Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Devil Made Me Do It

I tried to resist, but just about mid-day, I sold my soul... ;)

Oh who am I kidding, I didn't try to resist.

Have A Wicked Day!!!

To all my favorite Ghouls!

May your Halloween night be a bloody delight, full of fears and fright... hope it's out of sight!

Yes, it's finally Halloween. I'm always sad when it's come and gone but I will share with you a couple of vids that I love for today... and yes, that's me in one of my many vampire costumes :) Enjoy these!!!

Eternally yours,
Aunt Jackie

PS: Tamra and Jessica, I love and miss y'all!!!

"Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown"

Misfits "Halloween" (with Nightmare before Christmas stuff)

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Got The Fever For The Flavor (WWC)

Well, Happy Tuesday everybody. It is nearly Halloween (tomorrow) which is totally unfair. If not for the date of Halloween, I wish that it would always be on a Saturday. Saturday would be the best day for Halloween to fall on... but that's not under my control.

Halloween is my favorite holiday, due to the fact that I love the time of the year, I love dressing up, and I'm a weirdo anyway so I always got into the whole 'evilness' of it since I'm a little devil ;)

I would usually end up dressing like a vampire, or a red devil or something similar. But as I have said before, the "magic" has somewhat faded just because things have changed so much and I don't get to really spend Halloween with my best friend Tamra anymore... It's not a question of age really. I think a lot of people think that certain things are for children, or people who have children. But I say that it's all in your heart and spirit, and if you feel Inspired by a season, or certain activity then nobody can tell you that you're too old to enjoy or celebrate it any way you see fit. Go with it and have a blast.

On that note, it's time to share what little inspiration I was able to muster for this week's Weekly Word Challenge (WWC) brought to us by the ever-inspiring Tink of Pickled Beef. I always feel a little bit inadequate on these things as I either don't get a chance to spend much time thinking on it, or I can't find the right idea... However, here we go with this week's words "Inspire" and "Create".


I had to think about this, and ask myself the question. 'What truly Inspires me?'. When I thought about that the answer was clear, although probably nothing new to my viewers, it's my Mother. She inspires me all the time, and has a talent for making me believe I can do anything. Ironically, she is also the one who "created" me, so that's a plus.

Also, just being able to take photos at will ever since I finally got a camera that I could enjoy has inspired me to "Create" paintings out of some of them, so each photo itself is a "creation". One of my tendencies, and talents (that I get from my father) is to constantly shoot these silly self-portraits of myself... So I'll share those for you in my venture to:


Frizzy hair and no lipstick me (not my best).

Windmill's can "Create" in a way...

My father always used his tractor to "create" in the garden

In Other News: Lately I've had the oddest cravings for flavors I haven't tasted in a while... just earlier, I had the sensation that I wanted to eat "Hot Fries" and drink "Sprite"... what strange flavors or cravings have you had lately?? Happy Tuesday (All Hallow's Eve Eve) ;)

Monday, October 29, 2007

Monday Quiz Overkill

Ok, so I was bored and got a little overly-involved with some Quizzes from "Blogthings"... Here is what I found out about myself!

You Are 32% Pure

You've either done it, thought about it, or at least heard about it.
Luckily, there's a few things left for you to try!

Your 1996 Theme Song Is: 1979 by The Smashing Pumpkins

Shakedown 1979
Cool kids never have the time
On a live wire right up off the street
You and I should meet

Your Famous Movie Kiss is from The Empire Strikes Back

"Captain, being held by you isn't quite enough to get me excited."

You're an Expert Kisser

You're a kissing pro, but it's all about quality and not quantity
You've perfected your kissing technique and can knock anyone's socks off
And you're adaptable, giving each partner what they crave
When it comes down to it, your kisses are truly unforgettable

Your Personality Is Like Cocaine

You're dynamic, brilliant, and alluring to those who don't know you.
Hyper and full of energy, you're usually the last one to leave a party.
Sometimes your sharp mind gets the better of you... you're a bit paranoid!

At your best: You're confident, euphoric, and feel like you're on top of the world.

What people like about being around you: You're intense and overpowering.

What people dislike about being around you: You can be arrogant... and a bit of a jerk.

How addicted people get to you: Incredibly addictive. And hanging around with you isn't cheap!

So tomorrow is once again the "WWC" (Weekly Word Challenge) hosted by Tink. This week's words are "Inspire" and "Create". So check in for that. I do it, Jay does it... so check it out at Tink's blog if you'd like to participate. Other than that, I'm not sure what the rest of the week holds. You'll just have to come back and see!! :)

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Ramble On

Weekend coming to a close here... I'm basically sitting back chilling while Mr. J watches yet another History Channel feature about Nostradamus. This is a good thing, especially if I want to go to bed and have night terrors.

I thought I would do a Sunday night post to include some ranting and some rambling. Some of the rants, I've talked about before so no doubt will it be a repeat and probably bore some of you who read me. However, lots of times when I mention topics such as "bad customer service" and "public assholes", I get a great deal of followers who wholeheartedly agree.

I mention customer service workers, once again, because over the weekend I happened to go through a well-known franchise drive-thru, and noticed more crap-assed behavior on the part of the "cheery" workers there. I make my order, they repeat it (so far so good), then I get to the first window. I noticed right away that the girl waiting to take my money keeps the window clasped shut until she thinks I am totally ready to make the transaction. Then as soon as I hand her my card, without even a "Good Morning, how are you?!?" she slams the tiny glass portal shut like I have the bird flu or something. Once she's run the card, she opens the hatch back up and shovels me my card with a simple "They'll give you your receipt at the second window." Then before I can finish saying, "Thanks, have a great day!" (which is habit), **SLAMM!!!** The little portal is sealed once again. This forces me to cuss her under my breath as I roll forward wondering which other shithead will hand me my bag and receipt... Still hopeful, I try to smile at the 2nd window worker. They sling me my drink with the top barely on, so I have to make sure it doesn't spill in my lap, then they slap me my bag, and slam the door once again without 2 words... I briefly wonder if they spit on my food, and drive forward cussing under my breath again "Don't have a nice day then, ever... like I give a shit!" I think sourly.

