Tuesday, June 30, 2009

None From Me (WWC)

This is "Weekly Words Challenge" day... it is. The enigmatic and fantastic Tink, our host, had set us up with "6" and "Look Up" for the words.

You can click the WWC banner above to check out everyone else's work this week, but I am going to have to bow-out gracefully as I haven't had time to put any thought into photos, and I really don't want to cop out and use nothing but archived photos. I am ready for fresh new ideas and fresh thoughts.

Therefore, I will try again next week... I promise. Soz!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Mental Hopscotch

A Time For Reflection... It's not that I don't have things on my mind. I do, so very many things. In fact, my mind is so cluttered with things that I have felt chaotic lately and can't get anything in perspective. I'm working towards trying to let everything go and not stress over anything so that I can let it all flow the way it is supposed to. That's a hard thing to do, but I am doing it. As a result of just having too much on my mind, however, I haven't been able to post any of the things that I have wanted the last couple of days. Bear with me.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hard Like Sunday Afternoon

Sunday morning is easy, right? So of course the afternoon has to change all that. Leave the tough stuff to me. I'll take care of it. ;)

Haven't felt much like blogging this weekend that's why the short stuff.

Today being Sunday, I tried to make it the last of my sugar intake for the week and see if I can do any better. Trying to get Richie back on the train with doing cardio stuff again, and I think he's going to start helping me. I know I should be able to do a lot of things on my own but exercising by myself is not easy for me at all. I totally lack motivation unless someone is helping keep me pumped up about it.

That sucks because I really don't have anybody at all except for my husband in that arena. "Girl Time" is nonexistent in my life right now, I am either at work and surrounded by mostly men or at home surrounded by mostly men... I am not complaining about the men because I love men, I just miss girl time.

Now we are cooking out some stuff on the grill that can take us through the week lunch and dinner-wise. I bought some salad stuff.

My other problem is flies... I don't know where these assholes get in, but they were all in my windows today and in and out of the door too I guess. Inasmuch as I hate to kill living beings, I sprayed all my windows and doors with Flying Insect killer and *poof!!!* they keeled over... well most of them. Some of them escaped the wrath but their days are numbered.

I honestly thought I was starring in the Amityville horror for a minute there were so many houseflies. I pull frogs out of my "green lagoon pool" by hand (a pool which we are STILL struggling to get clean, to no avail. It just won't clear up... nobody cares to come to my house to swim anymore anyways, except I guess Richie's brother and family. Mine don't come at all. But still it would be nice to be able to go out back and take a dip myself if I wanted...

Guess we'll be fall getting it clear, just in time to close it up.

That's the story of my life.

Stay tuned as tomorrow I plan on bitching about restaurants and sauces (or lack thereof). Stingy bastards.

Saturday, June 27, 2009


Was I a bad blogger on Saturday? Or did I just have nothing to say?

Friday, June 26, 2009

Happy Happy Joy Joy

This one goes out to "Shell". :) And she knows who she is... Thanks for reminding me that Joy is not hard at all. This is a fun quick post today because it's Friday and we all have better things to do, right?

Today's "Quote du Jour": "The only people who find what they are looking for in life are the fault finders." - Foster's Law

Today's "Laugh du Jour":

Watch "Creed Shreds"
(You HAVE to laugh at THIS)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

On We Roll

The year is halfway faded, some has been ill-fated but now on we roll. Most of June has passed, nothing lovely ever lasts, now all the birthday kids are grown... on we roll.

That's my poetic way of beginning the post. ;)

In fact, there have been a lot of spring and early summer birthdays we have gotten through, and as stated before the difficult firsts of all the holidays of the year without my father... and on we have to roll. We have no other choice. No matter what life tosses us, we have to dodge, or catch it with full-on force and keep moving on towards the goal line. It's hard sometimes, I know.

Our difficult days and our dark and violent storms are what carries us through to the most beautiful days ever so I'm glad for them all... I know things will get better.

Here are the only things I have to show for my birthday this past Monday (6/22).

First and foremost, my beautiful Mother gave me this birthday card with lunch money in it... It's a lovely card and a lovely verse. Mom said I'd probably rather not have her chicken-scratch in it, but I told her that it was the best part... and that I loved it... and I loved her. How lucky was I to be granted the best Mom in the entire universe? What will I do one day when it is her time to move on and go be with Dad again?? Will I survive?

My Mom and Dad are the only two people ever in my life who have never let me down.

Card from Mom (Front)

Card from Mom (Inside Verse)
-should be able to click and enlarge those if needed-

Dumb photo of a "Toasty" Me Wearing Sombrero
by Uncle Richie (Mr. J)

We had gone out to the little Mexican place right around the corner from our house. I decided to have myself a couple of Margaritas and enjoy. The Mexican waiter tried to offer me free dessert but I refused (if you can believe I refused sugar), but then he insisted on buying me a birthday drink. He brought me a flaming shot of grenadine. I almost couldn't blow the thing out, and then they gave me a straw, I drank the shot, it burned all the way down (urrk). I got toasty, but of course Mr. J got drunk... in fact, drunker than he has been in a while. He had more fun on my birthday than I did. Because of course, I am the one who has to deal with the effects of everyone else's drunken state, which has always been why I hate drinking. :(

Anyroad... On I Roll...

Scents that have made me reminisce lately.

