Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Panics and Pandemics

A Gazillion people are buzzing about this Swine Flu thing... I hate thinking about stuff like that. I hate "Pandemics" and disaster talks. I thought this video from "CNN" was pretty good info though, so if you are obsessing over it all, have a look.

I plan on being back later with other things to gab on over, but I don't know if I will. I still promise I will be around to everyone asap though... don't give up on me!! Busy week.

Until then, everyone cover your face when you sneeze or cough, if you're sick for GOD'S SAKE PLEASE STAY HOME!!! Just be smart about this stuff. Wash your hands and keep them out of your nose and mouth, and just try to keep from spreading germs around when possible... Just use your common sense, that's all. It's something we should do every damn day anyway, not just when we are in the wake of some pandemic.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Red and Angry (WWC)

I am shamefully making a back-up post. I've had a swamped week for sure! Sorry. I know I haven't been 'round to everyone but I promise I am making my way that way asap!

Lazy, Rushed, and Simplified this week, I am "Red" with embarrassment and heated with "Anger" that I haven't done a better job.

Here is only one photo that encompasses both words, "Red" and "Anger" (WWC is brought to us by the ever-lovely, never angry and not-red Tink of Pickled Beef!)

Pictured above, the sign outside of "Tater Reds" voodoo shop on Beale Street in Memphis, TN. Reds in the name, red glowing eyes and looking quite angry!

Later Taters... AJ

Monday, April 27, 2009

Thunder On The Levee

Bikers get a bad rap... Most of them are quite nice, gentle and comical people. Motorcycles, Music, Mayhem and Mosquitoes. Does that sound like a dream? Well of course it wasn't, I wouldn't waste a dream on that. The on again off again Helena bike fest came true at last, but only a part of it was a nightmare.

We should've left Friday night, but I honestly don't even want to go into Friday. I'm hoping to block that day out entirely, but so far it hasn't worked. Still, I refuse to justify it with any further discussion.

So let's begin our tale on Saturday. As of that morning, our plans still did not include the bikefest. It kind of came together at the last minute, and we grabbed our sleeping bags and bare essentials, and headed down the 61 highway on a quest for southern thunder majesty and rockin righteous tunes.

Once again, as we sailed down the highway, I saw more 'Bob Ross Paintings' surround me, I could have taken my choice, just reached out and grabbed it and hung it on my wall. In essence, I guess I did... my mental wall at least. As we crossed the Helena Bridge on Hwy 49, I breathed in the river-scented air, so pregnant with summer, and coasted on into the small historic town silly with the anticipation of roughing it under the stars.

Just a look around Helena, Arkansas might leave one with the impression of a lost age of diners and sundries, of 5 cent loaves of bread and street dances. However, the town left in the wake of what once was, is now run down and depressing. Boarded up windows, worn wood and hints of depression adorn the side streets of the tiny little town. Even with all of the drab ornaments, there is still something very picturesque about this place. Maybe it's the poverty-stricken, yet hopeful faces of its people, or the beautiful old historic homes scattered throughout, or the ghostly wind telling tales of a once vibrant and bustling small town.

We oozed to a stop at the end of 49, took the turn and made our way up the winding path to the campsite. Motorcycles decorated every corner and every curb, and breathed temporary life into an otherwise dead place. We arrived at the camp and parked our bikes and visited with everyone. Some of them were familiar faces, others were brand new. Everyone was in party mode and having a great time. Most of the people had been there since early Friday, and a few even since Thursday. Looking back, I don't know if I could've done that under the circumstances.

We were packed as I said with only the bare essentials. Richie's solo rack accommodated the two sleeping bags, and we had anything else we needed in our saddlebags. My quick thinking Girl Scout ways saved the night later, however, as we gave tremendous thanks to the fact that I had packed a Sun Screen 'slash' Bug Repellent. Because I swear, the Mosquito must be the Arkansas state bird!

As I was saying... Bikers (for the most part) get a bad rap. They're good people, mostly, the salt of the Earth. One of the best things about bikers is their nicknames. There is always a fantastic story behind how each of them earned such names. People like "Sparky" and "Junkyard" or anything followed by "Dawg" lol. But they are just tons of fun to be around. (Of course I am not mentioning anyone by their real name for obvious reasons... cuz you just never know!)

After dark, we elected to walk down to the Levee Walk and secure a spot on the hillside above an old, no-longer-used railroad track where we could look down on the festivities from above and watch the Kiss Tribute Band, "Kiss Army". They sang many of the songs you'd expect and some I didn't quite remember. If you want to check them out, Find Them Here on YouTube.

(this story has been so friggin hard to finish! I am so sick of it by now, bet you are too!)

Once we tired of sitting our asses in the wet grass down by the river, we decided to walk back to camp. Now, keep in mind that I am wearing my motorcycle riding boots... those boots were NOT made for walkin, but I weathered the trail anyway. We headed back up the cobblestone walkway, and some idiot on a motorcycle in the pitch darkness came plowing up behind us. Luckily, Harleys are famous for their obnoxious pipes and we were all able to move out of the way.

Right afterwards, Big G said, "Y'all gotta watch out these guys are drunk and will run right over ya!" and the other guy stated that he bet one of their friends would be the next one we see flying around the curve. For anonymity purposes, i'll call that guy "Bonez". Now, to look at Bonez, you can tell he lived a very hard life. He's been around the block more than a few times and has the battle scars to prove it. Bonez had been drinking, we were told, since before lunchtime.

Earlier a bit of rain fell, and we spotted a guy who had been riding drunk, and went over into the grass and slid his bike down the hill, the guys felt like someone should go and check on a fellow biker, so they went... the guy basically had given up and was just laying on the wet grass with his Harley. They got a closer look and lo and behold, it was Bonez.

