Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Birthday Blast

Yes, I think I will just claim 15 again, and stay there. Looking back, my teen years were worry free. I mean, there was the bi-weekly broken heart and all, but geez. It was a time when people said, "You've got your whole life ahead of you." and it was still true... wait, well it's still true, just now there is less of it ahead of me. That's all.

No, I actually didn't get a cake, or any kind of party... Didn't really care.

Basically, I just took off two extra days and treated myself to a 4 day weekend in honor of my birthday. Today, June 22nd is the actual date. However, my honorary "celebration" of it began when I got off work Friday night. We met up with some friends at the Midtown Sekisui, and then came home to watch a few more episodes of "Weeds", a tv series that many of you are probably familiar with, one that my 'ol' man' got me hooked on. Finally we have finished the series thanks to Netflix Streaming, and can await the 5th season coming in August.

I was adamant that I didn't want a huge deal made out of my birthday, and that's always a bit tricky. Ok. Saturday, slept late and relaxed some, then Richie's familia called us up and wanted to meet at our favorite mexican restaurant, "Guadalajara Grill", which Richie's mom affectionately refers to as "The Guadamala... that guadamalan... guadamalan grill." Ok, so she just can't say Guadalajara. Anyways, I put the chokehold on my antisocial birthday wishes, and we agree since everything on their menu is excellent.

Of course Richie outs me to the waiter, and the whole gang comes over and slaps the sombrero on me and sings a Mexican happy birthday song. Then they distract me by putting a cinnamon/honey covered goody with a whipped cream smiley face on it in front of me (even though I opted for no dessert), and then when I least expect it, slam a saucer of whipped cream into my face. I wasn't a happy camper about that, but I didn't get too pissed. I just jokingly acted like I was going to get the culprit and his band of merry pie-facers back when they least expected it. I am also going to get Richie and his brother back, just for good measure.

So I got the cool whip off my face, and we finished up dinner and Richie and I spent the evening to ourselves to enjoy romance or something like it, birthday and all y'know.

Sunday, I'm sorry to say that we chose to forfeit the Motorcycle Ride to Shiloh due to waking up late and the damn Memphis heat index... Just couldn't bear it, although I understand the guys that went had a good time. Maybe we can make the July ride... I hope so. :(

Then Sunday afternoon I convinced my Mother to (shockingly) come to MY house to spend the night with me... I begged it in honor of my birthday, and that I thought it would be fun. Monday morning we got up, and had oatmeal, raisin toast and coffee and enjoyed a nice morning to afternoon. Took her home and I got a few things done around the house. A closet that I have been needing to attend to has been successfully organized. That made me happy.

Monday and Tuesday were kind of free days for me since Richie had to work and I took off to relax and goof off. A little R&R, and it was well needed. He got me a punching bag for my birthday, so I could practice my punches and kicks. I appreciate that, I will try to make good use of it. Speaking of Kickboxing, although today was the big day, I went ahead and made it to my 6:30 class, which was a good workout.

There were 2 other birthday gifts though, my Mom gave me 20 bucks and a lovely card, and my best friend Tamra and her daughter Jess sent me a cute card & gave me a really cool bracelet, it had pearls all the way around, and then several little charms hanging, hearts & birds. Very sweet. I'll post pics of my birthday loot soon.

So that's really the birthday rundown. Not too much excitement to speak of, but that is the usual around here... never much to write home about these days.

However, thanks all for the lovely birthday notes and wishes! I'd also like to send a big shout-out to my lovely Sister, Vickie who sent me several scary psycho killer clowns on Facebook for my birthday. She knows just how much I despise clowns, the stinking creepy F****rs!!!

Almost forgot, I owe you all the story of my Blood Drive motorcycle escapades with my friend Glenda too... this was LAST Saturday. Let's see... where do I start? I will gather my thoughts and make this tomorrow's post. Sorry, I'm tired tonight... it's been a long 15th Birthday, takes a lot out of a gal.


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Happy birthday JackEEEEEEEE! ;-)

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Happy belated birthday darling Jackie! Hugs and kisses. xoxo

Furtheron said...

Happy birthday again.... I mean for me saying it again... oh you know :-)