Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Assorted and The Purple (WWC)

Tuesday finds me loping along, making it through the week. After the scare with my Mr. J on Sunday night, I still find myself a bit on edge. I know it wasn't the worst-case scenario, but I guess it just threw me into that frame of mind. Since we've been through so much with my Father's health, I guess it just makes me think about things we all have to go through with situations (health and otherwise) as we screech down the mad timed highway. Gotta keep remembering the great things we have to be thankful for day to day.

Speaking of Tuesday, well that makes it time once again for the Weekly Words Challenge (WWC) brought to us by our friendly neighborhood Tink of Pickled Beef. This week's words as stated by Tink, are "Assorted" and "Purple". I'll waste no time, let's cut to the chase.


Well, first I thought the sign on this local
Mexican restaurant was cool, it's purple!

Secondly, another one of Downtowns interesting
Trolleys, also available in Purple!

I know you see quite a few of Trolleys on my page, but they're quite readily available in the Downtown area, and although these weren't originally purple, I took artistic license and put a purple tint on this shot in Photoshop.
Now for Assorted:

If you've been around the south, or live in the southern United States, you've more than likely seen or frequented this well-known pharmacy-store. Walgreens never fails to have a wide Assortment of products to hypnotize me. I absolutely love Walgreens for some reason, and always find too much of an assortment when I go there!

I spied this assortment of shoes in the window of a local shoe store.
Finally, with fall in full effect (and soon to be gone), the chilly breeze
brought me this lovely batch of assorted leaves to enjoy.
That's all from me for the WWC this week, I hope you enjoyed as I always enjoy participating. If you haven't joined the fun, go here on Tink's blog for details.

In other worries, NBC's Heroes, which has had me absolutely mezmerized for 2 seasons now,
is really driving me crazy... Sylar, it seems, has gotten the best of Maya and I won't say how, in case you need to catch up. There are plenty of spoilers out there already. I'm on edge now though with the recent turn of events and I simply can't believe that there is only one more show left before another hiatus. (Seems the writers strike has affected all of our couch-potato existences, so I guess I'll be forced to find something to occupy my time until they decide to throw us another titillating bone). I just cannot STAND this man!!! ha-ha. So I will be tuned in, salivating next Monday night to catch the final dazzling moments of what has come to be my absolute favorite show.

Everyone enjoy your Tuesday, and remember to be happy to be alive, and squeeze every drop of juice out of those lemons [you can take that any way you want to] ;)


Tink said...

The purple trolleys are awesome.

I didn't watch Heroes last season, but I've caught a few episodes this season. Personally, the show pisses me off with its cliff hangers and soap opera dramas. But I can't stop watching it! :)

Jay said...

I looooooooove the purple trolleys. How cool is that? Most towns have red trolleys, which are okay, I guess, but not very original.

I like going to Walgreens too. Although I don't know why either. LOL

Karen said...

The purple trolley is so cool. Very cool. Great photos.

R.E.H. said...

I absolutely love the purple trolley.

Used to go to Walgreen's all the time back when I lived in Florida. No Walgreen's where I live now...

Excellent WWC!

Ole Blue The Heretic said...

Purple is good.

her indoors said...

So gald your Mr J is ok, sorry you still a bit on edge, very understandable (((Hugs)))
love the purple trolley and my fav assortment picture has to be the leaves.

Jay Cam said...

purple trolleys? what is the world coming to?!

i'm lazy, so if i were doing this i would just post a pic of assorted purple stuff... lame i know

Cynnie said...

I dont watch heroes..and I'm kicking my own ass for not getting the habit..it looks awesome..

Sorry about the hubby babe..
I've taken the ambien cr...i hate it ..
I take just regular ambien and I noticed if i take it on an empty stomach and quickly go to bed..I'm fine..
but if i get in that inbetween ( full tummy makes the pill take too long to take effect) stage..I'll get up and eat everything in sight ..and just barely remember it the next day..
( sleep eating!!..god..just what i need)