Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Better Days

Ahhh yes, those elusive "Better Days". I have seen them, but they are still hiding, shyly like an only child on the first day of school. No, I'm not saying that I'm going through the worst time of my life right now at all, and I'm not a 'Whiner' by trade. However, I am just ready for things to take a definite turn in my desired direction. The problem is most likely with me, I will admit that. It's true, I haven't exactly embraced change lovingly. Rather, the changes in my life have taken me hostage under protest, although I have tried hard to accept them. These changes have not been a batch I would have chosen, if I had been given some opportunity to put in a personal request. Honestly? I have learned the hard way, that if we don't take a proactive approach in creating the life that we deserve, and want to live, we get "bulldozed" forward, uprooted and put back on the open road faced with so many directions that it can be blinding. When this happens, we can sit still and get run over, or we can get ourselves in motion and do our own driving.

Either way, quitting is not an option albeit very tempting at times, these times when I feel like staying in bed, pulling the covers over my head and hiding from the universe.

Yes, I've seen better days... but I have seen way worse.