss reading my gibberish, but I guess it works either way. I write what I can when I can. So I will try to reflect and make notes and get a few thoughts out.

Lately I have been thinking about a lot of things, but just not having the time to focus and write in the way I would like to. I will try to get around to my blog-hood and visit you all shortly. For now, here is a video that I am obsessed with, for some reason. It isn't the farting, it is more the theme song and the dance that I find so amusing. I like the plot, it's funny to me.

This is very short, so check it out. Am I crazy for digging this?? Haha!

"Gassy Girl"

Friday, April 02, 2010

Rotten Eggs

Easter Weekend is here, it's hard to believe. I feel like we just went through New Years and into 2010. Of course time is flying by like it always does. So Friday... yep, "Good Friday" and we are looking down the barrel of a long holiday weekend, and I'm happy about that.

I haven't written much lately because at first of course, I had the horrible cold and felt like crap, and then this week started out fine, but I jarred my back when I hit a bump on my bike, but am trying not to complain too much, so I won't go on and on. Just know that I have not been very comfortable. I'm working through it.

Lately I have been noticing a few things of course that annoy me. Some of these things are the same old tried and true "bad drivers" and "rude employees", but I am really aiming at the Burger King commercials specifically. The latest one I have not actually watched because I have Tivo and I fast-forward through it, but even on FFWD the thing still annoys me because it basically ends with the Burger King Dude riding a sport bike. I want to pull an "Elvis" and shoot the television.

Yes, I know I have the choice to look away, right?? I don't know why I am compelled to look yet despise the Burger King Dude... come on, I know there is a growing population of BKD haters!! :)

Interruptions caused me delay in finishing up of this post, so on we go:

Mom's birthday was Friday (4/2), so we spent the night there, watched a couple movies and visited. Got up this morning, had some coffee and oatmeal, and then got attacked by Mom's cat, "Marty". He got pissed off at me for some reason, and nearly took a hunk out of my arm. Marty has always been wild, he's not a domesticated cat, but the son of a stray that was also born of a stray. He's feral, but a good cat, and Mom loves him. He usually doesn't get mad at me, but I spatted him on the hip for acting like he was going to bite, then I guess it escalated. So I have a big row of teeth marks on my arm, and it looks like it's going to bruise.

Mom's house... yeah, normally I spend the night before Easter and dye eggs, which was a big thing for my Dad and me actually, so I am a bit depressed off dying eggs these days. I just can't seem to find the inspiration to do it, it's not fun anymore, not without Daddy. That isn't what stopped me from spending the night tonight at Mom's though, it was just that Richie had already begged me to go with him to see the MMA fights for the guys he has been training with. We went to Tunica to see them, and it was quite fun. I was glad I went to support him and hang out. Afterward, we grabbed a bite to eat.

An interesting thing I saw there was one of the other teams sported shirts that said "Jesus Didn't Tap Out" (the T on Tap was the cross). Well of COURSE Jesus didn't tap out, the man had his hands nailed up, so I am kind of inclined to think it doesn't count. I bet he really would have wanted to tap out if his hands were free, and of course if "Tapping Out" had been invented by that time. So, uhhh shirts not so genius guys.

So anyroad, tomorrow is actually Easter Sunday, and since things have changed so drastically, I'm not sure it is anything to write home about, but I will be there for a while for my Mom. I wish all the time I could find ways to make things happier for her, but nothing seems to do the trick. I don't know what to do, and I find myself most helpless, unable to make a difference where usually I am always able to make people feel better. I wish I wish...

I must move from that subject right now to something the rest of you may or may not be privy to. Usually, I am one of the last people to read a news article, or find out something funny or kooky about a celebrity, which is disappointing because I enjoy telling others about interesting things, but it kind of bums me out when I try to tell it and you've all seen it months before. Nonetheless, I have to briefly blog about this.

My besty and I were having a discussion recently about Vincent Gallo, just because she had re-watched "Buffalo 66" and then just got interested in some of his projects. After all, he is a very interesting celeb, quite the strange guy, but in my opinion he is quite creative and very eclectic. Just an all-around 'artist' type personality. When I was nosing around the site (linked above) on his website, I was looking through the art and photo prints, merchandise and the like, and I happened to stumble across a link to "personal services".

Maybe you should check it out before going forward with the post.

Apparently, you can have him for a fantasy evening or weekend, as long as you are a 'naturally born female', and EVEN POSSIBLY obtain his sperm for the purpose of having a child that would be predisposed to his brilliance (except you can't use his surname)... IF THE PRICE IS RIGHT.

I read it and I know that he has a strange and funny side, yet something about all this makes me believe he is serious... but IS he SERIOUS?? It's a bit mad, but he is not an ordinary guy, not by any means... I just don't know. Read it and you be the judge.

That about wraps it up, I suppose. I was interrupted about 6 different times from Richie (a.k.a. Mr. J) wanting me to watch a clip on T.V., then allow him to show me a couple of different Jiu Jitsu maneuvers, which always hurts me because it's rough, and I don't know anything about it and am uncomfortable being flipped around and just don't like it. He doesn't "get it" and ends up resenting the fact that I don't like him to put me in these holds... Who could blame me?

But that plus a few other delays caused this entry more delay than it should have. It's an empty, rambling entry and on a normal day might have taken me 10 minutes tops.

Oh joy to the rotten eggs of life. Happy Easter Y'all.

Had to laugh at this one.

Just a few Easter funnies, some of them never get old... ;)

Have A Great Weekend. ~AJ