  • The inside of your brown paper bag lunch (like when you were in school)
  • Coffee brewing
  • Movie popcorn

Random Thoughts (in no particular order):
  1. Who is the real "Sheriff of Nottingham", and would I find him hot like I did Alan Rickman? lol You guys from the U.K. feel free to clue me in on this one).
  2. Driver Awareness of Motorcycles - People Wake The Hell Up! I saw a guy just today nearly side-run-over by some delivery truck. He veered over, then he sped up and passed the guy and basically cussed him out with his hand gestures... as funny as that was, I still am shocked sometimes at the insensitivity of drivers to other drivers of bikes, or any vehicle... Is it really THAT crucial that you get to nowhere first you assholes??
  3. Vickie's House In Summer - I really miss being kids and miss my sister's house in summer, something about my own house reminds me of it. Her house was like my 2nd home growing up and I'll never forget... we had such wonderful times.
That's all I have to say about that (Forrest Gump).

Enjoy the rest of your day and roll on.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


This is a little technique I was fooling around with in Photoshop.

(Click To Enlarge)

Using some vector art, in this case, a little strip of "Skulls", and a photo of my face, I created this little "patterned" piece. It didn't turn out like I wanted yet, but then I am just kind of testing and getting ideas on different things I can do using this technique. So essentially, it is ME made of skulls... You can see around the edges the skulls and although it's not really "finished" I thought it was kinda cool. This is all I have for you today class, once you have studied it, you may go for the day. I will, however, be hitting you with a pop quiz between now and friday... Not sure what the topic will be lol!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

C and Wood (WWC)

Check out who's playing the:

Host of the Weekly Words Challenge is the lovely Tink of Pickled Beef. This week's keywords are "C" and "Wood".

Quickly I will get these up, and sorry to admit I had to go archiving once again... sorry to disappoint. Just haven't felt up to shooting much lately and it's been so hot. Here goes.




Monday, June 22, 2009

It's My Birthday

That's right, I'm doing a self-birthday post... I should've done it earlier, but I took the day off and slept late and still had to do things like laundry and the like but for the most part it has been a nice day. Why do your days off pass off so quickly though while work days seem to be a week long a piece?? That's so unfair.

But right now, I'm just saying "Happy Birthday To Me!!!"

Overlook the bleached out hair, please!
Dad, Me and Mom on NWCC Grad Day.

My Mom made me a delicious Mandarin Orange cake and gave me a very beautiful card, I'll probably scan it and share the verse with you. She's the sweetest most loving Mom in the whole wide world and I thank her and my Dad for seeing fit to bring me into this world. It's not their fault they were unaware of how rotten the world was and/or would become. But it's up to us to make our lives what we can, and be successful (by whatever means we measure success, and that doesn't have to be job or money success).

I think that happiness is the ultimate success, and for the most part I'm doing o.k. there. The only times I am not happy is when I forget to appreciate all of the great things that I have and all of the wonderful love I have experienced so far.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Daddy's Hands

This is for Daddy, my ultimate hero... Today was a hard day for Mom and Me Dad, I wish you'd been able to be there so I could've sang this to you in person the way you always wanted me to. I wish I had gone to the Grand Ol' Opry like you begged me to.

I wish a lot of things, most of which is to be able to hold your big strong and loving hands just one more time.

This one is for you Daddy, and all the other men in this world who have earned the right to be called "Daddy" and not just father. Love you and miss you every day and forever Daddy... Your baby. Watch the video of Dolly Parton and Holly Dunn singing "Daddy's Hands"

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Satan's Toenails Hot

I went for a ride a little earlier, and I mean the summer heat is on. I read one bank clock that said about 101 degrees, but I don't know. As long as I was rolling I was fine. Anyway, summer ain't playin around and it's not even officially here yet. Almost... hang tight.

Two Days until my birthday, -insert unenthusiastic "yay" here. I am taking off but I still have to keep an eye on some work issues. How's that for slavin to th' man?

Anyways, this one is short today. You guys have a lot of reading to catch up on anyways, so get started!! :))

Here's how we used to spend summers when I was growing up... I miss the innocence and ignorant joy of youth.

Nothing like the sprinkler in the heat of summer.

Happy Summer everyone!

Friday, June 19, 2009

St. Anger And The Hudsons

Today's "Zen" proverb of the day: "When you try to stay on the surface of the water, you sink; but when you try to sink, you float." Let that be a lesson Y'all! lol

Ok, so I started trying to work up this post yesterday, and it began with a little letting off of some steam. I'm not angry, like right now in the present sense I am not "in a bad mood", I am fine really. I am still working on myself, and taking things one day at a time. It works... for me at least. But I think one of the reasons why I don't have an alcohol or a drug problem, or have to be institutionalized for any psych problems is because I don't mind freely sharing what's on my mind. I feel unhealthy when I keep things bottled up inside, my emotions and feelings, I let them out as much as possible. I think it helps keep me relatively well adjusted (as much as is possible on this crooked rock lol).

But anyways, when I started this post I was merely letting out a few of my angry feelings... and I feel better. But here, I'll share:

I'm angry...
  • That decent human beings on this planet are less by the day.
  • That some people have some "holier than thou" attitude and have some sense of "entitlement" just because they have talent, or need sympathy, etc.
  • When people take something that doesn't belong to them without asking if you mind...
  • When people do or say something thinking they are giving you a 'dose of your own medicine'.
  • That ALL the good band names, song names, book names are taken, and that having an original thought nowadays is about as easy as picking your nose through your ear.
  • At all the anger in the world.
  • With myself for not doing more.
  • That Gene Simmons was right when he said, "Money's not the root of all evil, LACK of money is the root of all evil."
  • That I didn't marry Gene Simmons.