If anyone working at these type of jobs, (i.e., restaurants, drive-thru's, coffee shops, anything like this where you're dealing with customers) happens to be reading this post, by some strange cosmic coincidence, then please... PLEASE read these next words and take them totally to heart. Think about this the next time you get a customer, and you decide to be less than pleasant. The next time you decide to be down right sour-assed. No matter what you have going on in your life, if you're having a hard time, whatever, you are NOT the only one. In fact how do you know that the person you're serving isn't on the brink of something psycho? There are lots of news stories about people blowing away an entire fast-food joint, and we always think ill of them. But have you ever wondered if maybe they've just been treated like dirt by one too many ill-mannered customer service people? Not saying that it could or couldn't contribute for sure, but it's always a little safer to smile and force out a simple "Have a nice day" rather than take the asshole route. If you don't like that type of work, for God's sake please quit, and go find a job where you're locked away in a cubbyhole somewhere and don't have to deal with people. Your one sour frown can start a domino effect of resentment and ill-will that can only come back to bite you in the ass later. So be safe, smile and at least say hello. Ok, end of that rant.

Rant #2, This one will be quite short actually. Calling ALL Drivers Please don't pull out in front of someone only to go 20 MPH, or to take the very next turn, especially when there was only ME (or one or two cars) that you would have to wait on... Try to remember to practice common road courtesy. This means nothing more than using turn signals, driving without your high-beam headlights in my eyes (oncoming OR driving behind me-neither is acceptable), and just use your pea-brain when it comes to decisions while driving. Your courtesy on the road will go a long way towards protecting you from me dragging you out of your car and beating your face into the asphalt... truly.

Now a little more positive rambling. I went down to Mom's today and took her copper bracelet I bought for her in Hot Springs. Also, I gave Dad a nice big bag of Peanuts. (Dad always likes for you to bring him something if you bring Mom a gift. Otherwise, he gets his feathers ruffled). My sister, Jeanne (closest one in age to me, but still 13 years my senior) dropped in unexpectedly. Jeanne is the one who takes most after Mom in her temperament, and is most likely to knock your block off if you piss her off. I'm pretty strong and muscular myself, but I wouldn't even want to meet Jeanne in a dark alley (he-he). As freakishly terrifying and mean as Jeanne can be, she's still loving in her own way, and every once in a while she'll break out with a little tenderness and show it to her baby sister.

While we were browsing through the latest batch of photos that I had printed for Mom, we were talking about Hot Springs and how nice it is. She and her husband Chris have even ridden their Harleys up there with some other friends who ride. She said she really loves it and suggested that we sisters (the four of us, Jeanne, Debbie, Vickie and myself) should all go up and have a "Sisters Weekend". This shocked me that she would suggest spending this time with us all on a trip, but in a good way... it's a positive change that gives me a little bit of hope as to possibly getting back to a closer relationship with my family members once again. That's something that I think about a great deal. It's something that I would love to see come to fruition. I can only hope that the other two sisters will seriously think about this, and we may really be able to plan it. It would be a blast! Something for us to remember always... life is unpredictable, sometimes-bitter, and short. We need to jump for this chance.

As usual I had several cups of coffee while visiting Mom and Dad. Mom's coffee is like crack (pardon my drug-abuse comparison). I just can't stop with one or two, I end up drinking probably 5 or more. I make it at home too, but it's just better there... I can't explain it.

Then I headed back home, listening to a really old friggin song... some of you might remember it. It's called "Thunder Island" by Jay Ferguson. This is a song that I remember hearing with I was extremely young, like a baby kind of... and it always reminds me of my room at "home" (as in Mom-n-Dad's house-home) and my sisters, and feeling safe... I'll try to find a YouTube video of it real quick... hang on. ;) ******** Cool, o.k. I found one. Look at the extremely gay-looking album cover while listening to this song.

Well? Do you remember it? Like it? Hate it? Of course I am not saying it is any kind of genius, a great, or even a 'good' song. If I'm not mistaken, it was a "1 hit wonder". I'm sure it's an early 70s thing... It just evokes a memory, a childhood memory nonetheless, and I love reminiscing. I know I stay stuck on things of the past a lot but they make me feel good. In fact, while listening to this and a few other really old songs on my way up the highway to my house, I actually caught a brief 'magic youth' sensation, you know what I mean... like an essence or electrical-magic feeling you get only during really perfectly happy times in life?? It's something that I rarely get to feel nowadays, so when it happens I relish it... I try to hang on to it tightly!

Maybe it's fall, maybe it was a glimmer of its return. One could only hope to get that feeling again in life. To me, it's the best feeling in the world.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Priscilla, Queen of the Salon

I've been lucky... no matter what, I have always been able to get my hair to do pretty much what I wanted it to [you know, I could style it easily]. This is something not everyone can boast.

Just about the only thing I have never been able to do was to "roll" my hair in that classic way that women sometimes do, perfectly placing curlers in with ease, and sometimes without help of even a mirror (this is something my Mother is an expert at). No, I was not graced with that talent.

Usually, people complain that they can't "do" their own hair, or make it look good. "How do you do yours so well, Jackie?" they chime in.

Well, I was blessed with decently-thick, good textured hair. While it isn't totally straight, it has enough natural curl to it that it can be fashioned to do most styles with ease.

Lately, however, things seem to be on the decline. I have noticed that my hair is becoming harder and harder to manage... When I try to style my bangs, they revolt. Once successful styling techniques now appear to have blown away with the wind that now whips through my unruly, cow-licked mane.

I have formed a hypothesis as to why this is happening, although it has not yet become an official "theory". The time frame of my unsuccessful hair work closely coincides with the amount of time that I have been soliciting the services of Gay Male Hairstylists.

Now don't get me wrong. I am not Gay-bashing, nor do I have anything against the gay male stylists. Some of my very good friends are gay, and I admit that I come out of the salon satisfied, like, 100% of the time.

So what's wrong then?

I'll tell you! I believe this to be a conspiracy to get you dependent on their services... keep you coming back! They are highly-trained, and specially assigned to go out and work the clients into a gorgeous frenzy. They lure you into the salons with perhaps 1/2 off your first haircut. Then, they gently lay you back at the shampoo station, giving you one of those overly-relaxing scalp scrubs, making sure to get the back of your neck, and your temples... Ahh the stress just melts away.

I'm also convinced there is some sort of drug in the shampoo and conditioner they use. It smells too freakin good, and it does wonders on your hair. I don't want to wash it for a week after I leave, and feel "giddy" for several hours after my visit to said salon.

So after the shampoo, they begin working their magic with the haircut (perm, color, or whatever you're having done). They tell you their life story, they tell you about their boyfriend and his family and how great things are... you get caught up in his Cinderella story, all the while watching your hair transform before your very eyes.

Once the operation is complete, it's time to "Style". This may include an extra-soothing combination of the blow-dryer (oh that feels so nice on the back of my neck!), and curling iron and additional drug-infused-styling product such as gel, shine spray or hair spray. They whiz through the styling, telling you exactly how easy it is to get this exact look.

