Friday, August 29, 2008

Birth Of A Legend

"Some people are born to greatness, others have it thrust upon them...
then there are those of us who have it both ways!" -Hawkeye Pierce (M*A*S*H).

[Daddy has it both I think we'd all agree]

It was on August 29, 1927 that the greatest father in the world was catapulted into this crazy world, head first. Funny way to describe it I guess, but true if you think about it. Then most of his life, he spent working hard to make ends meet, caring for family and being Daddy.

My father, "Dad" (pronounced in the Southern U.S. "DAI-aad!!!") has been a friend, a disciplinarian, an entertainer and comedian, a caretaker and protector, a business manager at times (when we needed him to help us with our business, or keep us out of trouble), an ultimate giver of unlimited hugs and kisses, and an adviser, among so many other things.

So many times in his life he'd wake up with make-up on his face, or Vicks Vap-O-Rub shoved up his nose, surrounded by all girls, always running to our rescue, but still loving every one of us no matter what...

"Daddy" - The Man, The Legend

Dad (far left) with his 'gang' back in th' day...

Dad spent most of his life behind the wheel, working hard,
And a Union Man until Gordon's shut down.

Dad, doing what he did best, loving with all his heart.

Dad with his "other teeth in", clowning
it up for the camera as always!

Dad looking handsome last year for his 80th birthday.

I have written so many things about my Mom and Dad throughout the course of this blog, and I have given you stories about him. It's hard to sum up his life in mere words. Those that have only known him in his time of aging, have not been lucky enough to experience Daddy as "himself". There are still glimmers of "him" even now, of course, but you had to be there really.

You needed to be right there in the room with us as small children, when we were playing in my room with the door locked and Daddy pulled the fuse to my room, making it pitch black, then went outside and knocked on my bedroom window scaring us out of our wits... we laughed and laughed after that.

You had to be there in person to understand the true irony and wit behind my father calling up my sister Vickie on the phone... telling her to 'sit down, that this was not an easy thing for him to have to tell her'. She was frantic, begging him to tell her what was wrong. "Now listen, I don't really know how to say this. I know you're going to have a hard time.' (Sister nearly having a mental breakdown before he finally fessed up to his reasons for the call). --long pause on the other end of the line-- "Vickie, there AIN'T NO SANTA CLAUSE!!!" She was so mad... for a moment. And then we all laughed and laughed even more!

You would've had to be there at different occasions, big and small, weddings or funerals when my sisters and I would notice him, standing tall above the crowd usually, with his beautiful red hair, and remark, "Isn't Daddy the most handsome man here?"

Then when he and Mom would look at each other, lovingly, and treat each other with such wonderful kindness, smiling, laughing, setting a beautiful example of how love and life SHOULD be, even though it rarely turns out like that... you should've been there.

When he mowed the grass, and took the weed eater right through wet grass into a fresh pile of dog shit, and spattered it all over him... you didn't HAVE to be there, but it was quite funny in person.

Oh the numerous times he fell out of a chair (even though his falls are not funny anymore), or acted silly and made us laugh, or just hugged us and made everything all better... You didn't have to be there, but you would've wanted to. The only problem is, If you'd have been there... with them, Mom and Dad, growing up with me... you'd have never wanted to leave.

Thanks Dad... and Happy Birthday again!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Today Is The Day!

Happy 2nd Blogiversary to Deep In The Forrest. See below, help join in the "Comment Challenge" and have some cake. ;)

We'll resume our regularly scheduled programming tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I'll Have Seconds Please!

Tomorrow is my 2nd "Blogiversary". That's right, Deep In The Forrest turns 2 years old. Hard to believe... they grow up so fast.

Anyways, due to the funeral today and I'll be 'AFK' for a while, I thought "No Time Like The Present" to start the celebrations early.

I can never forget my very first Blog visitor, or official anyroad, he is a fantastic Bloke, one of the funniest I know, and does the greatest "foot in" shots I've ever seen... Thanks and congratulations to BARNZE!!. You've been there from the beginning of the Forrest, and I appreciate you. I know you read and come by when you can... You ROCK!!

Come on everybody give us all some applause!!!


So following in our genius, good ol' pal, Corky's footsteps, I'd like to propose a COMMENT CHALLENGE. Let's just see how many comments my Blogiversary post can get! Come on guys, I don't ask for much usually, and I haven't bitched about Comments in a long time... In honor of The Forrest's Big "2", let's rise to the occasion!! Anddd.... GO!!!

Please remember to have some cake before you go... thanks again, and I love you all! :) xoxo -AJ

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Salty Sour (WWC)

It's Weekly Words Challenge (WWC) day again... My it rolls around fast! As always, it is hosted by Everyone's favorite host, Tink.