Now that I've gotten all that off my chest, I must tell you what happened afterward. Mr. J (Uncle Richie... should I start calling him Uncle Richie since I am Aunt Jackie? lol), well we went out earlier in the eve to grab a bite to eat. We enjoyed, he had a few beers as he does love to do, and we came back home and I goofed around on the internet for a while, and he was watching some war thing on the History channel. From time-to-time, he would find something hilarious or interesting and call me in there to see it. Sometimes this agitates me and I don't watch my actions... but I am trying to do more "thinking before I speak" stuff... Trying not to do insensitive things that start conflicts. I took a deep breath and just went along with it, I humored him and went to check out what he was enthused about, then would head back to the computer.

I stayed up too late really, but when we finally did go to bed we talked for a little while and I don't quite remember drifting off to sleep, or when.

Then, the dreams... as always a few I don't remember or that are hazy, but at some point in the night, Slash came to pick me up and take me to L.A. with him. I was excited of course and I have always had a bit of a "thing" for Slash (read "Out Ta Get Me"). So Slash was taking me back to his place, right? I was all staring at his thighs and hair (lol), trying to remember I was married and contain myself.

Funny thing is, it was very vivid and more real than just a plain "normal" dream. Another thing that leads me to feel that it could've been more like a 'dream visit' was the anti-romantic nature of it all. [Wouldn't I have made my dream a little sexier?]

Slash was driving this older, solid black pick-up truck, all the while swigging whiskey from some bottle in a brown-paper sack. That would be him!!!

Meanwhile, I'm just riding in the passenger side thinking, "What the HELL am I doing?? Will I NEVER learn?? I'm sober and sitting here flying down the highway with this intoxicated dude. WTF!?!"

So then Slash starts talking about his wife, Perla. "Oh man, she's so cool! You're gonna LOVE her!!" He says. I'm side-glancing him thinking, 'Dude... I don't care to hear about how great your wife is'. Slash continues, "And she's so fucking beautiful... she's got the best tits!!"

I am all for dude loving his wife, but I mean damn! Have a little sensitivity here... why in the hell are you picking ME up in your black truck and taking me home with you then?? What's this all about?? I'm starting to wonder all those things and more and the scene fades. Pretty much it switches to us having arrived I guess. We're in some very weird 'Salon-looking area' very "L.A." I am feeling uneasy and like I am being stared at the wrong way.

Suddenly, some woman (not Slash's wife) sets off some kinda smoke bomb that emits a powerful sleeping gas I guess. The people around me were all like, "Nooooo!!" and I looked around and then suddenly felt affects much like Anesthesia and was knocked out cold, face down on the floor.

When I woke up, I was sitting with a very stern Perla. She was analyzing my every move and asking me what I was doing there. I nervously replied to her that I was really a big fan and only friends with her husband. All of a sudden MY HUSBAND is there (I don't know how on Earth Richie got there, but he was sitting at a little table kind of close to where we were). Waves of relief washed over me and I pointed to him and said, "There's MY husband, he's a guitarist too. He loves Slash!" I guess I was thinking that this would drop her guard and she would warm up to me and trust me.

However, it wasn't until I told her everything that Slash had said about her on the trip there, even about the beautiful and the tits comments... I left nothing out. She seemed to light up like a Christmas tree then. At this point any hope of hanging out with Slash myself has been thwarted, and I look to see a very focused pair of guitar players hanging out together... my husband and Slash are all into some Jam session and I am left to my 'girl visit' with his lovely wife.

I should've known it wasn't going to work out.

Then a bit later, "Uncle Richie" and I were somewhere else in our very own Romantic entanglement (if you know what I mean), and it was rolling along nicely until some people busted into the room. These people I won't name who they are because they're the family of one of my In-Laws an it was very strange to me. They had come into town because of some bad news with their father though.

Needless to say, none of the events ended the way I would've had them end, so who knows. Interesting the way my mind works anyroad!

Hope you enjoyed and I wish for you all a happy and safe weekend. :)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

If Ignorance Is Bliss

Occasionally, I run across a quote, a photo or some bit of inspiration that really drives home a thought to the point I have to present it. One of those I am presenting today. There certainly appears to be (at least to me) a great deal of ignorance in this world... Various topics and various symptoms that need to be treated, but what can we do?

I was introduced to this innovative photographer, "Dustin Diaz" by my coworker who is a photographer also. He was impressed by the project this guy was working on, which is called "Project 365" (wherein he puts up 1 picture a day). These are done, mostly it seems nighttime shots, using nothing but strobe lighting. I thought it was very unique and I like the slogans and headlines he uses for the photos. Hope you enjoyed as much as I did...

File this one under Heroes of the unwritten word. (For the photography) The quotation, of course written.

If ignorance is bliss, why aren't more people jumping up and down for joy? ~ Frédérick Jézégou


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Teach Me A Song

I just wanted to share the "Elder's Meditation of the Day" today, I thought it was a good one.

Elder's Meditation of the Day - June 17
"Your power comes from the songs."
--Ethel Wilson, COWICHAN
If you do not know any of the songs, ask an Elder to teach you. Get yourself a drum. When you sing a song and play the drum, you'll be surprised how your mind, body, and spirit will react. Everything becomes calm and joyful. Our bodies love the songs. The songs allow us to touch the hand of the Creator. When we sing and touch the Great Spirit's hand, He gives us power.

