Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Positively On My Knees

Tuesday... what can I say about Tuesday? I know Zig always puts up 'TMI Tuesday' posts, which are always interesting to say the least!! Zig and Mrs. Zig must have some saucy stories to tell.

Except for the little day-to-day stresses, my attitude is still forging on and on a positive path, so I'm glad about that. I feel like I am finally getting to a point where I am using the past to my advantage, and while I can never forget it or the people in my past, I am trying to take that and fuse it within myself now to optimize the present. Our pasts, no matter how much we might wish that they were not, are an integral part of us. It has made us who we are now. To reject that is to reject yourself, and that's not going to work. So taking it as a real part of me, can assist me in understanding things that I do, and help me move forward. I truly feel that I am beginning to open-up and embrace the idea of the future... let's hope I can keep it up.

Speaking of TMI as well as positive stuff, we were at the gym last night and we did our lifting (deadlifts, rows, incline bench press, and even 30 minutes of cardio stuck there on the end). It was great... until I was working that elliptical machine, and my panties got twisted, and started an argument with my crotch. It's the price you pay for wearing your white cotton bikinis with your work-out attire at the gym, when you have a fat... ummm, well let me stop there.

I performed a ninja action as soon as I was reasonably confident that nobody was gawking my way, and I quickly maneuvered the panties back into a sufficiently comfortable position, so that I could finish my cardio session... "Ahhhh" I thought as I pulled each side... You know someone is always looking though, even when you think you have covered all the bases.

Positive posts don't have to be totally devoid of a good rant. I have a bone I've been wanting to pick. I know all of you guys are leading equally busy lives, and we all have many blogs to catch up on daily, weekly, or whatever our schedule permits. I try to get around and comment to you guys too as much as possible.

I've been blogging for close to a year now, and I personally feel that this is long enough to pick up a pretty decent reader-base. Sure, I can believe that it takes time, but I think nearly a year is good enough to at least get a good block of commentors starting. Now, I'm not picking on anyone seriously, but Captain Corky gets more than his fair share of visitors and comments. Now, I love Corky to death. He's hilarious, he's entertaining, and doggonit, he has a gorgeous new son, Corky Jr! I'm not denying all of that. I realize that people with babies draw a lot of allure, and respect... I don't want to take that away from him at all. However, maybe I'm just as egotistical and jealous an attention hog (as Corky and some others) BUT-by god I must be heard!! :)

I'm on my knees! That's right, on my knees. I need comments, visits, subscriptions... whatever you guys can do to let me know your out there. If there's something you want to hear, let me know. I aim to please, and I'll tell you dirty stories, or share more (or less) poetry... Feed my EGO!!! Tell me your neeeeeeds.

It's either this, or I post up video of me dancing and I don't think you want that to happen... not that I don't have rhythm and soul, I've been told this several times... but my big booty might break the lens!! :D

Guys have a great day, and y'all come back y'hear???


her indoors said...

hey we love you AJ, but yeah Corky sure gets everyone over at his place uh!!! love the effects of the photo

JINKS said...

Girl I have felt your pain, not only in pulling the troops out of harms way in the DMZ (da monkey zone) at the gym but also on the playing fields of blogspot.com

I truly understand your need..I'm right out there with ya sista.....Listen up fellows...its the interaction we crave, the give and take, the push and pull, the bump and grind....sorry, just the mere mention of being on your knees well, you understand....
hey you all heard Auntie J.....start giving up those comments to her....don't make her come and yank em out!!!!!


Dancin' video!!!!!!! I insist.

(I will sulk if yer don't 'cause yer better lookin' than a Yorkshire barmaid!)

Dan said...

Happy nearly one-year anniversary Jaxxx!!!

Yes to a video! Yes to dirty stories! Yes even to dirty videos! :)

I think you're terrific, and you can increase your readership, but it takes time. IM me and we can discuss. Hugs Jaxxx!

Lavender said...

Gday Aunty, interesting blog, nice writing! Thanks for commenteing over at my place, thats how I found you. Hang in there with the comments! Cheers!

RockDog said...

I found that I get more comments when I show high res pictures of my cleavage.

Cynnie said...

oh lord hun..
dig those drawers outta your stuff with pride!..
everyone does it ..
so no worries!

I need people over at my digs too..
I'm lonely

AuntieJaxxxxxxxxxx said...

Indoors, Indeed he does!! ;)

Jinks, you're my bud-thanks for joining forces with me.

FourD, I don't know about better than the barmaid, but for you I may just have to! Gimme a moment I gotta have a think.

Dan, will do as soon as I can. Thanks! :)

Lavender, thanks for coming by! Your beads are beautiful!

Rockdog: I see what'cha got up your sleeve there. Maybe for Half Nekkid Thursday, I'll try to surprise y'all.

Cynnie: I try to get by there, I'll come by. Thanks for the 'support' hehehe :D I knew you'd understand.

captain corky said...

Your blog is much more entertaining than Corky's is! He's very egotistical and a bit boorish at times. But you my dear are fantastic!

Anonymous said...

I always stop by to read, just too fucking lazy to constantly have to log in every time I want to comment. Stupid browser USED to save my info, now it won't. And every time I close the browser.. I have to log back in. Just pisses me off.. so I don't comment as much. But I do read... and go 'hhhmmmmmm' :)

Don't know what I want more of. But I do know what I don't want more of... hi res pics of Dawg's cleavage. SERIOUSLY!

--lazy NV

Nothingman said...

it's tough to get people to comment, unless you are steven novak! ha ha, that guy could give depressive nightmares to comment seeking bloggers, it's a shame he quit!

Dirty stories work! believe me, ask mutley the dog :P

Comments shall come, they just take a lotta time coming here:P