Today's words are "Salty" and "Sour".

I took photos around town, but I just couldn't seem to illustrate this in a mere photo. I mean I could've just gone and taken pictures of nuts, and lemon drops and other foods, but it was just too easy. I don't like the simplest answer.

Therefore, I give you a Photoshop creation that I did of Mr. J.

Ok, now the story behind this is, I was discussing some 'band-related' junk, and mentioned how expensive things are and how we are all struggling through our finances and rents, etc, and can't afford to spend much on mixing down the CD. Well, Richie writes back jokingly that he is going to take a part-time job as a Space Cadet. That's all it took, I was off to look for a funny photo, and a shot of him I could impose the head onto the body with. I think it looks hilarious!

Why am I submitting it for "Salty" and "Sour"? Well, for one thing, looks as though that helmet is really hot, so he is sweating... all that sweat has to make him a little Salty, and his expression is quite sour for someone who should be totally enjoying his Space Mission. ROFL!! :)

It's just so funny-looking that he has a "little kid" body too.

So there you go. **snickers**

However, I do have a few extra photos... they have nothing to do with today's theme, I just thought I would share. For various reasons, and evoking various thoughts. Enjoy.

This is a cool painting on the side of a building near Beale Street.

Just thought it was a neat shot of a billboard on N. Second St.

Factory Smoke Near I-240 on a Cloudy Day

I Like This Song... Alot! (Don't You Dare Laugh)

Why Would They EVER Pair Up These Two? I Call It "KenTacoFriedChickenBell"

We Are Home To "Tiny Vegas" I Guess You Could Say.

The Hurricane Season Has Brought Us All Dark Weather.

Enjoy And Have A Safe Mid-Week everyone... Since I will be attending Aunt Lorena's husband's funeral tomorrow, I may or may not be able to post, and if I do it will probably be later. x


Monday, August 25, 2008

Memphis Monday Blues

*Announcement (mainly for family): My Aunt Lorena's husband Dave passed away in the early hours of Sunday I think. His hospitalization due to Alzheimer's Disease, and also Pneumonia took their toll. Visitation is Wednesday from 10-12 and the Services begin at 12:00 Noon, so if you're going in support of Mom or Aunt Lorena, or want to send anything, contact Mom for the details. Not that you are expected to, or were going to--just FYI. I will be going to the funeral basically to help Mom get there, and also to support Aunt Lorena.

on to today's 'things-n-stuff'...

Why is it that every day in this city brings me 'that much closer' to throttling those around me? I meditate, I slack when I can and need to, I take deep breaths, I play my music, I ride my bike in the wind, and still I find my fingertips aching to tap the life out of some of these idiots.

A few examples I suppose, for this lovely beginning of a new week.

1. One thing, and albeit this is minor: Yesterday, I saw the most dilapidated, beat-to-death truck rolling down the street, and it had the coolest, shiniest wheels that money could buy. What's the point in this?? Your truck needs lots of body work, and it looks trashy, but your wheels are sure "purdy". [Cracks you over the skull with a sledgehammer] (sigh)

2. Ok, more on "Gym Etiquette". I know this is probably nit-picking, or maybe I am just this easy to annoy... but is it SOOOOO NECESSARY to get a machine close to me, so early in the morning, and proceed to slap, and stomp and CLACK your way to fitness as loud as humanly possible? This one little hog-faced girl did just that this morning. She wasn't on the treadmill, but the elliptical machine. Everything was going fine, I was happily plugged in to the cardio theatre on my headphones, sweating along in fat-burn mode when all of a sudden, I hear what can only be described as a retarded, three-legged swamp monster. I look over to see the girl bent forward at a 90-degree angle, hanging on for dear life and trying to peddle about 70 mph on the damn thing. She did this for approximately 15 seconds every 10 minutes... All I can do is contain myself. I just don't get it. Plus, don't people realize that their clod-hopping around is very disruptive to other people trying to work out peacefully?

3. Oh yeah, these anonymous freaks who continue to dial my number with their "Unknown Name / Unknown Number" thing, or some far-out toll-free number with no decent identification. Over and over, ringing the phone, disturbing my peace. I do not answer phone calls from unknown numbers, or numbers that I do not recognize first off. Secondly, I have been home sick before and these mysterious terrorists are calling during the day (so they assume someone isn't out trying to make a living), then they are calling all weekend long, even until late hours. So they can harass you even in your time of trying to relax away from the world. I know they have 'some sort' of job, I guess, either that or they are hard-at-work trying to scam people. Either way, give it up, you're not getting me. I usually Google an unknown number (if the # is actually showing), and find that it is some scam, or has been complained about by others, or is a telemarketer. In cases of Telemarketers, what's up with that?? I thought by sending my # in to the "Do Not Call" list was supposed to greatly improve, if not RID me of this problem. Just more bullshit.