Songs are another way to pray.
"My Grandfather, teach me a song today!"

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Favorite Song (WWC)

It's that time again, but of course I was late this week, my apologies once again! Ok, am back. Thanks for your patience and understanding guys. I'll make it quick and mainly about photos and save all my knowledge and philosophy for other posties.

Check out who's playing!

This week's Weekly Words Challenge (hosted by the lovely Tink! features key words: "A" and "Favorite Song" (reminds of).

I'll kick it off with the "A"s...

Random Grocery Store Sign

At Rest

Autozone Park Gate

Now with the "Favorite Song" thing... I can never narrow down my absolute favorite song, and it can change from time-to-time, so I just did a few that illustrate some of the songs (remember these are NOT necessarily favorites at all so no making fun lol)

Nirvana "In Bloom"

The Cure "Heaven"

Theme song to "St. Elmo's Fire" by John Parr

Bonuses, yeah bonuses!!

Where Are The Bison? ;)

Rainy Day Highway

Until next time, this is AJ saying "Happy Snapping!"

Monday, June 15, 2009

Onez and Zeroez

Just a random little post today, busy Monday and all.

I'm not going to make a huge deal out of it, but can't get through this day without wishing Z a very happy birthday. I hope that he has or gets all he deserves in life, always hope for the best and that he and his family are doing well. It's all I can really do... So, today Z, I thought of you and next week when it's my birthday (22nd), I doubt you'd even remember that or think of me and mine, but that's o.k., the world continues to roll around and round. It's all good, you're righteous and don't have to worry bout nothin, right?? You're cool.

Ok, enough of that I can see where it was headed lol, let me shut my mouth now. Geez, it started out all cool too like it sometimes does, then turned sour... kind of like yesterday's nasty-ass pistol-packin potato salad.

{deep breath}

Yeah, you've got your heroes and your zeroes. Then there are times when you still think the zeroes could be heroes. Good thing to do is really try to mentally "burn" all of your old junk ties to things. I was at lunch, alone, like I usually am these days, reading a copy of The Memphis Flyer. I entertain myself sometimes with their Horoscope column, which is very interesting to me while I know they make it comical so that it elicits a giggle. These are done by Rob Brezny's Free Will Astrology. It's fun, check yours.

Anyway, the one that I happened to be reading this particular day stated the following:

Cancer Horoscope for week of June 11, 2009

Verticle Oracle card Cancer (June 21-July 22)
In honor of the karmic clean-up phase of your astrological cycle, I invite you to do the following exercise: Imagine a pit in the middle of a desert that holds everything you've ever used up, spoiled, and outgrown. Your old furniture is here, along with stuff like once-favorite clothes, CDs, and empty boxes of your favorite cereal. But this garbage dump also contains subtler trash, like photos that capture cherished dreams you gave up on, mementos from failed relationships, and symbols of defunct beliefs and self-images you used to cling to. Everything that is dead to you is gathered here. Got that vision in your mind's eye? Now picture yourself dousing the big heap of stuff with gasoline and setting it on fire. Watch it burn.

That's good advice any day I say. But it was one of those "messages" (you know, things that you happen across that feel like they were there just on time or something), that I felt was a reminder to me... More like a 'slap upside the head' really. I say this because I am so guilty sometimes of clinging to faded ghosts, thinking that they are still meaningful beings to me. When I take a closer look, they are just old torn sheets flapping in the wind. They're illusions. I have nothing to my name except today, this moment, and its many gifts.

It really is time to cut those soul strings to all of these past hurts and ties and let them go. I'm wasting my valuable time here on this crooked rock by lying to myself or believing that any of these things help me, or bring me any meaning in the present, and it's time for me to empty out that closet.

The mental way of doing it (illustrated in Brezny's horoscope above) is great, but can I physically attack it too? You know, throw away real keepsakes and memorabilia that go along with it? That I don't know. If not, does that mean I am not truly committed to my burn pile process? I don't know that either.

But as I have said before, I do love the smell of smoke-just not gasoline.

How my achievements mock me!
~William Shakespeare

How vain it is to sit down to write when you have not stood up to live.
~Henry David Thoreau

When Potato Salad Goes Bad

I have always loved Far Side cartoons... this one about Potato Salad going bad was one of my favorites. Just the mental image of spoiled food pulling a gun gives me a giggle. Larson rules.

However, bad food in the fridge is sometimes no laughing matter. I recently let some broccoli sprouts go beggin' and they tried to take the entire household hostage, guests and all. Funny thing about broccoli sprouts, they are against guns and drugs, and totally for Animal Rights but they carry tazers. It's really confusing, and a lesson hard learned. :)

So anyway, yeah another make up post I did for yesterday. So sue me... not that it makes a big impact. We've had internet connection problems, which are still ongoing. The technician arrived in decent time and said our equipment was o.k., and that there had been an issue going on in our area, here and there... they were working on it. Maybe it will be resolved soon. I sure hope so, it's just agitating and it goes down at the worst times... that's natural though, right?

