Monday, July 09, 2007

Sunday Hacked Up A Hairball

That's right. Sunday hacked up a hairball and named it Monday... I said it. It happens every week. If there's one thing I hate it's hairballs, there's never anything good in a hairball.

I'm so sick and tired of not having anything interesting to report from my weekends. I could once again repeat the numerous things I didn't accomplish, but that is just me torturing myself. I shouldn't put that on you guys. Life has gotten so monotonous and uneventful for me. I long for the magic and excitement that came with 'always getting into something' and 'never sitting still for long'. What the hell happened to me?

Anyways, I'm going to try to do something about this, and I will keep you abreast of my progress and status on becoming the old Jackie I used to be. The one you guys see a glimpse of every once in a while. The person I was before I ever showed my face online, because I didn't have time to think of technology. I only had time to live life... Oh I'm not going to stop blogging though, I enjoy writing too much. It has made me realize, though, that instead of getting out there and living life to the fullest like I used to, that I sit back and watch it all on screens... There's room for it all... Just may have to give up sleep (again). We'll see.

-Sick and tired of rude, apathetic people
-Sick and tired of being bored
-Sick and tired of feeling unmotivated
-Sick and tired of the machine
-Sick and tired of fake-people
-Sick and tired of forcing smiles
-Sick and tired of bad customer service
-Sick and tired of the Daily Grind
-Sick and tired of the state of the world
-Sick and tired of being sick and tired

Time to make some serious changes to the inside of me... overhaul.

Do you hear me??

Oh, and I still am planning on this blog radio show (not that anyone will end up listening to ME), but I will try anyways. I always did like the sound of my own voice. ;)

Later if we're all lucky...


RockDog said...

Just Do It!

ZigZagMan said...

I see you got a picture of my cat after he came down...........:)

You can do it girl...I know ya can! :)

Aunt Jackie said...

Thanks Rockdog! You're da' Man!

Zig and Co. Yes, I am a supreme stalkifier-and I caught him when he wasn't looking. LOL

Sara said...

I have times when I wonder what's it all about? Those weird moments when things feel futile and boring, the world seems a mess and everything just seems plain old dull, I guess the more existential of us think on these terms..maybe. I try and blame my moods and boredom on hormones lol. Funnily enough, this weekend has been a quiet one for me too. I guess at the end of the day AJ, it's sorta nice to look forward to things but it's also good to live in the present - this I'm crap at! Make your fun happen, ditch the TV or at least, cover it over..get playing music, go to a few gigs, see friends, enjoy moments - you know what I mean...
Much love to you and sending you lively, fun times ahead! xxxx

Blondie said...

I know how you feel.
Though I've had booookoooo changes in my life lately (for the good), I still slump and begin to feel unmotivated and cranky and miserable. I guess it's just life?

Grab ahold of ONE THING that you like to do... one extra hobby... and do that. Start small, and work your way into other things.

Or, you'll end up like me and become completely overwhelmed.

By the way, missy, we'd TOTALLY listen if you had a show. Get it?

Celestine said...

try to see the beauty in everything and while your sick and tired list diminishes, i hv a feeling you will start feeling better and more alive.

take care

Nothingman said...

Aunt J a radio show seems like a fun idea, let's hear the singing voice speak :)

Go for it!


Aunt Jackie said...

Sara: I'm crap at living in the present too... if you find a magic formula, please pass it along! We are alot alike in some of our emotions I think. :)

Blondie: It is good that you're going through a great phase right now, enjoy it! It's not that it won't happen again, but sometimes we go through these 'funks' and it seems like the good is few and far between. Still, I know, Life is what you make it-I'm working on it.

Celestine: Thanks for coming by! Yes, I hope so. Comments from nice people always make my day though.

Nothingman: Thanks! I will be working up the idea, but want to plan before I get deeply into it-I'm not even sure how it works really... You guys will be laughing at my voice I'm sure--For previews, you can always hit up the Rockdog or Meggy Moon archives where I called in.