Ok, ok, on to more fun matters... Off my bitch-wagon (for now).

Jay Is Da Man!!! He has the capacity to make boring days entertaining... So recently, he put up "the Needs Post". It was kind of fun, and good for slight relief of the boredom of the weekend... since it was misty and uneventful(Except for Playing Poker Late on Saturday night).

All you do is go to Google and then type in your name and then "needs" and then search those words. Then you tell everyone what Google says you need. It turned out to be kinda humorous so I decided to post it. I did Richie's below that because his actually turned out way funnier than mine... Here's your laugh:

Jackie Needs:

Jackie needs your help! (I am always in need of help... and if you are a good Christian, you'll open up your wallets and send me your money. Every dollar helps. If you don't want to make a money donation, then of course I can always use a personal assistant... Ok, i'm totally joking... Although I probably do "need help").

Jackie needs Harry Potter like Grindylow needs water. I don't even know what to say to this. Harry Potter is cool and all, but he's no life-or-death matter for me... sorry Harry.

Jackie needs you to know. Yes that's true... if you don't know it, I really wish you would learn it. Especially if it affects my peace of mind or over-all well being. ;) So get 'hooked on phonics', or take a computer-learning course, or read the inquirer... whatever it takes to get you in-the know!

Jackie needs a dose of real-world reality (and being an Avon lady doesn't count!). I don't know what this means exactly but these people are stone-cold crazy if they think that I need any doses of this crap called "reality". I've got no use for the stuff!

Jackie needs a friend. Everyone needs friends... and Jackie is no exception. However, I do prefer true friends and not just friends who are looking to gain something from someone, or to use em' and lose em'... that's just not cool.

Jackie needs your assistance in order to make her accessible for even more nationalities. That's true, feel free to spread the word about me and shine my blog light on the world! Tell a friend.

Jackie wants YOU to be a part of her international campaign. (see above)

Jackie needs a new home. I'm still waiting on my million-dollar check from Ed McMahon, but if there are any philanthropists out there who are feeling generous, I won't sneeze at a cool place with enough space to really get into my art work. Nothing with a 'guest house' though. Those things encourage people to way overstay their welcome.

Jackie needs caffeine. I love caffeine and of course I need all of it I can get my hands on. Do you want to see me after I have had too much?? Probably not.

Jackie needs to get a personality. That's a little insulting. I think the one I have right now is damn frikkin fine! :)

Jackie needs a bit of a rethink musically. Well, you're treading on dangerous ground here, but change, growth and constructive criticism are good.

Jackie needs all the food she wants now and after she lays eggs. Excuse me?? WTF!!!

Jackie needs to also start taking responsibilities for her own actions.(yeah like that will ever happen). Hey, who are you to judge these things?!?!

Jackie's just trying so hard to be the "woo-woo-woo" clown. "woo-woo-woo clown??" You're losing me here...

GORGEOUS JACKIE NEEDS A FUREVER HOME - This was capitalized in the link, so that's not me... I do agree on the Gorgeous, but already have my FUREVER HOME with Mr. J and my furry little family.

Jackie needs to get revenge. Revenge, is oh-so-sweet, and I will get it if I need to, it's almost sweeter than Chocolate, so don't get on my Shit List.

Jackie needs to write a book and go across the USA... Yes. I really do... That would be frikkin sweet!

Jackie needs to be "re-trained" by her mother. She apparently never learned how to respect others. Mom?? Is that you?? What are you doing on the internet?!?!

Jackie needs someone who will exercise her and play with her and give her the companionship that she hasn't yet gotten in her life. Hey hey hey, now wait a darn minute!! I have had my share of companionship, and I'm trying to exercise... But if this is "George Clooney Alien", feel free to assist!

Little Jackie Needs to Cry.
As a matter-of-fact, I think I do! (please stand by............................)

Jackie needs to fill the hole. Now you're talkin!!!

Jackie needs an anchor to pull her back to earth when she gets carried away. Let's not get crazy now...

Jackie, needs to mind her business. I do mind my business, very well. So well, in fact that I have plenty of time to mind yours too. haha!

Jackie O needs to grow up. If ever I have heard the ring of falseness, that was it... Growing up sucks. I refuse to comply with this one!

Jackie needs to get out and have some fun! Yes yes and more yes... one can't have too much fun. I'm all about it!

