Sunday, November 04, 2007

Sunday Big Chill

I was planning to visit Mom and Dad today, but I opted to just relax instead and let myself "recoop" a bit from this Sinus Hell... Don't worry though, folks, I've got my menthol and my Claritin-D to keep me warm and fuzzy. However, Mr. J, our "guy on the couch" and I went out briefly to grab a little Mexican. Yeah, we just drove over to the Latina section of the city, spotted our ideal candidate who was no more than about 4.5 feet tall, and grabbed---OH I'M JOKING! We went to eat at a Mexican place down the street... sillies! I had the Enchiladas Verde, and we had a heaping helping of Guacamole with our Chips. It's a common thought that guacamole is too fattening... well, I mean it is calorically dense, and it has a bit of a high-fat content, but it's all mono unsaturated "good" fats... so you should indulge yourself once in a while if you like avocados. This doesn't mean eat an entire vat of it, but enjoy and don't deprive... Those kinds of fats you need anyway. So afterwards, I ran by the drug store to get more Vick's Vaporub and it was back to Mi Casa for Más resto y relajación.

On our way to eat, though, we heard this song (warning: Ultra-Flammable Blast from the past with a high-concentration of aerosol hair-spray):

Sorry, I actually liked Whitesnake... my husband cannot stand it and hates it whenever I play anything that is faintly reminiscent of "Cock Rock" (a.k.a. Hair Bands). Once I mortified him greatly by picking him up for lunch in my trashed out Pontiac Grand-Am with the windows down and blaring The Bullet Boys 'Smooth Up In Ya'. He still gives me hell about that... lol. I think it's funny, and now I'm inclined to go and dig up a beat-down, rusted out, souped-up Camaro with T-tops from someplace and give him something to cry about!! hehe... and I'm just evil enough to do it. Fortunately for him, I doubt I could get my hands on such a vehicle... not without going someplace resembling "Deliverance" anyway, which wouldn't be hard. I need only drive down the street.

Ok, after you've been musically assaulted with the above (that is, if you watched either of those video's (visit via the links if you want), maybe it's time to share one last song with you, that is actually great (If you like Bob Dylan and "The Big Lebowski" - both of which I think kick major boo-tai). That's right, it's "The Man In Me" scene where The Dude gets knocked out and goes on a trip to the Bob Dylan song. If you haven't seen The Big Lebowski, then do it immediately. If you're any kind of musician and don't know who Bob Dylan is, then... well, you need serious help. "That's all I've got to say about that", said I, in my best Forrest Gump voice.


ZigZagMan said...

Sadly...I must agree with Mr. J on this one...The big hair days is a bad reminder of what happens when we take Dannie Bonaduche too seriously! :)

Speedcat Hollydale said...

Being a product of 70 & 80's rock bands, I have to admit to cranking one up know and again. YES, the videos are funny to watch know, but back then long hair = chicks... who's to argue? I had an 80's hair style that would get me killed currently :) I loved Ratt and Van Halen.

Mexican resturaunts are just more fun - I'm not sure why, and may even help with a bugar attack. You can quote me on that. Mono is great with fat content, bad for kissing. I contracted mono at the Chicago 17 concert... yhahh, I'm old!

Get well soon Jackie, and nice to see you :-)

Aunt Jackie said...

Zig!!! Bwahahaha! :))

Speedy! At least someone knows what I'm talkin about willis! haha

Cynnie said...

i missed out on white folks music..
I was black in the 70's -80's ..
but i seriously had the white folks hair.

guacamole !..
I miss mexican food

Jay said...

I miss the really good Mexican food I could get when I lived in San Antonio. And those awesome taco carts that sat in half the parking lots on the south side.

I actually loved all the hair and metal bands of the 80s. Awesome stuff!

I also love Dylan.

Nothingman said...

AH, The Dude is sheer genius! I mean that movie just slays all competition! haven't seen any better since I saw Big Lebowski :)

Rock on!


Further on up the road said...

Now Whitesnake were once a great blues rock band - I remember I saw them around the Lovehunter album time twice. Then suddenly they went all hair and soft focus. If you can find a copy of "Live in the Heart of the City" that was them at their best - I was at Hamersmith with my brother and mate who I met the other week at Rush gig.

Shame - music was good the visuals crap.