Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Face Of Man

Chelly put this up over at "However", and I tried it out myself. It was a cool tool called "Mr. Picassohead" that you can use to make your very own Picasso inspired creation... Just like Mine.

I give you, "The Face Of Man"

Chapter 5 - We're On The Highway To Hell

My thoughts ran wild the week following the big Inkwell gig. I was a cat, prowling and working on the strategy for my next move. Indeed however, work beckoned and I was staring at a long week ahead of me. Of course, I enlisted the equally expert plotting skills of my "best mate" Tamra... after all, an evil duo can't go around just 50% evil. So, on I worked, impatiently awaiting the weekend, when I would undoubtedly have my chance to proceed with "Operation Free Willy". I'm just kidding, I didn't call it that. Hey! I'm a nice girl, remember? {*snickers*}

"EOU" was having a show in Nashville as it turned out, so that sounded like our golden ticket. We immediately got on the horn and put our heads together to get a little group on board to go. LDP's other guitarist, and long-time friend of Rich's, Gray (the owner of the Yukon) would be key if we wanted a vehicle to accommodate a group. So we spoke with Gray, who already knew EOU was playing in Nashville, and said 'Well, hey-find out who all wants to go, and let's ride up and catch their gig.' I mean, it's always supportive to go check out any local band's gigs, and as most of these people grew up together, they always went when they could.

We gathered together a nice handful of folks, of course to include Rich, who were going to hit the highway for our little 'road trip'. From Memphis, it takes about 3 1/2 hours or so to get to Nashville. We gathered over at the Legion house, and everyone piled into the Yukon. Gray drove of course, and I think Adam sat in front with him, Tamra and I crammed into the middle and Rich rode in the back with his crazy friend, Matt (the inventor of several creative 'moons', and the one you remember I told you would do nearly anything).

So, the seating arrangement wasn't quite what I had planned on, because one other thing that I hadn't counted on was that Billy would be tagging along. Yeah that's right. Prince Albert himself.

(Semi-panic on my part, 'Great, just great. I've been trying to lay low and escape this, and now here he is! This is going to put a dent in my plans for sure. How will I evade this whole Billy-situation? Think! Think!!! Alright, calm down Jackie-just relax and ignore him as much as possible. Don't make much eye contact, be as detached and disinterested as possible. He'll get the picture.')

The problem was that we had a nice long ride ahead of us, and I was sitting right next to Billy, the same guy who just a couple weeks ago, I was heavily busting slobs with. I'm sure he thought this was his lucky night... well, he's going to be sorely disappointed! Feeling nauseated as we cranked up and began our weekend journey, I stiffly sat squished next to Billy, trying to relax, trying not to say much. Luckily, Gray cranked the radio up and we were all jamming to the music.

As we progressed down the highway, we ran across a fantastic Metal show that was playing some of everyone's favorite old school as well as newer metal. They played Sabbath, Napalm Death, maybe Sepultura, Slayer, and tons more! This was turning out o.k. after all. Once in a while, I would look back and try to focus my attentions on Rich, in the back of the Yukon being ridiculously silly with Matt. Laugh, flirt (inconspicuously) and just let him know that I was paying attention to everything that was going on back there... Still, my energies were being somewhat blocked by Billy.

When we finally arrived in Nashville, everyone piled out of the Yukon, stretched and headed in to the gig, checked out some merchandise that they had for sale. Rich and Matt bought a butt load of cheap CDs by bands they'd never even heard of, some samplers and such. Tamra and I browsed around, went over and hung out around EOU, harassing "Totty" as we usually would-it was so easy to do [especially, since this was the exact night that his oh-so-long, and flowing mane got twisted up in his bass guitar, causing us much jubilation]. The band got well into their gig, the music was loud, heavy and fast... quite a good show. I made sure that I hung out in Rich's vicinity as much as I could get away with throughout the evening, playing with his hair, flirting, letting him know that last weekend wasn't just his imagination. All the while, Billy is looking none-too-pleased, but I didn't really give it much more thought.

When the show was over, we hung out some in the parking lot visiting with the others for a while. Billy seemed to be at my side, complimenting, chatting with me and seemed as though he took it for granted that we were "together" that evening, but I was on a whole different page. I continued my pursuit of all things Rich.

A short while later as we were on our way back to good ol' Memphis, we stopped off at a gas station. As you can imagine, most everyone was full of beer and in dire need of well past midnight snacks, taking us all out of the Yukon one last time. "Great! This will be the perfect time to re-group!" I think to myself. I grabbed a beverage in the convenience store, and zero in on Rich, who has just come out of the John... I'm playfully picking at him and zero in on rubbing his nearly-shaven head once again, which I had discovered was a good point of interest (Always did like shaved heads). He seemed to enjoy the attention immensely.

"Alright, that's it!" he proclaims, "You're gonna have to do that all the way back home... Change of seating arrangement!!!"

I grin slyly with the inner knowledge that I have successfully turned this whole situation around, and also because I have figured out a way to escape sitting next to Billy for the rest of the ride home. We still had a good couple of hours before we would be near Memphis, so I spent my time wisely. The seating arrangement had changed in such a way that now it was Rich and I who had the whole back section of the Yukon to ourselves. Matt had switched out and, and poor Tamra was cornered in the center between Billy and Matt. She was fine though, because my tough gal pal is a force to be reckoned with--always able to take care of herself... I knew she would not take any shit off the two. ;)

[Note to Family Members: Close your eyes while reading this, or promise not to think ill of me, and Vickie you BETTER not tell DADDY! Hey, we're all grown ups though so read on if you must. If you choose not to read on, which I would prefer, then just know that Richie and I ended up together. The End]

Meanwhile, I'm enjoying my little semi-isolated arrangement with Rich. He's still soaking up the attention and milking the whole 'head rub' for all its worth... I turn the head rub into a more extensive massage, which turns into some kissing, petting, you know... all that. I don't want to turn this into some erotic nightmare of a story, but the following is a key part that must be included. While kissing, holding hands and all I take Rich's hands and begin to massage his palms just enjoying the moment basically. Just then, I focus in on his left hand (which is his main hand-yes that's right, a "lefty") and put his middle finger in my mouth just to tease him and send his imagination running wild... I catch eye contact with him, and notice that he looks plenty happy about this development.

Just then, he says something earth shattering. Something that no woman in the universe would be able to resist. Yes, we've heard em' all... the magnificent, 'sure-to-score' lines that have been spewed our way such as 'You come here often?' and 'What's your sign?' and 'I love your dress! It would look so great on my bedroom floor.' Even 'Did it hurt?' (what?) 'When you fell down from Heaven?' Oh, I joke and make fun of these cheesy lines (some of which you may have used, or maybe you've never heard yourself), but to hear a line so original, so creative... I was truly amazed. In fact, if he hadn't said this golden phrase, it might have changed the course of existence as we all know it! That's right, the whole entire course of history.

Yes, as his finger was surrounded by my calculating lips, we locked eyes, hearts pounding to the chaotic energy of this perfect, refined magical romantic moment... and he says...

Get ready for this... wait for it... here goes...

Sure you're ready? {drum roll please}

"Can I put more than a finger in there?"

At that moment, running through my head were so many things. I wanted to keel over laughing, I wanted to jump out the back of the Yukon and roll off the interstate with laughter, but it was such a perfect line! How has no man ever thought of this suave, sophisticated way of putting it before? [Alas, Richie is a man of few words, but when he does say something, you can rest assured that it is something just that monumental and noteworthy-nearly every time! He's a true original].

One might think this could've caused me to go and bolt from the Yukon the minute we hit the driveway, never to return again. Then again, maybe you're wondering if the line worked at all? I will surely leave the rest to your mischievous little imaginations, because I know you can give the rest of the evening so much more pizazz than I ever could. But as you see, he is in-fact, "Mr. J". We just celebrated our fifth anniversary this past December.