Needless to say he was rough and rowdy and extremely pickled. He was bound and determined to drive another 25 miles to go to some jukejoint dancing and picking up women. The guys helped him roll his bike back up the steep hill, and he was trying to fight them to take off when the cops rolled up. The female cop told him that he was not allowed back on his bike for the rest of the night, and someone else would have to drive it back to the camp for him. Mr. J was the guy who rode it back for him. Still, all the way back to camp Bonez complained and proclaimed that he was getting his bike and going dancing because when he went to this place the women flocked all over him, and he was aiming to get laid. (He was quite a bit more graphic about the whole affair however, you can only imagine!)

Somehow the guys all contained Bonez and got him to forget about leaving, and so the night rolled on.

The Mosquitoes were quite unforgiving, and the only thing that saved me from being carted off by these monsters was my bug repellent and my thick sleeping bag. Still with these rowdy night birds, and their loud music we got little to no sleep the rest of the night.

One guy, we'll call him "Dirt", decided he wanted to start trying to give away Mardi Gras beads for girls to flash their boobs. The first few refused and he still gave them beads, but after a while his response was greater. They got to see a few pair (none of which was mine, I assure you). All this titillating fun seemed to thrill em so well (guys are so easily entertained).

While it was still dark outside, I was in desperation to pee. I had not gone since I had been down there. I just totally hate going to those porta-johns (so disgusting!), and these folk's trailer had limited space, so I had no place else to go but behind the trailer next to a truck. Hopefully nobody saw... but oh well if they did.

Mr. J and I were finally so tired and miserable from the bugs that we swore we would leave at first light. As soon as we had ample ambiance to pack our bags, we were off... Big G, Little G, Mr. J and I rolled off at dawn, fueled up and hit the trail. Another Bob Ross painting and several miles later we landed at The Blue and White Restaurant, which was established back in the 1920s, and has been there along the Hwy 61 in the place it stands now since the 1930s. Lots of history in these parts, and many blues landmarks. Hard not to feel the spirits of all that lingering around every corner.

I ordered the biggest breakfast on the menu as I felt like I was starving, and then ended up sharing some with Mr. J and Little G. The food was delicious though.

Once we were back on the road, we looked forward to crashing out in our own familiar, cloud-like bed (cloud-like in comparison to the hard ground of the campground, but heavenly nonetheless). We fell into a beautiful, dreamless coma until mid-afternoon.

At the end of the day, I guess I'm not really cut out for a full-time biker lifestyle... but that doesn't mean I won't have a blast visiting from time-to-time. Still, no matter where or how far I may roam, there is STILL... NO PLACE LIKE HOME!

Vroom Vroom Vroom... Zzzzzzzzz.

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Had an interesting weekend... I started the post to detail about our overnight trip to Helena for the bikefest, which was finally on again. We spent Saturday night by the Levee, saw a great Kiss tribute band, and had a terrible night's sleep.

I wanted to give details in a way that would kind of bring you there to experience the story alongside of me, so if anyone is out there listening, and can bear to wait until I have time to finish my literary genius, then I promise to finish it up tomorrow.

For now, I must fall victim to further sleep and prepare to battle yet another monstrous Monday.

Hope yours was a happy one!!!

Come back tomorrow and read all about it.

G'night! -AJ

Thursday, April 23, 2009

How Tweet It Is

The rumors are absolutely true, I have given up the battle and joined up with the Twitter community. I have added the Twitter Widget to the lower left on my Blog Sidebar, so scroll down and have a look. I have put a little bit of a personal touch to the design of it.

I don't know how this is going to work out, like we really have time for any more of these social networking gadgets, but I finally broke down and decided to give it a try. I linked up my blog between all these SNG, maybe I'll get more readership, and as a result maybe (just maybe in my wildest dreams), more comments. That's something I have never been able to manage to build up here, and have always selfishly wanted them. I am admittedly a comment-beggar. So I figured, why not...

Anyways, I don't know how many of the people who visit Deep In The Forrest actually Twat "Tweet", but if you do, why not Follow Me?

Come on guys, you know you want to know what I am doing every second of the day (not that I'll be able to update that fast, but I thought it might be fun). ;-}

So yeah, follow me. When I turn around, you'll be there. If I stumble backwards, then I can fall on you. It'll be like you're my own personal secret service eh?? Even the ones of you who read and never comment, come out of the woodwork and join me?

Um, so really, it's been a long day, long week and long everything. That leaves me with only one thing further to say today...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

All Creatures Big And Small

Today Is Earth Day!!!

For as long as I remember, my Mother has been very "in tune" to the ways of the Native Americans. She displays so many traits of theirs, follows many of their beliefs and superstitions and really loves their philosophies and way of life. In short, the Native Americans have always been spiritually ascended, thankful and respectful to Mother Earth and its resources. They also have much to say in the ways of medicine and healing... This is where I believe my Mother gets her medicinal qualities, and I believe she has passed her medicine down to me. I give thanks to Mom and this magical universe for that. So, I am a healer, listener, a bit of a medium and divine nurturer. Those are my medicines.

Take a quiet moment today to think on the following...

Elder's Meditation of the Day April 22:
"Each creature has a medicine, so there are many medicines. Because they are so close to the Creator, they are to communicate that medicine. Then they bring help and health."
--Wallace Black Elk, LAKOTA
The Elders say everything has a purpose and everything has a will. We should never interfere with purpose or the will of everything. Every plant, creature, animal, insect, human being has a purpose to be here on the Earth. Each has a special medicine to contribute for the good of all things. Each person also has good medicine, a special talent, a special gift. These medicines are to help others or to help make us healthy. What is your special medicine?

"Creator, today, help me discover and use

my medicine to serve a greater good."

Historically, I have avoided doctor visits as much as humanly possible. I don't like to take any medicines that aren't absolutely necessary. I've always tried to be a healer to others, yet avoid healing myself... well let me rephrase that, avoid modern medicine I guess (maybe that's one more thing that seeps through the tiny, minute bit of Native American blood in my veins-lol). I truly feel so strongly that there is a natural way of treating things, or preventing them in the first place. You can always take a healthy and natural approach to some ailment, and rely on nature's remedies a little more, or the doctors will try to have you on every synthetic medicine that they can get you on... and I promise you, there is NOT a pill for everything.