It seems very easy, and believe me--I've always been able to style my hair pretty much the way I want it (just as I said above). So I always have hope, and believe that he and I are on the same wavelength... truly!

Then he administers the final spraying of the sedative styling product, whirls you around in your chair, challenges you to take a final look and approve, and then you're escorted up to the front desk to pay.

"Never had a better experience!" I think as I am whisked to the front. "And my hair looks even better than the last time! Unbelievable!" As I zip out my credit card.

Then I bounce away and enjoy the rest of my day looking sexy and smelling great. I skip around the house shooting my husband delicious looks from my hair full of body, and give him 'the eye' from beneath my perfect bangs. He says it looks really cool. I nod in agreement, giving myself a quick stare as I pass by the bathroom mirror.

[Two days later]

I wake up, still admiring how great my hair did and still looks from even two days ago, but regretfully I have to wash it now. I enter the shower (or bath tub), come out squeaky clean and armed with my styling products (some of which I was tempted to buy at the salon, that dirty little bastard), and give it my all. So far so good, it's looking like the hairstyle he had going. Then suddenly it all goes horribly wrong. I sprayed too much hairspray, or gel, my bangs have turned into a stack of curly-fries and my hair looks just like "Kitty Foreman's" from "That 70s Show".

Keep On Truckin!!

I'm mortified. I use my spray bottle to mist it up, and perform emergency repair maneuvers... to no avail. I run out of time and have to leave despite the state of my locks.

What did that sadistic, scissor-happy little devil do to me?? Joke's on me, this time... but just you wait guy. I'll be back, and next time I've got your number! Game on!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

You Might Think I'm Delerious

Jay, and Corky recently sent me on a trip through the 80s. What with Jay's post about infamous strip tease scenes, and the oiled up chest of Tom Cruise (neither of which I ever found attractive as a woman), and Corky's 'up close and personal' showcasing of Steve Perry's junk (or wad, crotch, etc). I couldn't help but get stuck in my own 80s trap.

I kept getting songs stuck in my head such as Sting and the Police with "Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic", and others like that who used to frequent "Friday Night Videos".

The Cars with "You Might Think"

I guess the 80s was alot of things for me... I learned to drive (well I actually learned to drive when I was like 2), I fell in love (many, many times). I obsessed over music, and spent hours in front of my stereo making the ever-popular "Mix Tapes" for myself, my friends and of course my 'true love' of the week. [Note: I still do "Mix Tapes" even today, but now they are CD compilations, or Mp3 compilations]

We went to movies in theaters and hit up the "Skating Rink", and drove around wasting gas and listening to Ratt and Motley Crue, Van Halen, Kiss. [I, of course, got a bit more eclectic than some of my friends, as I got way into New Wave, and Punk, and other genres.

We mall-hopped, and scouted for guys and solved our Rubik's cubes, and teased hair, and shared many laughs about things we thought at the time to be 'out of date', never really realizing just how cheesy and terrible a time we were living in ourselves!

And "Gag me with a Spoon!!" can you recall some of the 1980s Slang??

The 1980s was memorable to many of us for different reasons, but to me, the essence of the 80s was marked by things like "Pac Man", "The Cosby Show" and Cabbage Patch dolls made by my sister (which were way better than the ones that people killed each other in stores for). It was about "Thriller", "Dallas", and "The Dukes of Hazzard"... the dawning of a new age in technology. The CD was born, there were Mullets galore, and benefit concerts all over. Check the 1980s Timeline!

But most of all, the 80s was a time when my family was still full of fresh, happy faces and promises and dreams of the future. We spent time together, and holidays were always full of magic and laughter. I can still hear the echo, it doesn't seem that far behind me; some days, I can still hear the faint sound of bad music and smell the Aqua Net hairspray and perfumes.

Still I can't help but giggle at Steve Perry with that hair, and those tight jeans...

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Getting Over The Hump

Not only am I trying to battle "mid-week", I am playing catch-up from having been on vacation, this being my first day back to the grind. My morning began less-than-delightful with a power outage on my entire block, so I was late, as well as attempted to get beautified by the soft glow of candlelight (this was not a successful venture). So scarecrow me, has finally added the remainder of the photos to my Hot Springs 2007 gallery... Here for your review... Hope you're all liking them (there are a good many photos here, and some of them may be repeats at this point so my apologies).

Just Click To Play

The post from yesterday was quite long, as Blu pointed out, but it details our trip mostly, so if you feel like the read, then catch up... If not, you can view the trip in pictures, which always speak for themselves! :)


Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Springs Have Sprung

Hot Springs Trip, October 2007

...And, we're back! The trip was a success, with a few small pitfalls, we had a great time.

We packed it all up and headed out Friday, listened to Dan Brown's "Digital Fortress" on audio CD on the way... and arrived at our destination sometime around 4 PM... Checked in and got comfy. Took in the scenery, and took a few photos of the lake upon our arrival. As you view the web gallery, you will see the views of the lake which is the view that we had when we walked out onto the deck surrounding our little bungalow. Great in the morning, and great at night when the lights of the bridge appeared. After breathing in our surroundings, it was time to think of dinner.

We chose to go to a favorite little "down home" Italian restaurant off Central near downtown called "Facci's Italian Restaurant". This place is "home"... the people are super-nice, and the food is fantastico! We made the mistake of having an appetizer so we had to take our large-portioned entrees home in a box. Once we got back to our 'home away from home', he and I fired up the Jacuzzi Tub (which I enjoyed several times over the weekend) and got another monstrous sea of bubbles started... we tried to make it a romantic bubble bath for two, but just like last time, he nearly suffocated in the overly-zealous bubble storm. (No photo of that one, sorry!)

A short while later, we had an unexpected visitor... a little black cat, with just a couple of white spots on her coat... She was so cool and sweet that we decided if she was a stray, we were going to keep her, take her back home and tentatively had named her "Sydney".

Sydney wasted no time performing her allergen-magic on Mr. J... His head swelled up and he sneezed himself half to death, all the while playing with Sydney, cuddling up to her and having fun. We rushed out to the store, and bought a couple cans of cat food and a little litterbox. We had settled on a new member of the family... She slept with us in our bed that night, cuddling up and weaving her magic web of deceit. The next morning, she pretended to still want to hang around for a while, then she finally went mad begging to go outside... I let her out to roam a bit, and we thought maybe we'd leave it up to her if she came back, she would be ours.