Yeah, like I said Mr. J makes the whole world brighter, what-with his big smile, his hearty laugh, his 'sure-fire lines', and the fact that he rarely takes ANYTHING seriously. It really is the only way to survive this 'Highway to Hell' we affectionately call "Life".

If only he were house-trained! ;)

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

IV. Won't You Prey For Me?

"Love is the answer, but while you are waiting for the answer, sex raises some pretty good questions." ~Woody Allen

Metal music and tattoos are somewhat like Spaghetti and sauce, usually mixed in together somehow. So, it was only fitting that the bands would book a big show down at a tattoo shop downtown formerly called "The Inkwell". The Inkwell had been the setting of quite a few shows, since it had the space, turned out to be a semi-popular setting for it.

On this particular night, they had scheduled an event which consisted of a big group of bands, all anxious to play their gig. We had a good crowd going that night too, most bands have their 'regulars', friends and/or family that tag along so the scene was set for a good show. However, as most people who have been a part of bands, or dealt with bookings you know that if you're set to go on at 9:00, you probably end up playing sometime closer to 11:00. This night was all that and more. Something happened in the earlier part of the gig that severely screwed up the rest of the schedule, so all the bands were edgy and pissed. Rich's band was supposed to go on, I think, sometime around 10, maybe 11:00. It was after 1:00 a.m., and they still hadn't played.

Tamra and I were outside gathering with the rest of the people who were waiting to see the show and just passing time. Rich was sitting over by the wall hanging out with some people... In the last few days I had started harboring "thoughts" about him, so I was sitting back sort of observing from afar. Watching him, as he waited outside, talking, laughing and goofing around. 'He is cute...' i'm thinking slyly to myself, 'I wonder--' {Let me stop myself there} Yes, I began to wonder alot of things that I hadn't wondered about before. What would I do with this new-found interest I had developed? It had taken me a bit by surprise, you know like I had been playing around on the railroad tracks doing that thing we've all done at one point or another, putting pennies on the track and waiting for the train to run over them and flatten them out... Only this time, I stood on the tracks in a daze too long and the train smacked me into the middle of next month.

Well, I knew I had changed my tune so what was I going to do about it? What does any woman do when they need to execute their evil plan? They tell their best friend about it and discuss exactly how to stalk and conquer their prey. They laugh and plot, and talk about sorted details, speculating the size of selected prey's member, and calculate just how to snap their necks and get their attention.

As I stated before, I believed that he had tried all he was going to try and virtually given up on me as any sort of conquest. He was just hanging out being a friend. [That is, if these sort of thoughts ever really leave a guy's mind].

Tamra encouraged me, prodding me to go on and talk to him if that's truly what I wanted to do... So I go over and there aren't any places to sit except for his lap, so he offers his leg up. We're all just being silly, laughing and chatting. Some of the people that have been sitting around have moved back into the building, and Richie asked me if I wanted to sit in Gray's Yukon for a while and we could listen to some music and hang out. "Sure" I said. So off he goes to borrow the keys.

We hung out in the Yukon for a long time. I was flirtatious, showing my interest where I hadn't previously shown any interest. I think it took him somewhat by surprise too. Making serious eye contact, creating a sensual vibe, I had him right where I wanted him!

This was great... this was...

...Just in time for Rich's band to go on stage... 'Oh NOW they decide to straighten out the schedule... (damnit!)' I think to myself. 'Alright Rich, you narrowly escaped this time... next time, though, you won't be so lucky! Yessir! There'll be a next time. Sooner than you think!'

{To Be Continued} <--that's right, I can't possibly end it on chapter 4! That's not a good number for me.

Tune in next time for the 'final chapter', when Jackie takes the ride of her life, and Rich comes up with maybe the best line ever used on a woman!

Monday, January 29, 2007

III. Pardon me, do you have Prince Albert in a can?

Oh, o.k. i'll go ahead with the next installment. Here goes:

The Printing Industry was paying the bills, pretty much. I was proofreading agrichemical and pharmaceudical labels that were on their way to be printed and distributed to the delight of farmers and pill-popping socker moms everywhere. Not really my bag, the proofreading although I always enjoyed English and Grammar. I majored in Art and Recess, so my heart has never been full of anything but passion and creativity. Some time down the road, the printing industry ride would end due to the 'corporate' politics and the fact that the head proofreader, Phil had taken a general disliking to me; I didn't fit in with his "perfectamundo-hippie with OCD who runs marathons" mold, so when the opportunity arose, he made sure along with the creepy department manager that I was history, and so I would soon be onto a whole new path.

But wait, yes... the story. Back to the story, you're right. My apologies.

The "CRUD" had its way with Memphis, and moshed around in our little scene until we finally kicked it out. When I was well, it was so great to be able to breathe without that godawful "death rattle". Rich continued to hang around near his favorite "Evil Duo" (Tamra and Myself) always quipping that he had to have his fix, because we were always so funny and crazy to hang out with. He would always laugh at the things I said and ask me "Where the hell does this shit come from? How do you come up with it all the time?" Of course, I didn't know-I was just being myself, which has never put me in any A-lists... i've always been the same old soul, never changing how I feel inside. Once, he sat by me at the bar at a gig and drew the most hilarious 'boy & girl privates' on my arm--to this day he still says "They were realistic, and you know it!." Why did I let someone draw such a disgusting and perverted scene on my arm? I don't know. Mom would've beat the daylights out of me, but I suppose I enjoyed his company, his laugh and his wit... maybe somewhere deep inside I was developing an admiration for the guy. ;)

However, my mind was far away from that point... yet. I had seen another member of this scene that I thought intrigued me, "Billy". Billy was the lead singer of one of the other metal bands, and for some reason I thought he was cool looking. He had long, dyed black hair and was pierced [Everywhere]. Yes, he and Prince Albert were pretty good friends... and he made a point to tell this to everyone as well. He took an interest in me, and at that moment It was just fine with me. Looking back, I of course wanted to kick myself in the ovaries for this one. Don't worry, after an exhaustive, eye-opening make-out session in Legion's upstairs bathroom, I quickly lost interest, freak or no freak! It was very late, Tamra, who was my ride had to leave earlier in the evening so I was without transportation, and desperate to escape the likes of Billy! How would I sneak away unnoticed?

I called a friend/ex-coworker, Glenda and asked her if she could come over to the Legion house and pick me up. She said she'd be there as soon as she could. I went outside and sat on the curb to await the arrival of her 'Thunderchicken' as we called her old beat-up Thunderbird. I had been sitting outside for a little while, when Rich came out of the house to check on me.

"You alright? Do you need a ride or anything?" he asked.

"Oh, hey thanks, but a friend of mine is on her way."

"Aaaight." he replied, and retreated back into the house to undoubtedly crash.

One might wonder, after all of the times I have 'dissed' him or thwarted his efforts to pick me up, why would he even care if I had a ride home or not? I would've probably written me off long before this. In fact, he really had begun to distance himself and had basically stopped 'trying' to get my interest. I really think he was merely being a nice guy that morning that he saw me on the steps.

Just a short while later, Glenda's Thunderchicken pulled up to the curb and I got in. I was exhausted, and thinking of how to stay clear of Billy for a while. We stopped off and ate breakfast at McDonald's. Then she dragged me to Wal*Mart to pick up flowers for her yard, and I followed her around the garden center like a Zombie, well ready to catch some Zzz's. Finally, she takes me back to her place and I fell asleep on her fluffy, white couch for a few hours, which was one of the best naps I think i've had to this very day. My how a night of partying and making out with people you never wanna see again has a tendency to wear you thin.

Coming up Next: Ink and Metal combined with severely sucky gig-scheduling causes angst among the bands, and sparks suprising romance in unexpected places...

Happy Birthday Tamra!

I think it's true that a diamond doesn't know its worth, because everyone admires its beauty from time-to-time, but maybe its taken for granted that it is so special in its own way. People are blinded by the way it glistens, or makes them look good, but never take the time to allow it to come to the realization that it is so special just because theres no other one cut just like that one.