I touch on this subject mainly because, after prolonged and intense harassment by the talented "Mr. J", I finally broke down and agreed to go and get a total check-up, yes a complete blood work-up, levels, chest x-ray you know... all that jazz.

I had ridden my bike in to work that day, it was a Monday, so I was as casually dressed as I could be on any given work day and clad with my heavy-duty biker boots, to which the doctor quipped, "Those are some sexy boots!" just before he manhandled my breasts in a routine manual examination of said mammary zone.

"Ahh yes, " I said, making sure I appeared very nonchalant and unconcerned with my half-nudity. "It was such a fantastic day outside, I had to ride my bike."

"You got a motorcycle out there?!" he quipped with a shocked look on his face.

"I sure do!" I replied with a bragging smile.

This became a point of interest of course, and I had to discuss more details about riding my bike to the various workers around the doctor's office. I don't mind that much, it's very easy to talk about the things I enjoy, you never know who it might inspire, any of our words and our attitudes and our energies.

I'd prefer to make a positive impression personally. Also, I guess I prefer to heal others before myself... as in the following story:

Later, after I'd returned home, we received a call from our neighbor, V. who had a problem. She'd discovered a squirrel laying in her back yard that couldn't move its legs. She was in a panic, worried about her 2 year old getting near it or possibly the cat. As soon as I was free, I walked down with the shovel to assist her.

Was I going there to club the little fellow?? You must think me mad and have me mistaken for some everyday average human being... No, I had nothing else to handle him with, and I wanted to help him if I could.

I assessed the situation, I eyed this small, pitiful little creature, and analyzed what I was going to do about it. He was petrified with fear, and desperately trying to move and find an escape. He could not move his legs at all. I took a small twig and stroked his fur, gently, trying to make friends. He seemed slightly comforted, but still afraid (not to mention that the noises being made by the 2 year old doing donuts with his plastic truck and shouting "Vroom! Vroom!!" as he plowed by probably had the little guy in complete shock).

Thinking quickly, I had V. look up the number to Animal Control. They only handle domestic animals. However, they gave us the number to Mississippi Wildlife Rehabilitation, Inc. and so we called. The lady stated that she could not come to pick him up, but if someone brought him she would take him in. She gave me the directions to get to her place, which were not uncomplicated!

So V. and I search for a comfortable box and I gently slid the little squirrel onto the shovel, making sure not to hurt him, and we transplanted him into the box. I carried him home, and asked Mr. J if he wanted to ride with me, and he agreed to. So off we went on the winding road, to her lake-point home. It was quite sloped and hilly, and she had all manner of cages full of other creatures which she was in the process of rehabilitating.

She greeted me in the yard, and took a look at my tiny friend. Immediately, she invited us in the house, asked me to fill out a "donor/finder form", which I did while she administered a round of antibiotics and a little pain medication. Soon Mr. Squirrel was dreaming fantastic squirrel dreams, and hopefully realizing that someone had cared enough to save his life.

Every creature big and small, all of them exist here for a reason. They serve a purpose, and are all important in their own individual way. I always try to do what I can to make a difference, or help a fellow creature in need, even if it is just a tiny one, I think it matters in the big picture. I know my medicine, and I'm not afraid of it... I'll use it every chance I get.

What's your medicine? If you don't know, then why not begin searching within? Ask and ye shall receive... if you have questions, ask... you will always receive an answer from the universe. What better time than Earth Day to begin such a journey?

Love... AJ

Have You Hugged Your Earth Today?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Door To Home (WWC)

In the words of the great Yoda, "Busy I have BEEN!" Honestly, I thought about skipping out on the Weekly Words Challenge, but this weeks words were hosted by one of my favorite people in blogland, Cynical (Jay) Sexy Bastard, so I could not, would not skip out on the likes of him in all his perverse Viking glory...

Not you Jay, No way!!!

His words for this week he ingeniously set to "Door" and "Home". I tried to work on this through the week, but unfortunately didn't collect very many to enter. So I might have pulled one or two out of my archived collection. The important thing is I'm here.

Yeah! So let's get the party started!

Door and Home...

Door To A Tomb At Elmwood

Door To A Different Creature's Home

Door To A Strange Storage Shed

The Entry Card To My Office

The Key To Door At Home

These Beautiful Flowers, Just Outside My Office, Remind Me Of Home

My Beautiful Mom, Opening The Door At Home

Don't forget that you can always check out Jay's or Tink's blog for WWC and more fun anytime you like... I'll have more philosophical bullshite for you all later, but until then, Happy Snapping!!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Fo' Twenny

April 20 is the 110th day of the year (111th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 255 days remaining until the end of the year. Geez... can you believe it??

Notes from the week leading up to 4/20/09 (or general disturbances and rants of mine).

There is a baby bird that has been incessantly chirping out my bedroom window at all hours of the night, which only accompanies my husband's snoring. It's a wonder I get any sleep at all.

In a rush last week, I ran by Backyard Burger for lunch. I was listening to the almost creepy "Auto" greetings of the Stepford workers... Every time the door opened, one of them would ring out, "Welcome to Backyard!" and as people left, they would chime out, "Have a great day, it's been my pleasure!"... It's really surreal though, it's like they've been programmed... one girl in particular who kept checking on me a little too much to see "if everything was ok", had a bit of a glazed look in her eye. With the exception of the bottles of ketchup on the inside, it's also very strange that the drive-thru simply refuses to give packets of ketchup I've noticed. I think it must be a conspiracy.

More and more I have also noticed how much it bugs people to be passed by or forced to get behind a motorcycle, and how stressed drivers of cars and trucks must be, but how relaxed I usually am on my bike. Therefore, I am usually in my R&R mode just enjoying the ride unless one of these type A-holes has to take it to the next level, then I just have to go ahead and OWN them so they can be shamed... lol You know I can't have Jimi getting a complex about these people... He usually joins me in the 'not giving a #%%!' while cruising philosophy, but hey he understands that occasionally, people need to get owned.

