Thursday, July 19, 2007

For Those About To Rock

(We salute you!) Apparently, by authority of Her Indoors, I Rock! This is a great honor, and I express my sincere gratitude to you, as well as all of you who made this moment possible! It truly is rare that I win awards, or win much of anything for that matter, but occasionally, the stars align and I do.

So, along with the honor of the "Rocking Blogger" award, I also get to award this to 5 more bloggers of my choosing... (which would include Her Indoors, if she hadn't already received this award). However, I couldn't narrow it down to 5 I had to cheat and do 6, and it's my award to give away, so I can do that! :) Congratulations (in no particular order) goes to:

Jinks at Jinks Writes and Rewrites. Why? Because she has such an original outlook on life as well as sense of humor. Her blog reflects that. She is always very supportive of me and uplifting, and an all around great friend. So, Jinks, You Rock!

Next, our Friendly Neighborhood Rockdog. Why? Of course for one because you can't give out "Rocking Blogger" awards and neglect a guy named Rockdog, but also because he has a really great outlook on life, is hilarious and has lived in the Rock-n-roll lifestyle. He is always has a cool word to say, and is very honest about Men and life. So, Rockdog, You Rock!

Zigzagman (and Mrs. Zig too). Why? Because he is constantly promoting me, and he and Mrs. Zig have really pumped me up about my band's music. Also, he's out there living the life and showing by example that married isn't 'buried' and life is totally what you make it, and that is F.U.N. So, Zig and Mrs. Zig, You Rock!

Blondie and her 'Mostly Inappropriate Tales'. Why? Because she reminds me a lot of myself sometimes, living her wild life having fun and doing what she wants to do. She does without concern to what others think. Her blog reflects that. She always knows what to say to drag me out of one of my blue funk's, reminding me that life is about joy. So, Blondie, You Rock!

Awaiting. Why? Well for one, she is a strong and independent woman who has been through so much lately, but still keeps on kicking ass. She is a positive uplifting lady who reminds us all that no matter what life throws us, we as women still have to continue on and show the world we can take care of ourselves and our families, and you can't keep us down. So, Awaiting, You Rock!

Four Dinners at Why? Why not? I could not leave 4D out because he is always kicking major ass, telling the world how he feels and being honest. He keeps Punk alive, and reminds me that we never have to grow up and we can always be ourselves. He's always been there with an encouraging word too. So, Four Dinners, You Rock!

**Just a note, I truly give all of my bloggers in my links bar an honorary "You Rock" but I don't have the space here to list them all... and hey, I've already violated the rule!! But that's me. ;)


JINKS said...

In true "chip and dale" style.... Rock Jackie!'s you that rocks.....yes quiet so..its true..its positively true dahling...yes..yes..yes. Thank you, thank you thank you...and so do the rest of the recipients of this prestigious award....must go time for meds.....yes, quite so...tata

Carl said...


Well, I'll be a blue-nosed gopher
oh Jinks done won some kind of award......if it comes in a brown paper wrapper.....i get first dibs.....

p.s. like your new pitchur Jackie,
see ya at yur next gig.

ZigZagMan said...

I was just going to say thanks for the award........but Jinks damn near made me spit my beverage on my keyboard!! :)

have a great day Lass!!

RockDog said...

Thank you very much! Very cool!

I'd like to thank, well, myself for spewing what you apparently have confused with something entertaining. ;)

Aunt Jackie said...

Jinks: Hell, I should've left that spelled with the typo "Joinks" would've been funnier!! You know you rock, and I'm glad I got you into the blog world. It has opened up your creativity!

Carl: You simmer down now!

Zig: You're welcome, and she does have that affect on people!! :)

Rockdog: LOL! You're welcome, and hey-EVERYTHING you spew is entertaining... don't let anyone ever tell you any different! ;)

her indoors said...

way to go my rocking blogging buddie

Mrs.ZigZagMan said...

awwww thanks! so when do we get to see the band?

awaiting said...

Yes, you indeed ROCK! And thank you sooo much for what you said about me! It made me feel sooooo good!

Aunt Jackie said...

Indoors! Thanks to you! :)

Mrs. Zig: Soon, if I can get one fixed up, maybe a decent Vid... Also, you guys will be able to get the CD's soon, got my drummer working on it!

Awaiting! Well it's true. You keep on being you!!


I missed it! Me? Ta babe x

Anonymous said...

YAY ME! Spanks for the honor of being mentioned on your blog, tootsie!

Happy Saturday.