Thursday, July 26, 2007

Buckets of Rain

Ahh it's thirsty Thursday, and it's been raining through the lunch hours here in Memphis. You all know how much I love rain (not flooding you understand, but a good soothing rain). Thrills me the way the droplets form on the windshield and then roll down, and I see many artistic things in that... just as when I stare at the clouds rolling by. Been like that since I was a child.

So here is a photo I took of the windshield on my way back from lunch, cutting through a parking lot, long enough to photograph the rain through the glass, and after I took the photo I happened to notice I caught the McDonald's arches there in the storm... lol

This photo I took with Barnze (Am Tellin Me Mam) in mind... he knows how I love the foot snapshots that he always includes when he and Mrs. B are out somewhere, so Cheers Barnze! Here's one for ya.

I'm also going to let that foot snapshot be my entry for this week's "Half Nekkid Thursday" since my toes are Nekkid :D

I know these photos turned out a little "blue" which I thought was really cool since it is a rainy day. Plus I took them with my Celly so you know those things are unpredictable.

Nothing much else on my mind today, so I'll keep it short. Here is a video for a rainy day... Garbage - Only Happy When It Rains


Blondie said...

A girl after my own heart... sandals in the rain.

Ole Blue The Heretic said...

I am always happy when it rains because it washes the pollution away!

Hi from the Sea of Houston!

captain corky said...

It rained for a couple of seconds while I was taking out the garbage last night. Glad you enjoyed the rain. :)

barnze said...

Nice can always find time for a foot shot...Nice toes you have.

Aunt Jackie said...

Blondie: Yes, I love even barefoot in the rain! ;)

Blue: I agree. It feels that way, it's so refreshing.

Corky: A couple seconds is better than none! Thanks :)

Barnze: Your an inspiring "foot artist", so I had to follow in your 'steps' so-to-speak... hehe. Thanks for the compliment. That's one I don't hear every day!! LOL!