Jackie needs to man up! Just let me know how and why and I'll consider... maybe. :)

As I said, I actually enjoyed Richie's way more than mine.

Richie Needs:

Richie needs a cup holder. Pretty harmless there.

Richie needs a hand. He has two already, why does he need more?

Richie needs a sandwich. Yeah he's always complaining to me about this one...

Richie needs to eat a burger or something. Ditto... constantly begging me to cook him dinner. Was that in my contract?? Hmmm (thumbs through pages checking for loopholes)

Richie needs Leg Tanner. BWWAHAHAHA!! He does have some lily-white gams... and funky lil' cave-man feet.

Richie needs sexual affirmation from 11-year-old. Wooahhhhh, let's just slow down here, don't need this kind of trouble. Stand back Gary Glitter, Richie is NOT down with that!

Richie needs a wee. Um, maybe we shouldn't go there... or did you mean to say Wii??

Richie needs a chauffeur ASAP. For what?? I'm his chauffeur.

Richie needs a buttery biscuit! LOL!!!!

Richie needs a boyfriend. I have to admit, if he left me for a boy I would be less hurt than if he left me for a girl... I don't know why, but I feel this way.

Richie needs to be spanked. I will make sure we execute this one, I'm all for discipline. lol j/k

Richie needs any excuse for a party. This is so true, if you only knew... it's all men I think.

Richie needs 18 months to learn how to 'just say no'. This is true in cases where his friends ask him for favors and crap... seems like he always goes above and beyond for his "friends", but when he needs them, they're nowhere in sight.

Richie needs to get help! Yeah... he does.

Richie needs to consider other people and how they feel. Especially when it comes to yours truly (that's moi! haha!!)

Richie needs to hit rewind and do this shit again.
Don't we all baby... don't we all.

Richie needs a shave. Yeah, especially on his back.

Richie needs to invest in some SPF 30 to protect those moobs... I couldn't help but laugh uncontrollably when I read this one. Moobs... rofl!!!

Richie needs to eat that cookie! You ain't NEVA LIED!!! :)

Ok, enough goofy fun for Monday, now GET TO WORK YOU LAZY SLACKERS!!!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Dreary Weekend Dreams

The rain has kind of stuck around, I guess we're getting showers from Hurricane Fay. So we haven't seen a really "clear" day most of the week. I like my rain and all, but I've just felt quite listless and mundane through the course of the whole week. Maybe it will switch up soon... I sure hope.

At any rate, I'm sure you've all seen This Video Of The Idiot Kitesurfer who got slammed into the building by Fay. Just kind of shows me that idiots are still breeding, and that they need to be sterilized to stop the spread... Humans via evolution, should be advancing right?? Well so many people make a stiff argument for stupid. So I just don't know if we're making much progress.

I know this is tragic and all, but please... is it so hard to use your brain these days?? They say we use only 10%, right? I think alot of people don't even come close to that. This is probably old news for most of us, but I'm a bit behind this week because I just haven't had my head into blogging.

Writer's block has kind of kicked in, so it's been hard to even think of much to write about. Nothing has really amused or entertained me, nothing I felt worthy of posting up. Sounds pretty sad huh. lol

As many of you know, Music is a huge part of me. Magic and I couldn't live without it. Funny that I grew up listening to country music because of my parents, and of course being exposed to some terrible gospel music (thanks Mom!), which kind of threw me off our traditional southern gospel music sound, but that's probably a whole post by itself. There are other reasons that I really don't do 'the church thing', but, I digress.

However, I do have some great memories of the music my Mother listened to growing up, and she kept the house full of music, and that in itself was wonderful for me. Plus, just seeing the pure joy music brought to her, that's worth listening to anything. So I don't really listen to country music that much, I still have a great appreciation for its artists, and entertainers.

One of country music's great entertainers was Marty Robbins. He is one of my Mom's most beloved singers anywhere, she even has a cat named after him (which is kind of my fault). One of the things she always said was that she loved his personality on stage, he was so comical and that 'nobody could out dress Marty!'. She always did have a thing for fancy suits and a song you could 'cut a rug' to. ;) So anyways, long years ago, Marty Robbins and Merle Haggard teamed up quite alot and not only did they bring about a great storm of music, but their comedy was tough to equal. This video that I ran across, where Merle Haggard Does an impression of Marty, really took me back and it makes me think of Mom, she would get a kick out of it and I hope you do too.

Sometimes there are legends that will never be mimicked (I guess unless by the other legends, as in the video), and memories that can never be topped... My Mom and the music she loves is right up there.

Happy Weekend... J

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Rain Down On Me

It's been a lovely, delicious rainy day. I love storms, just so relaxing and sexy! Yes, I said storms are sexy... haha. I'm weird though. Anyways, a rainy day is just perfect for a good movie, and a great cup of hot cocoa... make me look forward to winter with great fervor.