When the weather is nice like it has been lately, I am even more prone to joy riding and taking "the long way". Sometimes it actually feels like I am riding through a Bob Ross painting on my bike. Of course, the spring air smells divine... I notice a lot of familiar things that trigger a memory or two.

Scents that I am ga-ga over...
-Some kind of Cinnamon potpourri that reminds me of when I lived in Bo's house
-Dryer Sheets
-Freshly Cut Summer Grass
-Burning wood

Saturday night, we watched the movie Gummo. Now if you are a fan of truly disturbing, whacked-out weirdos and freaks, check it out. It's really hard to understand, but it is kind of a "cult" movie that has gained some popularity. Interesting flick, but like I said... DISTURBING. Strange... Chloe Sevegny is in it and now that I think about it, nothing but strange Indy films like that... that and the HBO show, "Big Love" (right?)

Seems so easy lately to slide into a depression and feel like crap when I think of fun times in youth and know that they will never again be that exciting or happy. Is it all downhill now?? I don't feel this way all the time, but occasionally allow myself to be taken over by that currant... the fears of getting old.

In an effort to feel more accomplished and get more organized, I've been making a few "to-do lists", and they have slightly been helping me get some of my goals or projects accomplished, but of course I'm still working on it.

Things coming up in the days and weeks ahead:
  • The Wild Hog Bike Festival
  • This is in Helena, and I have been planning on attending, but am not sure if we're going to get to or not at this point due to lack of people and funds.

  • Gotta Sing For Mom's Revival
  • That's right, it's an old-fashioned Deep-South Revival, and my niece Ginger and I are expected to perform... I do this because it makes my Mom happy... just don't tell her that because then I get a religion lecture, and nobody wants AJ to get that, now do they?? ;)

  • Battle of the Bands at the New Daisy Theatre
  • My band, SAP, caught a slot at the June 7th BOTB... it's a little bit political regarding the winners are the ones who sell the most tickets, and I doubt we sell as many as other bands, but at least we get a bit of exposure.

  • Tentative Gig with Valhalla on June 13
  • The band we opened up for in March, Valhalla has graciously invited us back to open for them again, this time with a 50 minute slot. It's not definite yet, I am checking with the rest of my bandmates, but it's a possibility.

    That's all I can really think of for now, except for day-to-day projects and things that crop up...

    Yep, it's April 20th... Our year is really flying by at the speed of light, isn't it?? I did a quick little Wiki-check, kind of like I used to do y'know, provide little trivia and interesting facts... just for the heck of it. The following little nonsense I found...
    Holidays and observances:
    Happy Birthday as well, to everyone who's birthday falls on this fine 4/20 date...

    Other Interesting Birthdays are:
    1889 – Adolf Hitler, German Chancellor (d. 1945)
    1893Harold Lloyd, American actor (d. 1971)
    1937George Takei, American actor
    1941Ryan O'Neal, American actor
    1949 – Jessica Lange, American actress
    1951Luther Vandross, American singer (d. 2005)
    1964Crispin Glover, American actor
    1970Shemar Moore, American actor

    A Few Notable Deaths on this day:
    1912Bram Stoker, Irish author (b. 1847)
    Rick Rude, American professional wrestler (b. 1958)

    That's about it... What's up in your neck of the woods???

    Friday, April 17, 2009

    Out Of The Closet

    No worries here gentlemen, Aunt Jackie (a.k.a. "AJ", a.k.a. Jaxxx a.k.a. just "Jackie") is a straight girl (so far) with of course skeletons in her closet, none of which, however, are homosexual. She has all manner of friends, though, just for the record, quite a few of them have had other sexual orientations, and that's fine. Nobody messes with my friends, no matter what race, creed, culture, or orientation they might be.

    This post, oddly enough, is not about sexual orientation, though, but more about music that might be considered "gay" in a totally different way (no matter what your orientation).

    It's about sappy love songs (one in particular) that I might have fallen victim to, and admittedly have enjoyed on different occasions for various reasons. As I consider myself an avid and eclectic lover of many types of music, but Punk, Rock and Metal above all others, so you can see why I am timidly approaching mentioning the following.

    Guess I better rewind back to youth a bit, and make a quick notation. The song you are about to hear and harass me for the rest of my life about, at one time meant a lot to me because of my 'then-crush', Larry R. It's a long story, and I'm almost certain I have mentioned him in one of my stories before, where he came out in a towel to some "Bocephus" song. [Bocephus is not to be confused with Jocephus, Hydrocephalus, Cepheus, or Boethius as the spell correct tried to suggest].

    Anyway, there Larry was in all his muscular glory, prancing around the living room, half naked and glistening... he was my first real kiss and all that jazz?? Ring a bell?? Hmmm well. Anyways, Kathy and I had given him a ride through town once (under my direction of course since I was so in love), and that song was playing on the radio. Well, he mentioned how much he liked it and I of course made it my new favorite song... In fact, it was "our song"... Looking back now, it is to laugh, and I mean heaven help Richard Marx's extreme-hardcore mullet (y'gotta check it out). Geezuz!!! Got Aquanet?

    On Steaming... Can you for the love of all that is sane, ACTUALLY have a fight over broccoli?? Well Mr. J and I did the other night, I was multi-tasking (rather badly) while he was running the grill outside, I was doing veggies inside, and the broccoli over-steamed, and he mentioned it, and I said something and he blew up... Burned by Vegetables indeed... Men!!!

    So yeah just a couple updates is STILL all I have time for because I have really been that swamped this week. I wanted to say so much here and there, but every time I even thought about popping in and updating, I got attacked full-force with more issues and projects.

    On the upside, Tax Hell has finally come to an end (sort of), I mean we made the deadline for getting things mailed off and everything is in order and correct, to the best of my knowledge and information... I did all I possibly could to try and get it right. I swear!!! God taxes stress me... anyways, thank GAWD April is half-way through, and we're looking towards more sunshine and spring loveliness.