My best bud Tamra, is one of those, with a cut like none other, she doesn't know how wonderful she is or how the world is a better place because she is here.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAMRA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Doesn't the time fly? Just seems like yesterday that we were cruising with Big E. The two "Blonde Mamas" as Bo used to call us, causing trouble everywhere, the prank phone calls and general mayhem that we enjoyed inflicting... Where does it all go? We became nicknamed 'The Evil Duo'. Maybe i'll make everyone wait another day for the Mr. J saga, and instead tell a wicked tale of two dark-hearted, evil and magical girls and the pain we've inflicted on our victims :) Have a great day T... Love you. Jackie

**Updated note: I won't have time to work up a story of the "Evil Duo" today, and I'd like to confer with Tamra before I do anyway. So, another day then.**

Tune in tomorrow for Chapter 3 of our Story on Mr. J. Today we'll just sit back and call it International Tamra Day. There you go, a day in your honor!

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Weekend Assignment

Started out on a lark, and ended up being a mini-series! :)

If you haven't yet read the story of how Aunt Jackie met and meshed with Rich the guitar god (a.k.a. Mr. J, Rich, 9 etc) then you can read them all right here. That's right. They say nothing is free but go ahead, indulge yourself-no charge:

1- More Than A Filling (A Preamble)
2- Chapter 1 - The Dark Before the Dawn
3- Chapter 2 - Strippers, Video Cams & the Unholy Crud
4- III. Pardon Me, Do you Have Prince Albert In A Can?
5 - IV. Won't You Prey For Me?
6- Chapter 5 - We're On the Highway to Hell

So, your assignment is to read the saga (in order, which makes it more affective)... The links above should get everyone caught up... I'll give everyone an easy A. Maybe I won't give you that book report after all. :)

Aunt Jackie

Friday, January 26, 2007

Chapter 2: Strippers, Video Cams & The Unholy Crud

More parties came and went. Rich would be at many of them as well. We continued to support the local music scene, going to most of the shows. Occasionally, big names like "The Melvins", "Cannibal Corpse", "Nile", "Dick Delicious and the Tasty Testicles" among others would make appearances and of course everyone would go. I hadn't used the number or the e-mail addy that Rich had given me yet. Wasn't giving him really the time of day, but he continued to hang out near us, always talking to me at all the shows, being such a cool guy.

Legion of Divine Punishment's members, including Rich, all lived in a big two-story house together. You can only imagine the seedy debauchery that went on. They had a swimming pool, so there were pool parties, strippers [and other 'ho's', which I won't mention any names, cuz if I get started i'll say something i'll regret] that visited and sometimes lived in the house, everything that goes along with parties and drinking. You get the picture. More often than not, everyone ended up over at the "Legion House" (as we called it) after the show, party or no party.

The cast of characters was more than memorable. Let's see, there was their bass player at the time Doug, who was convinced that he was a 'chosen one' for the Aliens when they arrive on Earth. He'd had an accident which messed up his back, and some important muscles in the rectal area, so supposedly he was impotent and had problems going to the bathroom. Richie affectionately nicknamed him "Dead Dick Doug", and called him that until he cried. (My husband is loving like that) Then there was "Jimmy Buckets", who got his name from always having to throw up in a bucket if I'm remembering correctly. He was the guy who'd fallen down Legion's staircase more times than we could count, and once burned a hole in my pantyhose with his cigarette when he had his head turned harassing my friend. There was "Super Skred", who was an old-school Rocker that lived in the trailer park in Atoka, where he ran his own auto shop out of his driveway. Wherever Super Skred went, fights always followed. There was Rod Gunn (not a fake name, yes he missed his calling) who was just a cool guy in general.

There were the guys from "EOU", which I won't spell out for privacy reasons. Their crazy bass player, "Totty" who always got mad when I called him "Tater Totty", liked to inflict pain on himself, and others if he could get hold of them, and once got his hair caught in his bass guitar while head banging on stage. Tamra and I laughed until we cried. He got mad, of course.

There was Lev's brother Matt, who would do nearly any insane stunt that someone coerced him into. Once Richie told him to go and kick Dead Dick Doug in the balls, and he promptly went over and did, only to make Doug cry... again. The gang eventually told Rich he was too cruel for calling Doug that name, so Richie changed it to 'Broke Cock Brye', just didn't have the same ring to me.

And THEN there was Gabe. Oh lord, what can I say about Gabe? He was a freaky fellow, with dark, curly bushy hair and thick eyebrows. He didn't have a regular place to live, and sometimes helped out at the clubs and venues, or maintained some of the practice spaces for a place to stay. Not always hygienic (that's all i'll say), and was caught hiding in the bathroom closet on more than one occasion when people went to pee... yes, I was a victim of that. In short, he made me uncomfortable.

On many occasions, someone would have a video camera capturing the magic that was the "Legion House", and on this particular night, Gabe had the camera. He was following people around filming, and on this occasion he was focusing his lens on ME. I was planning on staying around that evening, as it was pretty late and Gabe was going to be sleeping downstairs too. Rich had tried to get me up to his room on more than one occasion, and lucky for him, Gabe had freaked me out completely, so I happily accepted.

"Come on up here!" Rich beckoned. I suspiciously and creepily eyeballed Gabe, looking perversely through the lens at me. Looked back up at Rich at the top of the stairs and sprang up there to his side. We went into his room, which had his Playstation, TV, and tons of junk. His bed was merely a couple of stacked mattresses on the floor, no headboard, no frame, just the mattresses. Quite the pig sty, but a site better than the likes of downstairs... where Gabe was lurking. One of Rich's friends was asleep over in his room, passed out. Richie and I talked for a while and were just chilling out on his bed. We'd become pretty good friends by now as much as we'd chatted, so I was comfortable. I was crashing there, so we were going to sleep and Rich put his arms over me, attempting to 'cuddle'. I felt stiff as a board. I still didn't have any physical thoughts about him, and I had thwarted his efforts to get with me a few times over the months since we'd met. The hour was late but stiffly, I slept through the night and Rich remained a gentleman, much to his dismay i'm sure.

The next morning, I sprang awake at an ungodly 8:40 a.m. and I was antsy to get home. I didn't have a ride, so I had to beg Rich to take me home. I pestered him until he was awake enough to drive me back to my apartment. He was none-too-pleased to have to get up that early after going to bed near dawn anyway, but being the nice guy he was, he did it. We got his friend Chris up, who needed to get home too, and hopped into Rich's monstrous "Lincoln Towncar". This was his favorite car, he had nicknamed it "The Boat" because as you glide down the street you feel like you're floating in a boat. He dropped Chris off first, making me even more antsy. Afterwards, he decided he wanted to take me on a tour through the area his grandmother lived and where his Mother had been raised. I feigned interest, wishing to hell he would hurry up and get me home. I could not escape fast enough! When we arrived at my apartment, I politely expressed appreciation, "Thanks for the ride, see ya later then." I disappeared up the staircase of my small low-income apartment complex, and Rich backed out and drove away.

Consequently, I caught the worst case of 'CRUD' (as we nicknamed it) that I'd had maybe ever... the kind of 'CRUD' that you think you get over and two weeks later you get a relapse. You feel like the walking dead and cough-up green stuff from your chest. Nasty green stuff, a green so putrid you can't find it on the color wheel... Where did it come from? Someone had given it to everyone in the Legion House I found out later. It did not make my first day at my new job pleasant at all. I had to go home sick 30 minutes into my first day, which made me nervous with all of the bad job luck I had been through in the last couple years.

Sometimes the Unholy Crud can cloud your mind. But when the mucous finally cleared, along with my mind I began seeing things in a whole new light. There would be a four-leaf clover I would soon look over. But first, a Black Sun would overshadow and obstruct my view.