So she took off, and left us for some time... Richie had to have emergency Benedryl, and spent the better part of our Saturday in bed, incapacitated from the effects of little Hurricane Sydney. We opted to go for "take out" from our favorite Hot Springs BBQ place, "Chuck's Southern Bar-B-Q". Chuck's never disappoints. In fact, he would be a great candidate for Memphis In May's Barbecue cook-off, but he says he just can't take the time because it's a busy time of year for him. If you ever hit up Hot Springs, and like barbecue, check out Chuck. Took the food back, and fed Mr. J and he was back into his allergic-coma.

Just as he woke up a little later in the evening, I was able to get him out and about. We decided to hit up the Wax Museum... You can see a decent tour of those photos in my gallery (below). We walked around a bit, and hit up another shop called "Romancing the Stone". Bought a couple of things there, grabbed a couple of snacks for later and headed back to the house.

Sunday morning, we woke up and planned on the Garvin Woodland Gardens visit. Just as we were getting ready, someone popped by our bungalow to ask to borrow a garbage bag. We didn't have any extras but before Richie could close the door, in popped Sydney. "Oh you decided to come back to us?" I quipped. Sydney just gave me a seductive cat-like glance, and went into the kitchen begging for food. I began to wonder if I was being used. I gave her some food, and she devoured nearly the entire dish. Then it wasn't long before she went back to the door and curtly requested that I open it... So I obliged and then Sydney was off once again.

This time, I basically decided that she must belong to someone and she was just making rounds, toying with the visitors' affections... I wondered who else had fallen victim to this grand lady in black? Were we the only ones? Maybe it was better that we left it to nature anyways, as Richie seemed quite intolerant of her chemistry, which is odd because Mr. Rodneycat doesn't bother him, and Rodney has very long hair (Himalayus Fluffballicus). So "Sydney" went on her merry way, not to be seen again.

Thanks to the little raven-haired beauty, and the allergic reactions that ensued, Richie never quite felt up to fishing, which was one of his main objectives when planning the trip. However, Garvin Woodland Gardens turned out to be his favorite thing we did... The scenery there was really gorgeous, and I saw they were preparing for the Christmas season lights, which looked like they were going to be fantastic... almost would go again during Nov-Dec just to see that.
"Foot In" in honor of Barnze!

Then afterwards, we headed to Ruby Tuesday's for a bite to eat. I had the Salad Bar and their Pot Pie, and Richie had a burger and a large brew (see photo, which Mr. J wanted to take specifically in honor of Four Dinners. He drank alot of German beer in your honor over the weekend Dinners!! Cheers!!). I had my usual, delicious and refreshing Unsweet tea (stop your grimacing! It's good.)

After eating and drinking, he was ready to get back to the casa and chill once again... I dropped him off and went cruising around in search of a great sunset shot, but didn't quite get the shot I was looking for... Went to WallyWorld... seriously, can you take a trip and not end up at a Walgreen's or a Wal*Mart? It's like crack or something. I don't even go to Walmart much at home... so I don't know what that was all about.

Took one last bath in the Jacuzzi tub before hitting the hay, after all, check out was scheduled for 10:00 a.m., which I find to be a bit unfair, but nevertheless... I prevailed. Put in "A Christmas Story" which I've seen 9,657 times but never get tired of it. Went to sleep and dreamt of home. I was torn between being homesick and being sad to leave our little lake house that we've begun to think of as a tradition.

Photo Gallery (by Picasa)
(See above post for updated photo gallery!)

Got an early start, packed up and prepared for our homebound journey on Monday morning. Returned our videos, gassed up the car, and had a McDonald's heart-attack biscuit for breakfast... Was a bit misty and cloudy but nothing to write home about. That all changed when we got a bit down the highway, it began to rain profusely... and kept on pouring for the remainder of my drive. I don't fancy driving in rain, especially with tons of 18-wheelers on the road, but I did my best to relax and 'rock steady' down the road... We got home around 1:00 in the afternoon and began the great unwind (which is still happening as we speak). I require alot of recoop time :)

All in all, it was a nice trip and we'll of course go again, and again... I think I might like to go someplace else for a change maybe for our very next venture, but we'll decide that as we go.

Hope you enjoyed the run-down and hope you enjoy my Picasa Web Album (story in pictures). You can visit it again later too, as I will be adding a few more photos as I have time. Happy Tuesday, Wednesday and beyond!! -AJ-

Home Sweet Home & WWC

We arrived home yesterday from our 3 night stay in Hot Springs. Everything was nice, I'll detail the story shortly. I've had tons of photos to filter through, and I'm trying desperately to get them ready to present to you guys so you can enjoy a glance at our trip. I'd like the photos to accompany my little rundown of our weekend's events, so that it can bring it to life for you all. So come back soon and see that--I may have it up before the day is over, if not first thing in the morning.

Meanwhile, I'm running late on the day (as I took today as an extra day off), and haven't even posted my WWC for this week (brought to us, as always by the sparkly and magical Tink of Pickled Beef. This week's words are "Disguise" and "Reflection".

"Mr. J (Richie) posing here with Sophia Loren"

For my official "entry", I am incorporating both into one photo... the photo is just a bit fuzzy, but it illustrates what I want. While in Hot Springs, we visited the Wax museum downtown and one of the shots of the Sophia Loren figure I took caught Mr. J in the background... If you think about it, he might be one of the many wax sculptures... or maybe he's just Mr. J. He seems to be 'disguised' within the museum scenery though, to me. As well, it he was caught up in the 'Reflection' as the escalator scene is against a mirror.


These couple of photos also along the escalator scene, are reflective. Just a taste of the photos I have planned for my Picasa web album... However, when I post the Picasa web album selections, they'll include Lake scenes, and photos from our visit to the Garvin Woodland Gardens trail... and a few others. So, come back and check those out soon!!

Have a great afternoon everybody!! It's good to be home.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Temporarily Out Of Order!

We're getting ready to hit the road Jack! Read archives, catch up, say hello or let me know you came by. Meanwhile, we're on Holiday! See you guys when we get back... I'll be the one with a ton of pictures!!! Have a great weekend!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Over The River, Through The Woods

Well, something like that! I'm hurriedly making my preparations for this weekend's big Hot Springs trip. If you weren't around last year when Mr. J and I went but want to see, you can Catch Up Here.
Feeling the pressure of last-minute details, I have to get the car serviced and ready, pack, make preparations for my animal-children (Sal and Rodney), and get our road music and audio prepared. Last year, we listened to a very cool Book on audio by the author, Dan Brown... it was entitled "Angels and Demons". This time, we have on hand "Digital Fortress". Dan Brown's material is quite engaging, and he always has some little technological twist in his books (so far). These are the only two I've ever read or listened to, if you will. So that's fun. Of course, I also have my very ecclectic collection of music... anything you can imagine from "Yaz", to "The Ramones", to NOLA's "Down" and "Morbid Angel" (just a taste, not complete by any means).