So I visited Mom and rode my bike down (despite a little wolf spider who staged a sit-in to prevent me from getting on... and now looking back I think he was a little messenger trying to prevent me from riding, but I flung him off and didn't listen lol) because at the time, it was nice outside and Weather.com showed that storms would not be coming until around noon today (and not even but like 40 or 50%, so I thought I was safe. Lo and behold when I woke up this morning it was coming down like nobody's business, dark, misty and thundering. I had to wait the storm out there, so I just chilled and hat some oatmeal, coffee and visited a bit more. Needless to say when I finally did leave, the gravel driveway was no pleasure to ride down, and I wasn't about to veer over into the grassy pasture, I would probably have gotten stuck or layed the bike down... So i just balanced it out on the messy gravel. The ride home was met with sunshine and quite nice.

So I have just been kind of low-key for the rest of my Sunday. I watched the first episode in the new season of HBO's "True Blood" which I got addicted to last season and have been anxiously awaiting its return. It wasn't too bad... there are some interesting turns and I hope they do not screw it up and lose my interest, but so far I enjoyed what I saw. I am glad Lafayette is not dead... and I still can't stand Jason Stackhouse... he's just a gullible, stupid suckass... and a sheep nonetheless, like most humans. We will see how the season shapes up anyways, but if you like strange kind of cheesy vampire stories, you might like to give that show a peek.

That about wraps up my weekend I guess, nothing that big and bad to speak of... nothing new and exciting, and I can't really complain too badly, or well it wouldn't do me much good to do so. Therefore I won't right now. Hope your weekends were cool too and that everyone's doing just fine. If not, and if you are going through anything bad just hang in there and know it could always be worse, and that it will get better... just hold out for a lighter day. The storm will subside.

Love, AJ

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Riders On The Storm

Sorry for the lousy make-up post, but it's been bad weather around. We were not terribly affected by it but we have had quite heavy storms in the area. I enjoy them immensely personally... but you've all heard me go on over my obsession with rain and thunderstorms often enough.

Since I'm making a sad back post I will cut it short with a video from another one of my favorite musical heroes... Mr. Jim Morrison and "The Doors". I cannot as a Piano/Keyboard player put this up just about Jim though, it's also a love post to one of my biggest keyboard heroes, Ray Manzarek. He rocks. Anyways, Watch Riders On The Storm.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Irresponsible Hate Post

UUUuughhhhh!!!! It's been such a delightfully hateful day!!!

Day started out o.k... It was Friday, that was good enough for me. But then of course I was running late. Then everybody on the road decided to be a turd. There was impending rain in the weather forecast for later in the day but it decided to hit and become pretty much tornado weather... I hated that. Luckily, we didn't lose electricity although some around here did.

Anyway we ran with friends to grab a bite to eat after we were sure that the roof wasn't going to blow off, and Mom called and made me feel guilty for not having called her to say "Hey I made it home before the storm struck and all is well." Fridays are sometimes just hectic and I hadn't had time or a quiet spot to call her due to the problems we were having with the phone and internet connectivity.

All that brings me to the fact that yeah, something has been screwing up the internet connection so we had to schedule a technician. I chose the 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 slot tomorrow. You realize that if this were during the work week and you planned to be late for work to wait for a technician he would not show up until 12:00 or after on the 8-12 slot... But since it's a Saturday and I am desperately salivating over the thought of sleeping in he will arrive at 7:59 a.m.

Assuming that will be fixed, then I need to go see my Mom tomorrow night as I feel like crap for not being able to spend the night the past 2 weekends... even though I went on Sundays for a few hours each time... Should I feel so bad?? I'm doing my best... I swear I am.

So lastly, I had to run to the store, and of course everyone was still running a muck in shithead mode in the streets, and even worse since there had been treacherous weather and people with no electricity, and people with electricity had nothing to do so they were crawling the streets in search of some way of wasting time in their already meaningless existences.

Lights were out at Shnuck's so I had to drag my lazy self all the way to Walmart (like 5 more minutes of trouble, big deal eh). Walmart, without a doubt, sucks Rhino-ass. People are crowded in there like it's an apocalypse and their children are running around like loose monkeys at the zoo. One stinking kid was manning a cart with his younger turd of a brother in it, and they were speeding up and down the isles and nearly hit me. If he had hit me, I just don't know what I would've done. At one point he made it to yet another isle I was on and I looked at them devilishly and said, "You need to be careful!". I hoped I scared him, but I doubt it.

Then of course the lines were long and some stupid asshole couldn't get out of my way when I was checking out. Then he finally moved forward and I was trying to use the debit machine and he backs up and slams into the front of my cart. Then looks at me like it was my fault. When I'm trying to leave, some oblivious skank won't move so that I can get through, so I have to go around another register to get out of the hell hole.

Ooooh every day, people just make me sicker and sicker... Goodnight. End of Rant (for now).

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Random Nonsense

Gonna make one of those 'who knows what' type of posts, with a lot of randomness to it today I guess. I'm late even thinking about writing because I've been busy, but here I am.

I've done a couple of adjustments to my blog, you may or may not have noticed. Edited my profile "blurb", and I adjusted the post amenities I guess, changed the verbiage back to "Alms for the poor" for comments, so spare a few for poor ol' Auntie J will ya?? Robin Hood would approve.

As well, I added the "Reactions" do-hickey, so gimme some feedback and see how that works too. Then I put my playlist back on the bottom of my sidebar. It's not on 'autoplay', but you can always peek and see what I am listening to and get an idea of my music tastes, which I have said before are quite eclectic.

I've noticed not many people have responded to "Uncle Richie Is A Wicked Wizard" story. Was it anti-entertaining? Just wondered... because I thought it to be a cool little story, and it is of course true... I will try to think up a few more things to write stories about if I can, sometimes I feel like I am boring and have run out of stories but then I have episodes that enable me to conjure one up for the masses. Different thing different days.

