Thursday, November 01, 2007

The Devil vs. Venom

I really enjoyed being my true form yesterday, it was quite the ride. It's not every day I can be myself, especially in the workplace.

We all made it through the night safely, but not before I would have an eerie encounter with one certain dark little Spiderman Villain.

It seemed odd since the ever-stressful Daylight Savings Time is being delayed this year until November 4. So Trick-or-Treaters were out before the blanket of darkness even fell. We normally don't have many if any, but I had a few bags of candy on hand just in case. Lucky too, because lo-and behold several waves of tiny Jason's and Venoms and Batmen and Goblins came running up to the door with their hidden little faces.

"Trick-or-Treat!" they all yelled in unison, prompted by the adults if they forgot.

Venom looked up at me holding out this little pumpkin, and said "Oh wow! Atomic Fire balls!"

"Oh, you like those?" said I. And what more appropriate candy for the Devil herself to offer than Atomic Fireballs?

"Yes, and my Mom loves them!" reported Venom.

"Well, here you go, have a couple more." I dropped the atomic fireballs in Venom's candy collection.

"Thank you!" he gleamed, and he turned to walk away, but paused, looked back at me with his Venomous eyes gleaming through the full-bodied suit and mask, standing by his scary brother, Jason and asked "Are we scary??".

"Yes, you're really scary!" I replied.

"You're going to have nightmares tonight aren't you?" giggled Venom.

"I AM going to have nightmares!" I chuckled.

From the darkness at the end of the driveway, I could hear the roars of the accompanying adults, laughing at little Venom. They skipped off into the shadowy night... I told them Happy Halloween. Until next we meet Venom... I'll have more Atomic Fireballs waiting!

I went back inside with a smug smile on my face... remembering when I was just like little Venom, with sugary dreams, and ideas and knowing that I was very important there in the big scheme of things somewhere, but not yet certain what part I would play in this Comic world.


Blublood said...

Nice story AJ....Halloween is always a blast...


Now back to reality, right????

R.E.H. said...

"Are we scary?"

I just find that question really awesome from the kid. What a cool little fella, huh? :)

Jay said...

That's pretty funny. Kids always have such a great time on Halloween. It's funny the way their parents so often have to prompt them to say "trick or treat" and then "what do you say?" after they get the candy. You would think the kid would remember those things from the other house about 10 seconds earlier. haha

Further on up the road said...

Sweet story.

The Daylight Savings thing has done my head this week, being 4 hours diff rather than 5 which I'm used to has caused me all sorts of brain failures on calling home etc. at the right time. You'd think a man of 45 could cope with it but no it screwed my head up totally!

Anonymous said...

Halloween is the chance of being in a true form! lol :D

Chalice said...

I love Trick-or-Treaters.. They are so much fun! We actually had NONE with the exception of my nephews... Oh well! My son will have a ton of candy to eat for awhile!

JINKS said...

Devil Woman:
That was an awesome'd be a wonderful propagator of demon-seed.
Hey, when I sold my soul to you....i'm sure atomic fire-balls was in the contract...i'm expecting you to pop in with