Today I saw this painting, which I thought might illustrate a cool rainy day well...

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


It is both "Bitter" and "Sweet" when I have to announce that I am not participating in the Weekly Words Challenge (WWC) with Tink. I simply have had a case of 'photo-laziness' the last few days, chocked between other duties that threw me off track, and a decent lack of subject matter.

I take the subject matter excuse back, there is never a lack of subject matter, it depends on how wide you open your eyes. Ok, so I have probably been squinting! :)

Anyways, I will plan to get back in the WWC next go 'round, which will be NEXT week (Tue), with Tink's words, "Sour" and "Salty".

A Lovable Hoax

Also... do you ever just get pelted with the same old "Forward" e-mails with some annoying warning about something, and you have them 50 times each?? Well, I'm sure by now, everyone knows about Snopes. This is probably the best lil' site I have seen that breaks down the "Hoax", and will tell you if anything valid was found in the hoax, what's real and what's not essentially.

When sending these forwards to everyone on your list, it would be really great of people to just take 2 minutes to check online to see if it is true or indeed a known hoax. In fact, I'll give my readers a head start. I found a page in their site that lists:

The Top 25 Hottest Urban Legends.

I bet you've read most and probably "hit forward" on a few.

Good read. Good day. :)

Friday, August 15, 2008

Friday the 15th!

Yeah, it's Friday and I feel a little Freaky! How about you? Maybe payday has something to do with it and I am no longer concerned on if I will have enough Petrol to make it through the week... I have survived!!!

Haven't felt very productive the last couple of days, but sometimes you just have to waste time. I don't see any harm in it. Who says we have to always get everything finished that we set out to?? Hehe.

On today's agenda: Hmmm, well it looks like rain, so not really gonna ride bikes tonight, but I still have to get up and go in the a.m. for the 600 mile service. Jimi will be happy to have his "check up" I'm sure!

I was trying to think of things to post today, and I ran across this picture of Brad Pitt from "Interview With A Vampire". Yum. I love the way he looked in this movie, it's really about the last time I was attracted to him honestly, and who couldn't use a sexy bloodletting every once in a while? He can have my neck fo sho! (Well only as "Louie" from Interview With A Vampire)... That is sexy-freaky!

And men, I don't want to forget you guys today. I know how you all like your "Bootay"... So I will share with you this sexy photo sent to me by our good friend, Jinks. It's actually a photo of a "pole dancer". Maybe dealing crack too, but I can't be for sure. At any rate, you can thank me later. haha!!

Lastly, I would like to ask you "VLOGGERS" (such as Jay @ Cynical Bastard), what type of camera do you use when you VLOG, and how can I secure myself a small, inexpensive camera for that sort of purpose. I don't need anything elaborate, nor can I afford it. I just thought something I might attach to me, or have with me on my bike so I can take you guys on Bike Tours... and possibly do a VLOG once in a while. I've had these suggestions, so give me some input! :) Much appreciated.

Other than that, have yourselves a safe, sexy fabulous weekend guys and gals!!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Smoke And Sunsets

I love the smell of smoke from a fire... Riding down the road, freshly cut grass, people grilling, burning things, campfires, just smells like heaven to me... That is one thing I am definitely going to miss about the summer... not the heat, but the scents. Fall is still going to be great for the smell of smoke and all though. You know, people camping out, possibly still cooking out on their grills.

Since I have had to somewhat "Park" Jimi because he needs to have his 600 mile service done, and I don't wanna go too many miles over the 600, then I elected to drive around on Mr. J's bike yesterday... He hasn't put on nearly as many miles as I have, so he needs some help.

Therefore, off I went on his VTX 1300, such a balanced, smooth bike if I do say so myself. I almost wish I had gotten the 1300 instead of the 1100--but I have NO complaints about Jimi, he is the ultimate... and turns heads everywhere! So, anyway, I rode for a while, and just couldn't help but get slightly emotional on my way home, coming up the highway, cool breeze blowing, smoke and honeysuckle... I looked over and spied a beautiful sunset, just awesome! Beautiful pink and crimson colors, and vibrant 'popcorn' shaped little clouds scattered throughout the jeweled dusk sky... It was like being inside an oil painting.

I didn't want to go home :)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Fat Wednesday

As always, I'm a day late and a dollar short, so I call today "Fat Wednesday". :) And why not, I feel fat today, and there are plenty of fat people around the world, so it is declared.

I thought about it when I saw This Article About A 44-Pound Tabby Cat (who I believe was or is up for adoption). From reading around the net, it appears that Cat Diabetes Is Becoming A Weighty Problem.

