Friday, January 30, 2009

Series Of Unfortunate Events

These happened a couple days back and I just haven't had any opportunity to sit down and collect my thoughts to blog them down. Sorry if it's a bit long... but I'm usually worth it. ;)

We had our fifteen minutes of snow here in the Mid-South, and I was excited. Although it didn't last long, there was ice and the driving conditions were hazardous (especially if you intend on driving near any other idiots on the road).

We had taken the dog out so he could get some exercise, and use the bathroom etc. Since it was so very cold, I didn't want to leave him out all day really, so I decided to run out there and look at the back yard snow, and bring the dog back in. When I remembered the snake that the guys had seen in the swimming pool earlier in the summer, I wondered strangely to myself if there was a chance that one might be hibernating. So I took a long stick, and went over and used it to open up the lid on the skimmer basket. I poked the stick down inside the dark, murky water to see if anything was there. I heard a bubbling, but I attributed it to the fact that it was probably leaves, and I'd opened up an air pocket in the flap in front of the skimmer. Then to my surprise, I saw a slimy-looking, dark, patterned reptile tail swishing back and forth. 'Oh my god!' I thought, 'the damn thing is still in here, hiding in the basket, and he's active!' How could it be?? We'd certainly had our share of cold temperatures, and per the season shouldn't he be in hibernation mode?? How well can they survive in the colder temperatures?? Obviously this one was doing quite well. I poked down in there once more, and he squiggled and squirmed. I didn't stick around much longer because, well, I'm pretty afraid of wild snakes especially if they are disturbed. So I took the dog on the other side of the dirty pool, and stared across to see if he was still moving around. He was making waves, so I decided to go back in to the house and forget about Mr. Snake.

Fed the dog, and then it was time to think about lunch ourselves. (Consequently, I had a dream about multiple snakes that night, one of which bit me.)

Mercury In Retrograde...

(just can't seem to go anywhere with Subway)

As I didn't feel like cooking, and up for a quick, but not-so-unhealthy solution, Subway seems to usually come to mind. So earlier in the day, I decided to run up to a subway up the road with a convenient drive-thru. Well, I ordered, then at the Window I submitted my Debit card for approval. It came back unaccepted. She said I could come in and attempt the 'debit' option from the inside just to make sure. I went in and tried, once again the card failed to authorize. 'Just great', I thought. 'What the hell has happened this time? I was sure we had the funds.' So I left the sandwiches there under the premise that I was going to get some cash, took off back to the house. Then I walked in and shrugged at Richie telling him the card did not go through, and I was back 'Sans-Subs'. I checked the account, and sure enough, some stinking bill went through, and dropped us low enough for the card not to go through. Just to make it until payday, I pulled a bit out of savings to cover.

Instead of going over to another subway, we opted to make healthy little pizzas at home with our low-carb tortillas, some ground turkey, cheese, olives and onions etc. It was quite good. Should've done that in the first place.

Damn You Sammich!!!

Later that evening, we were getting ready to go to band rehearsal. It was time for a bit of "Supper". Once again, I was still entertaining the Subway bug. This time I knew I had the funds, so I quickly grabbed just my wallet and keys and flew down the street to the OTHER Subway (was still feeling embarrassed from the earlier incident and did not want to show my face at the same location). When I arrived, I saw that not many people were in line. This was destiny. Excitedly, I jumped out of my car and skipped in to the counter. I made basically the same order that I did during my lunchtime fiasco. She made the sandwiches perfect to my specifications, toasted, warm and delicious. I opted to make them meal deals with large drinks. This time, she did not screw me over on the LARGE drinks. Everything was perfect, I was finally going to have my 6-inch double-turkey on wheat.

Once again, I prepare to pay. I open my wallet, although more confident this time as I am not worried about the debit card going thr-- 'Wait, where is the debit card? I am sure I put it back in the right place. WTF!!?' I begin to blush, and scramble through each pocket making sure I am not overlooking it in a panic. After checking every nook and cranny, I look at the cashier, and apologetically say, "I'm sorry--I think I left the card in the car, I won't be a minute-Let me just run and grab it. So sorry..."

I exit the Subway, and open the door to my car, sure that the card is there. I dig and search to no avail. I run back in the store and ask the lady to hold it for a few minutes, I will have to go and retrieve my card... and that I was sorry once again.

Cranking the car up, I am cussing like a sailor to myself. I had a feeling that I may have run off and left the card at the other location earlier when I was in a panic. Surely that was what happened. I dearly hoped I hadn't dropped the card out somewhere. I drive about 15 minutes to the other place, and run to the door (remember, these people had the drive-thru). The guy in the lobby waves me around as if to say 'Sorry, lobby closed we're only working as drive-thru now.' I shake my head "no" and mouth that I 'just have a question'. He reluctantly cracks the door open, and I explain my situation. He asked me to come inside for a moment. The employees from earlier had gone, but the guys working called the girl who was there when I came through. She remembered me, but said that I had not left the card.

So there I was, no card, no subway sandwiches... I drove home depressed, dreading telling Richie the story of how I had lost the card, and how I had gone basically AWOL and left not one but two unclaimed orders at two Subways. He would not let me live it down I'm sure. He will make me feel like a complete moron for this.

I walked in, looked in my big bag that I had left on the table for convenience, thinking 'I'll just take my wallet and be right back'. There was my card. In my stressed state, I had simply tossed the card in my purse rather than place it firmly back in the wallet... What an idiot. What bad luck. Why do these things always seem to happen to me??

Still starving, and now not having enough time to go back to Subway to retrieve my lost sandwiches, we grilled some turkey sandwiches in a skillet and warmed up some organic sweet potato fries in the oven. Is there a lesson to be learned here??

At any rate, I think I'll be avoiding Subway for a while.

So tonight, I've been invited out. We're going to a dinner for my old friend Brian who's moving off with his Mr. Right, Esq. to the big ATL. They've been together almost as long as Richie and I have been. Finally, after Mr. Right finished law school, they decided to fly this coop. Mainly due to Mr. Right's job offer there in ATL, but they already have a nice house and everything.

BTW, if anyone knows where I could snag this soup, I would really be grateful. I've just had a craving lately for a spicy soup like this one. lol j/k

"Dish" is the name of the place where my friend is having his little going away dinner, and I've never been there, so I'll report later how it turned out, and maybe have some pictures... who knows.