So we will not be without plenty of entertainment on the way. My only worry is whether the leaves have begun to change because I plan on taking quite a few breathtaking photos to share upon my return.

This get-away will be really nice, and I'm well ready for a little holiday. Relax, clear our minds and come back rejuvenated and ready to man up for the upcoming holiday season. When we return it will be just in time for Halloween, then Thanksgiving, then Christmas and the new year all over again. I can't believe how fast these months have passed! Alot has happened this year, some good and some bad for everyone. We have to keep on trucking though, keep ourselves pepped up and in survival mode.

So this is Thursday, gonna be a busy day so I hope that all of you reading this will have a safe and happy week's end.

Lastly, I think it's about time for a really good Video for the day. I'm going to share with you one of my favorite metal bands, once again from NOLA! The south has some fine metal, not just saying that. So probably only watch this if you like metal/death metal etc... and *Warning: The video is a little graphic, so just know that. Here goes, "Anxiety Hangover". Enjoy!

Invasive Toads Getting Arthritis

One more tidbit for Thursday, if you weren't into metal and didn't like the video, I found some odd animal news to share. Seems these poisonous toads who'd invaded Australia, have been paying the price in bones!

"Owe my aching knees!"

The article states that it might have something to do with the fact that they evolved longer bones for the extensive trip, distances for the invasion... More strange and interesting workings of constant Evolution of nature!
Click To Read about "Invasive Toads Getting Arthritis"

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

That Thing You Do

Anyone else ever feel like some phenomenon "Stalks" them from time-to-time? For me, it has long been The King of Rock and Roll, a.k.a. "Big E", that's right... Elvis. I started to notice it one day when I was driving peacefully down the interstate when I looked over and saw a humongous, hulking Elvis-face billboard glaring at me. Although slightly dizzied, and taken aback, I continued my safe driving. Then I went into a music store, and saw even more Elvis faces looking at me slyly with that crooked grin. "WTF?!?" I thought... "What's with this? Why am I seeing him everywhere I go?" It never seemed to let up (and I'm not even "into" Elvis!)

My best friend, Tamra and I (and I think I've mentioned this before) began noticing that he was increasingly everywhere! Shopping in the store, he was on a box of candy. Shopping for clothing, he was on T-shirts and souvenirs. Magazines, Books, Calendars, Wall Hangings, of course CDs and on the Radio! Since we couldn't shake him, we decided to make it a huge joke. We sent each other silly Elvis post cards "written by the king himself", letters, funny voice messages (It got to where I was pretty good at doing an Elvis impersonation myself!) We even stopped off at a photo booth and posed with him in his Pink Caddy.

"Simma down blonde mamas, The King is trying to Drive."

The madness continues even today, although Big E has let up a little bit, but he always lets me know he isn't far... He's still watching, waiting and reminding.

I was thinking about this phenomenon of being "Stalked" by certain things like that this morning when I woke up to the movie "That Thing You Do" on T.V. Not that it's a bad movie, I kind of enjoyed it the first couple of times I watched it and my niece Jolie, she used to love it. So I scan over the movie briefly, go about my business and leave for work. Get in the Elevator to head up to my floor this morning and the song, "That Thing You Do" is blaring from the Musak in the elevator. I begin to get that 'creepy' feeling once again. Is someone trying to tell me something? ;)

October Blog Crush

Starting a new segment. "Monthly Blog Crush". This month's crush is none other than everyone's favorite Captain, Corky! I check, check and double-check Corky's content hoping to see new and gorgeous photos of his adorable son, Max. I can't go a day without the Corky wit and wisdom... He's top notch, and very creative (and who doesn't faint for the Captain??). So I have to name him "Mr. October" (Blog Crush of the Month). You can click the pic of the Captain (or the link) to visit him and get a crush of your own! ;)

Here's to you (and Max, a.k.a. Corky Jr.) Captain! Keep us laughing, smiling and thinking...

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Weekly Words Challenge (WWC)

Thought I'd make a separate entry for this week's WWC brought to us by the amazing and magical Tink of Pickled Beef. This weeks words were "Autumn" and "Home".

Autumn is my favorite time of the year, leaves falling, cool breezes blowing, everything coming to a close before winter... Beautiful colors (usually, when it's not so unseasonably warm). But here goes... Autumn.

Leaves just beginning to turn in Arkansas

Dead, brown and red leaves in the cemetery.

Home means many things, it's not just a house to me or anything... it is the people who make me feel "at home", and people who ARE home to me. So here goes... Home.
Silly, Sweet, Spoiled Rotten Richie (Mr. J), My Husband

My Wonderful Parents

My Cuddly Rodney-Cat

Tuesday Scone

I haven't alot to say this fine Tuesday. The WWC took alot out of me. :) That's o.k. though, I enjoyed it immensely. If you want to participate, just follow my 'Link to Tink', and find out what to do...

The only other things on my mind this week are how people seem to continue getting "assholier" by the day. (Present company accepted though! You are all wonderful... those of you who haven't banned me, which is all of you except one sour-ass).

Also, Lemmy's moles are still alive and well. In fact I for some reason never noticed the 2nd mole until I was watching a documentary on Metal, and happened to zoom in to see the second mole... Almost as mighty and nasty as the first, but not quite. It's like Lemmy's mole's assistant or something. I wondered to myself if these horrible looking growths have ever prevented Lemmy from getting laid... do you think?? Eeeek.

Lastly, I have been really fighting the sugar cravings lately. Trying not to do so badly, and we're pumping our iron, and we're trying to eat healthy, but I just keep craving sweets. I didn't know if it was like PMS or what... so I hope that these crazy-candy-fits go away soon.

That's the word on the street from here... Back to you! Have a great day.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Testing, Testing... Is This Thing On?

I trust you're all having a pleasant Monday. 'Pleasant Monday', you say? 'Is there such a thing?' Well, Mondays (or your equivalent first day of any given work week) can always be trying, but it's all what you make it... like anything else in life. We have to stop and remind ourselves, possibly daily, to take it just one step at a time and enjoy each and every moment.

I've decided that we're going to have a Pop Quiz. That's right, it's Monday and I'm giving you a Pop quiz. Aren't you glad I wasn't your teacher? :) So take out your pencils (in this case your pencils are your computer's "mouse" devices), so that you can answer today's Monday Test. Once you've gotten your results, come back and tell me how you did.

