Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Doctor, My Eyes

Well I have had a little gap, as my schedule changed up a good bit when my last contract position ended, and I've been doing a lot of work on the house, and of course trying like heck to find my next position and hopefully a long-term to permanent position. So a bit busy, and at times, lazy, but with the transitions of things in the house, I haven't had a good "computer spot" set-up which is comfortable for me to sit for long period of time so that I could spend much time on my writing and blogging. I need a new laptop or something to be honest, that way I'd be able to set myself up pretty much anywhere and write more conveniently. Yes, I used to have one, but it broke some time ago, and without my former roommate, I have no access to one. So, once I get settled into my new job (which I have faith is coming soon), I'll safe up and get me a small, cool little notebook or something.

My Cat Has This Attitude
I was happy with myself for getting posts up pretty regularly, and it was inspiring my creative side a good deal. It still is, I just need to get the computer set up more comfy, then it'll all be back.

Since I've been lax, for 'shits n giggles', I'll go ahead and include the May 30th oddball holidays and observances.
2017 Daily Holidays that fall on May 30, include:
  • International Hug Your Cat Day 
  • National Mint Julep Day 
  • Water a Flower Day 
Those things seem relatively doable... I will say that I get so annoyed by my cat at times that I don't feel like hugging her. She might not appreciate the gesture either, she likes affection on her own terms, let's just say. Sometimes I have to remind her who's boss. So let me try hugging my cat (Verfang Izabella), afterwords I might need a Mint Julep. Suffice it to say I have never in my life had a mint julep, so I don't really even know what the hype is about, or what they taste like at all... I'd rather a couple of shots of tequila if I am going to consume any alcohol at all. It's easy, simple and cool, plus Tequila has health benefits.

Watering flowers is something that I applaud though, so since it is still spring, if you're inclined to garden, or have a green thumb, then please go out today and plant some flowers, or plant a tree or two. I like that Idea... the world needs more plants and trees, and the state of the world is always in need of repair. For that, I will dedicate today's song by Jackson Browne "Doctor, My Eyes"... Everyone enjoy the rest of your day. I'll be writing more shortly.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Chemical Warfare and Thanks

(originally for May 9th)
2017 Daily Holidays from May 9, included:
  • National Moscato Day 
  • National Teachers Day - May 9, 2017
    (Tuesday of the First Full Week in May)
  • Occupational Safety and Health Professionals Day 

Funny that the above holidays are all listed on the same day, that they're the ONLY holidays listed on this lovely day, here in May (the 9th to be exact). Funny, why? Because they COULD be related... humorously. So no offense to anyone who might be mucking around and stumble across this. I have many friends and family members who are Teachers. So I was just thinking about today being "National Teachers Day", how they get so stressed out that they probably wanna clobber the kids, and also there are so many communicable diseases that "Occupational Safety and Health Professionals Day" plays a part in there, and then when everybody's done dealing with all of the chaos, they probably really DO need a glass or two of that Moscato (please not the whole bottle lol).

Teachers rock, though. I always liked all of mine as far as I can remember and I very rarely got into any trouble at all. I liked school, and I did quite well without even having to study that hard. If I failed at something, or made bad grades, it was all my fault, to be honest, as I would allow myself to be distracted, or just wouldn't apply myself. Looking back, this is something I really would change if given the chance. I could kick myself for some of the things I allowed myself to slack on.

Never had a crush on any teacher through high school, but when I got to college, I sure did. I developed an insane crush on my English/Literature teacher. I wrote an entire story about this, which you can read here if you want.

As far as my own family, my lovely and brilliant nieces, Stacey and Kristie are amazing teachers. I get to hear horror stories quite often from them through the experiences they've had thus far in their careers. Stacey is a Kindergarten teacher currently, so she gets a bit more of the innocence and child-like joy that still exists in the little ones. Kristie gets more of the High School nightmare. Since she once remarked that she wanted to read some stories about herself on my blog, I'll dedicate this one to my lovely PhD-wielding niece and bff, "Professor Kristie" (i'll just call her that for fun).

She is totally awesome. As you can see in the above photos, she has done some fun projects, and when you put fun into the mix, learning is so much more attractive to everyone involved. Teaching is not an easy job these days, unfortunately with many parents being apathetic to their child's life, or education, so that's why it is so important to recognize those educators that stick through it thick and thin, do their best to help any child, despite the difficulty that the system gives them.

They have fun, they learn, and I know teachers like my Kristie make an impact, at least wherever they can... Once, a few Halloweens back, she actually staged a 'Fake Suicide' with the fake blood and everything, completely scared the crap out of her class. She has that morbid sense of humor like her Aunt Jackie... I was so proud.