Saturday night, I've been roped into a Gospel singing for my Mom. My niece, Ginger was also drafted for this event. We were basically ambushed about it only a couple days beforehand, so we have no time to practice, or really plan. These people are going to just get whatever we can conjure up on such short notice then. I'm sure it will be fine. I'm not sweating it, I will just sing like I always do, and leave it to the cosmos. :)

That's about all I got for today. Sorry to ramble, but it's my blog and I'll cry if I want to. You guys have a fab weekend.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Blood Sisters. HBD 2 My BFF!

This goes out to Tamra (not my sister by blood, but my blood sister!). I've already sent her an e-Card, and I texted her this morning, but it wouldn't be her Birthday if I didn't pay tribute to her on my Blog for her Birthday. She and I didn't quite grow up together, but we have been friends for a very long time, and been through a lot. Really, we have had to be there for each other through so many things. I 'wouldn't take nuthin' for her' as my Dad would say, she's #1 in my book. Everyone should have the blessing of knowing this girl, she is truly amazing, and has one of the biggest hearts I know. Not everyone is lucky enough, or really worthy of being her B.F.F. but I hope I always am.

She and I are misunderstood quite often, but if people only knew how deep our minds run, how big our hearts are, and how infinite our imaginations, the world would be a better place.

Happy Birthday and Much

Love Tamra!!! From... Me <3

Going Mobile

I'm giving this a test. I am sending this post out to blog land from my mobile phone.

{Image deleted because I just couldn't stand looking at it. Gross!!! Bad Hair Day and More!}

Slight technical difficulties, mainly just that I attached a picture (one that I really don't like) of myself, and before I could type anything else in the box, it sent off into cyberspace. So I had to come back in and edit it.

However, now I am set for life, and never have to experience any Blogger withdrawals again, even when I am not near a computer. Oh boy. What a world we live in.

Ok, so now after the edits, nothing is really left of my mobile post that was in any way "Mobile". What have I accomplished here, and what have we learned class?

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Circle Town Tourist (WWC)

Guys, I've run out of time and energy today--Can't believe I got my WWC done before Tuesday was through... Today's Words are "Circle" and "Town Tourist"

If you wanna see others, or know more about the WWC, check out Tink's Blog (Pickled Beef) for the whole enchilada!! I also have other WWC participants linked over to the right. Everyone Rocks!

Don't have enough energy left to ramble or ellaborate, just having a long day. Enjoy My Slideshow

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Moving Along

February is fast approaching, we've only just caught a breath from "The Holidays" and it'll be good ol' Valentine's Day before you know it. I can't believe it, even though we have been staring at the Valentine Vomit in stores since basically Christmas itself. They get such a head start don't they?

Every once in a while, when I am feeling up to the challenge, I try to participate in the National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo) theme, if it is one I like. Just a quick explanation of "National Blog Posting Month", it may seem confusing, since the actual month for it is November, but I guess bloggers caught on to it and they just like doing monthly themes. It's just a little extra fun.

The basic principle is that if you participate, then you're taking the pledge to blog every single day for that entire month. Each month has a different theme. I decided to give it a go. The February 2009 theme is "WANT". So that should be fun to try and incorporate into my daily bloggings. We'll see. Wish me luck and click above if you think you might be interested in trying it out. Everyone is added to the monthly blogroll, and it's a great little way to meet up with new and interesting bloggers who participate, and probably catch some interesting reads out there. But I figured that February being a short month and all, maybe I had a tiny chance at keeping with it.

Anyway, aside from that, the weekend was alright... I spent most of it at Mom's house, we've all been trying to be there a good deal, spending nights or whatever so that she isn't by herself in the house. It's kinda difficult because once again, we all have so much going on in daily life, but of course for me family comes first and I am going to do the best I can to be there for her. She's still having a very hard time. I know that it takes time, and that grief is a process. I just really wish she could find some good strength and find positive ways to think in order to take even baby steps forward... nobody can really say, though how it would be for them. I know for me, losing a parent (My Father) has been a very difficult and sad experience... a "face slap" of reality and adulthood, if you will. I've not been unaffected by any means. I know that it has to be an entirely different type of pain when you lose your true love (husband or wife) of 48 years... that's a long relationship indeed.

However, I think I am handling it in a pretty healthy way though. I talk about it freely, I don't hold in my feelings or emotions about it, and maybe due to my spiritual nature I feel close to Dad, and feel bouts of "relief and happiness" imminating from him. I'm not sure if everyone would agree or understand what I mean by that, but I just feel him near, and feel him being proud, happy and loving of us and that he always will be there for us, guiding and protecting, looking out, and still trying to make us feel good... you know?? Well, nobody cuss me. That's how I feel, and I'm glad that I feel his spirit near, and comforted. I just don't think Mom is totally on that plane with it though, she knows these things, and she has felt things about him too, but her grief is stronger right now than anything... Just continue to wish her well, send her healing thoughts and prayers... she needs em. Thanks.

So the weekend consisted of being at Mom's mostly. My husband and I rode down on our Bikes Friday night, spent the night, rode back home Saturday kind of early (although it was noticibly colder in temps, and I froze worse. This is the type of weather we have around here. Nice one day, and freezing the next. So much fun...) Ran a few errands, tried to take care of home as much as possible, and my animals. Then I watched "Rocky" on T.V. before driving back down to Mom's in my car (sans husband), and stayed the night again. My neice Chrissy stayed too, she's been staying a lot during the week because nobody else has been able to really during week days. She says she doesn't mind, and she's the only one just about now in the fam that doesn't have a marriage and family responsibilities (yet). But she does have a boyfriend she is crazy about, so I'm sure she's not far behind. (sigh)

When I got home today, I just relaxed a little, played a video game, washed my dishes, and Richie and I cooked supper together. That brings us to the end of a cool to colder weekend, and now it's on to another Manic Monday. :) Hope yours is tops.

If you've ever seen "Office Space" you will like this a little better... even if you have just heard of the restaurant T.G.I. Friday's, then I guess you'll like it o.k. too, no matter what it speaks for itself regarding Monday. This would be my restaurant... Because Mondays just suck.

Here, enjoy AJ's Inspiration du jour ;)

"I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, It's a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope. Which is what I do, And that enables you to laugh at life's realities." - Dr. Seuss

So very true...

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Memphis Barbecue In A Nutshell

Memphis... home of the blues, mud, sweat, mosquitoes and quite notably, the Barbecue.

If you have never been to Memphis, but your nose leads you down the highway in search of that "world famous" BBQ, most likely you will be mislead as to "The Place To Go" for the best. Fortunately, I am here to help you out.

It's not all about the pig though...