That's really all I have to say today without starting to bitch about the state of everything and everyone and the universe... I try to sound positive, but of course sometimes the black blood in my heart flows too abundantly to keep to myself... You will know when I am ready to bleed all over you though ;)

Until then, keep it real peeps... ain't no other way to do it.

Your hero,

PS: Don't forget about "Ask AJ"... whenever you feel the need to be in the know!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Uncle Richie Is A Wicked Wizard

Growing up, I was not a computer-wielding gamer nerd. In fact, my parents never bought me any computers or the latest game consoles, and well... they wouldn't even spring for cable! We were lucky to have "touch tone" on the phone (and I actually have one friend who's parent's wouldn't pay the charge for touch tone). Living simply is a good thing and all, but I like a few luxuries ;)

These days, though, it seems that Kids are eyeballs-deep in microchips. They are the technology generation more or less. Some of you guys think it's sad to say "Remember Vinyl?", now we are starting to feel the burn when a kid asks "What?? CDs?!?"

"I'll get you next time Aunt Jackie!!!"

My husband's (younger) brother has three children, one girl from his first relationship, and two younger boys from his current wife. The youngest is more of a wild child (hence his Mohawk) while the eldest boy is the Gaming Geek of his clan.

When they were visiting over the weekend, he sat on the couch and engaged me in a role-playing character creation session in which he asked "Uncle Richie" to choose a side and alignment, and me as well.

"Uncle Richie," he inquired, "Do you choose Fire, Earth or Darkest?" (I think he meant darkness or perhaps shadow **ehhem clears throat and tries not to sound like an adopted nerd**).

I should probably pause to insert a bit of morning history, previous to this conversation, Uncle Richie and I were having a "play fight" in which he was machine gunning my face, specifically eye region with rapid firings of his MIDDLE finger. Yes, he was flipping me off in hyper-mode. So I tried to catch and bite his fingers to no avail, so my only defense was to slap his hands. This did nothing to stop his incessant bird-throwing. Therefore, my last resort in defending my honor was a fist-punch to his upper thigh. With that, he turned into a pitiful creature whining about spousal abuse and arguing that his particular irritations were non-physical, and that I was evil to resort to the physical abuse of punching him.

It was not even a hard punch, I promise you. I gave him maybe 1/4th of my strength luckily... Plus, I'm a girl... But the kids had camped out in the livingroom, and both of them were planning on coming in there to "rescue" Aunt Jackie from rotten Uncle Richie... lol!!! Good stuff. ~

Anyways, upon being asked what powers he chose, Unk stopped his conversation with his brother to choose Fire, or maybe it was Fire mixed with "darkest"... I can't remember. Then he turned to me with an innocent toothy grin and said "Aunt Jackie, do you choose Fire, Earth or Darkest?" I said, "I love nature and would love to harness its great power, so I will choose Earth."

He giggled as evilly as a seven year old boy can, and said... "Ok!!! So you can use your roots to wrap around Uncle Richie and strangle him!" Then he sadly realized that Fire can burn branches and roots, and informed me of this fact. So I said, "Oh yeah... that is true. I guess I better be Earth mixed with Darkest!" This pleased my nephew and ultimately I beat Mr. J at his own game of fiery evil.

At my victory, Little Joe laughed wholeheartedly and exclaimed, "Yay!!! Yeahhh... Uncle Richie Is A Wicked Wizard!!"

This is what we called him for the rest of the day. Joe even drew a picture of him with horns and a funny beard which actually looked a great deal like him!

The moral of this story? Aunts & Uncles can often play the part of a hero in a child's life, especially children who lean towards being D&D nerds... and as well, may it be a lesson to Wicked Wizard Uncle Richie and he will know that his fire power, while it may be hot, can never match the likes of my Earthen strength and my powers of darkest.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Leans Of Three (WWC)

That title rhymed... isn't that cool?? Ok, short one and to the point today ladies and gentlemen. I will be back later though for a story about "Uncle Richie" (a.k.a. Mr. J). For now, here's today's WWC (Weekly Words Challenge) brought to us by the very lean and lovely Tink of Pickled Beef.

(Visit her if you'd like to join us and sacrifice your life lol)!

The words for this week were "Lean" and "3" (three):

Had to hit the archives a little as I have been super-duper busy... but still hope you like.

Angel leaning on the tomb in which it guards

Broken piece still appears to be leaning

Mr. J leans on the escalator behind a (quite lean)
wax figure of Sophia Loren

(or is he in Front of her?)

Wall mural of a 3-tier Fountain

Three Siblings Three Very Different Personalities

Three Silos in grassy green field

There you go! Also note that I had 3 examples of each word... hehe I'm the clever one. ;)

More issues beckon... will be back later!

Monday, June 08, 2009

The Monday Report

Future Real American Hero!

I Believe The Children Are Our Future... lol

My little nephew Blade is quite a kid, he's only 2 yrs old but he already tries to drive everything, and there isn't anything that he doesn't think he can tackle (and he tries!) The photo above was taken at 'home' when I visited Mom the other day. My niece and her husband were there, he was helping do some yard stuff for Mom, and Brandy had the baby there. So of course he was a handful and needed close observation. If nothing else, so that he wouldn't run out and try to follow his dad on the tractor while he was trying to do the bushhogging.

