Friday, July 20, 2007

Cheesy Friday Chill

It's Friday, so I'm trying hard for a relaxing day that doesn't over-stress. I do have plenty to do, and as always it looks like the weekend before me is going to be another noisy and fast one. If I can just accomplish a couple of things, it makes me feel better.

We're in the middle of getting a brand new Air Conditioner/Furnace unit. Yesterday we had to go through the process of picking it out, and it is being put in, it's not quite done yet. This unit that we have had was probably put in when the house was built... that would make it around 30+ years old I guess. So it's about time... still, home improvement is not my bag baby! haha.

We've been doing our workouts, lifting, cardio etc... but my back has been bugging me. It's stiff, it tends to threaten to 'go out' on me (this is in the lower back), so I'm wondering if I'm going to have to bite the bullet and go on back to my chiropractor and just stay straightened out. They really nab you in don't they? But I love going to the Chiropractor because it's so therapeutic. They hook you up to those little electrodes and heat, then he 'cracks' your back and stuff... I am addicted to having my back popped.

Well, not much to really say today--it's Friday, so go and have fun wherever you go and be safe... Meanwhile, take a look at this quiz that let me know which classic movie I was. Thought it was interesting, and good for a goof. :) Cheers Y'all!



Got that one. David Niven plays Edgar Linton. Class film. Olivier hams it up a bit but still a class film.

Did you know Merle Oberon was half Indian (Asian Indian that is)


I'm Sunset Boulevard by the way

Aunt Jackie said...

Love David Niven... and No I didn't know that!! Learning new things all the time... thanks xoxo!

her indoors said...

i am raiders of the lost ark lol how wrong is that!!!
have a great weekend