Go Here for Monday's Test

In other news... Mr. J and I have planned our 2nd Annual October Trip to Hot Springs, Arkansas. This upcoming weekend. This time, I will be armed with my Nikon, so no worries about having good, quality photos to bring back and show. I am going to definitely make it a priority this time to take in the Spa Baths and massage, I owe it to myself. We may do some fishing, and visit the Wax Museum. I can't wait! If you remember our trip last year, it was great! Click Here for Recap and To See 2006 Photos. We're staying in the same little place, maybe it will be a little 'Tradition' for Mr. J and myself... "Our Place". I'll keep you guys posted. Have a great week!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Weekend Update With Aunt Jackie

Saturday's been good... started the day off with a nice haircut... maybe a little shorter than I had intended but my hair grows fast so it's all cool. Then Meggy Moon and I went to the Elmwood Cemetery because she had never been and I thought she'd enjoy shooting some photos from there. I really can't quit going over there, I have fun every time I shoot photos at Elmwood. I think I might be over it now, besides I have so many collected... Maybe it's time to find another place that interests me photographically. :)

However, I am sharing the slideshow with you from a few of today's select shots, so hope you enjoy them...

Before I forget, Today I must send extreme Happy Birthday wishes to our good friend Four Dinner's Daughter, Jaxxxxxxxxx's Big 18th Birthday!. Happy Birthday Jaxxx... and many, many more!! You did good Dinners!!! Cheers! He's still a young hunk himself... so you'd never know he had an 18 year old daughter today. You guys are top notch. xoxo

Friday, October 12, 2007

This Is The End

... of this very long, trying week. Thank you all for the words of encouragement and all about this week's "Aunt Jackie Ban" by a well-known blogger, and I won't mention any names. You may or may not have known who it was that got pissed with me, it doesn't matter now. I had sent an apology note, and tried to find out what exactly I did to deserve the kick to the curb, and I got no response.

I tried... I failed, I'm moving on. His comradery will be missed, but as a few of you have pointed out, it's truly their loss... Meanwhile, I still have so many great visitors to this blog and I won't be wasting any time continuing on with my writing, fun and entertainment... I don't deserve the wasted time, and neither do you, my dear readers and 'Blog Friends'... So let's move forward. "Here's mud in your eye, you dirty dog, Your loss and I forgive you for your short fuse and your blatant misunderstanding of me." That's all I have to say about that. :)

O.k. So I've been thinking a lot this week about scents, and how they affect my nostalgia for certain events of the past, good memories and all that.

"Oooh That Smell"

Some smells I like but are not attached to memories... such as dry erase markers, paint fumes and inks... Oh wait, that's not true paint fumes and inks take me right back to when I was in school for Commercial Art/Graphic Design... with my favorite teacher, Kim Varnadoe... I miss that alot.

So, let's see, there is this air freshener in the Ladies' bathroom that reminds me of when I rented out my friend Bo's house for $200 dollars a month. I stayed there nearly a year-I rented the house thinking that it would bring me closer to him, but it didn't really... Alas that wasn't meant to be. Other scents that remind me of that house are certain incense aromas, and candles. Funny how we had always remained good friends and still speak even now when I see him, but my huge crush just never panned out. All for the better for sure. (Tamra knows this whole story).

There are certain colognes that remind me of teachers I had in school, even teachers as far back as first grade if you can imagine that! And not just scents take me back to school, but on some rainy days I can still remember the sensation of being in a classroom, feeling so cozy and comfortable because of the storm... I have always loved rainstorms and it never ceased to please me going to school on a rainy day... Even now, storms totally soothe my soul... Rain has a smell too (I'm getting off track from scents... I digress).

There's a certain smell (a cool crispness) that comes with fall... and sometimes it works hand in hand with when I smell smoke. Whether it be smoke from someone burning their first fire of the season, or smoke from campfires and cooking out, I always think of growing up with Mom and her campfires and sometimes just burning trash or leaves in the back yard... It makes me feel cozy, and I pine for Winter... and snow.

Speaking of Pine, pine scented candles, for a long time made me miss my "Z" (see Butterflies Zebras and Moonbeams story if you've never read it-it's my hottest love story). The time I spent with "Z" was all through the cold months too, so I guess there are many reasons that I am fond of fall and winter.

Back to colognes (mine and others): Windsong, I relate to my Mother. Stetson for a long time I connected with my marine ex-boyfriend Lee (he always wore Stetson and it mixed with the scent of his Leather duster) It smelled very sexy at the time. Eternity cologne will always remind me of Manny (he is the one who sprayed me with it and then inhaled me, thus making me addicted to wearing Eternity for, well Eternity! lol). Sunflowers reminds me of a lot of fun times in the mid-later 90s, and I like the smell of that. Of course, one of the most infamous that I speak of sometimes is a classic that my sister, Vickie and I still laugh about... It was Oscar De La Renta (she still wears it sometimes). We would ride around in the summertime in her Green Thunderbird with white leather seats, she would take my nieces to softball, or whatever and we'd have all the windows rolled down, and her Oscar would permeate the air... memories, memories, memories... Isn't it funny how certain smells can take you right back, almost like a time machine?

What's in your Olfactory Closet??

Nineteen Eightees Child

In the spirit of Nostalgia, this was fun... Do you remember [the 80s]??? Here's a blast from the past. Happy Friday all of my wonderful Friends...

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Only Human

Let me ask you a question (or two, maybe three).
  1. Is it natural for us, as human beings, to seek validation and approval from others?

    • We shouldn't care what others think, but sometimes it is hard not to when you admire another for their skills, or you thought they had an awesome personality or were a great person only to lose their respect or approval, for whatever reason. It's hard for that not to hurt my feelings anyway.

  2. Why do you blog?

    • Of course you blog for yourself, and you may say that you still blog only for your own enjoyment, or therapy or fun. However, be honest. Every one of us likes comments; comments from your 'blog peers' provide some form of validation, and they are an enjoyable form of banter that may not be necessary, but you come to really appreciate, maybe even slightly depend on. So, when you get few or no comments, isn't it just a little disappointing?

So why is it a crime to admit that not only does one enjoy writing for the sake of writing, but being totally honest in admitting that receiving feedback, commentary and 'blog friendship' (not meaning you're obsessed or unnaturally attached to your blog friends, not 'real life') makes you happy, makes you smile... You're somewhat dependent on knowing that people come to visit your blog and enjoy what you write, whether it is a rant, or something funny.

Would it not hurt your feelings if you were suddenly, inexplicably shunned by someone who you admired and whose blog you enjoyed greatly; one who also used to enjoy the same of you and your blog?