Most people are turned on to a little place called Charles Vergos' Rendezvous, or simply known in these parts as "The Rendezvous". They're one of the most known places and most-famous for their Ribs. Now, don't get me wrong, they hold up to their end of the deal, and they are a good restaurant. I'm not here to slander. But they're just not my favorite, and I think you're cheating yourself if you don't check out these lesser-known sauce-laden "hot spots".

The other big name in Barbecue here is, of course, Corky's BBQ. It's another place that, while very good, is still more widely known because of popularity and politics. Again, not slamming these places at all. They're fine establishments, and you should just try them all if you feel like meat.

The lesser-known jewels are what I'm here to talk to you about today, though. All These places can most likely be found at the Memphis in May World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest, because not many people miss that. They may or may not be listed in the Best of Memphis poll (which is sometimes biased I think).

The places I am about to list are in business, not because they burn up the advertising sections at every whim, or because the "top hogs" say they are the place to be, because of any popularity contests or anything. They stay in business because they know how to cook BBQ, they know how to treat their customers, and they run a tasty and excellent business. They don't have to brag, the proof is in the sauce, these guys really are "The Pits"!

The Barbecue Shop
The Barbecue Shop is dear to my heart because, when we lived in Midtown we discovered and sometimes frequented the place. It is quite an old establishment. Their recipes have been going for over 50 years, and it's a family owned thing. You can view their history page Here. Everything is pretty good here. But if you're feeling adventurous, I know it sounds "odd" but try the Barbecued Bologna or the BBQ Spaghetti. Your mouth will thank me.

Central Barbecue
I think my husband first introduced me to this place. Also located basically in "Midtown" near the Cooper-Young area, Central takes more of a "pulled pork" approach, but offers some quite popular Hot Wings, A BBQ Chicken or Pork Nachos, and fantastic sauces as well. I try to keep it to chicken for myself, but I know a lot of fans, and they root for this bbq!

Neely's Interstate Barbecue
The main one is down Third Street close to (appropriately) the Interstate (I-240 exit), and offers some wonderful recipes that uphold the Neely name. A word to the wise though, bring your appetite if you are ordering sandwiches because they pack a punch, and don't order the Large fry unless you're prepared to share, or you're really really hungry. This place has a BBQ Weiner (Hot Dog), and good ribs to boot.

As I said, these days I try to keep it mainly down to the chicken versions of things, and I do the best I can. I have thought about vegetarianism, but I just don't know if I can completely go there... If you are a big meat lover, and BBQ fanatic though, check these places out, and at least you can say someone tried to tell you where to go!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Snot Hell

"Snot's caught in my trap, that I can't Hawk out... Because I'm still blowin my nose babehhh" (to the tune of Suspicious Minds by Elvis).

It's been most of the week now, yes, and I am still stuck in what I've affectionately started to call it, "Loogi (or Leugy?) Hell". I have to get it out too, as gross as it is. I can't stand it, interferes with my breathing. I can run to the restroom and get all cleared up, which is a horrible ritual in itself. I have to go hover over the john, give it a good cough, and then work to get the stuff out without gagging and possibly throwing up. It's miserable... I just do not have a strong stomach where snot or vomit is concerned.

I'm just hoping and praying that this affliction will dry up soon... I can snot no longer!

Funny the things you take notice of most when you're ill. I knew this already, but have come to realize that the toilet paper in our restrooms is not even 1 ply, it's like .3 ply. I don't understand why establishments do this. I mean sure, you are getting cheaper paper, but people roll off like 4 times the amount just so they can function. So are they really saving money in the end? (No pun intended).

This is a shot of one square of the actual toilet paper in our building's restroom. Good luck with that huh?? Wipe or blow at your own risk... may as well just use fresh bark.

Then there are the toilets that flush automatically. This can be sheer pandemonium for the germ-freak. The problem is, especially for women that if you can actually brave a public restroom (which is exceedingly more difficult by the day for me), then you must still spray the seat (if spray is available), and coat it with the protectors or toilet paper, and then still be an expert "Hoverer". You can't sit on the seats, unless you have a death wish and don't mind the skank.

So in the gym, they have some of these high-brow toilets that flush when it detects movement. So whatever you're doing, if you make movement then it just gives a high-powered "whooooooosh!!!" I understand the sentiment. However as germs go, it's widely known that a toilet flush sprays all manner of nasty bacteria and germs. So do I want to get caught in the crossfire with my pants down?? No way! Am I the only one who thinks about this stuff?? Plus the fact that it will flush multiple times, triggered by motion, so you can't stand there trying to adjust anything, or even zip up. And think of the wasted water... Environmentally friendly?? I think snot.

So yeah I'm ranting it out a few annoyances at a time.

The other things that have caught my angry attention lately (and I won't elaborate, I'll just list them for time's sake) are:

People you hear in another stall that go in, do their business, and leave without even thinking of washing their hands. Dirty asswipes (pun intended).

Self-checkout lanes filled with people with enormous basket fulls of grocery items. These self-checkout lanes are supposed to be a quick fix for those with a few items that are in a hurry. For the big spenders with the 1+ baskets, it takes you two hours to check yourself, when a cashier could've had you in and out in about 5 minutes. Douchebags (Isle 5).

Anyone else have a few things that "chap your hide"? I have plenty, but I'll continue on another day. More to come, I promise.

**Just a note, that I have been cleaning up my sidebar a little bit, organizing, and deleting old dead links, adding a couple new. Feel free to check it all out. Also I have added the Yahoo Babelfish Translation widget. You can select a language and it will translate my page for you. I'm testing it out. We'll see. Have a good Weekend!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bite Me!

(Today's angry obscenities are brought to you by the letters "F" and "U").

Ok, now I'm taking a little time out to bitch... I feel like a good post full of rants. I need to blow off a little steam. So take it as you will, I am going to ramble a bit. You may have to finish this post in sections, or by all means take it all if you are in the mood to read today. I pre-apologize for any over-lengthiness, harshness or obscenities... I simply must let flee my feelings and get it all out.

Where oh where oh where should I start??

Fit To Be Gagged And Bound

In trying to get back to some sense of normalcy since my Dad's untimely passing, we have of course been trying to keep with a workout schedule as much as possible. Now, Richie and I know how to use the machines, and we workout "Smart" when we use things, we are polite, re-rack our weights, we wipe down machines, and we try to be respectful of others around us who are trying to get in a quality work-out.

You go out to any sizable public gym, and you will find those qualities exceedingly rare.