So, whether you love or hate cats (or others), CHILL--all animals deserve to be well taken care of, and kept safe from harm. If you are in the market for a new pet, don't forget it is so much better to Adopt A Pet instead of buying from pet stores and all. And once you own one, keep it safe and give it lots of love and care... PLEASE!

There are so many stories we hear every day of animal abuse, true horror stories. I must say that anyone who would do such cruel deeds to helpless creatures should be given the same type of justice. "Eye for an Eye" I say... whether human or animal... I know alot of strong feelings surround this subject, and by no means am I some 'crazy ol' weirdo' in this regard, but I just felt the urge to voice opinion.

Another reason, and something that I nearly forgot (again), was that my 'b.f.f' and I recently had been discussing a case that happened this last year, for a horse called "Tequila". Seems that innocent Tequila was caught in a love triangle and dragged to her death behind a truck as revenge by a man. It was a sick, and horrible case--It happened in Tippah County, Mississippi.

The only article I Can Find On Tequila The Horse Is
Here (

Oh wait, the article by a Memphis news station WREG is Here (12/18/07). Last we've heard... that is JUST SAD... the man who dragged the horse was supposedly taken to court, and the news ran a couple of stories on it and then we never heard anything else. I for one, am hoping justice was or will be served to this low-life asshole. How could it be simply washed to the wayside?? If anyone has heard about this, or knows any updates, please contact me. My friend and I would love to go further and find out if the guy got off scot-free, or is being prosecuted. If not, he well should be... I guess that is all I will say about that just now.

On an up note... ummmm, ok well gimme a minute...

Yes... oh, well--I'm sorry, I tried... I'm broke, payday is 2 days away, I'm tired, can't focus and not able to get any real work done so far this week... or that's the way I feel anyroad! I have nothing very uplifting to bring to light... I really should at least try to put up a funny cartoon or video maybe to give you guys at least a laugh! For sure!

How about this, I was watching t.v. last night, and there was a special on about "Cuttlefish". Seems they are the most amazing "Shapeshifters" and "Camouflagers" of the sea, or even elsewhere! Their skin does some amazing stuff... Here is One Video Of The Cuttlefish.

Nature is just amazing...

How can you not love animals, the miracles of nature and the universe??

Crazy as it is.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Scattered Collections (WWC)

We made it to Weekly Words Challenge (WWC) day. Brought to us as always by the fabuloso "Tink" of Pickled Beef.

The words for this week, once again, are "Scatter" and "Collect". I am barely floating along the lines of acceptable entries this week, but on the up side I brought it in the form of a slide show once again. Here we go!! Weeeeeeee!

Click Here If You Can't View Slide Show

Ok, once again I will be trying to catch up with each of your blogs asap. Just have alot to catch up on. Hope you guys enjoyed the photos, such as they are.

We'll see you again tomorrow... hopefully it won't be "grump day" again! :)

Monday, August 11, 2008

Cruel Cruel Summer

Although it has been a slight bit cooler lately than it was last week, summer is still hanging around like the biggest loser at a party where people have given "having fun" their all, but are all about to give up and go driving home plastered (but not quite plastered enough) all because of 'that annoying loser' who ruined the night.

It's just time for a season switch. I'm ready... I couldn't be more ready for fall.

I've been going through these blah's, ills and down-low's often lately, which I attribute to the weather and the season, but maybe it has just been a tiny bit of 'blog burnout'. Almost like 'Montezuma's Revenge" for bloggers. (Yeah, probably a bad analogy--ooh that was almost like 'anal' haha!!)

It happens to us all, and I am just not one to totally give-in and take the BIG BREAK that some opt to. I continue to hang on, and try hard to think of something to post, afraid of giving up, or maybe afraid if I stop I will stop altogether. Don't get me wrong, I'm still enjoying it, and would be writing out things on my own, even if it were just on paper because writing relaxes me. So I am still not "taking a break", I might just be lax a day or two, here or there... that seems to refresh me enough. Gonna keep on doing it until I really feel that its run its course... that might be months, years or just forever. Who knows! :)

I'm at a point right now, it seems, where I don't really know how I feel sometimes, and don't know what I want to do, but need a change of pace, or a vacation, or something. It's being sick of SSDD ("Same Shit, Different Day"), and I know I have the power to make the change, but just can't seem to get in gear. Schedules push me one day to the next, and still I can't seem to get to everything I want to get to before the day/week/month/year is over with... It just kinda sucks.

Yet I waste alot of time online sometimes, but that's also what I do for a living is work with the web... so whata'ya gonna do...

