Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Bugging Out

Wow... harsh realization here. Consequently, I feel a great urge to get a pedicure and buy some Gold Bond Foot Spray...lol.

"Seacrest, OUT!"

Since it appears that my shoes are so effective for killing the formerly 'unstoppable' cockroach, I will be making these (my used shoes) available for purchase. The price might be a bit steep though, since it takes me at least two days and a bit of foot work to get them to this toxic state!

So, I had another tough night going to sleep for some reason, I put in the movie "Boogie Nights", which I haven't watched in a long time but was reminded of it when I posted the segment where Dirk Diggler is trying to be a singer, recording "You've Got The Touch". Funny stuff. So I'm thinking I will fall asleep pretty quick while a movie is playing, and I put it on "repeat" just for good measure. Nope. I get interested in the flick, and watch nearly the entire movie before getting even slightly groggy.

Then first thing this morning, Richie is awake bright and early, and in some sort of demonic "good mood"... and he decides that I have to be awake just because he is. So I lay there 'groggily' (might be a made-up word), feeling like I would truly enjoy sleeping until noon (or at least as long as I can), and decide finally to get up and make myself a bowl of cereal... you know, the 'un-fun' adult kind with no toy prize to be found. Hey, I'm all about trying to be healthy and incorporating more fiber into our diets as adults, but they could still put a toy in the box. What gives? It's just not fair. I make my cereal, grab a suspiciously over-sized banana and stop momentarily to stare at it. I swear I wasn't thinking anything bad, I was just in awe of the size of this apparent "super fruit". Richie sees me stop and glance at it and starts to laugh at me.

"What are you giggling at?" I ask, with a 'dare me' glare.

{snickering} He replies, "You... hehe. You and your big banana."

I roll my eyes, mumble something under my breath and eat my high-fiber, cancer fighting breakfast.

So then I force myself to proceed, take my bath and prepare to leave work. I can't find my purse, so I go back into the back of the house and make sure I didn't leave it there. It's nowhere to be found. I think that I might have left it in the floorboard of my car since I took it with me to the gym last night, and may have left it there so I just grab my keys and go to the car. On my way to the car, I notice that my purse, cellphone and sunglasses are sitting outside on the barbecue grill where I happened to put them last night as I was bringing in the dog. "Oh that's really good!" I think to myself, as I go and inspect the purse to make sure that everything important is still intact. Amazingly, it is.

Sometimes I think I just need a good kick in the head... I would do it myself if I didn't have such lethal feet.

I'm might be a bit cynical and mad at the world, but hey-I don't have a death wish! :)


Rashi said...


liked the dead cockroach :)

her indoors said...

get them on e-bay LOL, you were lucky with the purse, do that round here they would have taken the lot

Metal Mark said...

When I just out of college I lived in a cockroach infested apartment. If you got up to use the bathroom at night and turned on the light you would see like a dozen of them scurrying off the sink. When you turned on the oven you would see about 20-30 of them coming out from behind the stove once it got hot.


Roaches are ok. Read 'Red Dwarf - Better Than Life' and you'd know it.

ZigZagMan said...

damn woman..the very presence of you shoes killed it??????? Thats....well..............scary!!!!!!! :)!!!!

JINKS said...

Don't feel bad
besides it just goes to show you we don't really need all the household pesticides now do we?

It was probably a sick, old cockroach, who was paying too much for his prescriptions, think of it as a "assisted suicide"......hmmm, move over
Dr. K.......make way for Auntie J.