First off, the "Inside Voice" problem seems to extend to these Workout Warriors and Barbell-wielding Barbies and Supercharged Soccer Moms. They not only get on machines and carry on loud laughter-infused conversations with one another (while I'm trying to tune them out with my Music, and the volume will only go up so much), they also find the most bizarre ways of working out to entertain my funny-bone. Sometimes ya just wanna club em. There was this one lady who was on the elliptical machine, turtling along, not even at a fat-burning speed with a textbook strapped across the machine. So these people are attempting to read books and/or magazines and get some sort of quality workout. Then there was the guy who turned the treadmill up so fast he could've hit the interstate, with his feet on the sides of the machine he promptly "jumped" in at full force, and went stomping pitifully trying to keep up. He looked like a sweaty, retarded-Clydesdale version of the character "Putty" from Seinfeld.

Also you will find all manner of people with ridiculous medicine ball rituals, and kinky-gravity-defying stretches, in their tight, disgusting Lycra outfits showing us their "GOODIES"... sorry guys these are baddies in my eye. These include Fat Men and Fat Women in Lycra (I include myself and specifically do not wear Lycra here lol), Anorexics in Lycra or men and women with those overly-short, floppy-material shorts that allow things to freely dangle. Put on some damn clothes people, and save the ridiculously "personal" workout moves for the bedroom or living room at home.

Everyone's been privy to the Overly muscle-bound Meathead who only works his biceps when lifting, or lifts a weight that my grandmother could've lifted while making the guttural, painful war cry of the Ogres... just for attention. Last but not least the "Fitness Superstar Hardbodies" who run around with their dyed, jet-black hair and butta-faces. They wear the Lycra, and of course they have the body for it. However, to look at their faces, I can't tell if they're sitting up or standing on their heads. They stretch, bend and make porn-star maneuvers on the weight machines, making sure everyone in the house can see their ASSets... I'm sure this is just a female rant... the guys don't seem to care.

No matter what, though it would seem that a little bit of respect, and social graces could be upheld even when you're getting your sweat on.

-End of Fitness Rant-

Road Asswipes (I've touched on this so many times I am just going to give it a rest. We all know about rude, asshole drivers. Especially if you live in Memphis. I'll save this for another day down the road... no pun intended).

Subway Takes Us For A Ride

*Does anyone else feel "slighted" when you get the short end of the loaf?? This is especially true if you're ordering only one sandwich and they pull out an already cut-in-half bread, or if they cut a fresh loaf in half for you, but then give you the "little one". WTF?!?! How hard is it to cut a loaf clean down the middle?? Is this some sort of sadistic plot?

Gimme an even loaf dammit!!

So anyways, Wednesday nights have been our band practice night of choice for some time now because my Drummer has a "Trivia gig" at one of the local pubs on Tuesday nights, and we've had so much going on, so Wednesdays are it for right now. On my way home, Richie calls and gives me his Subway order... he wanted a double-meat turkey sandwich with double-cheese (on Wheat) and all the veggies, Spicy Mustard, no mayo and a little oil and vinegar. He wanted Sun Chips and a drink. So I decided I wanted the same sandwich, except with no tomatoes, and also I thought it might help the Simpleton-Sandwich-Artists if I didn't make the order too much of a challenge. Drive-thrus are one thing, you're almost guaranteed mistakes or some type of assholery in the Drive-thru, but Subway, I mean come on. You're right there in front of their face and ordering clearly and quite audibly. The sandwich makings went fine, except for the *uneven loaf conspiracy. So I get to the register, and I said I would like to make these both meal deals with chips and a drink. This somehow threw the dumb-dumb for a loop and she had to ask her co-worker how to ring up the sandwiches as meal deals... Also, when I said this, I SPECIFIED LARGE DRINKS. She rang me up for the regular ones, and then didn't even offer to remedy the situation when I pointed it out. She simply said, "I'm sorry. I didn't hear you." Ok, so you missed that fateful day at Subway University when they went over how to "Listen" to your customer, and how to take and fill an order with accuracy, and ringing up meal deals must have been part of the class entitled "Advanced Cashiering 101".

I guess she must have been out with the Flu.

-End of Subway Rant-

Tommy Lee Eat Your Heart Out, Please!

(warning of obscenities on my part, just fyi I usually try to keep it down on the blog for family, so family just overlook it)

So we ate our Subway supper, and prepared for band practice. Richie (my Mr. J), wanted to work with the drummer and our bassist, Tom on the new song that he had put together. It was going to take a while until I could work with some lyrics, so I decided to go out and sit in the little break room area we have in our rehearsal space. Now let me just make the note that we rehearse in a space where there are quite a few practice rooms, and quite a number of different bands use this same facility. So that's a given. I know that I am not the queen bee and I am going to have ultimate privacy, but I at least thought I was going to get a few moments of solitude. I started out with my pen and paper, with the idea that I might write some lyrics, or just some ideas down. Peace lasted all of 5 minutes, when this band of 'Wannabe Tommy-Lees' converges on my space bubble. I glance up, and here they come waltzing in loudly, cussing a blue streak and talking about what they really need to be doing so that they can get famous. I had headphones on, and obviously was there for the quiet, and they never lowered their voices. As well, they didn't try to talk to me at all, just sat there bullshitting in their own little world. I was so irritated, I just started writing it out right there in front of them. The result is what follows (no edits).

"Now this really pisses me off. I'm sitting here clearly to get some solitude and I've got my huge headphones on and everything and four full-of-themselves rock assholes just plopped down and are bullshitting like it's no tomorrow, and like I am not even here. Yacking about the biggest bunch of stupid shit I think I've ever heard. Just a ton of crap about what they need to do to be come big famous rock stars. Like they need to pay some stupid amount to go do a gig at the "Whiskey-A-Go-Go". Then all of a sudden they'll have it made? Then I tried to tune their asses out but they just kept sitting there foaming off at the mouth with their dumb aspirations of big-haired stardom, shitty-muthafucka-damnfuckshit and their whores. No fucking inside voices? Fuck you assholes. I'm here too. They just converged on my little quiet time like I was some greasy, green booger on the wall. Like I couldn't hear their pointless ranting. Basically people everywhere just continue to make me sicker and sicker until I want to club them over the head with a flaming molten lava-coated torch."

People are just Fucking stupid everywhere. Must be seeping into the water supplies or something. The way I see it there are 3 kinds of people:

1. Those I care about
2. Stupid Clueless assholes
3. Rude Pieces of Shit

Let me simplify that into just two (2):
1. Those I like
2. Those I want to crucify.

Fair Enough?

