Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Stay Cool

I'm working on a very meaningful post, which I will be putting up soon (for anyone who might be interested, that is). It's just taking me a bit of time because I've been busy with a lot of things.

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If you have been neglecting your Aunt Jackie, and haven't been by in a few days (and you know who you are), then you have some catching up to do anyway so 'get reading!!'. If you have been faithful to me, and you come by consistently and check in lovingly, then you get kudos points... know that I appreciate you (even more so when you think enough to leave a lovely comment!)

So I am working on this meaningful post, which will be funny in some ways and sad in other ways. I'll be talking about one of my wonderful nieces, Jolie, who my family lost a few years back, and the terrific way that she affected all of our lives--as well, it is going to include some of the cheesy 80s-90s pop culture that she loved so dearly, and maybe some amusing stories of our adventures together. It is my hope that the post will be enjoyable, and not really be viewed as "Sad"--this especially goes for my sister, Vickie who might be sad reading it, but I hope not because I know Jolie would want us to read, remember and laugh about the great times when we think of her.
Therefore, Stay Cool, and come back as soon as possible and I should have the Chronicle of Jolie ready for your reading pleasure.

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JINKS said...

I really enjoy the anticipation of waiting on something you are working on.....You've told me about Jolie before and how much you miss her always comes through in your voice.