{ To Be Continued }

**That's right! You'll have to tune in for the next chapter folks! hee hee!! Aren't you getting inpatient? And feeling sorry for Mr. J??**

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Chapter 1: The Dark Before The Dawn

Following the Fleshfest, so much happened. It wasn't long before the loss of my neice, which threw our family on its ear, not to mention my big Sister, Vickie who was changed forever as one could imagine by losing a child.

I continued down the wretched path of playing house with Chris, who was on a downward spiral and had nearly taken me right along for the ride. At one point, he had some friends of his (a couple, with a toddler) who had no place to live-and he took it upon himself to move them into my tiny 1-bedroom apartment, even though I wasn't even supposed to have him staying there much less any others. I continued to hide this from my landlord until I finally went off the deep end and couldn't take the living situation or any of their behavior any longer. With Tamra's help, we called up my landlord and explained the situation, and told her that we wanted them out of my place and fast. She was unbelievably understanding, as well as helpful. I was finally free of him at last, and wanted nothing more to do with this worthless excuse for a man.

The time had come to get my life back on track... as i'd realized more and more how short it really is, and that you never know what's around the bend. Still, I had some rough times ahead... I had lost a couple of jobs because of my circumstances and dealings with Chris.

Soon, I got a job at a printing company called Sir Speedy. Things began looking brighter. Everyone I worked with was wonderful, and even gained some valuable friendships there too. Tamra and I were still intrigued by this music scene in Memphis, and had acquainted ourselves with the crowd that frequented and played in these bands. We were having fun times again. Usually, we would make it to most of the shows that the guys were all putting together at different venues, and kind of became part of the gang... this "Memphis Metal Scene". Sometimes, there would be parties at various people's houses after the show, in which we'd attend. One in particular was at the house where the lead singer of "Incineration" lived. Everyone was drinking beer and partying, it was a pretty full house. I had brought along some Clove cigarettes. I have never been a smoker, but I was just playing around with them because I liked the taste that the cloves left on my lips. Everyone else loved them too, as everyone there had to 'bum' one of my clove cigarettes. I was pretty tired before the night was through, half asleep on the couch when this guy who was now playing in a band called "Legion of Divine Punishment", Rich came over and started chatting me up. He was cool, very nice... introduced himself and wanted to play their newly recorded CD for me. I obliged.

Rich stuck by my side for the rest of the evening, forcing me to listen to his CD countless times. We sat at the kitchen table, talking for what seemed a few hours. We seemed to have plenty to talk about, never running out of things to say. In my mind I vaguely entertained thoughts of whether he was cute or not. He wasn't really my "type", his skintone was about like mine and I'd always gone for a guy with more of a tanned complexion. He had darker hair and dark brown eyes alright, but still he was a little more 'stocky' than the usual 'beanpoles' that I ended up with. "Not really my speed" I thought "Don't think I really could date him" I continued to 'convince' myself... I think that I always had some sort of paranoia about weight, which was why I usually dated taller thin guys-not sure about the psychology behind this, it's just a theory I have about why I did it.

[Rich would later admit that on the evening in question, he had every intention of getting me to the car, or to a bedroom and 'getting in my pants', but this proved unsuccessful.]

The hour grew late, and it came time for us to leave. When we got up to leave, Rich gave me a tiny piece of paper that he ripped off an envelope. It had his name written on it ("Rich" or "9" he had people call him "9" as his band nickname with LDP). I eyed the slip of paper (which I still have in my wallet, right next to a four-leaf clover my mother picked for me). It had a phone number and his e-mail address on it. He smiled at me and said "Gimme a call sometime!" I took the piece of paper, smiled back and said "Ok, sure." (all the while thinking of dismissing it). Still there was something about him deep down that I liked. I couldn't really admit it to myself at the time, but eventually I would have to reckon with this emotion.

"Ok, see you guys later." Tamra and I said, then we were on our way.

Things that are meant to be will happen I guess. There is a time and a place for everything, and Love? Well, Love is a big pimple and no matter how much you try to cover it up, it festers... eventually comes to a head, and bursts all over your mirror.

{ To Be Continued }


Wednesday, January 24, 2007

More Than a Filling! (A Preamble)

Alas, I have survived my Root Canal, and i'm swift to be on the mend. So how about story time eh?

You can relate, right? Having extremely strong Fillings Feelings about someone? (Sorry, my mind is still numb along with the entire left side of my face-lol). Well, Mr. J makes the whole world brighter with his big smile, his hearty laugh and the fact that he rarely takes anything seriously which is near-about the only way we can survive this bumpy ride we affectionately call "Life".

I met him at a time in my life when I was not really looking to get involved with anyone, still traumatized by the last relationship which nearly snuffed out the tiny remaining embers of my soul. I'd been burned bad, wasted valuable years of my life and didn't quite know which road to take next. Dead is what I felt, dead to the world and dead to the knowledge that any goodness remained on Earth in the form of human life (Sometimes I still have my doubts about that!).

[left to right: Ginger, Mom "Mee Mee", and Jolie]

My neice Jolie, who passed away in May of 1998 at the tender age of only 20 (Miss You Girl!), was always boy crazy (just like her ol' Aunt Jackie). She was crazy about this guy named George who she said was her boyfriend at the time.

"George is in a Death Metal band, and they're playing at the New Daisy. I want us to all go see him play!"

"Death Metal band? Yeah right." I snickered. I had my doubts, Jolie's boyfriends were not usually musicians, and she normally loved the sounds of the boy bands and more 'pop' music. However, Auntie Tamra and I were curious, so we agreed that we would go and check out this "George" and validate his true form.

Gathered up the 'crew', which at the time was my 'blood sister' & best bud, Tamra, and mysuper-stoopid screwed-up, drug abusive, redneck, braindead 'boyfriend', Chris and some other of his socially inept, mentally challenged pinheads. We all piled into my new 1998 Black Grand Am and headed off to see the show.

Chris was the type of guy who's ass you would want to pulverize just because he went so far off the idiot scale, and because he 'thought he was so cool'. He was singing along to Matchbox 20 on the radio, making Tamra cringe from the backseat. [Chris was also the reason that I later missed a perfectly good "Slayer" concert, as we had some fight and I was so drained of emotional energy that I forfeited going at all-I was supposed to take Tamra, and should have just done so it would've been a blast. I still kick myself daily for that].

We make it up to the New Daisy Theatre, which sits right on Beale Street, Downtown Memphis. The show is called "Flesh Fest" and it features a group of the heaviest musicians that Memphis had, Death Metal, Thrash/Hardcore, and Black Metal bands. Little did I know that later we would become so well aquainted with these guys-some for better, some for worse.

I don't remember much about the actual music that was played that night, I was too busy keeping an eye on my neice and scrutinizing her 'boyfriend', George, as well as wondering how embarrassed Chris was going to make me (which by the way he accomplished by throwing up in the row we were sitting in, and attempting to "mosh" only to pass out-embecile never could handle his liquor, or anything for that matter).

However, I do remember catching a glimpse of Mr. J's band, "Gutterbitch" when they were going onstage, and although I don't specifically remember the songs, I dug their sound. It was mean and had a heavy grind. I remember he looked a little mean at the time, long Purple hair, shaved on the sides, face full of piercings... But I barely took notice. I remember glancing as he passed, and then soaking in all of the other surroundings as well.

[Photo of "Gutterbitch" boys in the early days, Mr. J is the 2nd from the left]

It was a relief, I think, when that show was over, for the mere weight the 'baggage' I was carrying with my 'ex' being there and all... Can't quite remember why I wasted such a valuable chunk of my life on that deadbeat... I guess I did the best I could. No, I take that back... I could have done a hell of a lot better, but then, things might be very different now.

You see, I'm a firm believer that the roads we take, and the trials we endure make us the people that we are today; And little did I know, that the historic "Fleshfest" show was indeed soon to change my life forever.

{To Be Continued} :)

Monday, January 22, 2007

The Monday Junk

Come Mondays, everyone wishes they were doing just what Mr. J is doing here in this little photo, eh? This was a snapshot of my guy slurping up the suds on New Year's Eve... ahhh he loves his brew! I'll put him in a drinking contest one of these days with Barnze, Cappy and Drunk Punk and see who comes out on top! That would be a sight wouldn't it??