Am I mean and cynical? You bet your ass! I am customer-service all day long and I have days when I never meet a stranger. But deep inside, sometimes I can get so filled with hate and hostility that it would singe the hairs on the back of your neck. Is that healthy? Probably not. But I think letting it all out is. Hey, I don't really keep a lid on many of my feelings. Is it good for my Karma? Doubtfully.

Probably why my Dad has been taken away. Yeah. All my fault. Sometimes thoughts like that occur to me. I guess it's only human. Maybe I really don't think it. Maybe I have to work hard to keep my mind, well "Imagination" from running wild.

Hey I will admit it... I'm being real here.

So when someone tells me how sweet I am, or how polite and what a nice person I am, deep inside, I roll my eyes and just wonder "What if they only knew?" I mean, yes I am sometimes. I do care about many things and some people. For instance, I care a great deal about animals of course. I care for my friends, the ones I allow to get close, care for my close family and I do honestly think you guys (my blog family) rock! So consider yourself lucky. The rest of the human race can burn in hell.

Sweet... No, none of it is an act or anything. There is just a time and a place for everything, and I know when, what and where and conduct myself properly and accordingly. I've been taught that you can catch more flies with sugar than vinegar, and that you should keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Guess I inherit a great deal of it from my Mom. I do have a good heart, and I am basically sweet to those who earn my concern and my heart. However, I'm always watching and waiting for that moment when someone earns my "worst". So don't tread on me. ha-ha!!! :)

And... I'm actually going to cut this shorter than I'd intended today. I planned on discussing some of my feelings as of late regarding Mom. Some of my thoughts and worries about how things are going to go from now on, and just get some of the postmortem stuff off my chest. I think I've run out of energy. I have some notes jotted down about it, and I am just going to save that topic for another day. It will be a whole post to itself, so I don't mix it with my rants and raves.

Thanks again for indulging me and I hope you enjoyed my little fit of rage.

Until next time... AJ--OUT!!!

B Sexy Be Unique (WWC)

Wow, I am utterly taken aback. I can't believe that I am a 2nd year recipient of the Golden Spork Award by none other than Tink of Pickled Beef. This is a great honor... I have to thank all the little people, who's heads I stepped on during my climb to the top... (to include Prince, and AC/DC, and that little dude that played the elf on "Bad Santa" sorry guys!! lol j/k of course). Anyway, here all bright and shiny is my award, which will go into the trophy case soon... but for now:

Dang, if AJ Doesn't Rock!!

And what pray tell gave me this year's win?? Tink says "Best Looking Blog", which I'm still working on the improvements and am shocked for the win here... but still, I blush and accept with great pride.

On to this week's WWC. Our Weekly Words Challenge for this week is brought to us by the letter "B" and by "Unique Perspective". You're going to have to forgive my tardiness (no, not "tardness" although I'll save that for another post). I have not been able to wrap my head around the keywords for this week, but I wanted to participate, just can't seem to get it together.

I know I anticipated really coming back with renewed vigor for 2009 but guess it's gotten off to a bit of a hard start for me... bear with me... Go ahead and congratulate me on the Golden Spork award, and then tomorrow I will fill in with an update and post my entries for this week's WWC.

"B" Is For...

Also, I have a bunch of complaints brewing-more stuff that annoys me, things people are doing to piss me off and just general annoyances and rants, so stay tuned. I'm trying to organize my thoughts. With organizational skills like mine, you could be waiting for a while, but with the intensity of my hatred for all things annoying, I doubt it will be that long.

**updated 1/21/09 for WWC entries**

Monday, January 19, 2009

Roots of My Raisin Run Deep

I want to forget everything that has happened the last days, weeks, months. Just get back to "normal". But I can't kid myself, that's not possible. The man who is so much a part of me, and who I am, what I act like, sometimes look like, well... he's gone. Spiritually, of course, he'll always be around. I could look at it as having one more to watch over me, and also that I know he is happier and feels better than he has in a long time. But I still can't help feeling cheated by having him actually gone, and nothing will ever be the same again.

I nearly posted several times over the weekend, but I just couldn't seem to do it. I lacked the energy, inspiration, and maybe it was all more than I realized. I can't get all my thoughts together here, but I will probably be detailing more of my thoughts as of late along the way so bear with me. I'll still try to entertain if I can. :)

The service went fine. It was the most "personable" one I think I've ever been to, when usually they seem cold and so final and feelingless. Ours was different. We put ourselves into it. My brother-in-law brought a warm, laugh-inspiring, and tear-jerking Eulogy. It really suited Daddy. I sang two songs, "Daddy's Hands" by Holly Dunn, and an old gospel favorite of my family's, "Won't Have To Worry Anymore". My niece, Ginger, sang "Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)", and I honestly don't know how we made it through, except for the fact it was for Daddy and we wanted this service, this tribute to be perfect for him... so we pressed on and got through it. I think it went really well though, and I think Dad was pleased.

At graveside, I read a poem and the preacher ended it with a prayer... It was freezing cold and windy outside... we said our final goodbyes to my Dad's body and went home to put up with a host of visitors and food. It was then, right after we got home from all of this that I just came down with a bad cold. It just slammed me suddenly. I started to feel bad while we were still there, and when we got ready to go home, BAM!!! I went to bed kind of early, then I stayed in bed most of Sunday as well. Guess it was a combination of exhaustion and who knows what... I'm feeling some better today, but still not 100%.

Thanks again to everyone who has been by and left comments whether from another's blog, or just passing through, or those who know me pretty well, every encouraging word helped. I know we are not alone, and everyone goes through these things... guess it still doesn't make them easy to endure. For that we must count on our own inner strength, and keep moving and taking every day as it comes... Here we go to begin a whole new book, a sort of "A.D." (After Daddy) part. I honestly don't know where to begin except to take another step forward. What in the world am I going to do without that goofy grin, that ever-so-stubborn slightly fading red hair, and those bright blueish-green eyes to smile at me tell me "I Love You" right there in person?? Who's going to make me believe when they say "Everything's going to be alright." or to "Cut that crying out before I give you something to cry about!"

There are so many things you take for granted... so many things, until one day you're missing them all. But then it's too late... That's why I always try hard to live with No Regrets... and why, The Roots of My Raisin' Run Deep.

(I used to really think this was about raisins when I was a kid) lol

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Words Aren't Enough

Thank You Daddy... For Everything...
We all love you and we'll miss you so much. I'm so glad I always told you how much you mean to me, and what a privilege it has been having you for a Father. I have no regrets, except I'm sorry if I ever hurt you. You're a King among men, and you will always be my Hero!

