Thursday, November 15, 2007

Sleeping With The Enemy

Maybe if I lived with a man who awoke at the crack of dawn to greet the day with great fervor... maybe I would be able to wake up alive and bursting with energy. Instead, I must peel my eyes open daily, drag myself out of bed only to have to look at the man I love, still lying there cozy and hibernating like a bear in the dead of winter under the warmth of the delicious electric blanket.

See, I detest waking up in the morning (aside from the general glee at the realization that I am still lucky to be alive come daylight). I usually sleep too long... which is as long as I can get away with, then I have only enough time to bathe and throw myself together and hurry off to beat the traffic and come hurdling into the office Fashionably Late (if I may say so, as a 'techie' without sounding dimly like a slacker).

Luckily, I enjoy what I do so it's definitely not "work dread" keeping me glued to my mattress, it's just simple exhaustion and lack of motivation from lying next to "Pooh", too full of 'honey' to be able to open his heavy eyes. I will continue marching on! :)

Cat Lounger from HSUSGetting time to think on Christmas gifts. Another big issue as a "slacker" is that I am never moved to get things done in an early fashion, I procrastinate until I am faced with a mountain of responsibility. So while some people got their start in a Day after Thanksgiving last year sale, or the after-christmas clearances, I have waited and must now brave the nastiness and do my duty... So I plan to try to shop some this next week with my best bud, Tamra who always helps me shop pretty well... Plus we never have nearly enough "chick time" so that will be nice. I was thinking of getting this scratch-post/lounger for my cat, Rodney for Christmas... what do you think??

I should get to sleep on something so comfy-looking... Don't worry I'm going to find something for the dog too, just haven't found the right one for him... What worries me is the gifts for humans, those are the killers. His family, my family, work-related, blah blah blah!!!

In other news, we wrote two more songs at band practice the other night--our bass player and Richie (guitarist) are writing machines, so we can't stop writing long enough to record some of this material! I guess that's good though, instead of experiencing writers blocks.

While sitting in my car at a red light today, I watched a homeless man standing on the street corner in front of an old Hardware store. He was talking to "Nobody" who was standing evidently right beside him, gesturing, listening, responding... having what looked like such a deep conversation with "Nobody". Contrary to our normal reaction to seeing a homeless person 'talking to themselves', I stopped to wonder and thought to myself, "Who's really crazy? Perhaps he knows something I don't."

Hope you have a Crazy day!


Jay said...

I'm not much of a morning person either. Flex schedules would be great. Like show up for work at noon and work until 8 pm. I think people would be really productive with that schedule.

What if you cat reads your blog and now knows what he's getting for Christmas?? You know cats are just the type to read your blog in secret too!

Jay Cam said...

dont wake up at the crack of dawn.. trust me!

i was reading your post and i was under the impression that your husband was a cat named Tamra.

then i read your post backwards and realized that your husband was actually you best friend who is a female named rodney....

that's what happens when you wake up at the crack of dawn too long.. or just wake up with crack!

lol hope your band has fun!

g-man said...

I haven't slept well in years. The only consolation to getting up at 6 is at certain times of the year getting to watch the sun come up on the drive in.

That homeless guy was verbally blogging.

Speedcat Hollydale said...

I am a chronic late getter-upper. I count minutes and hit the snooze. Sometimes I'm so tired, that I hit the clock, fall back asleep, and then wake up late from shutting the alarm off.

Will you get me one of those cat beds too?? ...and I talk to myself all the time. What???