    Oh, and if you've somehow mentioned to miss this lady with her extraordinary voice, then you have had your head buried in the sand. She was on Britain's Got Talent, and apparently has created quite a stir since. Do yourself a favor and check out Susan Boyle singing "I Dreamed A Dream" from Les Miserables You Go Girl! Never judge a book by its cover folks. Because you really never know.

    Thursday, April 16, 2009


    Oh my god I can't believe I haven't even had time to stop and post the rest of the ideas in my head. I'm constantly blogging in my head and then if I am unable to jot these things down, I lose so much great material. Well, just poking my head in to say that I have not been able to look up.

    Now I have the taste of butterscotch in my mouth (even though I haven't had butterscotch in a long time, but now I sure do want some!).

    I will prevail, and will be here later today if not interrupted, for some well deserved ramblings!

    Tuesday, April 14, 2009

    Cynical Weekly Words Challenge

    Today's Tuesday so you know what that means. Yes, it's the WWC, Weekly Words Challenge. This week, however, Tink is out of town, so she has left Jayman in charge! So does this mean trouble?? Ahh we shall see.

    At any rate, Tink's words for this week were "P" and "Movie" (or things that remind you of your favorite movies). To check out everyone else who is participating, I have a banner on the sidebar you can click, or I'll make it easy, Master Participant List.

    Alright now, here goes. Let me start with "P":


    My own version of The Pietà


    Passing by the Pyramid (that's 2 Ps lol)

    Now for my "Movie" selections:

    Nightmare on Elm Street
    (remember Freddie driving the bus?)

    Stand By Me
    (for obvious reasons)

    The Mexican
    (just becuz)

    Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds"
    muuhahahaha!!! Evil birdy.

    Our WWC-Master, Jay, has set next week's words for "Door" and "Home" (or things that remind you of home). Sounds like a great plan!!! Jay, you rock!

    I have more posts pending that I haven't finished up yet, but I will post them either today or tomorrow... Until then, have a lovely, maniacally happy and safe Tuesday... AJ

    Monday, April 13, 2009

    Weekend Drain

    So the weekend was o.k., and of course not long enough.

    Friday night, we had birthday stuff to do, met up with my drummer, his birthday was April 9th, and then a friend of Richie's had a birthday coming up (today actually), so we made an appearance at their birthday celebrations as well. I weathered the crowd well enough, even though I don't usually like crowds with many people that I don't know, it makes me uncomfortable, but I was o.k.

    Speaking of birthdays, I was just peeking at the April 13 date on Wikipedia, just out of curiosity and saw these notable April 13th Birthdays:
    Peabo Bryson, Rick Schroeder, and Al Green

    Peabo, of course everyone should know, if not for romantic nights spent with his albums, then quite a number of songs from the Disney classics such as "Beauty and The Beast", and "Whole New World" from Aladdin. He's done duets with the likes of Roberta Flack, and others.

    Rick Schroder, who hasn't sang anything that I know of but of course grew up with a "Silver Spoon" in his mouth... Ok, so he's filmed a few... but I wouldn't really mention him if he didn't look so funny between Peabo and Al.

    Al Green, well if you don't know about the good reverend, Al, then you've not lived, loved or jammed out properly. They just don't make em like him anymore.

    Ok, that's the daily b.s., here goes the weekend recap.

    Saturday, well it turned out to be non-productive, I wish I had accomplished more, but the day flew by before we knew it and then we headed down to Mom's house to spend the night for Easter with her. She didn't do a big dinner and a big Easter get-together really like we have done traditionally, she just hasn't really been able to snap back quickly enough from her cough and cold junk, and her energy levels haven't bounced back, so she wasn't feeling up to the huge ordeal, and everyone else seems to already have their very own traditions already in motion, so I doubt anyone missed a beat.

    We had ridden our motorcycles down of course on Saturday because the weather was so sweet, though we were expecting storms later on Sunday. We called ourselves heading home before the rain began, but just after I stopped in to fuel up my tank, the droplets began to fall. It doesn't bother me that bad, and I'm not a girl who minds getting wet, so I am free to revel in the rain. The only thing was that there was a bit of lightning and thunder starting up, so we still got home as soon as we could.

    Upon driveway arrival, we saw Richie's brother's car parked in the drive, but didn't see any activity going on, so we looked around then finally peered into the car where he was fast asleep. Not sure how long he'd been there in the drive, but we woke him up with a bang on the window, and he came in for a few hours only to fall asleep in a living room chair. Not much of a visit since he slept the afternoon away, then returned back home. Guess he'd had a slight riff with his wife, or had been out all night, we didn't ask much.

    Retired the evening away to watching "Celebrity Apprentice". We've been keeping up-to-date on that show and a few others, even if we record them and watch later. This has been a pretty good show, however they zinged us with a cliffhanger of sorts last night. So now another week we'll be slave to the next episode. All is well. The other shows I'll await this week include of course "Heroes" and Gordon Ramsay's "Hell's Kitchen". As for my other favorite comedies and dramas, they're sort of in between seasons.

    Mondays suck, of course, but I'm going to weather the storm. This week I have a lot to get done, and I intend to make progress on as much as possible. Lots of work issues going on, gotta finalize some important crap, and have a few projects I'd like to start on. Then as far as getting back in the groove of fitness after Easter, that's a priority too. So lots to do! Right? :)

    This week's Weekly Words Challenge, is going to be hosted by our great friend, Jay the Cynical Bastard, it should be an exciting week!

    If you click the Weekly Words Challenge Master Participant List link, you can see who all is playing, and check out their photos too.

    Happy Monday Y'all!

    Sunday, April 12, 2009

    Rotten Eggs

    Ahhh, there you are. Fancy meeting you here... As if you are reading this now, it must officially be "Easter Sunday". The best and most deserving of us, it seems, have risen once again!

    I honestly hadn't planned on blogging until late on sunday, but thanks to late night boredom and the magical wonders of technology and the Blackberry, nothing can stop me.

