Monday, July 02, 2007

Cold Day In July

Here around Memphis, you're not likely to find the words 'Cold' and 'July' spoken in the same sentence. I was up way too late last night (but strangely, up earlier than I was even yesterday); when I was just about to go to bed, I looked at the computer clock and actually got a shock when I saw "July 1". I mean, how did it slip up on us this fast?? Entirely HALF of the year, evaporated before our eyes.

I haven't had a chance to write as much as I wanted to over the weekend, but things just happen I guess, and time flies. I often wonder how "accomplished" everyone else feels. Do you feel like you are able to get things done in your spare time, you know? Make them most of time off, or your weekends?? Usually, I start the week on Monday feeling like I haven't done anything worth anything... Someone give me lessons!!

Recently, on MySpace, I've talked a bit about music with a very talented former classmate of mine, who's music I found on the site within the last several months. His name is Robert. When we were growing up, even in Kindergarten Robert was already conquering classical music on the piano. I remember our Music teacher, Mrs. Gabbert used to have Robert play songs for us in 1st, 2nd grade... and although I knew I could play, Robert always amazed me. School, however is a cruel, dog-eat-dog environment as a child. My confidence in myself never was good enough to show off or let anyone know that I had even a glimmer of talent, so nobody really knew much about me except for I was that 'strange girl (not very popular at all), who lived out in the country, always the chunky oddball who got made fun of more than anything else really.

Robert, who's own music you can hear at this link, has listened to some of our "SAP" stuff, and he liked it alot--his words really made me feel good about our project, especially coming from him--I admired his musical talent so much growing up... so it's really cool to re-connect and share artistic discussion with someone I pretty much "grew up" with. While we're on the subject of Robert, if any of you like RUSH, then you absolutely must go to his MySpace music page and check out his RUSH covers (he has a couple on there, but more on another site, But don't forget to check out the link to his band's page before you leave: The Addiction. Kudos Robert! You've always kicked ass, and I really appreciate your thoughts and words about what I'm up to now.

Ok, well that's about it for tonight, I've ended the weekend again with no real accomplishments except for my call in to Rockdog's Blog Radio Show on Saturday night (Midnight Eastern Time). If you want to hear that, just follow the link to Rockdog's page. The other accomplishment I made was getting my Paladin to Level 65 on World of Warcraft... I wanted to get other stuff done, but Richie kept making me play, and we also had to help some other players in the game.

I feel like I have just spouted off a bunch of boring mumbo jumbo, but I can't help it. It hasn't been a good weekend for writing for me. Hopefully, my week ahead will at least be productive. Tomorrow is Monday, July 2nd... I'll get in my car and try to navigate my way through the city feeling like I'm in some death match video game, dodging enemies, and everyone racing to their destination. Your objective is to make it through without being completely run over by the other insensitive morons that are constantly out to get you... I swear that's how I feel on the road... just like being in a real-life "Frogger" game.

Hope you all had a good weekend... and I hope to have something interesting to bring to you this week... maybe tomorrow, who knows! :)


Chucky said...

Personally I like it when you "[spout] off a bunch of boring mumbo jumbo" It seems to make the post more personal I guess. I guess I just like mumbo jumbo =)

I didn't do a damn thing this weekend. They only beer I had has been Barq's Root Beer. Only the best root beer for me! I do enough during the week with school and work. Weekend are for kickin' back.

captain corky said...

I saw a movie and hung out with Rockdog and company this weekend. I enjoy peaceful weekends.

RockDog said...

Thanx for calling! Very cool of you!

Chalice said...

Mumbo Jumbo is not a bad thing...

I can't say I haven't been busy because we have... In fact, way too busy :)

Sorry it took me so long, but I have your questions posted on my blog... You can kick me if you wanna. I completely understand :)

Aunt Jackie said...

Chucky! Thanks, you know? You are right... I am putting way too much pressure on myself-I'm busy all week too... we have to have some 'wasted' time I guess... You always can talk sense into me. :D

Corky: Get ready, cuz you're peaceful weekends are nearly over... Now it's about Babyfood, Diapers, Boo-Boo's & Band-Aids, and sleepless nights! Cheers to Daddy Corky! (soon!)

Rockdog! My pleasure, I had a blast!

Chalice! Thanks, yes you're right, Mumbo Jumbo can be soothing to the soul, can't it? Ok, I posted up your questions. Hope I did not dissappoint.

Chucky said...

Glad I could help =)

JINKS said...

those were interesting questions from Chalice and will answer them myself....and Jax as far as mumbo jumbo....girl its just talking out loud and we are honored to hear what you think...not many folks can let their guards down to open up the way you helps us all feel so don't look at it as that......its very comforting and spiritual for me....cause you know how to be real.....which once again we are all born with and you are fortunate enough not to have ever lost that ability.....and btw enjoyed lunch with you, gave me lots to think about......jinks.