Wednesday, November 07, 2007

And Now It's Late Afternoon

I've been doing lots better this afternoon, and I am having a nice cup of spiced Chai (which you should probably know is a Hindi word for "Tea". It's my favorite kind, black tea with the "Masala" spices. I'll leave it to you to look those up if you want to find out, or just go and buy the Lipton brand of "Spiced Chai" at the store.

I've been looking around the NaBloPoMo Randomizer and seeing alot of other interesting lil' blogs out there... Kudos to all of you guys! It's fun trying to post every day this month. I post a lot anyway, so it's not that much of a stretch for me.

As I sat here over my afternoon cup of Chai I was thinking of a few things. First of all, if my Mother got all technical and had a computer, would she blog? And if she did I wonder what she would blog about? That would be really neat if my Mother blogged... I wish at least I could e-mail her, but my parents have never been very 'cutting edge', and have never cared if they had the latest or greatest anything, come to think about it.

Something that has gotten on my nerves completely today: There has been this weird "humming", modulated sound, kind of like a type of emergency noise, but it's not that at all. It is something in or around the building. It's incessant and goes off every couple of minutes and won't stop. Nobody knows the source of this, but it has gotten extremely irritating. You know how it is when you realize a sound, and then you can't stop listening to it? You just can't 'block it out'?? That's what's going on with this. I'm that way though, I am very easily distracted by weird noises, cellphone rings, other's loud conversations... things that other people with great attention spans might be able to ignore. Thanks God. I couldn't have gotten my husband's ability to "zone out", now could I? (There it goes again!! HummmUmmmmUmmmmUmmm!! ARRGHHH!)

Lastly, fall is really rolling along. The trees are all finally putting on their reds, bright yellows and lovely orange colors and I'm just about ready to go out on a fall photo shoot!! Fall has brought about that 'magic' feeling of youth, and as I was just about to step out of the bathroom stall in the Ladies' room today, my mind wandered and I heard faint music from the past... I thought 'I could still be in high school right now, this moment. When I step out of the restroom, it might be into the halls of my old school, with voices surrounding, books shuffling with the change of classes, passing notes in the hallway to my BFF's and the familiar scent of youth and electricity in the air...' What are our surroundings and existence but an illusion that we, ourselves have built with our minds?? Really!!

Inside, I'm still the same little girl I have always been with strange ideas, and creative energy, and hopes and dreams... I just need to paint myself a whole new canvas... that's all life is, a big canvas. It's up to us to make it the masterpiece we want it to be.

**Coming Tomorrow: AJ Announces her 'November Blog Crush'!!


R.E.H. said...

Oh, I hate annoying sounds too. But, I can still focus though... but I can't stop searching for the source until I find it.

I'm doing the Nablopomo thing myself... but I didn't register until just now... hope that'll still be ok.

Jay said...

My mother does blog. I told her she can blog about anything but me. LOL ;-)

I've never tried Chai. Maybe I will sometime.

awa said...

My mom just turned 50 and is loving myspace, facebook and all in between. Her favorite pasttime is forwarding me all kinds of unnecessary and already seen emails of useless information. But amidst all of her online activity she does not blog. Sometimes I wish she would, because the stories she can tell--whoa! Make you wanna dies laughing!

anne said...

I'm in a class for my job, and in the room above our classroom is a medical office with an MRI machine. A machine which constantly makes all sorts of grinding, buzzing, humming, and beeping sounds not in regular intervals, so each one is COMPLETELY distracting.

So there with you on the annoying humming sounds!

PS - So jealous of leaf color changing scenery...

Cynnie said...

i can completely ignore annoying sounds..
it's my super power

Jay Cam said...

lol my mom does nothing technological!

i prefer the term "fall is falling"! it seems so original!

Aunt Jackie said...

Nah R.E.H. I'm sure that's cool, it doesn't matter--Better late than not at all!! :) I'm glad you joined up!

Jay! Awww I was hoping your Mom would tell us some juicy stories about our favorite pervert! lol j/k on the pervert thing.

And "Chai" has a fantastic aroma.

Awa! Your Mom sounds like so much fun!! I wish she would blog too, can't get enough good story tellers in this bleak world!! Convince her.

Anne! I am sorry you have to go through that all the time. I have headphones and my music collection, without it I think I would go nutz! Yes, I love fall foilage!

Cynnie! You stop being sexy superwoman wonder diva!! I'm green with envy!

Jay Cam! Some Mom's never get wired do they?!? Dad's either... but I guess that's o.k.

Fall is falling sounds cool!

Anonymous said...

It's the NaBloPoMo which is keeping you busy from Wordless Wednesdays I guess! Good luck with it :)

Well, in my family I'm the only one who blogs and I'll be really embarrassed if they read it! They use the email more often.

Speedcat Hollydale said...

Busy lately?? Wow!

There is the Nablopomo again... I am seeing that mentioned EVERYWHERE. My Nablopomo site is goofier than any fool could ever make a nablopomo.

Hey, I hear that noise too, oh wait, just the computer fan. Guys are good at blocking out many things :)

My parents have a brand new massive computer with enough memory to run a Google server. They use it just for email - AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! I still have an old Packard Bell. (REALLY!)

See u, Speedy