Thursday, July 19, 2007

No-Yawn Lawn Care!

This post is dedicated to "the guys"... or anyone who loves women I guess.

All of you probably wonder what Memphis offers that other cities might not really. "Smack Dab" in the middle of the Bible Belt, the city still boasts fully nude strip clubs, and plenty of debauchery! Aside from this, why do you think people live in Memphis TN? Is it the delicious Barbecue? Is it the scenery? Music History? The Drivers? Maybe it is the business opportunities. Memphis has a decent job market and seems to draw professionals from all over.

That being said, what does "Bikini Cut" mean to you? It probably makes you think of women grooming their nether regions in such a manner as to be presentable in a bikini, does it not? Well that's one way of looking at it. However, a Memphis business owner saw it as a way to increase his success. How did he use "bikini cut" do accomplish this, you might ask??

Well, it is a lawn service called Tiger Time Lawn Care. Tiger Time Lawn Care uses women in bikini's to get the job done. That's right guys, I said "Women in Bikinis". Read this article if you don't believe me or visit the site link above. So imagine that, Men... You could sit outside drinking a nice, cold one and watch your lawn be mowed by these bikini-clad babes... The world is just falling all over itself to please you isn't it?? lol

So, how dare you say or think that Memphis is not advanced enough to think of marketable ideas, or think that we in the South don't have a mind for business and even technology? Our business opportunities and great marketing ideas are what truly bring people to this city... Then again, maybe it's just the barbecue.


her indoors said...

bloody hell what next eh! so how many men are going to be trying to get the service of these girls, for cutting the grass of course!
Memphis to me means ELVIS and Aunt Jackie :-)


ARRRRRRGH!!! I haven't got any grass! It's all crazy paving!

Shit shit shit.

Would they repoint my crazy paving in bikini's?

JINKS said...

You've just hit on how we can both retire early and rich.....picture young,hunky,six-pack ab,tall, dark, muscle bound,jean bulging...(hang on let me get the cold shower started)..shirtless wonders..cutting up yards...and trimming bushes (tee hee). Women will pay to see that.....this other gig....first broken nail....its back to pole dancing for those chicks.....have your people call my people, lets get a move on.....

Aunt Jackie said...

Thanks Indoors! I try not to dissappoint... you're right though lol! Men. :)

Dinners: If they don't I will... Just have myself FedEx'd on over there with the tools to do it lol!

Jinks: Bingo! You said it. Let's plan a grass roots meeting to discuss the whole scheme. We'll turn this thing around, then upside down!