    I'm lying here in the floor watching a movie like a 15 year old as I always have. Its funny how I tend to turn into a teenager the moment I roll into the driveway... Home... Home... Home (I keep thinking if I say that over and over it will work like red ruby slippers and wisk me away to there).

    It feels so strange, even stranger just looking at Dad's chair, seeing anyone in it but him, just isn't right... Even when it's me. He was there for so long, so many "MASH" and "Gunsmoke" and moments spent in Mayberry there, the residual will play on forever.

    More and more death, disease, diasaster and destruction I become audience to, I can't help but musingly ponder the point in this big sadistic game. Just too many of those "D's" to bear.

    Here's to finding that prize egg before it disentigrates into stinking rot. Good. Luck to you all; Have an "Easter" drink on me.

    Saturday, April 11, 2009

    Safe And Happy Easter

    This will probably be it for the Easter posting until later tomorrow. So until then, everyone have a safe, happy and colorful Easter weekend.

    Here are a couple Easter funnies to amuse you.

    This one is a classic I just can't let go of... roflmao!!

    Friday, April 10, 2009

    Ready For A Change

    I am in the midst of changing the look of this blog, it is completely drab and I am determined to give it an overhaul. It may take a few days to get through this transformation but I want it to be much different than any of the changes I have put in before.

    This will not be "yet another" new header design with a switch in background color, but a complete overhaul. I must admit I have been leery of going with such a big change, but it's time. Maybe if I start with a blog make-over, then it could possibly be a lead in to helping me get started doing all the other things I've been putting off. Who knows, it is a start anyways.

    Therefore, bare with me while I begin this magic face lift.

    Change is coming!

    The Simple Woman's Daybook

    These prompts come from something called The Simple Woman’s Daybook that I first saw over on Janet’s blog. I didn't study up on it too hard, or research what it was all about admittedly, but I just thought I'd put it up and share it for fun... No tags, just thoughts.

    It's Good Friday so I hope yours is good. :)

    1. Outside my window…I see an empty street and impending rain.

    2. I am thinking…I wish I could be more motivated and accomplished. I'm bored right now.

    3. I am thankful for… My family, and all times when things end up ok after I worried I wouldn't get through them.

    4. From the kitchen… I run screaming from the cluttered table and dirty dishes!

    5. I am wearing… 2 day worn work pants and a slouchy t-shirt, what a bum. :(

    6. I am creating… even more negativity if I don't change my thought patterns right now!

    7. I am going… to a birthday dinner tonight and then Mom's house tomorrow evening... I'm going to start accomplishing more goals too... I am.

    8. I am reading… my own words and hoping I can do better.

    9. I am hoping… for so many things! For the health and prosperity of my friends and remaining family, for the healing and recovery of a friend's father, for my financial troubles to subside, and for life to feel really good again.

    10. I am hearing… the t.v. in the other room, and the fan running on my husband's p.c.

    11. Around the house… things are unorganized and chaotic, but I am going to try hard to make things better. The only person who can ultimately change me, is ME.

    12. One of my favorite things… is my motorcycle!

    13. Here is a picture I’m sharing:

    Learn to "Listen" to that inner voice, TRUST your "intuition". Ask and ye shall receive! Wishing for you all you need today and every day!! -AJ

    Thursday, April 09, 2009

    Odds and Ends

    Fueled At The Filling Station...
    The most annoying thing ever happened this morning as I was getting mandatory fuel at the pump. There I stand, barely, and still trying to wake, still having to drag myself around by the ear as this has been such a long, stretched out week.

    I love all motorcycles, and this one was no exception. It was sleek, black and shiny. The machine was adorned with 'all the fixins'. There was just one problem (well, technically two). First off was the driver himself, this loud, obnoxious guy who wanted to make CERTAIN he was seen and heard. I don't know how many of them there were, maybe 2 or 3 riding together. One was a girl on a sports bike, his was a cruiser. He had his radio blaring some horrible rap song, and I mean blaring. They pulled into the gas station for some unknown reason, I don't even know why, because they didn't appear to do anything productive at all, they just turned in, blared their horrible music and made a slow annoying circle... then finally went on down the road.

    Now it is annoying enough when someone has horrible music blaring in a car, with a closed trunk booming bass, but they're out in the freaking open on a motorcycle. It's so rude, as if EVERYONE wants to listen to your shit... I just continued to work with my fuel, and appeared disinterested, but I wanted to kick their asses... I didn't want to give them the pleasure of looking annoyed. Too bad I wasn't riding my own bike, I could've at least looked at them with a "go to hell" look or something... but I was in a plain, non-worthy car--lol

    Oh well, I guess this world will just continue to stink worse and worse because a new asshole comes along every day.

    Nevermind anyways, as tomorrow is Good Friday. The only problem this year is nothing is really that good about it other than I am off work. I doubt I'll even get to ride because the weather looks like it's going to be stormy. Our drummer's birthday is today, and we were invited out to his birthday dinner tomorrow night at the Celtic Crossing, so I guess that's the Friday plan.

    Mom's not even making a big deal out of Easter as we always would have, and I do understand. She has been so under the weather for the last couple months pretty much that she's not feeling up to a big event and trying to cook. I have to admit, without Daddy I don't even feel up to dying Easter Eggs... that was something he and I always did together and I am going to be very melancholy about it from now on... I'd give anything to be able to sit across the table from him right now and do, pretty much anything... talk, dye eggs, crack jokes, just hug him...

    Seems like I have good days where I don't feel so bad, and then days where I just feel a bottomless pit of loneliness and misery over it... I guess everyone has the same ups and downs. Just like my sister Vickie said, it never goes away, it's just a passage of time, it doesn't really help or fade that much.

    Oh gosh, I'm sorry for going on over it all AGAIN--I guess you guys are pretty much sick of reading about my downs. Me... venting again. Yeah.