Yes, if she can't teach them traditionally, she will at least make them soil themselves... and that's almost better than a diploma, don't you think? ;-)

**Originally wanted to post this specific to the date, but let's just recognize teachers for the whole week... If you know one, thank them today. It's important. <3 p="">

Monday, May 08, 2017

Sock it to Me

Today's May 8th holidays to check out, I have included below. Since I use them often for 'writing prompts', I got a little giggle out of "No Socks Day". Interesting... Wish I'd known this morning, but alas I have socks on. Well, that's okay. And tomorrow's list includes "National Teachers Day" so I may pay homage to my nieces who are excellent teachers... and great teachers are hard to come by these days, because they just have such a hard time being allowed to do their jobs. I digress, though, let's get back to the foot coverage.

Socks, ah yes... it takes me back to a time, quite a long time ago when I still worked at good ol' Wal-Mart (Wally World as we sometimes affectionately called it). The father of one of my friends whom I worked with at the time, used to wear those funny ankle socks with the little "puff ball" on the back of them. I think they may be called "pom pom socks". The first time I saw this I thought I was going to die laughing. I thought to myself, 'Aren't these for little girls?'

Happy No Socks Day!
What you have to understand is that this guy, S's father, drove his hot car, had money, walked around like he thought he was God's gift to women so to wear these socks (his styled back salt-n-pepper hair, with his khaki cargo shorts and either sandals or sneakers, polo shirt, y'know the works) made him look just a tad bit tragically unhip. I guess either he was just that confident and dared anyone to question his masculinity, or he was oblivious and did not realize his fashion faux pas. Either way, it was a sight to behold, and I never quite looked at him the same. Don't get it twisted, I never looked at him "that way" anyway as I always thought he was kind of a overly egotistically-equipped 'blowhard', fancied himself a ladies' man. Wasn't that he was a bad looking guy, I think it was just the way he presented himself made him more comical to me, as well as the fact that he was my insane friend's father.

So whenever he would stroll through the store, and I happened to come face-to-face with "Pom Pom Daddy", he would always smoothly belt out, "Helllo Kiddo!!!" in a sharp Midwestern accent, to which I would have to shrink inwardly to contain my laughter. Then I would maintain my composure, muster up that sweet, southern charm (that we Mississippi girls are famous for) and make friendly conversation, keeping my cool pom-pom-ERRRR poker face strong. ;-)

In conclusion, it would seem that there are occasions when celebrating "No Sock Day" would be best... yes, so to all of you fine ladies and especially gentlemen out there? SOCK RESPONSIBLY!

Here are the rest...
2017 Daily Holidays that fall on May 8, include:
  • Free Trade Day
  • Iris Day 
  • Mother's At the Wall Day - May 8, 2017
  • National Animal Disaster Preparedness Day
  • National Coconut Cream Pie Day 
  • National Empanada Day 
  • National Women's Check-up Day - May 8, 2017 (Monday following Mother's Day)
  • No Socks Day 
  • Truman Day 
  • V-E Day 
  • World Ovarian Cancer Day
  • World Red Cross Day

Friday, May 05, 2017

Turn It Off, Oops Too Late

Been a busy week here at work, I guess you could say. Seems like the more I try to get done, the less I end up doing, however. No matter, it is FRIDAY, and also the 5th (Feliz Cinco de Mayo!) 

Hopefully, most of you REALIZE that Cinco de Mayo is not Spanish for "Get Drunk America!!" though it seems as though, much like St. Patrick's Day, the sentiment of the actual holiday is lost and people just think it's time for Happy Hour and chaos... So if you don't know, Cinco de Mayo (literally "5th of May") commemorates the Mexican army’s 1862 victory over France at the Battle of Puebla during the Franco-Mexican War (1861-1867).  It’s a holiday not celebrated much as much though, or is it? Here the U.S., it’s become a day to celebrate Mexican culture and heritage (a.k.a. booze hounds go drinking, sadly). However, if you must use it as just an excuse to indulge in alcohol, please be safe, and try to at least think of the culture and the history of it, even if it is just in a quick toast. Get a designated driver, and be respectful to yourself and others. Enjoy.

In taking a peek over at the Holidays and Observances page, I noticed that I missed out on the fact that this week (well, May 1st through 7th) is supposed to be "Screen Free Week (Formerly T.V. Turnoff Week)". That's funny, guess it's moved with the times, from when we had just mainly televisions, and nowadays this applies to so much due to technology... It would affect not only our T.V.s but our computers, game systems, smartphones, tablets, iPads / iPods, etc. Not that any of us would be able to adhere to it, am I right?

