Sunday, July 29, 2007

Ferocity of Nature

Sometimes the simplest things can be intricate and dramatic when you simply stop and observe. I went to visit Mom and Dad today and enjoyed some wonderful "Coffee Talk", and while I was there I witnessed a bit of real life nature in action.

Just as I was about to walk out onto the front porch, so afraid of wasps as I am, I stopped waiting for one to fly away when I observed it suddenly trapped in the web of a very small spider. I could've opened the door, and continued on at this point, but I was mesmerized by the ferocity of the wasps 'then fate'.

She immediately sprang into action, zipping down close to the wasp, but then quickly scurrying back to the top of her web, waiting for the wasp to get caught up enough and in a good position for her to pounce. Back and forth she went until the wasp, in an effort to untangle himself, got even more stuck. So then she zooms down and attempts to capture him. The wasp was significantly larger than this small, but obviously tough little spider, but she was relentless, trying to capture her prey... Finally, one swift and lucky move and the wasp freed himself and flew away.

I actually felt sorry for the little spider, she had worked so hard only to lose her more than sufficient, juicy meal... Who knew when another unsuspecting insect would happen across this little goddess's intricate and ingenious work of art?

However, I moved on out to the porch, to observe the flower pot that my mother had directed me to. She said that a little bird, possibly a "Wren" had built a nest inconveniently in her hanging flower pot. Sure enough, I look and inside this flower was a very well-built nest made of straw, feathers, and other things that these birds had gathered. Not your average nest, it was built in a round formation, as if to have a round "home" with a hole to enter and exit.

(forgive the photo quality, as I snapped these with my cellphone)
I moved closer, and could see two babies inside with little beaks opening and closing, awaiting their parents' return hoping for the next juicy, delicious worm to feast upon. Careful not to disturb them, and of course not touching them (you must never touch or the mother will desert her babies).

I stared in awe, moved by the simple, gentle yet sometimes violent ebb and flow of nature in all it's wonder.

Sunday was a good day.


Dan said...

I love this post Jaxxx. Sunday was a good day indeed. I love those little birds. So cute and vulnerable!

This evening, during our evening walk through town, Laura and I spotted a kitty cat stalking a little bunny. We clapped our hands because the cat was about to pounce and the bunny came running towards us and then bolted to the side safely getting away from the cat.

It's fun to watch "nature". Of course we ourselves are part of it. Our clapping to warn the bunny was as integral as all of it.

Blondie said...

Awwww! Sweet little birdies!
I love that you got pictures of them.
Just wait until they get big enough to make some real noise... you won't love 'em so much then.

Glad you had a good Sunday, darling. Sounds like you needed it.


captain corky said...

Glad you had a good day. I love spiders. They kill at the really annoying insects like wasps and mosquitos. I never kill spiders.

Not-So-Naughty Voyeur said...

Awwwwe :) OK, coulda done without the spiders.. but the little birdies made up for it :) Did you shake them out of the nest and stomp on them?? AHAHAH! Oh, you know I'm joking. I'd buy them a condo if it would save them :) I love all the little birdies this time of year.

JINKS said...

Thank you for reminding us to ....slow down and take a look around....all sorts of little dramas are being acted out in nature. Can you imagine like the spider having to work that hard to survive? Know any "spider whisperers"?

Aunt Jackie said...

It is definitely cool watching nature, Dan!! You know? Babies of the animal world are so much more cute and vulnerable sometimes than the human babies--you can already tell human babies are 'up to something'. :)

Blondie: Oh I would rather hear the noises of birds and animals than anything man-made :) But sometimes silence can be truly golden (and impossible to find).

I respect and fear spiders, I don't want to mess with them, but I do love what they do in nature.

NV!! Awww terrible!! And yes, at least I didn't put up any spider photos. I love birds.

Jinks: Yeah the nature works its ass off! The spider's intricate work has always amazed me... I can't do that with my butt! LOL!
No, if I run across any spider whisperers, I'll let you know. hehe.