Geez that is just a bummer re-reading the above... This post needs some perverted humor, such as a few "Playboy Party Jokes"... Here are a couple ok ones... Sorry guys. I'll be back tomorrow for the WWC by Tink with this week's words, "Scatter" and "Collect". Not sure I'm ready, but we'll see.

Also, I'll be gettin back around to your blogs soon, just been tough the last few days.

Ok, anyways without further adieu, here are the jokes:

Two doctors were putting on the ninth green
when one collapsed from a heart attack. "Help
me," he groaned to his companion.
"Sorry, my malpractice insurance won't cover
it," his partner replied, walking off the green,
"but I'll get help."
A few minutes later, he returned, picked up his
club and began lining up hit putt. The man on
the ground raised his head and screamed in
Disbelief, "I'm dying and you're putting?"
"Don't worry. I found a doctor on the second
hole who said he'd come and help."
"The second hole? When the hell is he coming?"
"Hey, I told you not to worry," he said, stroking
his put. "They're going to let him play through."

Here's a dirty one... sorta...
A guy walks into a bar carrying an 18" alligator.
The bartender says, "What do think you're doing? Get that goddamn thing out of here. I don't allow pets in my establishment".
The guy tries to explain. "Look he won't cause any trouble. He's well trained and I'll prove it". He then proceeds to put the alligator on the bar and says, "open".
The alligator open its mouth and you can see all of its razor sharp teeth. "Now watch this", he says and proceeds to remove his penis through his zipper and lays his balls gently onto the alligator's teeth.
He then orders a beer and proceeds to drink it. All the while the alligator keeps its mouth open and nothing happens. After finishing the beer the man gently removes his penis and puts it back into his pants.
He then says, "close" and the alligator closes its mouth. "You see he is perfectly trained. He would do that for anybody. Does anyone want to try?"
After looking around he finally here a drunk whose sitting at table say "Sure I'd like to try. But I don't know if I can keep my mouth open that long."

Friday, August 08, 2008


Yeah me... There's not too much to tell this fine evening. It seemed a little cooler today, maybe. I am really just bored to death and playing around on MySpace. Been a long week, glad it's Friday and just don't have much else to say.

Hope you guys all had a good week, sorry to leave you with 'Grump Day', I plan on posting more over the weekend though, instead of skipping the weekend, but it will probably be later tomorrow.

I could possibly do the voice podcast again, is anyone interested in listening in to that?

Holla... :)


PS: Don't forget this is WTF Friday.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Happy Grump Day

Sure, it's supposed to be Hump Day, but honestly, I'm not 'feelin it'. I am tired, I need a vacation, I feel grumpy and irritable, and anti-social, and I just wanna go home and lay in my bed in the quiet and meditate.

When I am feeling that way, I like to keep to myself. I will usually do lunch alone, try to crank up the tunes, etc. I'll block out everyone and their noise, and of course, every little noise will agitate me and get on my last nerve... Everything from the jingly-dingy-ringer on the cellphones of my neighboring cubicle-dwellers to the giggling of other cubicle-dwellers around the office.

Treating myself to a tasty gourmet coffee can sometimes ease my pain up a little, or just the getting away from the office and taking a lunch time drive might help as well.

Hopefully, these feelings of ill-will and general malaise will fade by tomorrow. Until then, tell me... What do YOU do on Grumpy Days???

Later That Afternoon In "Satan's Crotch, TN"...

That's right, it's a "Grump Day" update... A combination of flat tire vs. Memphis heat and rotten Grump Day luck = One ugly tire! Fortunately, I was able to fluff it up enough to make it to my regular tire shop for a change-out. Still, that did nothing for my bitter-acidic case of the grumbles.

I'd better leave well enough alone... Until tomorrow guys and gals.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

High And Low (WWC)

We all have highs and lows, right? Every day is a winding road... as Sheryl Crow might say. But for today, the words "High" and "Low" are left up to the interpretation of the photographers, and their viewers... Because it is WWC Time With Tink again!. Let's see what we can do.

Once again, I'm a little slack and have to revisit a couple older photos. But these are mostly new. I am not bragging though, I don't think they're that cool... :)

Had to get down really LOW to take this one.

Gross and Noe (rhymes with "Low")
[and probably what they get told when asking someone on a date]

Clouds High In the Sky

This is How I Get High... My Music!!!

Off In The Distance, an Odd "High Rise"

To drive under this sign, your trailer can't be TOO High...

More Clouds High In The Sky, Plus A High Pole

Revisiting my sign for "The High Road"...

Out this window, you'll notice you are up quite high

Another View from Up High

Don't Worry, I Only Look High...