At any rate, I'd like to thank everyone for such warm wishes on my upcoming tooth trauma, which will be Wednesday at 1:00 p.m. CST (U.S.A.) if you wanna think a positive thought for me at that moment. Looking forward to getting that over with! After the whole Root canal, I get a crown and all that... guess it will look like it never happened... hopefully.

On to other matters... we had four more songs mastered up over at Sun Studio this past Saturday, of course I stayed home and moped since I wasn't feeling well but Rob the Drummer says that they all turned out top notch. Will hear them tonight when I get to band practice... Other than that, just having a rather uneventful, general day... Would've been a better day for a story but unfortunately, i'm feeling too lazy for creative writing... maybe tomorrow...

Maybe I'll do the one about Meeting Mr. J... I actually saw him for the first time when he was still playing with his band "Gutterbitch"... but we actually met later, when he was with the other band, "Legion of Divine Punishment". He wooed me with his guitar skills and by drawing dirty pictures on my arm, and I wooed him with--well let's not mention that!! ;)

Will work this story up soon! Have a splendid day all!

Saturday, January 20, 2007


Been a little out of sorts since Yesterday, Dentist had me on some Erythromycin (antibiotic, I guess thinking of the tooth and preparing me for the root canal) and I think it had me feeling ill. Left work early, came home and slept until Mr. J got home, he brought me something-I didn't have an appetite at all, went back to sleep, slept until late, woke up turned over and slept until late this morning... So I haven't been able to be round the computer too long, but i'm a bit better now... Not quite sure what to make of it, but I sure stopped my round of Antibiotics... feel much better without them! Will be back later on with maybe more interesting stuff.

Guess I missed Cappy's radio broadcast this week... sorry for that as I tuned in last Saturday and enjoyed myself immensely. Hoping to catch Drunk Punk's radio show again soon too! So think of me during my time of tooth ailment, and my best thoughts to you and yours.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Root of the Problem

Well, it's official. I'm having a 'root canal'. My visit to the dentist went fine... at least TODAY. That is, because all he did was look at the problem, tell me that it was in bad shape and offer me the solutions to my problem. The issue of course, being a broken molar that I have let go for far too long. The visit went a little something like the following.

I get to the office, fill out all the 'necessary paperwork', and get my insurance information in order. While i'm waiting, I eyeball a magazine to pass the time, thinking about all the dental horror stories, all the while, hearing this kid-must have been about 9 or 10 years old, in the back making the worst gagging and hurling noises you've ever heard... like something was just strangling the life out of him. "Oh, that's encouraging... terrific... I gotta go in after this kid... 'Doc Holiday' sounded better on his dying breath." (ok, try to ignore it)

Finally, I get to go in, and I sit in 'The Chair'... you know the one, staring at the instruments hanging from the torture device, and then I look away at a poster illustrating all types of issues with the mandible and glands surrounding teeth and the like. If that wasn't enough to pep me right up, the 'Easy Listening' music went right up my Finally, a girl comes in and shoves some contraption in my mouth and takes an 'x-ray' I assume. Leaves the room. A few minutes later, Doc comes back in and has a peek for himself... feels around the gums, stares at my Tooth of Doom with his tiny mirror... says "Hmmmm, never had a major tooth removed have you?". Me: "Nooo (giggle). He leaves the room.

When he comes back, the girl is with him... they give me the low-down. "Do you have any interest in salvaging the tooth?" he asks. (No of course not, I get my kicks from having them yanked and the tooth fairy is giving me quite a kickback in this deal, what do you think??) "Well... I wasn't sure if it would be possible, given the condition it was in... is it even possible?" I ask. Doc replies "It's in bad shape... but with a Root Canal, and a Crown, you can save it."

"Well, certainly then-of course I want to save it if I can."

So he has referred me to an official 'Endoperiodontal Group'--you know--a "specialist" to perform the actual Root Canal, and then i'm to report back to him for a crown. Heard good stories of Root Canals, and heard nightmare stories about them too... Let's hope mine is a Disney movie and not an "R" :) Also, wish me luck--and Barnze, do tell how your dentist situation is going!!

Since we've gotta do what we gotta do, then lets at least have a laugh out of the dear ol' Dentist. If you all remember a movie called "Little Shop of Horrors" with Steve Martin as a cruel and evil Dentist, then this should bring a laugh. Enjoy :)

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Settling for Stanley

I'd like to tell you the story of a time when I dreamt of meeting and actually got to meet and date Paul Stanley of Kiss. Looking back now, I don't really know what it was about Paul that I had taken a liking to, but I was head over heels (mind you, this was when I was in my early teens). The story, in fact, of my dating Paul Stanley would be a far more interesting tale, filled with alot more juicy details and unbelievable stories... unbelievable, because well that story didn't happen. Which is why I can't really tell it.

Instead, one fine evening while a friend and I were playing around Beale Street, which is what we normally did on weekends, I met and settled for Steve Stanley. You may be asking yourself... "Steve Stanley, now is that one of Paul's semi-famous cousins perhaps?" The answer to that is invaritably "No." Partly because Steve Stanley isn't worth being urinated on by Paul, and also, Stanley as i'm sure you are aware, is not Paul's real last name.

Alot of the things you do when you're young make no sense to you when you get older. Things like eating crayons, sticking your finger in light sockets, jumping in front of cars [none of which I ever did btw, but I bet they'd have been a site better than dating Steve]. You know, just things you regret like that... Oh and Steve, if you happen to read this, which is highly doubtful... 1) because I never really saw you read, so I don't know if you can read or not, and I highly doubt it and 2) because well, hell Steve, you know you were a low-life piece of $#!t, so let's not kid ourselves... i'm NOT apologizing.

One starry night, we ended our Beale Street partying at a little place downtown by the river called "Captain Bilbo's" which we did sometimes frequent... always had live music, and wasn't all that 'seedy'. My friend Amy and I were there having a good time as usual, when somewhere in the night I crossed paths with Steve, we hit it off (?) and began 'dating'... I emphasize that because looking back, I can't really consider it dating... I barely knew the guy, but yet I acted like it was some serious thing... He drank... ALOT, and I still found myself riding in the truck with him. I rarely brought I guy home, or had him pick me up at the house who I KNEW was this wrong for me, but for some reason, I allowed him to pick me up there. How he wasn't shot by my Mother (just from the pure fact that she did not like him) is beyond me. But 'dated' we did, probably for a few weeks, maybe every weekend for a couple of months. Riding in his ugly little grey truck, listening to Joe Walsh and ZZ Top, me watching him pretend to sing and pretend to give me beauty advice (like how to apply my mascara like his ex-girlfriend who became a model after he gave HER make-up tips and then left him) and "experience"... experience that I could have done without.

June had arrived, it was my birthday. I had never had a real date pick me up on my birthday and take me out but Steve was going to. He was planning on picking me up and taking me out someplace special. I was so excited because I had never really had a great birthday that I could remember, well one in my adult life where it involved romance, and not being stood up or feeling like a loser. This was it... I'm finally all grown up and having the time of my life. I spent all afternoon until the early evening preparing my hair, make-up, picking out just the right outfit so that I could really bowl Steve over. It was probably about time for him to come rolling up my driveway... so I thought I would go and sit in the livingroom, and watch out the window for his truck. I sat for hours watching, waiting--wondering what might have delayed him... he's coming, I know it. Sometime after midnight, I gave up. 'Stood up again! Happy Birthday you big loser!' (I thought painfully to myself). Maybe he got arrested and never made it down, or maybe he got too drunk and forgot or found 'alternate' activities. Whatever the case was, I was crushed.

