Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Time and Place (WWC)

My Weekly Words Challenge (courtesy of Tink) is coming, but I have been delayed by a heavy work load. Please excuse that of course, and come check back soon. It might be tomorrow before I have it up and running, but I will. Take care, and hope you're enjoying your day more than I! :)

I think I have a good excuse since I haven't had "Time" and I've been in another "Place".


Sorry for the delay, here I am. Still the same today as yesterday meetings but I have found a spare moment to put these up. I gotta hurry though, so here we go.

Fuzzy Time, Downtown Memphis

Time to go to Peabody Place, Downtown!

My Favorite Place, and Two Favorite Faces...

"Jimi" takes me places, and to another time and place in my mind.

Going to Some Place

Orpheum Theatre is a historic place, built in another time altogether.

A Historic, Fun and Music-filled Place

The Pyramid is a Place that at one Time had many big Concerts

Memphis Is The Place
(and the place most of these were taken)


Anonymous said...

Was that musical street Beale??
And that first photo looked like you were taking a picture of a model town, but maybe you were up in a tower or something?

Very sweet of favorite place & people.

I had to take a drive yesterday and shoot some pics before I could post mine. There were a few pictures I had been wanting to take and just hadn't done it yet...

Tink said...

No worries about the delay. I think we've all been busy. I'm just glad you played! I like the city shot with the trolley in the background. Nicely done, as always. :)

Aunt Jackie said...

Kcinnova: Yes, that's Beale Street, or a view of it... and no I took the shot of the clock in front of City Hall out a 32nd floor window. :)

Tink: Thanks! And glad to finally get it in, since I missed last week. Glad you like the trolley shot, I always like trolleys.

g-man said...

I am especially taken with the Orpheum. Very cool. I had to laugh at fuzzy time, and is that Jimi for Jimi Hendrix? Well done as always darlin' :)

Angel Feathers Tickle Me said...

__________, .-'Y _^-,
______, .-'^H E , -^_^-, ..
_, .-'^ R S , .-^_______..|
_.. H E , .-^____________k
__.., .-^________________i

BBC said...

I'm sure glad I don't live there, I can't stand big towns. But the hookers was interesting to talk to when I was there.

I like the city shot

I like my camping shots. Those that like city shots might like the old pictures during the depression of the long lines of folks in cities that only got one ladle of soup after standing in line for an hour.

Screw that, I'm country, more food here than I know what to do with. Still will be plenty as things get worse.

I haven't been on my ride this year, to busy doing other things, guess I should just sell it.