So I have a few more ideas for stories to tell, as my Sister and I were discussing more funny things the other day over the phone. I will put one together for my  next post. In the meantime, there is plenty of reading to catch up on here at "Deep In The Forrest". Go catch-up on my last few posts, or hit the sidebar to the right and check out poss from "Best Of Aunt Jackie (Must Reads)", and you'll surely not be disappointed. I am pretty awesome, after all.

You'ins have a fantastic weekend... Don't forget to comment below!!!


Your Favorite Aunt, Jax

Monday, May 01, 2017

Digital Prisons and Mayday

Happy Mayday! Mayday can either mean "Mayday! Mayday!" (as a distress signal used by ships or aircrafts, etc) or it can be all about May Day celebrated on the 1st. For me, it's today, although we could always use a little help and support, right?

The last few days, I've been in "Facebook Jail" (so affectionately named) That means I have been locked from being able to post, like or comment from my timeline. This was due to some weird incident where someone reported my profile, and they made me verify the page and some content. These types of things are ridiculous to me since I never put anything THAT offensive on my FB page, but you have people out there that just want to cause you issues, and sometimes hackers and Internet Trolls that do these things. There are also angry significant others who get mad at something in regard to their partner, and do this in an attempt to stop something they're angry about. What they're not thinking about is that if their Significant Other is doing shady activity, or cheating on them, etc, going after the people that they think the person is attempting to talk to (if that is the case) is basically like trying to put a small band-aid on a huge open wound. It's an attempt to fix a symptom, but is never going to cure the disease. The only way anyone can begin to fix a situation like this is to take it up with the "main culprit" (a.k.a. the Cheater). The truth is, you can block, report, threaten and cuss out a thousand people, in an attempt to get your partner to be faithful to you, but your partner will keep finding more. They're not going to stop the behavior unless they truly have something to lose (that means something to them), and are at a point in their life where they want to change... sad, but true. So if you're in a situation where your partner is hurting you by flirting, pursuing others and doing things that hurt you, address it with them because 9 times out of 10 the people that they are talking to have no idea they're taken, and do not know there are boundaries because your partner has not set boundaries, and is encouraging the communication. You gotta treat the disease itself, not just the side effects... okay, just a quick PSA.

I am not saying that was the reason for my situation. To be honest, I have no idea why my profile was reported, as stated I did not have anything on there that was offensive, maybe a bit of dirty humor here or there, but nothing that would merit being reported. After all the x-rated content and hate groups that go without being resolved or reprimanded on social media sites, they choose to pick on their long-term, loyal clients and give us a hard time. Whatever.

So, even though I never feel like anybody is really reading or paying attention to anything I post, share, write or whatever when this happened I had several people worrying about what happened, and evidently missing my presence there on their timeline. This was good, but I tried to let them know that I am blogging and that they can come over and read, keeping up on their dose of Jax here. Well, I'm doing my best to keep this up--and so far, so good. I've been writing a pretty good deal, and enjoying it immensely, even if it wasn't but a blurb or two, and as well when I get out a good story.

So if you're reading this and you've come from one of the social media sites, great... Hello! If you're one of my regular readers, hello as well. I'm always glad to know I'm being read, to be honest. I would love for you to leave a comment so that I know you're here, and feel free to share your thoughts on what I write. It makes me happy... yes it's selfish, I love comments and acknowledgement. I'm admitting it, please comment for me.

Funny how we become what you could consider "slaves" to our social media, and digital tools... Video games, blogs, Facebooks, Twitters, Instagrams, all those things. It's good but it's bad. We sometimes wonder how we ever made it without all these things, but I honestly look back and think it's possible that I was way happier then than I am now. Pros and cons, really, but looking back it feels like such a simpler time before these digital prisons came along. Everyone's different. Oh well.

So it's May 1st, that gives me pause to want to read all about the things that are recognized and celebrated in May. As I started keeping up with this, I searched a lot of sites and found this link, which I've been using pretty consistently, to keep up with these observances (seems to be the one with the most thorough list).  Here it is again for you all to peruse. Holidays and Observances

Holidays that fall on May 1st (bolding my faves):

Batman Day
Global Love Day
International Worker's Day
Law Day
Lei Day - (U.S. State of Hawaii)
Loyalty Day
May Day
Melanoma Monday - May 1, 2017 (First Monday in May)
National Chocolate Parfait Day
National Purebred Dog Day
Save the Rhino Day
Silver Star Service Banner Day

Guess that about wraps'her up for your Aunt Jax today... besides, I have a lot to get done, and a lot of people depending on me, right? So then...