A couple of weeks later, we were back in Bilbo's dancing and having fun, and there he is. I spot him somewhere near the bar, so annebriated that he could barely focus his eyes to see it was me. Still steamed, and miffed, I approached him and asked him what was up. He mumbled incoherently about something only god knows. Feeling vulnerable (how women sometimes do), I attempted to talk him into leaving with me... why?? I can't honestly say. He acted drunkenly confused and proceeded to flirt with some skank that was sitting next to him at the bar... "So Long Steve." I say sternly. Amy and I turn and leave the bar never to lay eyes on Steve again.

Moral of the story? Well, I don't know many times I gleaned morals from my stories but if I did it would be that I was way too good to settle for anymore "Steves". However, it didn't stop me from trying.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I Wanna Go Home

Such a cold day today, unusually so after it was in the 60s only a few short days ago. Unusual, but not really for Memphis.

I'm feeling homesick again, which is something that usually only people thousands of miles away from their home and family feel. People on business trips overseas, or people traveling thousands of miles, or those who are at war while their loved ones are at home. Not me, I am only 30 minutes away from my parents, and still somehow I feel a universe away from "home" today.

Everything occurs to me through music, and scents and my senses. I'm daydreaming of the drifting years, and how being 15 myself just doesn't seem like more than two days ago. Much the same as it having been so warm just over the weekend, but now a frigid 28 degrees (F)... It's just how fast life is passing. I Thought about my old classmates, how most of them are 'all grown up' with children, children who are now as old as I still feel. Old loves, who have children maybe now only 4 years younger than the me I was when I met and 'almost married their father'.

Daydreaming... a vision in fog of the noisy buzz in the halls of our schools, changing classes and passing notes to friends, distant music playing somewhere. Vague sensations of watching the clock, waiting for that bell to ring and the taste of mediocre (at best) lunches in the school cafeteria... High School, of course, being one of the most tormented times of life, but a bittersweet longing to still have time on our side... in whatever form.

The long and dreaded days of catching a school bus, one in fact driven by my Mother-who forced me to ride her route until I could escape its wrath in the safety-net of my 77 Chevrolet Impala (pale blue, with only an AM radio and just enough room to fit 6 linebackers, if you did your math right).

Proms that sucked because I didn't have a date, or because the date I had reeked of body odor and bad cologne... But just knowing it would get better and having so much time left (forever indeed) because Mom & Dad "said so" and told us that we had our whole lives ahead of us and had so much to look forward to...

Most of all waking up in the early morning to the tune of Mom's shrill voice beckoning me to wake up so I wouldn't be late, and telling me to 'make my bed' and hearing her skillet roaring with breakfast, smelling her coffeepot brewing, and the crickets and the birds and sounds of paradise... of home.

I close my eyes and wonder if I just concentrate hard enough, or if I believe this has all been a dream that I can wake up and start all over... retaining the knowledge I learned from this whole thing. Maybe just wake up, and be there again...

'(Is that coffee I smell? And biscuits?) Mom, please... let me sleep for just 5 more minutes...'

'Jackie!!! Time to get up... now, not in five minutes! Wake up... NOWWWW'

{ Ahhhhhh... it's good to be home again }

Monday, January 15, 2007

Froggy Monday

Happy Monday everyone. This may shape up to be a very busy week, especially nearing the end of the week I might not be able to be near the ole blog much-as I have to do some end-user training on a new application, so I will post when I can, and visit you guys when I can.

I felt like a cartoon today, and one of my favorites is this Warner Bros cartoon of the "Michigan J. Frog" (my cartoon persona I always say). Enjoy it, and have a wonderful week. x

Via: VideoSift

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Words To Live By

I love quotations, and this one is good advice for anybody i'd say.

"Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and
leave a trail." -Emerson

I'll be back later when i've had more caffeine or somethin! :)

Friday, January 12, 2007

Casually Speaking...

Well, happy Friday everyone. We (I) made it through our (my) first full week at work since the holidays only to have a holiday coming up this Monday in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday. That's right, a 3 day weekend upon me-What WILL I do with all of the extra time? Hmmmm.

Thought i'd throw a little cartoon I found online at (it didn't say copyright, I'm telling you where it is-I just thought it would be slightly funny for the afternoon). Casual Friday... oh how I love Casual Friday, because I struggle all week with what to wear that can pass the office attire test, and it is so hard sometimes. I'm not quite the shopper other women are... despise shopping!! So Fridays are the days when I can throw on my jeans and feel [somewhat] comfortable.

I hope that everyone had a great week... and that you have an even better weekend. My thoughts go out to Chelly, who has been sick with that Flu bug for the last couple of days... Chelly you get well girl! We miss you around here... and I hope you're feeling more like yourself... soon!

Found another cool word verification word that I thought we could make a little 'something' out of... Use it in a sentence. I'll start. My entry is "Stop playing with your food Bobby before I knock the jjeemsus out of you!!!!" (go!!)

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Something To Brag About

Well, how many people can boast this? According to our always bright-n-cheery Memphis news channel, seems as though we're reaching new heights in excellence. Last night a gas-station homicide marks Memphis' 8th murder of the year. That's right, it's January 11th and there have been eight (8) murders so far.
Read full story "Overnight shooting ends in city's 8th murder"

Only 8!?!? What's the matter guys, sitting down on the job?? Where were you the other 3 days?

Just plain disgusting, and i'm sure many of you can identify what with all of the shootings, stabbings, rapes, robberies and general mayhem that is going on everywhere. We should bring back "certain death-type punishments" such as executions at gunpoint, or my idea of 'eye for an eye'. Maybe it would make some of these useless wastes of human flesh actually think for a second with the tiny pea brains that were given to them... Sorry to start the day off with a bang (no pun intended), but it just makes me ill.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Peek-A-Boo, It's Wednesday!

Little late, but better than never... I had a somewhat busy day so I didn't really get to post anything of interest. Thought maybe Wednesdays could often be "Video Day" for me, as the mood strikes I guess. Today's video is by one of my favorites, Siouxsie & The Banshees with "Peek-A-Boo". Enjoy!!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

6 weird things about me

Ok, consider me tagged by Drunk Punk... I'll ditto his comment that nobody should HAVE to be tagged, and I am willingly listing the 6 Weird Things About Me... you can put yours if you'd like too.

That IS if I can think up six
(here goes):

1) I can play piano by ear, although I have never taken lessons.

2) I have an obscession with animal-noses... I have to touch them and tweak them.

3) I have mysteriously sweaty feet. At the end of the day, socks or no socks, or even if i'm wearing sandals, they absolutely reek! I have to go straight & wash them or Mr. J has a fit.

4) I enjoy the feel of a tattoo needle, it doesn't hurt, it exhilerates me. (love the smell of the parlor too).

5) I was actually part of a "B&E" (breaking & entering) once with my best friend Kathy, when she coerced me into going into her "then crush's" house while he wasn't home.

6) I can do 'Automatic Writing' (google it if you don't know what it is).

Since 4D has declared no tags, then we'll keep it "no tags". :)

On with the show.

Your Country Tis of Thee!!!

Sick of looking at thy neighbor?? Tired of the crime and the punishment?? Things tough all over where you're living?? Maybe you're just sick and tired, and want no more hassles of your current citizenship or country?? Well now you have no more excuses... you can just buy your own country. Seems The World's Smallest Country Is For Sale, go for it! I would if I had the dough, but it's doubtful I can afford. Great chance to design your own flag and tell people where to go... :)

Monday, January 08, 2007

Blinded by the Light

Is it not general knowledge (or even law) that you are supposed to 'dim' your lights in the event of oncoming traffic? Or even when you're behind someone, with your high-beams on that you respectfully 'dim' them (and especially not ride their ass in this manner)?? Even if it is not law to dim lights for oncoming traffic, which I think it is, not doing so is extremely rude, annoying and blinding to the other drivers. I've been blinded numerous times by 'oncoming morons' as well as morons who are tailgaiting me with their high-beams on. No matter what I do to try to 'alert them nicely' to the situation, nothing helps. I have fantasized having some strange 'Go-Go-Gadget Blinder-Reverser!!' attached to my vehicle to make the obnoxious driver sorry they set foot on the road that day, but i'm sure it wouldn't matter [I've got this invention in the works though, so watch out!].