Monday, August 04, 2008

Baking Is Fun

Yes, baking is fun unless it is baking in the oven of the devil's favorite kitchen, Memphis... And no, once again, this is not a post about a delicious, moist, fresh-from-the-oven, chocolate cupcake.

Oooh, that looks good, doesn't it?? Yummy! Don't you want to go down to your local bakery and buy one, or go to the store and bake some delicious chocolaty cupcakes now? I sure do... but I doubt I will. ;)

Baking in the heat lately is what most of us have been doing. It is no fun except when I am riding through the wind on my Shadow Sabre... that's good until I get stuck at a redlight. Then I have a virtual "meltdown".

Oh well, this is a quicky of sorts today, and I know how all of my readers love quickies.

Weekend Summary...

Friday night was pretty laid back, I basically just fixed my face, put on my do-rag, and props and goofed off with a few Self portraits. Here are a couple, just so you can see what Tomfoolery I was up to... lol

"Peacock Feather"

"Kisses from Kitteh"

"Who Knows"

"Have A Cigar"

"My Favorite One With Peacock Feather"

Yes, what a Narcissistic Friday I had... Ay Ay Ay! But I hope you got a kick out of them. I had fun making them, and my cat did too.

Speaking of pictures, tomorrow is Weekly Words Challenge (WWC) time again, and this week's words are "High" and "Low". So that should be fun.

Saturday, I had to do that 'helping a friend' thing, and made a trip to Jackson, Mississippi... Turned out o.k., then I got back and had a massive headache (tension I think), and laid down for a little nap... Didn't accomplish much else.

Sunday, "Jimi" and I rolled down to my Mom's house for a visit, and had to leave quicker than expected because of impending storms... I just missed them really, so I didn't have to ride the bike out in the rain or anything.

That's about it, then the weekend was over. They sure do pass quickly... Oh Well! Come back n'See Mehhh... ya Heah??

Friday, August 01, 2008

Visceral Friday

I am exited and honored to say that Freakazojd has been posting again, and she has given a "word" to describe my blog, she called it "Visceral".

I am so flattered and honored to be even mentioned in the list of blogs she enjoys stopping by. In keeping with the idea that my blog is somehow "Visceral" (if you don't know what that means, boys and girls I'll let you do your own homework on that), I would prefer to think that instead of "popping by" to visit my blog, that when you are here, you are somehow invited into the deep woods of my mind so-to-speak. That's why I think my last header illustrates that point best. As with any forest (I call mine forrest), there are clearings and sunny spots, and then also dark and scary places that you think you might get lost in... same is true in my mind.

Anyway, I appreciate the mention once again, Freakazojd, and am glad that you are part of my Forrest. I'm glad for each and every one of you, that stroll through here to visit and read. Thank you!

On to my daily annoyances... I suppose.

I hate:

-Guilt Trips

-People driving Mustangs in particular (or other 'hot rods') that pull out in front of you, or cut you off, only to go 20 MPH in a 45 or over zone

-Long annoying work weeks

-Being somehow 'roped into' doing something you don't really want to do, out of obligation, and wanting to say "no way" but knowing you'd feel like a big creep if you did.

-Days that I don't get to ride my motorcycle.

-Sitting in my chair working on something when I need to pee, and remembering 3 hours later that I still need to go pee, but instead I elect to put up a blog post

-Guilt Trips

-Undeserved Sarcasm

-Being made to feel like something is my fault when in fact I had nothing to do with it, or tried my best to make something work out (kind of goes under Guilt Trips)

-People who only think of themselves

-Assholes, and Asshole Drivers in general

-Assholes who dish out Guilt Trips

-Guilty Assholes Who Trip

-Sauerkraut and "Weenies" (not the good kind of weenies, or as even "weener dogs", but the kind of weenies that go with "Sauerkraut"). Gross!!!

-Drama and Bullshit in general

I think that's about it, I'm trying to make sure I didn't miss something. If I did, I'll catch ya next time around, yes?

Before I forget, I must show you this picture...
It is a REAL cloud that I photographed with my cellphone yesterday, untouched. What does it look like to you?? If you see it my way, what it appeared to me right off was a giant "Boxing Glove" cloud. This cloud appeared shortly before a very bad "kick ass" storm... I found this hilarious as it must have surely been "God's Boxing Glove" and he was about to knock us on our ass. We lost power for about 2 hours, and then my internet was screwed up. "GO GOD!!" lol Remind me not to make him any angrier next time... although I can't think what would have broken my heart more than taking my internet. :)

O.k., well you guys have a fantastic and VISCERAL weekend!!!

Oh Yeah, Don't Forget WTF Friday!

Kick ass!