Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I Believe I Can Fly

I wouldn't try this at home, although it is one of the funniest scenes from the movie "Mallrats".

Gotta love Jay and Silent Bob... and just happened to see "Clerks" on T.V. about a week ago... I don't know what reminded me to go find the above clip though... "Fly fatass fly!" LOL!

I've had a long day today, and for some reason I have been edgy and bitchy as the day grew long. I went to the grocery store upon leaving work, forgetting that everyone would be at their Thanksgiving-worst. That's right, a thousand selfish, 'do unto others before they do unto you' assholes were out and about trying to pick up all their supplies for the big day. I can tell you that I did not enjoy being there. Not to mention the traffic between work, gro. store and home. Everyone's gone madder than usual. Just makes me want to hide somewhere away from all the cretins.

Then came band practice. I was tired, my feet were hurting and I was edgy... It's just me in a room full of testosterone, and they just sometimes push me to the limits. I rarely get to be around women (which is fine with me most of the time). But everybody needs their "girl pal" time... even if it is being with my Mother, or getting to go to lunch with good friends, or coffee, or just chilling by myself away from the dudes. I work with mostly all dudes, I come home and have my husband, our resident 'guy on the couch' (who still has not gone away), and my two male pets. It's enough to make a girl go all Chuck Norris on an ass.

So now I'm sitting here needing desperately to go to bed because I still have to get up for work in the morning, but the guy on the couch is blaring us the latest CD that their band just finished mastering, which sounds pretty cool but it's sure not a sedative, and my feet are still pounding, and I just want to soak in a bubble bath and konk out... If I can just get through tomorrow, and Thanksgiving goes smoothly, I will feel much better I do believe.

So of course I'll be here to 'talk turkey' with you guys throughout the holidays, as I vowed to do every day for the month, so stop by if you can. You know I always love having my lovely blog pals here at the Forrest. Have your Tofurkey, or Turkey and tons of sides, stuff yourselves into oblivion, watch your parades and football, kick your feet up, laugh and be merry!!! I hope you all enjoy Thanksgiving (if it applies to you), if not, at least eat something you like, drink up and have a great week anyway!

Good night y'all... I gotta STFU and go to bed. ;)


R.E.H. said...

:-D LOVE that turkey picture. That's just too funny.

And, I hate going shopping (anywhere) when the places are crowded. Everybody OUT! R.E.H. is here!

her indoors said...

great photo LOL.
I fancy a girlie night out you want to come too?!
hope you feeling better today x

Jay said...

We have to go to the store sometime today. Probably this morning. It's gonna be crazy all day though.

That dude in the video has a pretty creative way of making a glory hole in the dressing room. hahahha

Happy Thanksgiving Jack-EEEEEEEEEE!!!

g-man said...

I do love me some Jay and Silent Bob. (everything that Kevin Smith did is comic gold in my book) I am ashamed to say that I have not seen Clerks 2 yet, and my 18 year old son has my copy of Clerks. (One of the guys I work with has autographed copies on most of his flicks, and we are always quoting his stuff. Thanks for clip!!

JINKS said...

Oh, babe..right in there with you on all the "madness". well, soak them puppies and pour yourself a cup of kindness and when I thank God for all he has given me....our friendship is in the mix.....hugs Jinks.

Jay Cam said...

that turkey is creepy!

but the guy from the movie had the right idea! however, his entrance was a little bad
: )

cappy. said...

spooky! i only watched my dvd the other day!

cappy. said...

p.s. kevin smith rules!

doctor chip said...

Kevin Smith is a genius.

"Dogma" is one of the best and funniest stories I've ever seen.

Poopy Boy, the "Golgathan".

6-foot shit monster from Golgatha.

'nuff said.