Monday, July 02, 2007

Men, I Love You!!!

You guys are so funny sometimes. Such curious creatures. I understand it--I really do. You need to know how things work, and you need to perform your experiments. However, I have to agree with the author of this site, that only a guy would do this (go on, click it):


Now, read it and weep (or laugh, like I did)... I would like to sincerely thank this man for being sweet enough to NOT do this to his cat... Humanity still exists at least in some places of this world, and obviously so does stupidity!


her indoors said...

LOL yes i laughed at that! just so glad he didn't do it to his cat!

barnze said...

I have been hit with a tasar..right in the arse cheek,dropped me to the floor that did..

RockDog said...

LOL!!! Funny story he has there!