Saturday, July 21, 2007

Happily Ever After

Don't ya just love weddings?? Although my mother has always scorned me for never having an "official" goo-goo gah-gah wedding, I remain glad in a way that I never put myself through all of that. Weddings are the kind of places that you get stupid memories like this (above). A groom being so nervous that he can't blow out the unity candle, or someone getting blitzed at the reception and doing something crazy. So maybe I should have had a real wedding... who knows.

Richie and I just got up one day, threw on jeans and sweaters and headed down to the Courts, got the only JP that wasn't out for the holiday (being December 28) and got hitched! Then he was so freaked out and frozen over the whole deal and the fact that we'd actually gone through with it, even though he was the one who brought the whole thing up in the beginning, that we never really went on an Official "Honeymoon". That kind of sucks. I never get to travel to many places, and I always wished we had gone somewhere cool.

But, we saved the money and ended up being able to buy a house around six months or so later... That's cool too I guess. Then again, I am so freakin ready to move out of my neighborhood. Maybe I'm just going crazy and wanting changes all the way around.

The point is I guess, writing things here, and all of your responses about being positive and looking towards the future do not go without merit! I have been thinking about these things a lot. It's true. We really can't live in the past, even if we have wonderful memories of the past.

In fact, having those magical, delicious memories is just positive proof that we have truly lived life up until this point. But if we stay stuck in those great memories, we stifle out the flame, and die in the "now". As I have said before, you don't really know what the future holds, whether you have a tomorrow or even a "later on today"... It's all about living in the moment... here, now!

It's what we do with each and every moment we are blessed with that determines if we can look back and laugh at something that happened yesterday, if we are indeed lucky enough to have tomorrow.

Thanks, guys, every one of you for always trying to spread an encouraging and uplifting word. That includes my best friend, Tamra, my Parents, sisters & nieces (when they act right), other great friends in my life like "Jinks" and all of you terrific bloggers too! I'm not promising I won't bitch and whine here and there, but just know your kind words do not fall on blind eyes or deaf ears (that is if I don't let Rock and Roll kill me-lol).

Have a great Saturday, and hey live Happily Ever After WITH me!


Dan said...

Jaxx, sweetie ... in Zen it's said when hungry eat, when thirsty drink. And I would add, when feeling bitchy, bitch.

Nothing wrong with that Jaxx. Hugs to you.

Blublood said...

When really really evil or nasty then just be SO....It won't hurt a thing that doesn't have it comin'.....Hmmmmm?

Later JaxxxxxxxXXXXXXXxxxxxxxXXXXXXXOOOOOxxxxxxxx

Later Girlly....Blu

And will you please turn off that blasted word verification....HA! What I say goes, remember.....HeHeHe!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

"Now yew jist hush!" lol Right back at cha sista....we both have been through alot. Always there for each other, good or bad....I appreciate you and wouldn't know what to do without you in my eccentric life...
Love ya - Tamra

Michael Vick Blows Goats!

Rashi said...

hey :)

hope all the wishes come true..

nice !


Was told my wedding was great. Take their word for it. I fell asleep on Caz's shoulder as the Vicar droned on....and on....and on

Reception was good though

captain corky said...

My wife and I got married at the court house and it turned to be very romantic and intimate.

Here's to many more years Jackie. ;)

JINKS said...

Yeah, what they all said and more.
and you tell Raoul to call me when ever he wants, that goes for Elvis too...and that Chinese guy..
don't you know by're stuck with all of us?