When I was learning to drive, I remember this being taught to me. If it is not being taught now, it definitely should be... or maybe it is and people just don't give a damn. That wouldn't surprise me one bit. There are so many things that I could discuss in regard to bad drivers, even more than i've already written about.

Anyone reading, please just think about it next time you're cruising along with the most obnoxious lights and you meet or pull up behind a fellow driver, respectfully flip them to 'DIM'... It might not only save their sight, and prevent a possible accident on the road due to blinding them, it may also save you from the possibility of someone jumping out and kicking your ass.

*This has been another public service announcement brought to you courtesy of everyone's favorite Aunt Jackie*

Drunk Punk Is Back!!!

I felt like advertsing this morning, and if anyone pops by here first and doesn't know yet, FOURDINNERS is back with a brand new blog. (Papa's got a brand new blog, that's right!! :) j/k 4D)... Well, here is the link. I've been over and I like the new look... give him, Caz and Jaxxxx a shout!

Four Dinner's Drunk Punk Blog!

Sunday, January 07, 2007

All You Never Wanted To Know...

About Aunt Jackie, but were afraid to tell her you just didn't give a damn lol ;)

Yes I'm up late as usual, and just took a 'notion' to fill out one of those mind-numbing quizzes that people send you in your email from time-to-time... Jessica has had some of these on her site here lately... I went and found one that was especially long, so i'm sure that some of you will give me shite about having time to throw this down and actually answer it all, but hey, it's all good. Besides, it seems that everyone is asleep around the old blogland lately so nobody will probably notice it and I can squeek by with my little annoying quiz... [snickers under breath].

So here goes (warning, yes it's long and probably... mind numbing):

Full Name: Who wants to know??
Birthday: June 22
Birthplace: Memphis, TN
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Reddish Brown
Height: 5’ 8.5”
Weight: I lift some three times a week ;)
Right handed or Left handed? Right Handed, but wish I was a Lefty
Your Heritage: I guess mostly Irish and some American Indian, not exactly sure.
My Worst Habit: Procrastinating on things I need to get done.
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Shoe Size: 8.5 or 9 (US)
Innie or Outie? Innie
Parents Still Together? Yes, around 44 years I think
The Shoes You Wore Today: Beat-up Dr. Scholl’s Black Sandals
Your Weakness: Ice Cream and Men's cologne
Your Fears: Death of Loved Ones, Drowning, Wasps, Being Left Alone, Getting Old
Your Perfect Pizza: Organic Whole Wheat crust with Black Olives, Feta or Goat Cheese and Onions, maybe some Sun-dried Tomatoes.
Goal You Would Like To Achieve This Year: Reach my fitness goals finally, maybe run a 5K
Your Most Overused Phrase On An Instant Messenger: “lol”
Thoughts First Waking Up: “Oh God what am I going to wear?” & “I want to sleep in.”
Your Best Physical Feature: Eyes, and/or maybe mouth
Your Bedtime: When my freaking brain will finally allow me to drift off.
Your Most Missed Memory: My family being together when we were all younger

Favorite color(s)? Black, Green
Food? Palak Paneer with Basmati Rice, or A good greek Meze Plate.
Sport? I suppose Football, but I don’t really watch much
Animal? Cat
Ice Cream? Chocolate or Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Candy? Hershey’s Dark Chocolate or Hairbo Gummi Bears
Store? Walgreen’s and Target
Salad Dressing? Sometimes Bleu Cheese, sometimes Honey Mustard
Actor? Hard to say, Al Pacino, George Clooney maybe?
Song? Racked my brain, but couldn’t narrow it down enough, most special to me is “Little Wing” by Jimi Hendrix though.
Letter? Z
Number? 9
Gum? Don’t care really, strong and minty though
Holiday? Halloween
Season? Winter
Toothpaste Flavor? Peppermint/Wintergreen
Radio Station? Sirius Satellite’s “First Wave” (channel 23)
Perfume? “Eternity”, “Realm”, and “Happy”
Scent besides perfume? My Mom’s kitchen when she’s baking rolls or cake
Body part on the opposite sex? Lips, Eyes and the *wink wink*

What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up? A Child.
How Do You Want To Die? In my sleep, no disease, no pain, in the middle of the best dream of my life.
Turn ons: Perfect Kisses, Sexy brown eyes and intoxicating cologne
Turn offs: ‘toilet humor’, lack of passion, body odors, totally drunken advances
Which One Of Your Friends Acts The Most Like You? Probably Tamra
Who's The Loudest? My Husband Richie when he’s drunk
Who Makes You Laugh The Most? Tamra and Richie both but in different ways
Who Have You Known The Longest? Mom and Dad
Who's The Shyist? None of them
When Have You Cried The Most? When brokenhearted or when someone I love is mad at me.
What Is The Best Feeling In The World? Soaking in Hot Bubble Baths, Laughing, Being in Love.
Worst Feeling? Being rejected or made to feel unattractive
Where Do You Want To Live When You Grow Up? New York City ;P
If You Could Change One Thing About You What Would It Be? My Weight (at least I try)
How Long Do You Think You'll Live? Physically, I don’t know, Spiritually-forever

Let's walk: on the beach.
Let's: look at the fish.
What a nice: smile you have.
Where did all the good times go?
Why can't we: live forever?
Silly: little kitty.
Isn't it weird that: I would bother with this entire quiz?
Never under any circumstance: should you hurt or take advantage of someone I care about.
I wish: I had enough money to not worry about anything.
Everyone: has a skeleton in their closet.
I am, therefore I think.

Been In Love? Yes
Been To Juvie? No
Mooned Someone? I think so
Been Rejected? More than I’d like to admit
Ran Away From Home? Yes, when I was 21 to my sister’s house after a fight with my mom about one of my boyfriends.
Pictured Your Crush Naked? Yes
Skipped School? Yes
Thought About Suicide? No
Slept Outside? Yes
Laughed So Hard You Cried? Yes
Cried In School? Yes
Thrown Up In School? I’m sure, but can’t remember
Wanted To Be a Model? Yes
Done Something Really Stupid That You Still Laugh At Today? Yes
Seen A Dead Body? Yes
Been Bitched Out? Yes
Drank Alcohol? Yes
Smoked? Yes
Been On Drugs? Done drugs, but never “Been On” drugs…
Eaten Sushi? Yes
Been On Stage? Yes
Gone Skinny Dipping? Yes
Shoplifted? Well, like some candy when I was a little kid
Been Drunk? Yes
Been Called A Tease? Yes
Been Beaten Up? No

Swear? Yes, like a sailor
Sing Well? Yes
Shower Daily? Yes
Want To Go To College? Already been and was the best time of my life
Want To Get Married? I am married, but I waited a long time to marry
Believe In Yourself? Some of the time
Get Motion Sickness? Yes, and when someone else is driving, I get carsick’ish
Think You Are Attractive? No, mostly feel like a monster
Get Along With Your Parents? Yes, very well
Like Thunderstorms? No, I LOVE THUNDERSTORMS
Play An Instrument? Yes, more than one
Own An IPOD? No
Pray? Not often at all
Go To Church? When Mom begs me to go with her
Sleep With Stuffed Animals? No, unless I am all by myself
Keep A Journal/Diary? Yes, sporatically I do, but blogging is kind of like that too
Dance In The Rain? Yes, if nobody is watching
Sing In The Shower? Yes