That would've been a nice disaster to start the week off right. However, once his dad finished up, he did give him a ride on the tractor, which seemed to make him happy enough for the moment. Please note that he got up on this piece of machinery all by himself, no lie. He also attempted to crank it, but his efforts were thwarted by his dad very quickly. I'm merely waiting for the day when we do get a story about him driving to town at 4 years of age or something like that. He'll make all the papers, so be watching for that.

Other than that, you also know that I rode my bike a lot over the weekend, and the weather was plenty peachy for it. We also did some work on the pool in an attempt to lessen the eco system that we had growing back there. Several bullfrogs, toads and others, along with millions of tadpoles. You know me, I saved what I could and there were some that i couldn't. Such it the circle of life, but I still didn't like it.

No sign of "Mr. Snake" in the pool though, maybe he made his way over to the big lake to rejoin his family. I'm sure he'll be kind enough to visit.

Back to work it was today after such a short-lived weekend, and they all are. I just tried my best to relax and enjoy all the "deep breaths" and sighs that I could, and take a couple of mindless soaks in my claw foot bathtub. But inevitably, I had to start another week.

Had a slight "burp" though over the weekend as you may have noticed with the posting, while I am trying for daily posting for the June "NaBloPoMo". I cheated on one spot but I am going to try to keep with the regularity of it.

Speaking of burps, Mr. J has begun recording a new doom-type show, it is called "1000 Ways To Die". ('Great. Just Great' I thought, 'another doomsday dude series') The show is on Spike TV (if you're familiar with that), and you should check it out if you like that sort of thing.

The episode that I watched was called "Gut Busted" (Click Here or the pic To Watch -Yuck!).

Basically I'll describe what happened, for those of you who can't "stomach" (for lack of better word) the video. There's this dude, right? He's not in the best of shape, and he and his girlfriend (which they depicted as unlikely-cute for him) were sitting in a restaurant. He's sitting there eating his shitty bar food and his girlfriend is showing disgust at his eating habits and just rolling her eyes as he snacks down on fatty foods and ogles the waitress, etc. So the dude starts burping. At first, she's like "Ahhh, gross!" and still rolling her eyes (most likely rethinking the relationship). He doesn't seem to be able to stop burping.

Then the scientific dude from the show comes on and basically says that what the guy had wrong was ulcers in his stomach, which are basically like sores we get on the outside but they're on the inside and it's like your stomach acids keep the thing all messed up, and they get worse with bad diets, etc. So anyway, guess this guy had really done a number on his and for some reason they were causing him to belch incessantly. Dude basically stands up and asks his girlfriend to punch him in the stomach, thinking that it would help him release the gas bubbles probably and put an end to his burp-session. She's kind of weirded out by the request, and says "Are you sure?!?!" and he's like, "Yeah yeah just hit me in the stomach, right there."

So the girl hauls off and gives him a good sock in the gut and he basically just keeled over and kicked the proverbial bucket (o'chicken).

Then the scientific dude comes back and said that basically with the condition of this guy's stomach, ulcers and all, when she hit him his stomach exploded and emptied out into the body... and The End... I was just horrified and grossed out too. With my paranoid and over analytical nature, I just don't need to watch stuff like this.

Later on that night, as we were preparing to go to bed, Mr. J casually mentioned that he couldn't stop burping and I had a super-holistic hissy fit and nearly called 9-1-1. HAHA!!

No worries, he was fine, he lived to burp another day. He says I can't watch that show anymore.

Now I am basically about to finish up a few things and wrap it up over here, not sure what the evening will hold in Aunt Jackie-ville but I'm sure it will be worth blogging about later. If not, I will try to find a way to make it interesting. :)

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Take The Long Way Home

Oh I am tired but in a good way. I got a lot of good riding in on Jimi this weekend, and it has been hot and sweaty out there, let me tell you! I just got home a short while ago from a little visit with my Mom and hopped in a nice hot mineral soak.

The feeling that you get when you JUST step out of the tub or shower is the greatest! I know that this is the most relaxed, and the most clean and good I am going to feel all week long... which is a little sad when you think of it going downhill like that, but it will.

Mondays always rear their ugly, good-for-nothing heads... No matter, it's just the same bad movie on repeat. We'll make it to the credits and give it applause come the next weekend. (If we're all lucky to make it).

The Nose Knows...

I have to go on a little bit about my motorcycle riding, because the sensations I enjoy when riding are just about all that does get me through the week. I love to smell the freshly cut grass, and the warm summer breeze, the divine smell of the leaves on those heroic wise trees that are our elders, and they speak to me as I pass. I love the smell of smoke from various cook-outs and of course the honeysuckle. I could do without the roadkill, but I can hold my nose for 5 seconds without much consequence. Just being there, lungs full of nature and freedom take away the stress, even if only for the 30 minutes or hour that I am en route to my destination.

I have always been a "joy rider" and my bike still brings out the want in me and my love affair with the country back road. It has always been my philosophy that whenever possible one must allow themselves to take "The Long Way Home".

Norah Jones singing "The Long Way Home"

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Hero Sandwich

I'm quite hungry and searched for a Hero Sandwich.

This is what I found.
She held out for a hero, this is what she got!

If you click the photo, it will take you to the site of the photographer. Quite interesting works. Props to this Demetrie Kabbaz!

Friday, June 05, 2009

Invisible Hero

Oh yeah, I am doing the make-up cheat post. I wanted to make every day in June, but it is darn hard. Busy weekend. This will have to do!