Jack G. Cutler
August 29, 1927 - January 14, 2009

Rest In Peace Daddy... You Deserve An Eternity of Peace And Love.
You Have Certainly Earned It... You're The Best.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Best of 2008 (WWC)

The First Weekly Words Challenge (WWC) brought to us by the lovely still newlywed "Tink" of Pickled Beef is here. Our first theme is the Best of 2008. In essence, our favorite photos of 2008 (not necessarily used before in a WWC, but taken by us basically).

Better late, than never: I had a hard time today because it was a busy day for one, and also my Father had a hard night last night, so we weren't sure this morning if he was going to get better, but it seems it was not as bad as we thought... so he is still hanging in there. For now. Thanks for everyone's thoughts and love.

So 2008 was a rough year, yes. But we had many good memories too. When you go back and look at your photos, you can see that clearly. Even in the midst of trouble, we make memories some good some bad. Never all bad.

Let me bring you my personal storyline, my 2008 In Pictures Slideshow. Let's make new and lovely memories every day... always!

(Captions as always, tell AJ's story). Enjoy.

(And don't forget we're still "De-Lurking" at The Forrest this week, so say hello!!)

Monday, January 12, 2009

Delurkishly Delicious

Today's the day that Jay was talking about. "Delurking Day". (See below in my Jan. 11 post. For the utmost in detail on this.

Basically, it means if you are reading this, rather than lurk and move on, leave me a comment and say hello. I'm going to do my best to head around to everyone that I can before the day is over. It may be here or there, now or later as it's also a work day. Still, I'm gonna give it my best shot.

So once again... today's sole purpose for you passing through is that

Update!!!** Also, The Lovely Tink has a great little blurb on her blog, a template of sorts... so if you don't know where to start when commenting me (which is going quite slow I might add), then you can start with this convenient little paragraph:

Copy and paste the phrase below:

Hi, my name is (insert name here). I think you're very (adjective). My favorite animal is a (type of animal). My favorite movie is (movie title). When I grow up I want to be a (job title). I have a sick obsession with rubbing (first thing you see) on my (random body part). Please come visit me at (blog address).

Come on Lurkers! You know you want to...

That is all for today... Leave me love on your way out. Class Dismissed.

Sunday, January 11, 2009


The full moon has of course been affecting things. Always funky a few days before and after, but all-in-all, still surviving. So that's all that counts really. Was all in "TGIF" mode Friday, and ready to roll when a strange flapping sound happened to my back left tire on the battlemobile. Turned out that I had an Allen wrench in it. That's quite curious. Anyways, it's still up at the shop as they didn't have time Saturday to get to me, and were backed up with several customers. So they will finish up and change oil for me, and I'll pick it up first thing in the morning.

That didn't make it very easy to get back down to Mom's as I had planned though, to help her through another sleepless night. I ended up staying home last night because the weather was too cold to go back down on my bike. I went back down today though, but was cutting it close and still froze my ass off. My thighs are still defrosting as we speak. All's well that ends well I suppose. Dad just goes through ups and downs. He might sleep enough one night to allow Mom to get some rest, and the next night he might yell for her every hour on the hour for no other reason than to repeat himself once again, "I gotta get up out of this bed." I don't blame him... I understand he's probably sick and tired of it for sure. But that doesn't make things any easier on my already-worn-to-a-frazzle mom. I am really worried about her. I get down as often as I can, but we're all juggling so many things in our own life that we can only do as much as possible... guess it's all anyone can do. Help with what you can... so we just keep on moving along and trying.

Still I get so depressed being there now. It's like a dark tunnel with no light at the end to guide me anymore. I try though, I still try to talk to Mom and have a laugh or two, but it is a challenge. Then the best part of my riding my Motorcycle, besides the solitude and the fresh air, is when I pass houses who have a fire going in their fireplace. The scent of that smoke just takes me back to a much more secure and safe time of my life... Childhood of course, when winters were just filled with that sensation. Go out and cut wood, I remember the sound of Dad's chainsaw, and just feeling protected being near him. We usually had a fireplace or even the wood burning stoves, which are just as cool. Still get that smoke smell. I guess that's why I always have to inhale deeply anytime I pass that scent. Sure do miss feeling good like we did growing up, just the contentment, safety and love of those two wonderful parents. I was very lucky... this I know.

I digress... sorry for seeping down into Memory-Marsh. I can't help it sometimes, just writing what flows out... I have really had alot of thoughts on my mind lately, but I can't seem to get them all organized. I'll try. I might have to start using my digital recorder and having it with me every time I have a thought so I can remember it and keep them all together. Probably would serve me well to do just that.

The other day, though, My Good Buddy Jay from "Cynical Bastard" clued me in on a little blog-event that takes place for Monday... It's called "Delurking Day 2009". It actually takes place on Monday January 12, 2009. This National Delurking Day basically means, y'know... delurk yourself in the comment section here and say hello! We’re mostly all nice people around these blogs. Nobody is going to hurt you or be mean. We love everybody (mostly hehe).

So take a minute to say hello. Jay demands it and everyone listens to and loves Jay... plus, I know there are people who read this blog and others, and never leave a word. It'd just be nice to know you're there... So leave me some luv even if it just says "Bozo Was Here". Then go around to all the rest of the blogs you read and say hello to them too. And then come back here and go to each of the blogs over in my sidebar and say hello to them. And then come back later and click through the comments to other blogs that might not be over there on my sidebar yet and say hello to them.

Maybe it sounds time-consuming, but do what you can, you might not be able to make it to everyone, just try to extend the extra hand. I'm going to do the best I can to visit and comment, just try to join and participate a little... o.k.? It will make my day... In reading around the net about it, seems like there might actually be a "National Delurking Week". So, if not tomorrow, just pick up throughout the week and make the extra effort... Come On You Lurkers!!! Show Thyselves!
Other than all of that, this week of course we're cranking back up on the Weekly Words Challenge. Maybe it's a good time for you to join the rest of the shutterbugs and snap some pics... It's fun. If you dont' have a regular cam, even your cellphone pics will do... So if interested, check over at Tink's Blog to get the scoop.

So tomorrow is Monday for me and most of the 9-5 grinders, so even if you don't observe the concepts of time and space, feel a little sorry for me that my weekend is over... and I'm sad.

Also, I would like to send a nasty little shout-out to the Titans for this weekend's ruined, stink-fest of a football game. What was up with your shitty end-zone game?? All that decent yardage lost, and hard work to waste getting so close then turning around the ball so many times. You should've won that game threefold. But guess it wasn't meant to be... I was so looking forward to you guys making the Superbowl. I think I'm going to have to throw you over and go back to my old favorite, the Steelers... I have spoken.

