Thursday, September 04, 2008

Sometimes You're The Pidgeon

... but then sometimes, you're the head.

It's hard not to get discouraged these days, because of fluctuating prices, constant inflations of some sort, crime rates, political 3-ring-circuses, and yadda-yadda-yadda. But when it gets to be too much, that's why you come by and see your favorite Aunt Jackie, because she keeps you protected, far away from any sort of reality! Makes ya feel good, that's right.

(Or at least forget what you were thinking about so hard before...)

Well you know I would love to talk about something funny that happened today but nothing really notable happened, so I am at a loss there. It was a totally boring and long day at the office.

I notice I get mixed thoughts when I detail my dreams, like dreams don't really make a shit? Well, maybe they mean something, or maybe they don't. I don't really care. But I would much rather sleep and dream and enjoy than swim along in the SSDD (same-shit-different-day) river... it's just boring. I mean, my dreams are so much more interesting, and exciting than anything that has really been going on lately. So I will continue to nap, and snooze, and enjoy my dreams.

I do agree, though, that the Alien dreams are disturbing, and not my favorite subject. The only way that I am going to enjoy an Alien dream is if aliens perpetrating as George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Paul Teutul, Sr., Enrique Iglesias (not his music just him, for the record), and Terrence Howard come and abduct me. Now we're talkin!!! They can do whatever probing and testing they want... Wait, this scenario is getting a little saucy though I probably better stop here.

Like I said, I (AJ) can keep you far from reality. But if you don't like that, then why not get back to more important matters like when The Front Fell Off. That's unusual for sure, but what's the big whoop about, right?? [Watch it, trust me you will laugh your ass off].


BBC said...

Like I said, I (AJ) can keep you far from reality.

Fuck that, I like to smack into it head on.

Aunt Jackie said...

LOL BBC... too much reality can age you... aren't you 29?? lol j/k

I know we gotta take care of business and all, but hey, I like being a dreamer. :)

g-man said...

The front fell off. Too funny. I don't like reality.