Friday, July 20, 2007

Dark Poetry Corner

Ok, it's poetry time again! Would love your input on my latest...

Grave Charade

This is the Deathly time of life
searching for the light
digging beneath the grave
to see the other side of night

This is the time before we're born
as we live inside the shadows
still tattered and torn, waiting

Looking forward to a new day
outside this warm retreat
when silence spills over into
the noise of morbid parades

Charading around
they all dance
in frocks of false hopes
trying to fool us
once again
into feelings of peace
and serenity

Knowing that one day
they'll be free
just like we are now

With disdainful sighs
we measure time
to the Death Watch Beetle's song
swaying towards the exit when
these seconds may become
a thousand years.

© 2007 Jacqueline Wood


captain corky said...

Awesome. You're poems are incredible.

awaiting said...

You are just one talented writer! Not only do you write some kickbutt posts, but you write fab poems.


Heavy stuff! Put it to music?

Blublood said...

That was beautiful and reminds me of every time I wake to sleep......