Friday, September 26, 2008

The More Things Change

It's all passed faster than the melted butter on Movie popcorn. I was just sitting here thinking about all of the "phases" my friends and I have been through. Seems like only yesterday we were all muddling through High School, and dreaming dreams of the future. What would we do to change the world? What would the world do to change us? But as we all know, the answers to those questions aren't always what we want them to be, or thought they might be... and it really does ring true that the more things change, the more they (or maybe we) stay the same... in some ways at least.

Brian and his family moved down here from Illinois when he was just 18 years old, and we worked for a long time together at Wal*Mart. That's how we met. He never was a "romantic" friend in the least, but he and I still grew close. He was my 'back-up' date if I needed one, and we had our very own "phases" too. He never seemed to be able to settle in or have much success with girls, but he always said he was straight... then it gradually slid into "Bi", then it accelerated right on to openly "gay". This was over the course of some years, and many changes, however.

I've always been the open-minded and accepting one for the most part, and I always told him that no matter what he was, I was still his friend. Now, he and his significant other are moving off to Atlanta soon, and I will have to travel to see him. It is strange how people can live 20 or 30 minutes apart but can never manage to get together and spend quality time. We blame it on our schedules, their schedules, family matters, work, stress, exhaustion, etc. But it's really just sad.

Funny that it is striking me in this way that I'm actually feeling sad that he had to sell the house that he has put so much of himself into and now having to uproot and move to another city altogether. Funny that it seems like just yesterday he walked into Wal*Mart a shiny-faced kid, and we were so care-free, having so much fun, and funny that it's now just one more thing that must change.

He was slightly mad that I didn't make it to his last big "Memphis" party, and I too, in retrospect, wish I had attended... One more thing. (shrug)

He's not the only one... It's life. People grow, change, they come, they go.

Seems I've lost so many friends, or they've moved away, or their lives have changed so much that we don't get to see one another and spend time like we used to. It's the same way with Family members who's lives have changed so much. They all have their own agendas... But when will we see each other?? I mean really see each other again?? Hi and Bye is so cold, and so very melancholy.

Nothing stays the same, and I know it is not natural to think that it should... But I really still miss the old days so much.

I just want to say, to all of my friends and family members (and I know that I say it from time-to-time, but not nearly often enough) that I really do love you and miss you. I wish things were different, that some of the hard times we've all had maybe hadn't happened--except for the fact that it did make us who we are today... And things always turn out just as they're meant to, I'm a pretty firm believer in that. Still, sometimes that is not so comforting.

So anyway, I guess that's enough of my growling about the past and getting all nostalgic on everyone. It's been an odd week, and I'm just glad it's Friday.

So in honor of my sappy mood, I will leave you with a Lynyrd Skynyrd song, called I Need You. Enjoy.

Motorcycle news: I got hit in the arm by a rock today on my Motorcycle, and that shit hurts! Now I have a bruised up Bicep... it will still kick your butt though. ;)

Gym news: We've worked out alongside "The Clacker" since our reporting her for overly-loud and obnoxious gym behavior, and she didn't try to attack me or anything, guess she's o.k. She worked out slightly less noisy, so who knows... lol Will report later. :)


Kenski said...

This is actually one of the saddest truisms of modern society. So often we let the day to day stuff get in the way of maintaining relationships. You can have a 'best friend ever' but so often they'll meet someone, you'll meet someone. You stop seeing each other as much and before you know it you start thinking 'whatever happened to'...

I have an ever increasing list of people I've known in my life who, one day, I'd like to meet up with again on a park bench somewhere, just to see what happened to them, whether they had a good life, whether they were happy.

Now I'm getting maudlin!

Aunt Jackie said...

It's true isn't it Kenski? I know things must change and we all have paths to follow, some of those split from one another, but it's quite bittersweet and really sad to me sometimes.

I feel the same way, I have a tendency to really enjoy catching up with people, as well as getting too caught up in the past.