Monday, July 30, 2007

Blue Moan On Monday

How about that Full Moon last night??
OOoooohhhhh God it's Monday again!! (Ok, that is my official moan). Looking back, I felt quite more enthusiastic last Monday, but don't worry. My spirits are not dampened! If you are reading this, then I trust you have made it through to another one unscathed as well... or at least I hope so.

I have a couple things for today, one is the song that I have been stuck on since yesterday. Now please don't make fun-I know that some people love Rod Stewart, and some may hate him.

I'm neither here nor there, but yesterday afternoon, I began playing the song "You Wear It Well" over and over until I could sing the lyrics to this song perfectly. I don't know why this tune struck my fancy, it just did. I was even thinking it would be cool to do a cover of it. Unfortunately, Rod doesn't wear it well.

Secondly, I am curious about something. In your work place restroom, do you have a "Favorite" stall? If so, will you use one of the other stalls if you happen to go in and find that "your stall" is occupied? Or do you even use the restroom in your workplace? I know some people have complete aversions to any type of public restroom even that of a small, or low-traffic one at work. This is just something I was curious about within the realm of human nature.

Finally, I would like to share another bit of my verse, I hope you enjoy it as well as the rest of your Monday.

Here goes.

©2007 Jacqueline Wood
Sun washes over me

cleansing me so

you drive me mad

like the cool, blue moon

I lie here in
velour summer grass

listening to the
night sing its song
Whispers of the
witching hour
bear your name
Still can smell

your blood on me
lunatic kisses
in crimson rain
Not of this world

but outside
this bubble
we stand so still
looking back in


JINKS said...

Well let me say that Rod wears it better these days..and the office shares one restroom. So its do or die. Office is mostly women, We have a laminated sign with a picture of Ace Ventura/Jim Carrey
which automatically signals, with out saying....."Wheewwww Do Not Go In There"....too much information?....sorry.

ZigZagMan said...

my weekend was uneventful,,,,was supposed to hook up again with friend and collective soul...but it tanked..:(

but the beer was cold and the yard sale was a vast success!! :)

captain corky said...

"lunatic kisses
in crimson rain"

What a great line.

Work always ruins Mondays. Have a good Tuesday Jackie!

Aunt Jackie said...

Jinks: Do you really have that sign on the door?? LOL Yes, you can leave that sort of stuff for TMI Tuesday... Zig has an official blog he gathers TMI questions for Tuesday, maybe you should check that out. It'll shock your knickers off ;)
And Zig... at least the Beer was cold!! Glad it wasn't a total loss.

Corky... thanks I'm glad you enjoyed that... You have a great Tuesday too!

her indoors said...

if i gotta go i gotta go!
I can listen to Rod in small doses!
Tuesday is nearly over hope you enjoyed it AJ
i had a great weekend celebrating the son's 21st

Nothingman said...

We like the poem aunt j, kissing in the rain is a wonderful experience indeed! ;)