Time for a hot steamy bubble bath or I might just go Berserk. See y'all on flip side honeychiles.


Friday, January 09, 2009

In My Mind

I've been in another R&B mood lately, I've always been very eclectic.

The wouldn't allow embedding of this video, but it is really a good song. Moves me.

Heather Headley's "In My Mind"

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Fruits of My Labor

Pushing deadlines, that's what I am doing today... That and looking forward to the arrival of my Refurb. Blackberry, which is scheduled to arrive tomorrow! Yay... I know it's refurbished, but hey, I figure that they probably did a good job on it, and I liked the style. It is a wider phone, so no more fatal toilet-incidents hahaha (hopefully). And as The fabuloso Jay said, nobody should have the things in the bathroom with them, and I wouldn't have really except for I considered myself on my way out to lunch, and just had it in my pocket... We'll see... so I get a fruitilicious "Crackberry", and I'll finally find out what the fuss is all about.

Headed over to Pickled Beef (Tink's fine Blog), and got the 4-11 on the 2009 ideas for the Weekly Words Challenge (WWC). Seems everyone has some cool notions on how to spice it up a little, and it's sure to be even more fun. Our first WWC for 2009 will be to post up our favorite photos from 2008. She stated, not necessarily photos that we have used for the WWC, but they do have to be photos we (or one of our multiple personalities) took. That's cute Tink! I'll tell them all you said their input was welcome.

Anyway, if you have always wanted to participate in our weekly photo-fun, then go HERE for details. We also have a Flickr group for easy shareability. (As stated by Tink) 'The pros of which include getting to put "Lowly Foon" on your resume AND learning the words for next week an hour early!' So check out the details, and join us in 2009!

I love taking photos. I just hope that after we've had a break over the holidays, that I get a fresh start and am able to bring it with the creativity. I think I just got worn down with all of the depressing events over the holidays. Sometimes our soul just gets tired.

Well, aside from the Weekly Words Challenge fun, I would love some ideas from my readers on how to spice up "Deep In The Forrest". Are there any segments that you'd like to see brought back that I have had before (i.e., personal stories, journal entries, etc)? Or any new ideas for what you might like to see? Any fun and creative thoughts are appreciated.

Well it's back to the grind for me. My day is not yet over, but I'll be back.

Monday, January 05, 2009


Today has been one of my 'crazy karma' days. Yeah, one of those days when ridiculous things just "happen" to me... well hey, my Grandmother was a Murphy (see Murphy's Law).

I was about to leave for lunch today, when I decided to stop into the bathroom (a.k.a. "Loo", "John", "Toilet" etc), for a quick pee and hand wash before going forth.

Now, I am not one of those annoying freaks who sit in the bathroom and talk on their cellphone (sorry if you are one of those freaks, to each his own but just so you know it annoys the piss out of people *no pun intended*). I simply had my cellphone in my jacket pocket in case someone tried to reach me, in which case I would've waited until I left the bathroom and called them back. Sure I should have kept it in my purse pocket, but hey, I've never had a problem before, so I thought nothing of it.

Everything is dripping along fine, I grab a piece of toilet paper and do the womanly thing. Then just as I crank the lever on the john, I see something metallic pink go flying into the bowl, and with the water pressure in a big building like ours, it flushed immediately. There was no chance for retrieval.

My first concern was, well someone getting hold of the phone and getting numbers, or info or seeing my pictures and videos. Then I started thinking. It flushed from the 32nd floor, didn't even hesitate or try to get stuck, just flew right down. Therefore, it probably went whooshing straight into the Memphis Sewer System. I was totally distressed. I ran back to the office and told my team leads, and they both enjoyed a great laugh at my expense.

I don't know if I should alert maintenance or not, just in case of any problems with the system, but I guess it is long gone. If it was not a crappy phone already, it surely went to shit now (Who knows what kind of weirdos might could get hold of it in the Sewer!)-->

"A Pink Razor!!! It's my LUCKY day!!!
Hope She Has Unlimited Long Distance!!!"

Once I returned from lunch and gathered my thoughts, I went online and checked out any discounted deals I could get from replacing my phone with an upgrade (which I was eligible for). I got a refurb. Blackberry on its way, and I didn't have to pay anything for the upgrade. I figure that it is o.k. being refurbished, and I got free shipping so I can't beat that. It's also thicker so that next time this freak accident happens (and I hope that day won't come), it will not be as likely to go surfing with ease.

Curiosity got to me, so I looked online for articles of this sort, and it seems that millions of people have dropped their cell in toilets worldwide. I even ran across a case where a man's arm got stuck in the toilet while reaching for the phone. No thank you, Especially a public toilet... My phone is not worth the disgusting nature of that call. I wonder though, just how many cell phones are in the sewer system?

Sure did start out to be a 'crappy' day. But now, there's nothing else for me to do but wait for my new phone to arrive. It should be here in a couple days, but until then I'll be dialing back to the dark ages I guess. Take a lesson from me, and watch your celly in the john, and for god's sake, please don't chat on the phone in a public bathroom... It's just gross.

Friday, January 02, 2009

First Things First

Here we are, smack dab at the top of 2009. This is the First Friday of the new year (2nd day o' the year). That's right! This is my first official non-holiday post of the new year, I don't have to say "happy" anything except for that I feel happy about that. I am just so glad that the "Holidays" are officially over.

For starters, Yesterday was a good day. I didn't sleep too late, even though I was quite tired still from the last couple of days of holiday work and wear. I basically got up, bundled up with all my riding gear, and rode down to Mom-n-Dad's on my motorcycle. Yeah that's right, Jimi was quite excited to hit the pavement after this spell of "icky" weather, I just haven't wanted to be out in the muck and the freezing temps. Don't get me wrong, it was still quite chilly yesterday, but with my layers, and beautiful blue cast that the sun was gifting the sky, I could not resist.

When I arrived at Moms, she was still working on the Black Eyed Peas (a New Years tradition for good luck. Yes, AJ's Mom is quite the superstitious southern lady). They were worth the weight... I mean, wait. Sorry, I was obsessing over how bloated I feel today from eating too much.

I am not making any resolutions. Of course, I really never do. Resolutions rarely stick, and besides the things people usually set as resolutions are things that we should just strive to do every day, or make a part of our daily lives. We could work these things in anyway as long as we were living life to the fullest and making the most of our "One Day At A Time" lifestyle. We shouldn't have to keep "resetting" on a fresh note at some particular date on the calendar to do the things we are driven to do, we should just work at these things, any chance we get, and never give up.