Why are people so easy to snap, easily offended or outraged when clearly there is so much more in the world for us to be pissed off at?

I may joke around here and there, I might pick on one of you (My "Blog Friends") and give you a hard time. I might rant about something and be over-emotional some days, but that is me... take me or leave me.

I sincerely hope that I have not offended many of you, but if I did I apologize... If I have said something that I wasn't aware was pushing the limit, or unacceptable, I apologize. I never meant for it to go too far (whatever that may have been).

I truly enjoy everyone who comes here, reads my rants, raves and stupidity and leaves me a comment. I understand when people get too busy to blog, and even if I mention it I am only doing so as a lighthearted "prod". I mean no harm... I do love your attention, I'm not sure I would call myself an Attention Whore, but you do make me smile and make my day a little brighter with your notes, comments and e-mails. Thanks to you all.

I have to move on, however; there is nothing I can really do about upsetting this person who's approval I have lost, except for apologize for whatever I did (which I might never know). I must say, though that I find it dumbfounding and a little ridiculous (?)

As for everyone else, if you still enjoy reading my blog, and knowing "Aunt Jackie" then I hope you stay around and take me with a grain of salt. I am who I am, and that is a big-hearted person (sometimes over-emotional) with a love for humor, sarcasm, and outrageous and offensive-to-many material... Take me or leave me. I hope that you don't cease contact with me, or stop reading and visiting but if you do, please at least tell me why, and if I am in the wrong I will apologize and admit fault.

Everyone deserves that chance, and we all make our mistakes. After all, we're only human.

Sitting On A Cigarette Paper, Legs Dangling

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Not Sick But Not Well

It's officially "Hmmmph" day... I thought I would take an opportunity to recognize some of the ignorance, stupidity and rudeness I have brushed elbows with in the past few days. I'm not sure if this will qualify as a rant, but it may turn into one, who knows the day is young.

Here is my official Song to Commemorate the Day (couldn't find the original video to post, so this will have to do... I give you "Flagpole Sitta":
(view Lyrics to Harvey Danger - Flagpole Sitta)

RE: Lip Dub - Flagpole Sitta by Harvey Danger from Jerry Ascione on Vimeo.

Either people are getting more and more rude and callous by the day, or I have recently harnassed a the superpower of "Invisibility" (which would be cool if it were true and possible). Because everywhere I go, people either jump out in front of me, act like I'm not there and get right in my path only to stop and talk to someone else, nearly back over me as if I am not even there, or rudely interrupt a conversation that I am having with someone else like it is not even going on.

For example, just the other day I stepped into the elevator, at first all alone. That thrilled me anyway because I rather enjoy riding the elevator all by myself. Of course, it stopped a couple of floors down, some people file in, then it seems to stop on every 2 floors or so. In walks one of the building's many Lawyers. He appears to know a couple of the ladies who are already on the elevator, and begins a conversation with them upon entering. Meanwhile, he nearly sits in my lap, backing up until he's backed me up against the wall and I'm sitting there staring at his ear hair with macro-vision. So the long trip down the elevator, I feel stiff as a board, afraid to move as I might accidentally "goose" him or something... Then again, maybe I should have. Finally, the elevator hits "L" and I have never been so happy to arrive to the lobby. The doors open, and Mr. Lawyer, and another man who was in the elevator pause and say "Ladies First!". Well, the short little prissy lady and the other woman start to exit, and I, ALSO BEING A 'LADY' take my place behind the other lady only to be nearly cut-off by Mr. Lawyer... I proceed past him with a polite "Excuse Me". And he says, "Oh excuse me." That's right-You had someone behind you the entire time dumshit! What, am I invisible? Or do I look like a monster or something else besides a female?? What gives? So then I am stepping it at my usual decently-quick pace to a small restaurant in the building to the left of the hallway, and he's walking a little faster but on the right side. I notice, however that he is slowly veering over to the left, and is about to run over me yet again... on his way to the ATM machine. I, being on the left already just as I am about to turn in (as he nearly stumbles into me) just stop in my tracks and say "GO AHEAD." Then, I pass him and proceed to the restaurant.

Now, if he had only walked properly with respect to the fact that I was going towards that corridor, he would not have even had to run into me. I would've been gone-out of his way. But he was so hell bent on getting to the ATM, that he came off like a totally rude asshole. I just must be totally invisible.

I must be some sort of magnet too, because people are always backing over me, or running into me like I'm not even there. Just the same as in the video store last night, I was minding my own business, walking clearly out of this couple's path, and the male member of the couple isn't watching where he's going, he's looking at her, saying something... all the while he's backing up and veering totally in my direction, I'm walking, looking at him and trying to get out of his way, but he backs right over me... Looks up startled and says, "Oh excuse me, i'm sorry!"... I just say, "It's... alright." And continue to the register.

Maybe I'm being nit-picky, but it is severely irritating that people can't even be aware of their surroundings and watch what they're doing; where they're going. I know I'm not some gorgeous super-model, but whatever happened to just common respect and chivalry? It's out the window it seems.

It also seems seems that no matter what I am doing, or who I am talking to people coming up to interrupt me all the time. I might be discussing important business about a project or something that is no less important than what they need, but they just walk right up and "Cut In", without a thought. Is it just me?? Or shouldn't people take a number? It irritates the Bejezzus out of me.

Then lastly, I'll make a note about the 'serial buttholes' that plague today's roadways. You've heard me rant on and on about Memphis Drivers, and they are some of the worst... but that doesn't mean that mean, rude, rotten, insensitive, brainless drivers can't be found at every redlight, intersection or corner! Just last night, I stop at a stop light, once again, minding my own business. Now this redlight is one of those annoying spots where there is still a right lane, but it ends just after the redlight, so people always get in the right lane, hoping to speed up and "butthole" the people patiently sitting at the light waiting their turn. Normally, I can speed up enough to hold my own and prevent them from cutting in front of me as the lane ends, however this imbecile is driving, like, a red cherokee or something, and he's evidently got his foot hovering over the gas. As the light turns red, I put the pedal to the metal, and he speeds up like lightning, jumping in front of me. All of a sudden, I'm as mad as a wrestler on steroids. Still speeding along behind him, he starts to "stomp" on his break lights. I then flash my high beams and flip him off a few times. At this point, I'm riding his ass but he is not even going the speed limit. I mean, what's with that?? You spent all that energy passing me to cut me off, then you want to slow down and go 20 MPH?? Unacceptable... So I find a good spot to pass him, and I accelerate past the guy cursing all the way. I get back in my rightful spot in front of him and look in the rear view mirror. I guess he's given up because he's not speeding up to race me any longer.

What is the deal people?? Why is everyone so hellbent on pissing off thy neighbor? Why is everyone so oblivious to the environment around them? It has become a truly callous, insensitive, asshole nation... and I'm sick and freaking tired of being run over!!!

Just like the song says, "I'm not sick but I'm not well
And I'm so hot cause I'm in hell..."

And yes Harvey Danger was right, Stupid people are STILL BREEDING!!
I have documented evidence!!

"Way to go, Disks for Brains!!"

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Today's Only Tuesday (And WWC)

I know, I know what a fancy title that is... I'm feeling quite lazy this week for some odd reason, not that I'm acting on it--I'm still getting (some) things accomplished. But, I was totally thrown off track and nearly forgot that it was time for the WWC (Weekly Words Challenge) courtesy of the fabulous Tink of Pickled Beef. If you have not yet tried participating in the Weekly Words Challenge, it's tons of fun. Our favorite, hunk o'man, Cynical Bastard submits his photos, and always has great entries... and Tink has some wonderful photos too! So go check it out, and tell em' AJ sent'cha!

This week's WWC Theme words were "Posed" and "Natural". I was lucky this past weekend in getting my Mom to pose for me as she usually chases after me with the broom (I jest) for trying to capture her lovely face on film. So I had a wonderful, cooperative subject... My entries this week are not all that "clever", but they are good examples of Posed and Natural.

First I'll do...


Mom, pictured above in a nice, refined pose.

Self-portrait, which cannot be done without posing oneself.



Can you get more natural than Father and Son playing? The above photo is of my little nephew Blade, and his Father Wade securely holding him up on shoulders.

An Angel Statue from Elmwood Cemetary, unable to pose but fashioned in pose by human hands, however I feel she looks so natural.

And how about this

Posed AND Natural

Yes, another self-portrait... I "pose" and Mom looks on behind me unaware she was in the photograph, by the door, "natural".

Hope those were enjoyable.

Other than photography, and still struggling to get into my art (I need a kick in the head), I've been trying to get into the Halloween spirit, as October is my favorite Month and all. I even updated My MySpace and put a little Halloween theme, along with the profile song "Werewolves of London" and everything... Well, I try. It's not as much fun as it used to be. My best friend Tamra and I used to always "Get Decked Out" (meaning, dress to the nines, fix up and look totally Hawt-or however you like to put it), and we'd first take her daughter, Jessica trick-or-treating, then we'd go out on the town and just have the most fun... I miss those days, very badly sometimes. But Life happens, things come up and get in the way... Time is like a hurricane, destroying everything in its path... or sometimes it seems.

Halloween Candy... That's another thing. I am trying to restrict my sugary-goodness intake, but when I indulge, my favorite Halloween candies are those little "Pumpkin Creme" candies, you know they're made out of the same stuff candy corn is made from--So I love those things... And the occasional Halloween cookie with icing all over it. I used to love to Trick-or-treat when I was younger, but last year the neighborhood watch reported a creepy "Older Girl" running around trying to pretend she was only nine... I'm joking. Seriously though, I did trick-or-treat until I was about 11 and some gross old man (with old balls and loose skin) made the joke that I looked "old enough to get married"... and of course I never went again after that. Come to think of it, he was probably some weirdo perv anyway, or 'in his day', maybe 11 year olds did get married.

As a teenager, though, you are more interested in Haunted Houses and "TP'ing folks' Yards"... I never did that extensively, but I did go a couple of times... No good stories in there to tell really though.

One thing I am interested in trying out though, is a "Corn Maze" that they have out at the Agricenter. I've never done a Labyrinth or a Maze, so it looks like a lot of fun. That is, of course if there aren't a bunch of little screaming heathens running around perfecting their 'brain-piercing super-powers'. Also, the Zoo has some events that might be fun (Memphis Zoo Boo. So if you are going to be around Memphis this time of year, might want to check out that stuff. (Tell Em AJ Sent'cha <--my new key phrase lol).

So I will continue progressing on through the Month of Rocktober... which also means I'll be listening to my favorite Halloween music, watching my "Peanuts Holiday DVDs (It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown)", and catching a few good Horror Flicks to get into the spirit. Our favorite Horror "Marathons" to have are The Evil Dead movies, of course Stephen King's "It", Tamra and I love anything "Leatherface" (TCM classics!!), and a few others. What about you guys??

Have a Freaky week and be careful of what lurks in the shadows... It just might be me!! :O

Monday, October 08, 2007

Shiny Crappy Monday

I know, I know, it seems like next weekend is very far away right about now.

But take heart, it will get here before you know it.

Our weekend was pretty busy, just with family stuff and unexpected house guests. Took some good photos of my Mom yesterday. She posed for me in her new suit, and looked perfect and angelic as always. I think I will have them printed for her, she always likes that. Also, took some self-portraits and I added a new one to my profile. I wasn't looking my best, but I was just goofing around and decided to throw a few of myself in, since I take after my Dad (he always took self portraits too).

Went over to Xanadu Book Store the other day, as they have not only books but music equipment. Mr. J was looking at some of the music equipment, and I began browsing the books. Of course I couldn't walk away empty handed. I held two books in my hands. The first one was "On The Road" written by Jack Kerouac. The other was Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden, which I had been wanting to read... Although I'm sure that the Kerouac book was more historic at this point, I couldn't help myself but I bought Memoirs because I had been wanting to read it since I saw the movie. I still have no idea why I'm so obsessed with that story... but I am (the Japanese culture, and the mystique of the Geisha are just very interesting to me). So I'm on Chapter 6 already (or 7), and so far it's very good... I think I'll try to check out the Kerouac book at some point though. I can't explain what draws me to a particular book, as I am not an extremely frequent reader... but once I get interested in some story, I will read it like mad!

So due to the weekend's events, I didn't post but I got around when I could to read my other blog buddies. Blog talk radio news: Rockdog fell ill, and did not have his usual "Unleashed" radio show. I certainly hope he feels better and is back in true form this next week... I am not sure but I think Yas's Radio Show picks back up on October 14th... so stay tuned for that! If you have never listened in, please also check out Meggy Moon, she's still doin her thang Thursday nights at 7! Tell her Jaxxx sent ya.

If I can fine tune any pics that I feel like sharing, I'll do so as soon as possible.

For all my fellow Techies out there, I leave you with this fine quote (Managers please keep this in mind when deciding it might be best to offer up that 4-day work week, or even the "telecommuting" option--We won't fight you on that.

Sometimes it pays to stay in bed in Monday, rather than spending the rest of the week debugging Monday's code

Dan Salomon quotes