    Have you ever noticed that everything happens just at the wrong times, everything?? Maybe I am not being clear, what I mean is, for example, people always come up to you at exactly the wrong time, when you look really terrible, or you're blowing your nose, or something like that... It will be exactly the time someone will pop right up in your face. There was something else similar to this that I meant to make a note of earlier so I could mention it here, but I got sidetracked and didn't get to write it down. So for now, it's gone.

    I'm gonna get a few things done around here, so I will wrap it up for now... I might be back for more posting before the day is through though. Ciao!

    Wednesday, April 08, 2009

    Five O'Clock World

    Oooh I'm battling it this week, bouts of sadness and really really missing my Dad. (It's my blog and I'll cry if I want to). Going home is so hard these days, but I am still struggling and trying to get down when I can, and trying to balance that (caretaking of mom) with trying to maintain a non-insanity-increasing life.

    Notice I didn't say 'non-insanity causing', there's no denying the certain amount of damage that's already been done in my life thus far.

    As usual, various moods bring certain songs into my mind, and today, this one is it... Bet you know it, like it and probably just haven't heard it in a while. Here, give it a listen! The Vogues - Five O'Clock World

    For those who enjoy a more country sound, check out This Version by Hal Ketchum. Reminds me of Daddy, and that's why I like it I guess.

    At any rate, I'm barely waking up in the morning, dragging myself out of bed and trying to have some resemblance of a life, but it's so hard. Working this 8 to 5, every day, trudging along. Just trying to make ends meet, and keep everything moving and afloat, along with scraping for things that make me smile... it's a challenge. I don't care what you say or think about that, It's just totally true for me right now. I paint on my social smile, and grin and bear it, but all the while I sink my head back into a deep soft pillow of memories and feelings and dreams that I just wish I could capture once more.

    Where is that electric, wonderful exciting feeling of hope that we had in youth?? There's nothing like it. I just want it back.

    The only things that really make me feel a boost of goodness are music and my motorcycle (and of course evil sugar-coated chocolate, damn it!)

    In other news, people out in the world continue having increased levels of assholiness, greed and avarice. They're in such a hurry, speeding by. If you delay them even for 2 seconds, it's like you've started World War III. Where are they going and why are they in such a hurry to get there?? I do not care to race, I'm just trying to enjoy the spring weather and get a little sunshine and make it in once piece. I just wish everyone would go away and leave me alone... bunch of assholes.

    So presently, my goals are to continue trying to get some grip on my fitness routine, which has been sliding back and forth so terribly lately, and to work on a few new projects and ideas that I have been mulling over. Just a few things that I feel compelled to add to my need-to-do-list.

    If I can just accomplish a few things, maybe I will be on my way to feeling...

    well, feeling something again... besides


    Tuesday, April 07, 2009

    Spring Opening (WWC)

    A quick note about the Poker Run that Mr. J and I rode or motorcycles in on Sunday... I forgot to mention that the guys we were riding with are part of a riders club specifically for biking members of the same exact Union (Teamsters Local 667), which my Father was a part of all of his professional truck driving life. That's right, the guys are Truck Drivers, and so the ones of them who ride bikes (mostly Harley's), formed a rider's club called the "Teamsters Horsemen". Great bunch of guys, and we really enjoyed riding with them. Daddy would be proud. :) One police officer rode with our group though (who was a part of the "Wild Pigs" riders group-I know, cool name, right?), but I think he knew these guys and just wanted to ride with us.

    Anyways, o.k. on to Today's WWC (Weekly Words Challenge by the ever-wonderful Tink!) The words for this week are "Spring" and "Opening" as you probably guessed... Enough of an opening to this post, let me go ahead and spring my photos on ya... Here goes:

    Spring Colors Abound!

    The Only Way To Make It Through The Opening of Heaven?

    Perfect Opening For A Bad Name Joke...

    These Strange Fixtures Mark The Opening To Memphis's
    Only Remaining Drive-In Movie Theatre

    The Sign At The Opening Of The Theatre Drive

    Signs Along The Drive Show Which Movies Are Opening

    The Opening To My Former Cubicle Before Our Office Move

    That's all folks!!!

    Monday, April 06, 2009

    Enjoying The Ride

    I realize I totally slacked off posting over the weekend. I didn't really intend to do so, but we just got so busy I never had a chance to sit down and do any writing. Not that it is a bad thing, just means I was out enjoying a bit of life, and the weather held out for it, so I rode, and rode.

    Friday I got my share of riding in, although nothing notable, just my own personal relaxation. Caught up to my man later in the afternoon when he was having a couple of after-work brews with his co-workers. That was just about it on Friday.

    Saturday, we slept in a little, then I took off solo on the bike again, rode down to my Mom's, gave her a birthday card and some little prezzies. Had a nice visit, and then got the call from Richie that everyone was headed out to have some supper, and I wanted to join, so I prepared to head back to the house, when all of a sudden, my battery was kaput. I don't know if it was of any fault of my own, as I SWEAR I didn't leave anything on, and had my key in pocket, I swear I think so, unless I am just getting senile :( So I had to call Richie and tell him the bad news, which of course delayed everyone's dinner, and he and his other buddy had to ride their bikes down to meet me, I was able to charge up the battery and after a bit of waiting and waiting, I was back on the road and all the better.

    Everyone was finally able to go eat, so we enjoyed that as everyone was well on their way to "starvation" by then... haha.

    We were still sleeping kind of early on Sunday morning when Richie's friend came by and woke us to ask if we wanted to ride since he still had use of the Fat Boy, and of course I jumped at the chance. So we frantically got dressed and ready, and took off to gas up and head to a benefit breakfast, poker run and ride which was all to benefit a fallen officer who is battling cancer. We made several stops to various pubs and bars, drew our cards, marked our score sheets, visited and then we'd take off again. Some stops were a few miles apart while others were nearly 20. I can truly say I got my riding in, for sure!

    The day turned out to be gorgeous, I took in the sights the smells, saw the countryside and just reveled in the comradery of the bike community. When we arrived at the end stopping point they had a barbecue party with door prizes and all, as I said before everything went to the benefit of the fallen officer. So I feel like we enjoyed ourselves immensely as well as doing something worthwhile.