Here are some examples of resolutions people commonly make in an article I saw called "Top Ten New Year's Resolutions" (from

1. Spend More Time with Family & Friends - This is a biggie for me, because you never know, so spending time with those I love who I know love me is a priority!

2. Fit in Fitness - Something we should all want to do so that we can have quality of life. I promise, you're going to want to do everything in your power to stay out of these hospitals because I swear I have less and less trust in the medical professionals now, they treat people like cattle, and I think they're trying to kill everyone.

3. Tame the Bulge - (see above) Aside from this, watch some TLC t.v. shows called "The Half Ton Teen", "The Half Ton Mom", and "The Half Ton Man". You will never pick up a fork again.

My mother taught us growing up: EVERYTHING IN MODERATION. This applies to food we eat, things that you do, work, play etc. Goes well with "There is a time and a place for everything." I'm not saying that I always adhere to Mom's principles, but I know that she is right, and we would all do well to burn that into our brains.

4. Quit Smoking - I understand that addictions of any sort are hard to shake. Getting started in the first place is a bad idea. I'm not one of those crazy asses who thinks everything needs to be "banned" or "censored", or the whole city should be labeled "Non Smoking". Government, you sell the shit, let the people fucking smoke it, and let everyone have their freedoms. Sorry, my main point for those who resolve to "Quit Smoking" is: I wish you luck, but you still don't have to wait until January 1st to do it.

5. Enjoy Life More - The biggest question of Earth is "Why are we here?" right? Well nobody really knows the answer to that, but we're all here together learning little by little. Apparently, we are here to do a lot of suffering, go through a lot of pain and heartache. Those things are a given. We're all going to go through trials and sorrows. So every other free minute you have in this world, you should spend it enjoying as much as possible. No regrets people... and no "start dates" to begin enjoying life more.

6. Quit Drinking - See the quit smoking blurb above... Also, it goes without saying, if you wanna sit at home and be in a drunken stupor that is your perogative. I don't have a problem with that or drinking itself. But when you go out on the streets and kill innocent people, or make other peoples' lives hell with your habit, then I have no use for you.

7. Get Out of Debt - We get into debt because we all live above our means. We want things that we don't need, and we spend too much money trying to be better than our fellow man. BBC will tell you straight up about this sort of thing, and he's right about that. "Live Simply and Peacefully." He signs his posts. I admire that slogan. I'm not perfect in this way either, but I'm working on it. If your New Years Resolution is to "Get Out Of Debt" I wish you luck, and I hope you learn your lesson next time... We should all learn to be happier with what we have. Besides, like BBC says, and my Mom says too, we will be screwed if we have to go back to any old ways of living because everyone has gone crazy and would have no idea how to survive.

(I digress, sorry for the ranting)

8. Learn Something New - If you pay attention, not a day goes by that you don't learn something new. Maybe something small, maybe something significant. This honestly shouldn't have to be a resolution at all.

9. Help Others - I know this is hard, because most human beings don't seem to deserve the snot from my nose. But to stop negative thinking, it has to start somewhere. Maybe if we all just pitched in, and were selfless and helped 1 new person a day, or even a week, we could make a difference. Everyone is so self-absorbed though... again, no need to wait for January 1 for this.

10. Get Organized - Probably be much easier to get and stay organized if we conquered 1 through 9, and just tried to relax and not let everything get to us so much. We feel too busy to get organized, or we get stressed and worry about things we have no control over, so our lives become chaotic. If we stopped taking ourselves and our selfish worries so seriously, then we would probably have a much easier life, and a much happier year anyways.

Come on people... you don't need January 1st to do any of those things, you're using it as an excuse. What are you doing with your time the other 364 days as the "new" year ages? My guess would be overworking yourselves on tasks that are unrewarding, or meaningless in the big scheme of things, or perhaps taking things for granted, doing the things listed above naturally and not even realizing it, or just sitting around wasting your life away unhappy when you have the power to change it all right within yourself. Don't get me wrong either, I'm not saying "making lists" is a bad thing. If making lists (any time of year) helps you in your life, write away. Just saying you don't need to make it a resolution. Just find what works for you, and make your life happy.

No time like the present. If we've learned anything from any of our tragedies the past year, it should've been branded into our skulls by now that anything can happen, we can lose people, or go through extreme changes in the blink of an eye. Don't have regrets later, just go right now and do it... whatever it is, whether it's a life or lifestyle change, saying "I Love You", cleaning out those chaotic closets and getting organized, or trying to relax and enjoy life a little more.

It is so ridiculous, and you wouldn't believe the number of "new" gym members that flood in come January 2nd, but just fizzle and fade away sometime in February and March. These things that we resolve to do are not supposed to be "temporary" fixes, they should be things that enrich our daily lives anyway, they should all be long-term, so just like saying "I'm going on a diet", or "I resolve to start..." NOOOOOOOO!!! Anything like that denotes a temporary fix, or a fad. It starts, so it must eventually end (which everything does), but if you just take a different approach to this stuff, and incorporate it maybe "little by little" into your life, and make things a habit, something you become used to because you brought it in gradually, or didn't overwhelm yourself with the pressures of all these things you expect from yourself at once, then it's sure to have a much more positive outcome.

We don't know how much time we have here, so just take it step by step and try to make every little thing count. It all adds up... and you won't be nearly as stressed or depressed. Such wasted time... and I'm not saying I am innocent of this, I'm just trying to pass along my positive thoughts. You and I both know we don't get nearly enough positive thoughts or words around here these days. :) So take them while I'm passing them out. :)

We had company come over on New Year's Eve. I spent the better part of two days cleaning and preparing (even with minimal help from my Husband, go figure). This is something I always cop out, or think I need help with. Or since HE won't help me clean house, he suggests we pay someone to do it, which we've done in the past but I've never felt good about. It's so stupid... My mother worked herself to death taking care of a home, family and working all the while. She never hired a soul to help her. If she can do it all, I can too. I could definitely do with being more like Mom in a lot of ways, and I would not be ashamed of that.

So I cleaned, and the scary part of it was, I actually enjoyed it. Another "first" huh?? I might have found a new addiction (we'll see about this), but at least it will be a useful addiction. Who'd have 'thunk' it... Jackie enjoyed cleaning the house. Yep... we're gonna have to keep our eyes open for this 2009... I have a sneakin' suspicion it's gonna be a very interesting year.