Pepsi or Coke? I avoid softdrinks, but between the two Coke
McDonald's or Burger King? McDonald’s (In the event I have fast food)
Single or Group Dates? Single cuz I usually like having him all to myself, but will go with another couple if I’m not feeling ‘too reclusive’
Chocolate or Vanilla? Sometimes both
Strawberries or Blueberries? Blueberries
Meat or Veggies? Veggies
TV or Movie? Movie
Guitar or Drums? Guitar
Adidas or Nike? Nike
Chinese or Mexican? Mexican, no wait, Chinese, oh… no Mexican… wait, no um…
Cheerios or Corn Flakes? Cheerios
Cake or Pie? Cake
MTV or VH1? Either, I don’t watch videos much anymore except YouTube
Blind or Deaf? Neither, hope to never be
Boxers or Briefs? Boxers

Do The Splits? Nope, never have been able to
Write With Both Hands? If I’m writing something at the same time backwards&forwards
Whistle? Yes
Blow A Bubble? Yes
Roll Your Tongue In A Circle? Yes
Cross Your Eyes? Yes
Walk With Your Toes Curled? Yes
Touch Your Tongue to Your Nose? No
Dance? Yes
Eat Whatever You Want And Not Worry? Hell No :(

You Touched: Richie
You Talked To On The Phone: My Mom
You Instant Messaged: Jessica
You Hugged: Richie
You Yelled At: Vino, the bass player for my band
You Played A Sport With: Guess Richie and Kenneth when we played basketball in the yard

Time You Laughed? Tonight
Time You Cried? About 3 days ago(?)
Movie You Watched? “She’s All That” (was ‘just on’ tv as I went to sleep last night)
Flavor Of Gum You Chewed? Wrigley’s Extra Wintergreen
Joke You Told? ‘What do you get when you play country music backwards? – you get your job back, your wife back and you quit drinking!’
Song You've Sung? “Sick Debris”, one of my own songs

Where Are You? At the computer being harassed by my husband
What Can You See Out Your Window? Nothing, the blind is closed
Are You Listening To Music? Yes
What Are You Wearing? Denim Gauchos, and a low-cut blouse and cardigan
What's On Your Mousepad? I’m not using a mousepad

Do you believe there is life on other planets? Yes
Do you believe in miracles? Yes
Magic? Depends on what you mean by magic
Love at first sight? Yes
God? Not sure
Satan? Not sure
Ghosts? Not sure
Santa? No
Evolution? No, have mixed ideas

In the opposite sex:
Fav Eye Color: Brown or really intense green
Fav Hair Color: Dark, brown or black
Short or Long Hair: I prefer either Shaved or Long, depending on person
Height: Usually at least 6 ft tall
Weight: depends, not really important I like a nice big strong dude though
Best Clothing Style: Punk style, or just cool with jeans and nice shirts

What Country Would You Most Like To Visit? Either Greece or Italy, maybe France
Number Of CD's I Own: I’m totally unsure
Your Good Luck Charm: a four-leaf clover my mother picked for me like 6+ years ago, which I always attribute to my getting together with my husband
How many pillows do you sleep with? 2
Do you drink milk? Yes, I love milk
Person You Hate Most: I can’t really put that out there
Most Outdated Phrase: “Git-R-Dun” and “Good to go”
Do you think God has a gender? Not sure
Where do you think we go when we die? Not sure, but I get heavily into quantum theory and planes of existence type theories
How many rings until you answer the phone? At least 2
What is something scientists need to invent? Time Machine-for sure!
Are you a health freak? I’m becoming more of one every day
Are you a virgin? Not last time I checked ;)
If you could travel into space, where would you go? Not sure, maybe the moon or mars if it were ‘livable’
What is the worst weather? 80+ degrees and humid outside with mosquitos everywhere… yuck!!! Bring on a blizzard!!!
Did you play with Barbies as a child? Yes
How many grades have you failed? None

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Here Comes The Sun

Well, "Sun Studio" that is. Yes, this very night (now morning), we had four of our recorded songs mixed and mastered at Legendary Sun Studio. This is my first real experience in a real studio with people who have recorded the likes of Elvis Presley, U2, Beck, Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash, B.B. King, Gene Simmons, and so many more! Not done yet--just four of our songs so far, but it's a start.

Hard for me to describe what we sound like, or if we sound like anyone (maybe you'll get to hear some of it someday)... Seems to me that it is different sounding, what we're playing, but I just love music and all I know is that I enjoy playing... put me behind my keyboard and i'm happy... so is it Rock-n-Roll? Blues? Heavy stuff? Maybe... maybe all that and more... but it's not Country music (which was the ultimate dream of my Mother and Father... they baited my crib with radios and played records since before I could speak-much less sing, hoping that i'd be Nashville's next country sensation). Sorry Mom-Sorry Dad!! I may not be a Nashville star but hey, I'm stepping into the studio behind some great legends... and even if that's as close as I get, it's alright with me. Just give me my piano! :)

Couldn't get my camera to act right, so I did a scan of the 'Master CD' that the fine engineers over at "Sun Studio" burned and put in our hot little hands. The name of the album is not here, but we're planning on calling this one "Chemical Summer" (the title track off the CD, which is one Mr. J wrote somewhat about Syd Barrett, late-great original and founder of Pink Floyd).
I give you a snapshot of the very first copy of SAP's Sun Studio sessions... Rock on!

Friday, January 05, 2007

Songs To Aging Children

Just felt like lyrics to a song today, it's Friday and I give a little relieved "Sigh". Have a great weekend, my fellow aging children.

"Songs to Aging Children" by Joni Mitchell

Through the windless wells of wonder
By the throbbing light machine
In a tea leaf trance or under
Orders from the king and queen

Songs to aging children come
Aging children, I am one

People hurry by so quickly
Dont they hear the melodies
In the chiming and the clicking
And the laughing harmonies

Songs to aging children come
Aging children, I am one

Some come dark and strange like dying
Crows and ravens whistling
Lines of weeping, strings of crying
So much said in listening

Songs to aging children come
Aging children, I am one

Does the moon play only silver
When it strums the galaxy
Dying roses will they will their
Perfumed rhapsodies to me

Songs to aging children came
This is one

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Shove Me In the Shallow Water...

Before I Get Too Deep. Does anyone else experience it? The 'after-holiday-what-the-hell-day-is-this' syndrome? I, being out an extra day for the holiday have been all screwed up. Thought it was Tuesday, then I thought it was Thursday yesterday, so today (yesterday's tomorrow) would be Friday. Nope it's just Thursday... which is just fine with me.

Mr. X and I have been trying to get back on track (literally) to the tune of waking up at 5:00 a.m. for our first-morning cardio/fat blast workout, and then still doing our weight lifting 3 days a week... In the midst of this we're cutting down on carbs. After lifting, however, you need--and can have the carbs. Believe you me-i'd lift 9 days a week if I can eat my carbs!! So no flavored coffee for me today, no candies (as if I didn't have enough of this stuff during Christmas time). It's hard getting completely back in the swing... But when your clothes begin to loosen and fall off-it always makes you feel 110% better. (The guy in this silly photo? I don't know, nobody to me. But I really like his shirt!!)

Funny for the day: If I were a bear, this would be me. ;)

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Onward and Upward

We're all feeling it, right? Getting back to reality and still feeling lagged after the holidays, some of us, like me, not feeling so hot. Lots of people have been sick lately. I'm still trying to catch my second wind, and have battled some sinus pains with our weather fluctuations, seems everyone stays ill around here... Lovely, lovely Memphis. It's dangerous out there, everywhere, so no matter what neighborhood you're passin through, be careful and show em who's boss!

After all of the regurgitation of holiday muck, how could anybody even think about 'how many days until Christmas'? But some evil thing made me look. So I can now tell you that as I write this, there are 355 days until Christmas. { sigh... deep breath } Ok, enough's enough right? :)

We're all in it together with high hopes of this year being far greater than the last year. Maybe it will not dissappoint, we'll try to think positive anyways. Thinking positive is supposed to be the key, right?

I feel at a loss of anything interesting to bring to the table, so I'll rely a bit on useless trivia (well, you never know). So I bring you this: Today in history looked pretty interesting... lots of neat stuff happened on this date... just thought I would share.

Jan 3rd in History: