Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Two Coreys, One Jolie

"The guardian angels of life sometimes fly so high as to be beyond
our sight, but they are always looking down upon us." -
Jean Paul Richter

The post you are about to read is about my late niece, Jolie Samantha. Although she passed away at the most unfair age, 20, this is not a sad post. So I beg of my sister Vickie (her mom) if she reads this, please don't be sad at all. I know that she is with us, when we are happy or sad... but especially when we are happy because Jolie loved to laugh, and found good and humor in everything and everyone she met... she was the most pure-hearted and kindest one of us all... When I laugh remembering some of the silly things we all used to do, or the silliest movies that we watched and loved, I know she is near, belly-laughing with me.

It is because of a new show that I saw advertised that gave me the urge to post this about her. The show is to be called "The Two Coreys". Yeah you know them. They infiltrated the movies "together". Flash back to the 1980s, terrible parachute pants, M.C. Hammer and Vanilla Ice dancing everywhere, and Pepsi for a 'New Generation'... The movies were never cheesier... and up to their earlobes in work were two equally passing fads, Corey Haim and Corey Feldman. I know that if she were here now, she would be reveling in this mad day and age of the "Reality TV" and shows just like this. She would probably have tried to be on that one with Brett Michaels. She LOVVVED Brett Michaels... probably the Scott Baio one too. :)

Dear God, Please deliver us from Corey... and Corey.

Jolie loved movies, all that 80s crap, the Coreys, "Saved By the Bell", Dirty Dancing especially and back in the day she and my other niece, Ginger, were hooked on "New Kids on the Block"... you know, every day stuff for kids who were about their age.

If I was going anywhere, to the mall, to a job fair, whatever... Jolie was the first one to hop into my car with me and go. She laughed at me for taking an alternate route and getting lost, because I was never lost for long I always navigated my way around so it was more like 'taking the long way home'. She called them "Jackie's Adventures" and was just glad to be along for the ride.

We tormented one another with silly songs, especially when I would take her to Pizza Hut, which was one of her favorite places to go and eat when we went somewhere. She and I would take turns playing these silly songs on the Jukebox and then laughing as the other would cringe. It was a competition of sorts... who could play the worst tune... I don't know who won. I would say we both did. She laughed hardest whenever I would sing the theme from "The Love Boat".

Jolie always found the good in everyone... where we might feel like someone wasn't worth befriending, she was nice to them, treated everyone equally. Sometimes we would worry about her because she tended to take up with so many friends, and was so boy crazy. But she was fine. I tried to keep my eye out after her when I could. In fact, it was because of one of her 'boyfriends' being in a metal band that eventually led me to meet Richie (Mr. J).

She never got to meet Richie, but I know she would've liked him most of all and been very happy that I finally met someone worth something that really cared for me rather than being abusive and worthless.

We lost her in 1998 at the tender age of 20 years old. She had a rare heart disorder called Long QT Syndrome. We know what it is now, and maybe it's not even as rare as it was, but I still don't understand it totally.

There'll never be another like Jolie Samantha. There will always a missing void there for my beloved niece. Sometimes I still feel like I am supposed to be picking her up and taking her with me someplace, but then I remember that she's not there... Like I said though this is not meant to be a sad post. We are sad because we lost someone so pure of heart so very young, and so unfair, so it is easy to let it get us down, but I cannot think of Jolie without smiling because of the wonderful 20 years we were lucky enough to have... and because I know she really is there. She's everywhere we go, and she'll never be forgotten.

(Above: Jolie with Daddy, her "Paw Paw", March 1998)

Click to visit the Long QT Syndrome Memoriam page*


Dan said...

What a wonderful tribute to your niece, Aunt Jackie. She died way, way too young. A million hugs to you for that.

captain corky said...

Very touching Jackie, and sad. I admit that I will be watching The Two Coreys and I promise to laugh at them for Jolie.

P.S. The Lost Boys, which they were both in, was a good movie.

Anonymous said...

Jackie, Thanks for the post. Remember Jolie was also the one who introduced us to the internet!!! There will never be another Jolie, that's for sure. Honestly ..there is not a day that goes by that I don't miss her. But I think anyone whao has lost a child knows what I am talking about....Love you Sister Dear...Vickie

JINKS said...

So glad I got to meet Jolie through your heart and memories. She has such a sweet expression in the picture and your Daddy looks so proud to be with her.
You come from "good people" and your wise enough to know it and share it.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to post this site. Looks like Jolie started this one too.

This is a cool guy who has this site. He is living with LQT himself.


Chelly said...

A beautiful and touching tribute Jaxx! Thanks for sharing those lovely memories with us.

Aunt Jackie said...

Thanks Dan! It was something I just felt like posting, and especially for my dear Sister Vickie.

Corky: I'll probably watch them too, I don't like many of the reality shows, but I do love Gene Simmons, and get hooked on the occasional cheesy 80s comeback! ;)

Vickie: Yes, Jolie did cause us to begin using the net... if you think about it, she made some huge impacts on our lives! Also, you need to update Jolie's memorial and put a photo up there.

Jinks: Thanks, I do come from Good people, and I happen to know a few too *wink*. :)

Chelly: I'm glad you enjoyed them... Jolie was very special, I know she would be blogging with me here too if she were with us. It would've been right down her alley!

What A Crock said...

I just want you to know right here... right now...

that i'm soo watchin the 2 COREY'S!!! hahahah

mic said...