Friday, November 02, 2007

November: National Blog Posting Month!

I know I said I wouldn't feel like posting for a couple of days because of my sinuses, but I was buzzing around others' blogs and I happened by Zamphir Panflutemaster's blog and saw that she happened upon a strange phenomenon. Turns out November is "National Blog Posting Month", and there's a movement of people who are pledging to post every single day in the month of November. Now, I know that I post most days, but then there are days that I don't, and as I have seen my world of bloggers turn upside down and fade in and out, I know it is hard for some of you... many of the faces I have seen since I have been blogging are taking "sabbaticals" and "hiatuses". It's understandable. This world around us is constantly pounding us down, or wearing us out. I feel like doing it sometimes too.

But I love to write, I love to talk back and forth with my "Blog Friends", and it's great just to write what you want when you want and enjoy for the sake of blogging for fun or relaxation, or whatever your reasons are.

I have learned from personal experience that it's very easy to step on toes, or to have misunderstandings about things and you can lose a blogger as quick as you found one at times... So as with the world, nothing is certain. Blogging is what it is, and that's a little different for everyone indeed.

Soooo, I am joining the ranks of the NaBloPoMo and pledging my 'Post-A-Day' through November... Let's see how I do... It might get boring, it might be maniacal, but ride with me and we can laugh and cry and sigh together. Come on! It'll be fun! Click the big seal to learn all about it!


her indoors said...

good luck with posting daily then, me i can never think of much to say!

Nothingman said...

very noble intentions, I know I can write a story a day, no sweat in that, but the problem here is that the previous day's post gets pushed down and people who read are always in a hurry, and people don't read daily either!

But a very nice idea really, maybe I'll give it a shot in december, right now busy with nanowrimo! :P

But I tell you i'll be reading you :)

Jay said...

I considered doing this but since I'm taking a whole week off the week of Thanksgiving there is no way I could anyway. I'll just have to read yours instead of posting on mine.

Anonymous said...

Gosh! Have exams coming up in mid-November :( which will end in the last week of November :(( .It's going to be a 'no-blogging time' for me.Sniff!

Anyways, will try to be around to catch up with people who post everyday(including yours!) :)

Chucky said...

I know I've posted over 30 posts in one month. Though I don't think I did one a day. and I really don't plan on it. But so far this year I got at least 20 posts per month. that aint too bad.