[There is a hero here, you just can't see it... think of it as the Invisible Man or Woman]


Yeah I know that was pretty sad.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

My Heroes Have Never Been Cowboys

What matters is not who our heroes are, just that we have one. Something or someone in our lives that inspire our dreams and give us something great to aspire to. Whether you wanted to be a cowboy, or a fireman or an astronaut, you had a dream. Your hero could have been a family member, the cool guy or girl down the block, or Superman. Hopefully, something made you feel like you could be something great!

I grew up with my Mom and Dad watching a lot of Westerns, and listening to a lot of what might be considered "Cowboy Music" too, as that was what they liked. Now don't get me wrong, I don't have anything against it, and it always reminds me of good memories growing up, but I took a different turn in selecting my own "heroes".

My weakness was always the bad boys. Motorcycle riding, tattoo wielding, hell raisers who were more trouble than they were worth! I blame it on Fonzie.

Nevertheless, I survived and ended up with a good mix, I guess, the best of both worlds. Mr. J is part computer nerd and part inky-rockin-convict. It works.

Just yesterday, we were sitting in a little quaint place in Hernando called "Windy City Grille" (a cool little bar and grill reminiscent of Chi-town). I got a salad called "Zorba the Greek" and added grilled shrimp for $4. I felt the bite of the economy when I received my already 7 dollar salad, and to my dismay there were only 4 shrimp (I guess they were a buck a piece, right?). Not that great-a-deal.

I digress; as Mr. J and I were sitting there at our little corner booth, the weather moved towards stormy (which always relaxes me). We began discussing some Roman and Greek Mythology. Mythology is one of Mr. J's great loves, and if you want to get him gushing over a subject just mention that or something pertaining to quantum physics or cultures and religions and he'll snag your ear for hours.

He told me some of the stories, such as Cupid and Psyche, and some stuff about Achilles, and just this and that. I enjoy him telling me the stories and the myths and legends about it all. He even touched on some of the weirdness and differences between the Norse Mythology the others. It's really cute and a bit of a turn on watching him go on in all his nerdy glory.

I guess I've come a long way from the 'Happy Daze' (sic) of the Fonz.

"HERO" as defined by Wikipedia states,
"A 'hero' (from Greek ἥρως 'hērōs'[1]), in Greek mythology and folklore, was originally a demigod,[2] the offspring of a mortal and a deity,[3] their cult being one of the most distinctive features of ancient Greek religion.

Later, hero (male) and heroine (female) came to refer to characters (fictional or historical) that, in the face of danger and adversity or from a position of weakness, display courage and the will for self sacrifice – that is, heroism – for some greater good, originally of martial courage or excellence but extended to more general moral excellence.

Stories of heroism may serve as moral examples. In classical antiquity, hero cults – veneration of deified heroes such as Heracles, Perseus, and Achilles – played an important role in Ancient Greek religion. Politicians, ancient and modern, have employed hero worship for their own apotheosis (i.e., cult of personality)."

Maybe if I had to choose, I would say that my favorite mythical heroic figure would be "Robin Hood" or someone (even though he's technically more folklore), but famous archetype. I could consider him a folklore hero then I guess. He was technically, but not really, doing 'wrong', but honestly trying to help the people, the less fortunate. Now, even though I loved the story of Robin Hood and felt he's the hero, my love for bad boys found me strangely attracted to the "Sheriff" in the Kevin Costner version (which would be this guy, Alan Rickman). Yum, he was just so rotten. :)

It is great that we have all of these stories, legends and folklore to learn about and read, but it's no substitute for having real, great role models in one's life. I'm very lucky in that respect, and have been fortunate to have two of the best heroes (Mom and Dad), and a pack of other good ones, my husband and family that I love so much.

They've saved my life way more than any character from books, and I am very thankful today thinking of all that I have. Even if what I have and who I am isn't "success" by most people's standards, It's ALL mine.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Killing Floor

Today I don't have much to say, but most times I feel that music can express emotion better than just about anything. So I will utilize one of my favorite Rock Legend / Guitar Heroes to illustrate just that point. Nobody did it like Jimi...

Enjoy This Video, "Killing Floor" by Hendrix.
(Note, ignore the guy yakking in some other language lol sorry-that is, unless you can understand him)

And here, you gotta check out my Bonus Video Footage!

I Heart Jimi!!! -AJ

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Inside My Purse Is Yellow (WWC)

Weekly Words Challenge 87 is now!

Our Wicked MC, Tink has ruled that the words for this week were Yellow and "In My Purse/Wallet".

How did you interpret them?

Here are mine, and sorry I didn't make up for last week like I thought I would try to, I'm doing well to get these in. Here we goooo! I'll be by to see what you did in a bit.

Mississippi Mud surrounded by lovely Yellow wildflowers

The inside of this bloom and some edges have a hint of Yellow

Messy Yellow Networking Cables!

This is a weird photo "happy accident" (with lots of yellow sparks)
caused by toothpicks in the ceiling at "Huey's" restaurant!

The entire unorganized contents Inside My Purse!!!

My blackberry resides In My Purse, and as such so does my face ;)

That's it for today I suppose. Remember, I am digging on this "Daily Blogging" phenomenon for my NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) group, so I'll be here every day during June, posting and trying to utilize June's theme, "Heroes". So far so good, wish me luck, and feel free to drop me an "Ask AJ" anytime. It can be silly, or serious. Something you've seen on my blog that you want to know more about, or just stuff. :)

Stuff is good... I like stuff. Don't you?