    The only thing that sucked pretty bad was the ride home, the wind had picked up and the temperature had dropped. When I got home I was never gladder to kick off my biker boots and stretch out my toes.

    Unfortunately, I have no photos to show for it, just the mental images and my shared stories and descriptions. Sorry.

    It was a really great day.

    Thursday, April 02, 2009

    Green Eggs And Spam

    You gotta love the effort on the part of the "spammers" these days. Google (gmail), is quite good about catching (most) spam. Occasionally I will still click into the spam folder out of curiosity and see what goodies I find. Most of the time it is mediocre junk advertising for larger penises, or satisfying your woman... but I took a look at it, and IT TURNED OUT TO BE A REAL LINK!!!

    The text read as follows, and believe me I was really shocked, and I must say honored!!!


    Barack Obama (Washington, DC) has confirmed you as his fourth cousin once removed on We're Related.

    Follow this link to see how you are related:

    We're Related Team

    Then I clicked "Learn More", and found out that it was a great April Fools joke by Facebook... And I consider myself a sharp cookie! Can you believe I actually thought enough for a second to look?? Bear in mind that I was not able to execute even ONE SIMPLE April Fool's Prank yesterday...

    I must admit, though, that I was a tad relieved because I was really a little melancholy at the thought that I wouldn't be able to date him... Wait! Oh yeah, I'm married... oh well, and oh yeah, he's kinda married too.

    Not that the cousin thing would've been a problem, I am from Mississippi after all. ;)

    Wednesday, April 01, 2009


    April Fools!!! I am quitting the blog, leaving my husband and moving away to Zimbabwe to marry into their royal family. Oops, Darn!! I always screw that part up, guess I blew the April Fool's Joke!! ;)

    This morning I was rushing around like mad, trying to get going. I thought to myself briefly how it felt like this entire week so far had been dragging as slow as it could get (not that I want to rush things, I wish we would all adhere to 'time is an illusion'). So though I was running late, I still had to stop for fuel, which is a huge hassle too.

    (Photo at left of AJ as a teenager--yes she is a girl, nevermind that hideous haircut-- riding the Honda MB5 through the yard, back in th' day!)

    Right around the corner from my house is my little ol' "stand by" gas station. It's called "Sack-n-Save", although I'm not quite sure what you are saving by going there since every item is an arm and a leg. Growing up, we affectionately named this place "301 Store", Vickie will remember that (although there is another station way down the road actually called 301 I think. So this place has weathered the test of time despite their overpriced goodies and fare.

    Normally, I would shy away from stopping in due to the excessive crowd that had cropped up this morning, but I was desperate, I had to fuel up, and I hadn't had breakfast in my rush and severely wanted a Muscle Milk. So, I twisted my way into the crowded little parking lot, and wedged myself up to Pump #2. The place was covered-up with big work trucks and lots of guys you could tell were either painters or construction workers.

    I watched with cynical amusement as they ogled every woman that walked by... I rolled my eyes, and right away, felt like an uncomfortable morsel of prey. But wearing my dark sunglasses that are not like those cheesy 80s glasses, but still vaguely reminiscent of the Blues Brothers, I anti-socially slithered through the door, and made my way back to the cooler. I grabbed my "Banana Cream" flavored MuscleMilk, and pretended to be looking for other items that I could not find, hoping that the line at the front would diminish.

    It only seemed that more and more people kept coming in, despite my fake browsing. I am not sure when I have seen this store more crowded, which highly annoyed me. I can't stand crowds, and usually avoid the place when even 2 or 3 vehicles are there. I had to bite the bullet though, because I was late enough already. I proceed, rather quietly to the register with my 'breakfast', and to request my petrol. As I finally manage to get to the counter, I put my stuff down and the cashier (and consequently store owner) rings me up and puts in my gasoline purchase.

    Suddenly, some skuzzbucket sidles up next to me and says, "I'm sorrehh, scuze me just put'n these up theahh" and he begins to stack his ample armful of crap onto the counter behind mine when I wasn't even finished. To top that off, he stacks them in sort of a "fortress" around the debit card machine, thus completely blocking me off from it. I'm leaning away slightly, looking obviously annoyed and the lady at the counter starts grabbing his stuff and moving it backward so I can get to the machine. He misunderstood, thinking she was putting his stuff with mine, and shrieks "Oh naawww, naww this is..." and she interjects, "I'm just moving this, because she needs to use this machine". So I say, "Thank you."

    And I guess he realizes he was crowding me and moves away so I can make my transaction. This type of behavior (people crowding you at the checkout stand, and putting their stuff up in front of you when you're checking out, thus invading SPACE BUBBLES is a huge pet peeve of mine. I have to wonder why we can't find more common sense and just general manners in public?? Was everyone really raised in a barnyard (like the old cliche??).

    Well that's over with, I guess I should let it go now... Just had to share.

    Also, I ran across some article about the Honda MB5, which was my very first motorcycle. It wasn't very big at all, in retrospect, and in light of what I drive now, but I had some wonderful times on it. Daddy went out of his way to find it for me and I will never forget that Christmas... or all of the sweet things that Daddy did for us... Every day without him in this world is a challenge. I just thought I would share a little blurb about this Motorcycle (which was a 1982 model). Some of the illustrations are quite funny, and they really make the guy in the ad below look like he's supposed to be a studmuffin with girls flocking around him... rofl!!!

    You can definitely tell the time period from the way 1980s advertisements look... I think you can enlarge these and read them by clicking below... Anyways, I wonder what kind of fun toys the rest of you have good memories of, and what you remember most fondly??


    Red 1982 Honda MB5, Just Like AJ's

    Features of the 1982 MB5

    Part of the ad for the 1982 Honda MB5

    Specification Details

    Advertisement Image from the 1982 Honda MB5
    Classic, and yet humorous!

    Kinda makes you wanna listen to Rick Springfield doesn't it??? Or at least Night Ranger.